UFO NEWS UK Volume 1 No. 4

Editor: Anthony James

Volume 1 No. 4

23rd October 2001

Editor: Anthony James

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OK. I'm back from a two week holiday and the only things I missed was my PC, my dog and decent coffee. Opening my e-mails, I was amazed at some of the stuff that usually finds it's way to me, notably, several conspiracies, truths or whatever you want to call them, found themselves on my PC. These are not included in this newsletter and won't be as they are not UFO related. These 1 and 2 page documents cover alleged government cover-ups and the 'new war'. The only thing I'll say about them is they make very interesting reading, but I cannot say that it's fact. If you would like to see these documents, just e-mail me with the request and I'll send them straight to you.

There was another one about Planet X which I've only just read for myself. I've included this one because if it's true, then we all need to know what's going on. See planet X near the end of this newsletter. The mystery is, if planet X is out there and heading our way and is only about 18 months travelling time away, then surely we should be able to see it by now with a decent telescope.

In the last edition, I gave a report about UFO activity at a location known as Trout Lake. Several people wrote back asking where Trout Lake was. Trout Lake is situated in South Central Washington State in the USA and is just north of the Oregon/Washington border, near Mt. Adams.

On a lighter note and according to the Nottingham and Long Eaton 'Topper' (free) newspaper, a campaign launched in Nottingham to add 'Jedi' onto the list of religions on the census form has succeeded. Jedi will now feature alongside Church of England, Roman Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu on forms. Despite winning it's way onto the census from, it won't be recognised as an official religion. A spokeswoman stated, "We are not defining what a religion or a faith might be. We are recognising what some may have entered on their census forms and ensuring that our coding framework will cater for it". Other religions included on the list, along side the better-known cases, are the Church of Free Love, Wiccan, Divine Lightmission and the Coleraine Christian Centre. It is not yet clear how many people wrote Jedi on their form as the counting process is still ongoing. Results should be published next autumn.

The results of several questions I asked have been sorted out and the following is the results. For the few that didn't answer, I assume that everything is ok and they have no complaints. The majority of you liked the idea of picture's being included, many of you said that the idea of stating how many attachments were included were a good idea and would adopt this idea for their own outgoing messages. Many of you also showed concern over attachments and I don't blame you at all. I will try my hardest to keep attachments to a minimum, that means 0 = NONE. Advertisements and notices from other organisations will be sent out in future as a UFO NEWS UK e-mail, therefore cutting out and keeping low the number of attachment. The majority of you liked the lighter backgrounds than the darker one. No one complained about the down-loading time which seemed to average about 1 minute. Many of you wanted more picture's, some of you wanted none and I assume that this is in case they may contain a virus. All my picture discs have recently been checked for viruses by my new up-to-date virus checker and all came out clean, so no worries there. Several of you also came up with a few good ideas, recommendations and concerns, so I'll be answering you personally, hopefully before the next issue. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that answered the questions and hope that you enjoy further reading from UFO NEWS UK.

May I also remind you that this is a two way mag and you can send information in. Everything will be read and considered for this newsletter.



By Billy Cox

When you're a launch-control operator in charge of a single missile fitted with a plutonium warhead packing enough yield (three megatons) to enlarge Hiroshima's incineration by a factor of 150, life in even the loneliest desert can get a little intense. You remember the big things first.

You remember things like October 1962, when activating the go codes - and a nuclear exchange - was literally at your fingertips. As it was again in November 1963, when the president got blown away and the first prime suspect was already locked into a pre-targeted grid pattern. If you were at the Strategic Air Command outpost near Roswell, N.M., you watched fuel explosions destroy three Atlas silos, and you wondered what would happen if it got down to launching live rounds.

You remember other crazy things, like the 24-hour shifts, which actually worked out to about 27 after you added round-trip drive time. You remember the toll baby-sitting ICBMs took on marriages and other relationships, the divorces.

But it wasn't until last month, when Jerry Nelson of Cocoa Beach read about the Disclosure Project going on in Washington, D.C., that he remembered something else.

In May, some 20 people claiming encounters with unidentified flying objects while performing military or government duties went public to demand open congressional hearings on this largely classified phenomenon. One Air Force veteran, Robert Salas, reported how UFOs buzzing missile silos at Malmstrom Air Force Base managed to shut down more than a dozen Minuteman nukes in Montana during March 1967.

Actually, more widely publicised UFO snooping into restricted space around nuclear weapons systems occurred in the autumn of 1975. That's when security forces at Loring, (Maine), Wurtsmith (Michigan), and Malmstrom (again) Air Force bases were scrambled - in vain - to apprehend the intruders. But Nelson had never heard of those events. And even though he was stationed at Walker AFB on the outskirts of Roswell in the 1960s, he also says he never heard of the alleged 1947 flying saucer crash near the New Mexico cow town until several years ago.

What Nelson does recall is how, as a member of the 579th Strategic Missile Squadron, his post at an ICBM silo called Site 9 sustained its own peculiar nocturnal security breaches during a period of several months.

"The guards were scared," says Nelson, a retired pharmacist. "These objects would hover over the silo and shine lights down on them without making any noise. So I'd call the base and the base would say, 'We'll take it under advisement,' but I never got a chance to see it, because I couldn't leave my post."

One USAF veteran who got a look at something a little different was missile facilities technician Bob Caplan, now living in Rohnert Park, Calif. He didn't work with Nelson's crew, but late one night on another shift, a guard at Site 9 asked the ranking officer below to dim the security lights to cut the glare because weird lights just beyond the perimeter were giving him the willies. Caplan went topside to check it out.

Artist Impression

After emerging into clear, moonless, pitch-black darkness, Caplan says it took him a few moments to spot the silent interloper. "It was definitely on the ground, and it was white and very intense," he recalls. "It's hard to explain. It didn't put a beam of light out, it was more concentrated, but not like a sphere. More like a flat circle, like a halogen light that's shining flat on the ground."

When Caplan and a guard swung their flashlights toward the thing and approached, it vanished. Nothing was there. The light reappeared seconds later, some 20 to 30 feet away, only to disappear without a trace. Although Caplan never saw it again, he was interrogated several days later by an Office of Special Investigations agent. Caplan never saw the report, assuming one was filed.

Gene Lamb of Oklahoma City was a 579th SMS deputy crew commander who didn't see anything, but heard about and read UFO stories. "One of those things supposedly landed north of Roswell," he says. "It was reported by a highway patrolman who said it left a triangulation pattern where its legs touched down. And there was another (UFO) incident after that, a daylight sighting."

Even his crew commander witnessed UFO activity. Lamb says he can't get into it, because his old buddy feels constrained by a security oath.

Lamb, by the way, is the reunion co-ordinator for the 579th, whose short life span ran from 1961 to 1965. Although the assignment produced some lasting personal bonds, Lamb says not everybody wants to attend get-together. "I've had guys tell me, 'I don't want to be discourteous, but what happened out there ruined my life.' One even told me he suffered a nervous breakdown afterward."



KYOTO STATION -- On 22nd September, several strange objects flying in formation over the Kyoto JR Station Building were seen by at least 20 people. At the time, Jun-ichi Kato, a leader of OUR-J (the Organisation of UFO Research Japan), was with a member, Tomokatsu Terayama and several other members were gathering for the regular skywatch meeting of the Osaka and Kyoto area. Terayama initially spotted these UFOs at the Northeast sky around 12:10. Kato and other meeting members verified the objects flying in some formation, and Kato and Terayama succeeded in photographing the UFOs. (the photos are now being studied by the 'OUR-J' research team and will be showed in the next 'OUR-J' journal of UFO Report of Japan) The eyewitnesses were not only the 'OUR-J' leader and members, but some tourists and the local residents got quite excited at sighting the anomalous objects. A number of eyewitnesses were at least 20. According to some witnesses, there were 7 objects flying in changing formation such as triangle or the Great Dipper and each object looked like transforming itself from a round shape to an oblong shape. And some of those who observing the UFOs with their binoculars said that these objects looked too different from any conventional stuff. Several minutes after we spotted the UFO's, they suddenly changed direction to WSW and disappeared.


URAWA CITY -- On 23rd September around 16:35, an unknown orange spherical object appeared over the 'OUR-J' branch group during a skywatch meeting in Urawa city (near Tokyo). At first, a member, Mrs Mayumi Ikeda spotted this UFO about 20 minutes after the meeting had started. According to the witnesses, the object was hovering over their heads for a minute or two and slowly moved to the south, and finally disappeared as ascending. The object was photographed by 'OUR-J' staff, Nishikawa and the photo will be posted in the next 'OUR-J' journal scheduled to be published in November.


FREDERICTON -- My boyfriend and I were walking back from seeing a movie and it was around midnight on September 28, 2001. We had stopped to look at the Little Dipper in the sky when he said, "Did you see that falling star? " I was disappointed that I hadn't seen it, and then he said, "What's that! Look!!" I looked up to where he was pointing and it was obviously something shaped like a disk or saucer. We saw the curve to it perfectly, and it had a series of six or seven red lights on it. It was flying through the sky slowly, but we had to run to keep up with it, so we wouldn't loose it behind some trees. There were NO clouds except for a few that were obvious to the eye, but there were none around the object. We couldn't hear anything that would have made it an airplane and it was moving too flawlessly to be an airplane. We watched it for nearly a minute, and then it just disappeared. It was so beautiful! Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


LAFAYETTE -- On October 1, 2001, a low flying object changed from bright blue square to red diamond shape. The witness reports, "I was driving west on Route 20 between Pompey and Lafayette, with my two children ages 13 and 11. About 9:00 PM, 15 feet in front of us were 4 bright blue lights moving above us. They were in the shape of a square. I stopped my car and opened my window and there was a very loud noise. Then all the lights turned red and the shape changed to a diamond shape. The object moved at a rapid rate of speed, then all the noise stopped. There was complete silence and then the object disappeared from view. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National UFO Center www.ufocenter.com


HOWELL -- At 7:39 PM Tuesday, October 2, I was driving east on Clyde Road four miles north of Howell, when overhead I noticed a bright white fireball trailing a line of blue and white sparks. The fireball descended at a rapid pace moving east. Its diameter was about the size of a pea held at arm's length. It was much larger and brighter than what is seen during a meteor shower (i.e., falling stars). As I said, I first noticed it through the top left of my windshield as it shot downward at what I guessed to be a 60-degree angle. It descended below the horizon. I thought it might hit maybe 10 miles east. Thanks to NUFORC


LONDON -- The witness reports, On October 4, 2001, I was on the 9:30 AM Flight leaving Heathrow Airport. The plane was in a steady climb and when we reached about 10 to 15 thousand feet above the puffy sparse clouds I was looking out the forward window. Looking as close to straight down as I could, I saw some sort of movement between the ground and the puffy clouds right below us. I could see that the ground was being distorted as this object passed above it. It caused a wavy appearance to the ground. Looking closer I could see a definite line where the distortion ended, it looked like a huge contact lens, or a clear plastic disk flying beneath us. I watched the disc pass under three or four clouds and always continue on the other side. I could only track it so far because of the small windows on a 777. I then leaned back and could still see it in the window that was in line with my shoulder. It was travelling in the opposite direction as the airplane, and going maybe three times faster than the clouds passing below us. I watched it until I could see it no more due to the small windows. Right after it was gone I noticed directly below us a nuclear power plant. This object was travelling away from the power plant. I believe this was not a reflection as it was observed from two different windows. It took me a few seconds to realise that what I had seen was really there.


ASHGROVE -- At 8:03 PM on October 4, 2001, three witnesses watched a saucer shaped object flying above them. They report it had white stationary lights on the bottom and each side with a blinking bright white light on the top. The light on the left side was dimmer then the rest and sometimes went out. Then came back on again. Not flashing just turned off, and then back on in a few minutes, it did this 4 times. It sat in a stationary position for about 7 minutes then slowly "floated" to the south. It bobbed up and down slightly and moved from side to side slightly, there was no sound except for the planes that passed close to it landing at the Springfield airport. This object appeared to be about 9 miles east of us over Springfield's Branson Airport. A 727 landed while this object was still overhead. The object was five times wider, and much taller then the 727. In addition, this was not any kind of blimp. This object stayed in sight for 14 minutes and then disappear! No movement, no nothing, just gone.


BEACH OF CAVANCHA -- On October 5, 2001, a gigantic pyramid-shaped UFO was seen in the Northern Chilean City of Iquique. The eyewitnesses were a taxi driver and two of his passengers. They claimed that the UFO was about 300 yards long and shaped like a pyramid. Carlos was driving at 7:45 PM, when some lights were seen coming from the south side of the beach. At first, it looked like an aircraft, but as it got closer and closer, perhaps too close for any ordinary aircraft -- it hovered a kilometre from the highway. As Carlos passed a curve, he was able to view the object form a slightly different angle and noticed that around the object was red, yellow, and green flashing lights, as well as a white light at the top. It almost looked like a giant stealth bomber. However, this object was about 300 yards in length, so it was not a plane. As it got closer, Carlos began to accelerate the car. Suddenly, a very bright light came out from the bottom of the object, illuminating the entire beach. "It was scary; the light was so strong that we were able to see the waves in the ocean. When I turned to see my passengers, they were speechless. We were all astonished," he said. The cab driver claimed that the sighting lasted about 20 minutes. Thanks to Jaime Ferrer Calama UFO Centre translated by Mario Andrade


BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND -The witness reports I was in my car near the small town of Dayboro on the 8th of October 2001 at around 6:00 PM when we struck a dog crossing the road. We turned into a nearby house to ask if they owned the dog. As we entered the driveway an orange, oval shaped object in the sky caught my eye. It moved slowly to the left and then suddenly shifted its course diagonally downward. It disappeared behind a shed. The orange glowed brightly but did not change. As soon as I saw it I new it was something weird. COLOUR/SHAPE: Bright Orange, Oval. It moved slowly at first but when it changed direction its speed tripled instantly. It was 3 to 4000 feet high. There was a report of two other very similar sightings at the same time at different locations in Brisbane on a popular radio station called JJJ (107.7fm) Thanks to Joe Trainor Masinaigan


SAN JUAN -- On Tuesday, October 9, 2001, a correspondent for ovni.net reported having sighted a UFO over Rio Piedras at 4:40 PM. He spotted a flattened oval silvery white craft flying horizontal towards the west when it suddenly tilted ten degrees downward. The speed was faster than an aircraft and its height was low as it passed behind some buildings and disappeared. The witness was driving along Expreso las Americas highway. The witnessed immediately phoned Orlando Pla who climbed onto his roof, since from that vantage point the area in question can be perfectly seen. Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Translation (c) 2001 Lucy Guzman


Stan Gordon reports that on October 10, 2001, I received reports that fireball sightings were reported from Warren County, PA near the New York line at 9:00 PM. One witness I interviewed, said that she saw a huge blazing orange ball of fire moving north. During the evening I learned that other similar reports originated from Armstrong and Mercer Counties. I was also told that emergency centre's near Youngstown, Ohio received many sighting reports. A resident of Allegheny County, near Pittsburgh, had knowledge that police in that area also received reports of something moving across the sky. I also interviewed a witness from Latrobe, PA in Westmoreland County, who watched a big orange-red ball of fire "as bright as the moon" followed by a glowing tail which tapered off in thickness. I am awaiting additional data concerning this event. Thanks to Stan Gordon-Researcher.

Special thanks for all of the above reports to George Filer. website. http://www.nationalufocenter.com/


In a message dated 10/18/2001 5:18:05 PM Pacific Daylight Time, x2003ps@yahoo.com writes:-

Zecharia Sitchin, the world renown scholar/archaeologist now finally agrees, quote: "I prophecies the return of this planet called Nibiru AT THIS TIME!"


Trusting the Pentagon/gov't to guard itself & relay needed information to protect you is clearly illogical.

In July the red planet "2001 KX76" was disclosed. This was the original cover-label for Planet X, Nibiru, Wormwood, or THE MOST REVERED HEAVENLY BODY IN ALL ANTIQUITY. After 3600 years on its regular orbit it will pass again in SPRING 2003. It's RECORDED IN ANCIENT TEXTS & the SCIENCE OF ARCHAEOLOGY shows its effect on Earth with each passage. Yes, some conspiracies are without merit, ignoring history and science is another matter.


By August 2001 the disinformation had changed to the LARGEST ASTEROID EVER and it's now shown as blue. It's the same label on a different object.


When the attention was drawn to the area by announcing the "Largest Asteroid" was there, they made sure the colour of the new "2001 KX76" was blue. All speculation about a large DULL RED brown dwarf being there was to be avoided. This is one of their tactics for hiding Planet X. First giving it a label, then using that same label for another object to misdirect attention. X is not a red KBO. The original colour was not red for photographic reasons. Too many stories for the colour change is just the first of many obvious clues of a cover up. They will continue to identify objects ahead and around X to misdirect attention. The normal helpful & professional Nasa employees are being evasive & condescending when asked about it.

X has INTENTIONALLY BEEN MADE TO SOUND RIDICULOUS and confusing for several reasons. One of which is to avoid causing panic among the world's population. Many websites and articles continue to be written about Planet X that spread lies. They say it only MAY exist and comes around only once every few million years IF it does. This disinformation is widespread.

X orbits between our sun and its dark twin. A diagram from the 1987 NEW SCIENCE & INVENTION ENCYCLOPAEDIA shows our dead twin sun & the 10th planet.

X's MASS, MAGNETISM & DENSITY is such that it DISRUPTS the surface of EVERY PLANET IT PASSES. In fact, history shows approximately 7 YEARS PRIOR to its passage its far reaching electromagnetic/gravitational influence changes Earth's core flows TRIGGERING WEATHER, VOLCANIC & SEISMIC ACTIVITY. Since early 1996 traditional WEATHER has CHANGED DRAMATICALLY, breaking all time records regularly. The up-tick of QUAKES, VOLCANIC INCIDENTS & changes in ELECTROMAGNETIC are being kept out of the media as much as possible. Weather alone can falsely be blamed on global warming & sun cycles but not earth's rumblings at the same time.

Research the advent of PLANET X and the cataclysms it will trigger by passing EARTH. Being prepared and FOREWARNED gives one an EXCELLENT CHANCE to SURVIVE.


Even the majority of the earthchange intuitive prophecies are tied into or name Planet X.


For more information:
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