UFO NEWS UK Volume 1 No. 5

Editor: Anthony James

Volume 1 No. 5

6th November 2001

Editor: Anthony James

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I received a letter on November 1st from a Mr Dalton Walker (JR) who was appealing for help from a qualified scientist. I've re-printed his letter in full as he is appealing for help, it's up to any one of you who if you wish to reply. I am not a scientist, therefore, I'm opening it up for all of you to see if you can offer any help. In my opinion, he's already had some of the right people looking at it whatever it is, and coming from America, he should have no problem finding offers of help to check this object out. One or two remarks in the letter makes me back away from going any further into it. The fact that several people have made claims like this before, and their claims have been proven to be false makes me weary. I would however, like to know how the object came into his possession and what kind of object this is. If any of you find out, please keep us UFO NEWS UK readers informed. If you phone this chap, don't forget you'll need the code from your country to get into the USA and you might need an area code to add to the number below. Ed.

Dalton Walker, JR.    Ph. 313 - 835 - 1455
19531 Lyndon St, Detroit, Michigan. 48223. USA.

This letter is directed to any qualified scientist in your facility. I have an object in my possession which can only be described as strange and unusual. This object did not originate from Earth and is not man made. I had a core sample taken of this object at the University of Michigan. I also had this object examined at Wayne State University by two of their geologists. These are two local universities in my area. I have also consulted with several other geologists. Therefore, I am confident that this object is not man made, not from this earth and this object did not fall out of the sky.

I am in the process of seeking a qualified scientist or research facility, who would be interested in conducting a preliminary investigation of the effects of this object and eventually conducting long term research. I will only discuss further details of this object with a qualified scientist or research facility, either within the United States or outside the United States. (I think that leaves it open for everyone. Ed)!

There are several strange effects that this object exhibit. One phenomenon, is that this object distorts glass at room temperature or any temperature. In other words, there is no heat of any kind coming off this object. In fact, you can touch the glass this object is confined in, with no ill effects. The most unusual phenomenon, is that this object stops ice from melting at room temperature or any temperature. There are other strange and unusual effects and these strange and unusual effects are readily observable and repeatable.

If you or your facility have any expertise in this field of endeavour, or if you know someone or a research facility conducting studies within this field of study, I ask that you contact me, or have someone contact me, so that we can discuss how best to proceed with the study of this object. I am willing to display this object only to qualified scientists. This object is not available for general public viewing.

You may call or write to me at the address above, and I will respond to all correspondence from qualified scientist or research facilities.

Dalton Walker, JR.


Dr. Stephen Greer's Disclosure video tapes were presented to an audience of around 700 people at the prestigious University of Toronto Convocation Hall. Commander Graham Bethune, Dr. Greer and myself spoke to an appreciative audience. Several local television and radio programs covered the event. Allan Jaggard the well-known motorcycle-racing star was the master of ceremonies and is responsible for production of a great conference. The city of Toronto is a beautiful city with an excellent high-speed road system. I'm not surprised many UFOs are seen in the area with traffic moving at 80 + mph (140 klm). Some highways are 20 lanes wide. Allan Jaggard, Cindy Preville, and Mike and many others helped in putting on a great presentation. The University of Toronto staff were brilliant and I wish to thank everyone.

The Disclosure Project reveals the best UFO evidence any where. All those giving information have worked for the government in responsible positions and have in depth knowledge of the subject. Each report reveals a piece of the UFO puzzle. Essentially, they report we are being visited by alien life forms that have bases on our Moon and Mars. Their UFOs are intelligently manned and carry out reconnaissance of our planet. They apparently forage for food, conduct mining operations, and make contact with some of us.

Among the 300 to 400 UFO reports received in the US each month, there are many cases that may not be alien. Some reports are simply mistaken identity, such as secret military aircraft. However, the Disclosure Project assures us that many UFOs are real alien craft as the high-ranking FAA, military and intelligence witnesses testify. Witnesses who send in reports generally know the difference between an aircraft, balloon, or Venus. Most reports are from multiple witnesses who watch the UFOs for an extended period. Generally, it takes the witness at least a half hour to type and E-mail the report, so they are serious about what they saw. General Le May is quoted as claiming thirty per cent of Air Force sightings were real UFOs. Most of these reports in Filer's Files have not been investigated, where possible they will be. After investigation it often turns out that a planet, balloons, flares or mundane aircraft are in the sky. The Air Force is conducting numerous training exercises and anti terrorist operations that can be confused with UFOs.

However, we have strong indications that the UFO aircrews like this flight activity, because it provides excellent cover for their operations. We have many high quality witnesses who report the UFOs are operating at low level in close proximity to airports. When aircraft fly over they hide in the trees or simply disappear until the normal aircraft traffic passes over. There are generally 300 to 400 E-mail reports received each month. Many reports are probably mistaken identity, but does it make much difference if there are 400, 40, or 4 real alien craft? The fact is there are real UFOs in our skies. The real question is why are they here and what are they doing? The new "Disclosure Project" Book answers some of these questions and is well worth reading. The Web cast of the May 9, 2001; Disclosure Project News Conference at the National Press Club can be seeing on
Thanks to George Filer. Filers Files

----- Original Message -----

What I witnessed at the National Press Club in Washington DC in May, shocked me to a great extent. But what shocked me the most, was arriving back in the UK, to find virtually no television coverage of this historic event whatsoever.

So I started thinking...... "What could I do to help alleviate this lack of coverage, and to make the UK press sit up and listen?" The answer seemed to come to me out of the blue..... Attempt to start the ball rolling in creating a similar event here in the UK.

The Disclosure Project in the US, already had London highlighted as a venue here in the UK for December this year. So, in conjunction with the Disclosure Project office in the US and help from many UK UFO researchers, I started contacting prospective retired UK military personnel, and civilian police, amongst others who had reported being witnesses in an official capacity, to the UFO phenomena.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that after they had viewed the press conference video and hearing of the good work done in the US, a large proportion of these brave people agreed to either appearing at a future UK press conference, or to giving their testimony on a possible briefing video to be shown to members of the UK government.

Since about June this year, I have put much work into creating the groundwork for an event here in the UK. The Leeds UFO Conference was a major success, and many people approached me with offers of help, but I came to realise that something of this magnitude was too big to be handled in a voluntary capacity.

This will be a major disappointment to all of you, but regrettably I have had to put Disclosure Project (UK) on hold until further notice, because of unforeseen circumstances and personal reasons. I assure you all that I haven't come to this decision lightly.

Anyone who has posted a cheque lately to me as a donation, will receive it back with a written apology.


Mark Hall (United Kingdom) UK Co-ordinator Disclosure Project


This was an e-mail I received from a BBC reporter after a phone call about UFO sightings across central England. No other information was available. I checked the local BBC web site's for Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Cambridgeshire and Nottinghamshire and drew a blank. If anyone has anymore information about these sightings, please let me know. I'm sure this would have been common knowledge by now if it wasn't for the fact that an earthquake hit this region not long after. Ed.

Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2001 2:23 PM
Subject: UFOs/Bright lights in Enderby etc

Here's the description of what we had reported from areas ranging from North Nottingham, South Nomanton, Bingham, Enderby, Whatton and Cambridge (amongst others!) A typical description is...."A bright light in the sky, often seen by many people. Described as like an ENORMOUS football that lit up the sky for about three seconds, and then disappeared Northwards. Travelling very fast, a blue light, followed by a flash of light, then total darkness again."

Many callers said that they don't believe in UFOs, but definitely saw something really odd.

Let me know if you find out anything!



Dear Anthony,
Thanks for the first UFO newsletter which I shall read shortly. Below is my report on our experience, you may find it a bit long winded so you can cut down on the content if you wish. Attached is a JPEG (JPEG picture included in article) of the model I built, the rear and top are based on our sighting and the bottom is based on a Belgium sighting. I think the lines in relief on our craft and also the Belgium craft make it the same or very similar in construction.

Triangular Craft Model
Triangular Scale Craft Model

On 31st March 1999 a party of us, approx. 10, had been out to celebrate my mother in laws birthday at a local public house with a meal. My wife, daughter, mother in law and myself left first in my wife's car, I remember looking back and seeing the old French lady struggling to get into the Range Rover which was part of our party.

We four set off ahead through the country lanes. Nothing happened that I recall until we reached the junction with the Fosse Way. We started off in a pub called the White Lion in the village of Pailton, this is in the Warwickshire countryside close to the Leicestershire border. We left there and drove through the lanes just a couple of miles to the junction with the Fosse Way, we (then) turned onto the Fosse and could see the lights immediately. (I have measured the distance as exactly 1/2 mile, the closest village at this point would be Monks Kirby, but where the incident took place was very remote, just a few farmhouses scattered about). As we approached the junction my wife said "We're turning onto the Fosse now" at which my daughter replied "There's been talk of headless horseman down here" and my mother in law said we should keep our eyes open for him. As we turned onto the Fosse we immediately noticed some bright lights ahead of us. The lights were ½ mile away and just off the road. They were deep red like a rose with a bit of white mingled in. We all commented on the lights, "what's that?" we were saying, my wife said it was too low for a plane and too many lights for a helicopter and also there are no pylons with warning lights on by the Fosse!

We drove down parallel to the lights which I now estimate as being only 80 feet away!, we had slowed right down by this point. I stared at the lights, which were in a row, but not level with the ground, I would say they were tilted at approx. 25% to the horizon. I stared into the light on the far left, this light was the highest side of the tilt with the far right light being the anchor point for the 25% angle. It was at this moment I also noticed a fifth smaller spurious light off to the left hand side (this turned out to be the one underneath at the front of the triangle as discovered by a model I built). As I stared into the end light I could see a criss cross of lines a bit like a traffic light lens, I thought the light somehow hypnotic, it seemed to pulse very rapidly in a digital fashion, i.e. on off not up and down. As I was looking at this light and then the lights in general, I noticed a shape start to appear around these lights, the edges looked like the sky was rippling but they and the body were, I believe, transparent at that time. I could see the shape of a diamond around the lights, you needed a keen eye to make out this shape as you could see the sky through it. Somewhere at this point I thought I saw a mist like cotton wool around the "wing" tips. As soon as I had realised there was an object there it tilted slowly upwards in a most peculiar fashion, like an airship or submarine to reveal a large triangle. The tilt was not from the centre of the craft but from the rear, i.e. the rear end stayed where it was and the nose rose in the air. The surface looked to be alive, it was like a lake of dark grey liquid similar to Mercury, the liquid although tilted quite steeply looked as though it had waves running up and down the surface, like ripples on a lake in a breeze. On top of this "lake" were silver lines running up and down the surface, they were like box sections raised off the surface which interlocked like an old fashioned maze. It was then that I thought "My god Aliens do exist and abductions must be true and that this also explains why we have ancient mysteries".

The next I can recall is shouting stop, stop, stop, and my wife drove forward to enable her to reverse into a gateway. The result of her driving forward was that a large hedge blocked our view of the craft and I thought to myself "if it's going to clear off now would be a good time" and sure enough it did. We got out of the car and it was gone. We could see a large craft in the distance with strange red lights at the rear, it seemed enormous to me with a huge 'wingspan', at the end of each 'wing' was a white light shinning up along the top surface. Between us we couldn't decide if it was conventional or not. It was very, very quite as we stood there, no smells of any fuel having been burnt. During all of the incident we never heard a single noise from the craft which was the size of a house hovering above the car. As we stood there, traffic started to come up and down the road for the first time. The Range Rover must have past us at this point as they arrived home before us. My wife checked her watch before we set off in case there had been missing time, it was 9.50pm but we had no reference point to work from.

I asked a few locals the next day (knocking on doors) if they had seen anything that night or any other night, always the answer was no.

For your information I have been a engineering draughtsman since I left school at 16 (now 43) and have worked for Airbus Industries in Germany and Saab in Sweden on aircraft design, I have also worked in the North Sea for Chevron Petroleum and flown on many helicopters. I think I am well experienced to comment on whether this was man made or not. Using my engineering skills I first drew the craft and then built a scale model. I have never been into UFO's and this was my first experience.

For those who lean toward lei lines, the roman roads (the Fosse Way) are supposedly built on lei lines and the interesting point here is that just a couple of miles further on from the sighting, the Fosse Way crosses the Watling Street (A5), 2 Roman roads intersecting, this point is called High Cross.

Colin Saunders.

Thanks Colin for sharing your experience with us all, and for the picture which makes all the difference. Anthony


BUDAPEST - Jeff Rense has received a spectacular video of a silver disk shaped object. On September 29, 2001, the pilot reports that a strange craft was flying to his left side and then moved very fast past him in the clouds as can be seen in the video. To my left I saw a bright metal aircraft that was the shape of a perfect disk. I was careful to film the object, not to try and chase it since it I could not match its speed. As I was flying a reconnaissance aircraft, I got the idea to film it and used our equipment." The pilot considers the video he made to be his property and not the Hungarian governments as he was flying the plane while not on duty and was transporting it as a favour to save the government money. He has now hired an attorney and wants the video to be released to the public. He hopes the release of a few frames will make this happen. These spectacular photos can be seen at http://www.rense.com/general15/pilotufo.htm . Thanks to Jeff Rense. Editor's Notes: This appears to be a verified disc shaped UFO of 25 to 30 feet in diameter. These have been filmed by numerous Air Forces of the world and have speeds greater than most jet fighter aircraft. Take time out and visit this site, the picture's are well worth the visit. I would love to have included them for this article but they are protected.
Thanks to George Filer. Filers Files.


STANTON -- Becky reports that on October 15, 2001, a lighted object appeared to be standing still in the north-eastern sky as she drove on the country roads a mile out of town at 12:30 AM. Becky noticed a few planes in the sky, but this was much larger and much lower than a star. The light was not a brilliant light but it appeared to be bright, however, it had a misty haze to it. It just stood still; it did not blink like a plane. It was about the size of a dime, or at least five times the size of either a plane or star. When I had looked up again at the object all of sudden, flashes of what looked like red laser beam lines appeared. Red laser beams did not shoot across the sky, but they were contained within an area surrounding this object. The only way I can describe it is to say a circle within a circle. The hazed light was the centre of this circular area. Several red laser lines - extended out away from this object in all directions and abruptly came to a halt.! All the red lines halted, and gave the appearance of a jagged circular pattern surrounding a white hazed object. These red lines were all straight lines, some of which crossed over each other, creating some triangles within this area. The size of this circular area in comparison to the object would be like putting a dime in the centre of a silver dollar. I was frightened and turned around and immediately headed back to town. Once in town I gathered my senses. I stopped and watched this object for at least another five minutes before I went home. The object slowly ascended vertically and the light became less hazy and clearer. I watched the object for a while, because if any more red lines were to appear I was definitely not going to go any further. Once home I looked in the mirror and noticed that I had a red circular patch on my throat. Thanks to Becky and Jim Hickman


Joe Trainor reports that Karen and her husband were sitting in their hot tub on October 20, 2001, on a beautiful, clear, starry, cloudless night. Karen said, "We watched a plane go overhead and a few minutes later at 10:30 PM I noticed a distortion appear coming out of the west. You could tell there was an object there because the distortion made a circular shape. There was a ring of small lights on what I will call the front, the portion moving towards the east." I immediately said to my husband, "What is that?" As it passed over our heads he noticed the distortion as it headed away. I lost it trying to turn around. He did not see any ring of lights above the distortion the way I did. It moved quickly almost gliding through the sky. It was completely silent. If it hadn't been for the distortion you would not have noticed it at all because it seemed to be camouflaged with the night sky. I hate to use this analogy but in the movie Predator you can tell the creature is there by the distortion, but you can't see any other type of identifying marks. That's the best way I know how to describe it. We are still asking ourselves, what was that. There were small lights in a row on the "top" front only. The 'Distortion' was just like the night sky. Our best guess is that it was 500 feet high and going roughly 500 miles per hour. It was faster than a plane and glided in total silence. Thanks to Joe Trainor.
Thanks to George Filer. www.nationalufocenter.com


Billie Brinkley reports I had a weird sighting October 21, 2001, about 11:30 PM when I went outside to smoke and look at the expected meteor shower. Instead I saw a transparent blob like 'Distortion'. It looked like the "Predator" did in the movie. You could see the stars through it, but it definitely had edges. It lasted for just a few seconds and then just disappeared. It looked fairly close and pretty low in the sky. I've seen these things before, but not usually so close. My son works late hours and came in late. This morning he got up and told me that he also saw something weird about 3:30 AM, when he went out to smoke. He said, "It was like a big ball of light that dimmed out and became transparent, but looked like the "Predator"...his words. He said he watched it for several minutes and then it disappeared. I had not told him about my earlier sighting until this morning. There was weird stuff going on in the skies of Louisiana last night. Thanks to George Filer. www.nationalufocenter.com


BUNDABERG, QLD - Steve Evans was in his backyard in the outer suburb of Avoca on October 21, 2001, when his partner and he observed a string of five bright orange lights travelling north at treetop height for 5 to 10 minutes. A singular bright orange light was observed first before other's appeared behind it at close intervals at 9:20 PM. A line of five bright orange lights were visible over about half the southern sky. They moved slowly north in a uniform line until the third object dropped in altitude, but not in speed. They passed just below the Moon (quarter) except for the fourth object, which went through the Moon's light. They continued moving north slowly and became less bright before disappearing. The objects were much brighter and larger than the closest star and travelled without any audible sound. The night was clear and fine. The objects displayed no characteristic similarities to any aircraft. Each light, being the whole entity, and remained a constant bright orange light with no flashing observed. They were travelling in a rising angle. The Moon and stars were clearly seen. A vague oval shape was observed from a side view when the fourth object passed through the light of the Moon. Before this, all five objects appeared round in shape. After sighting the objects, we accessed some information on the Internet where we found information and photographs of orange orbs and orange ball phenomenon closely matching what we had observed.
Thanks to George Filer. www.nationalufocenter.com.


WARWICKSHIRE - Kevin Yates reports that on October 29, 2001, "My wife and I had pulled off our drive in Bishops Itchington at 6:45 PM, when we both looked up and saw a diamond formation of four bright yellow lights in the shape of a diamond with a red one on the top to the left. It moved very slowly emitting no noise, we followed it for about 10 miles to Leamington Spa. Other people along the way appeared to have seen it as well as cars had stopped by the side of the road. In the time we witnessed it, for 25 minutes it changed shape to two bright yellow lights. They also changed shape from being vertical to horizontal. When we got off the main road in Leamington Spa by the police building, I noticed another collection of the same diamond shaped lights coming from Leamington and heading towards Stratford Upon Avon. It was truly a memorable day.

----- Original Message -----
From: Dominic R Beglin
Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2001 11:03 PM
Subject: Re: Manchester boom

There was an unusual boom in Manchester last night, apparently heard up to New Mills near me, eight miles away, it was mentioned on late night radio as a loud boom, with no explanations.

If anyone has any information about this Boom, please let us know   Ed.


Bonsall UFO

According to Santiago Yturria, who supplied UFO footage from Mexico to Los Angeles based Kiveat Productions, no money has changed hands for the Sharon Rowlands Bonsall (UK) UFO footage. Mr Yturria was amazed to read in the UK's 'Daily Star' and 'The Sun' newspapers about the amount allegedly paid and decided to call his friend Robert Kiveat to find out more. Mr Kiveat was shocked at the story and stated that it was all a big mistake and this was the first time that he was aware of the story. No money had changed hands and no deal had been done. Kiveat Productions was unaware of the footage, and stated that an agent had been acting on his behalf here in the UK. The whole deal folded when the newspapers became involved. No one had been offered this sum of money which was referred to as a 'crazy amount', and Mr Kiveat hadn't even seen the footage.

This Issues Selected Picture

This issues selected picture

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