UFO NEWS UK Volume 1 No. 8

Editor: Anthony James

Volume 1 No. 8

December 18th 2001

Editor: Anthony James

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Carole and I met a couple of old friends out in Derbyshire, (UK) to attend the meeting at Bonsall held by the Aetherius Society. My good friend Mr Les Trueman ran the Mansfield UFO Group for about 10 years and had had a Mr Patel from the Aetherius Society speak to his group years earlier. My intention was to go along and take notes and take a few photographs with a borrowed digital camera from a work friend. I never got the digital camera so had to take my 35mm along instead. With all due respect, it was quite amusing. I went along with my camera and a notepad and right from entering the small village hall, people asked me if I was from the local newspaper the Matlock Mercury. After being asked about 5 times and getting bored with the same question, I stated that I was from the Nottingham Evening Post, just to get them off my back, and it seemed to work. By the time the meeting had finished and the audience had left, I figured out that everyone who'd asked if I was from the 'Mercury', was a member of the Aetherius Society. There were about 11 of them altogether, three at the front, a few manning the book stall, one on the entrance fee desk and a few in a couple of side rooms.

On entering the village hall, I was amazed to see the room full of people with only a few seats left. My wife Carole, Les's girlfriend Angela and Les Trueman had the seats and I decided to stand just inside the doorway against the wall. There was a small book stall at the back and two tables put together at the front covered in what I could only say was a large deep purple sheet trimmed with gold. In the middle of the table was beautifully crafted model of the Adamski craft made of Aluminium which was about 8 inches in diameter. Large boards with their posters stuck to them were placed on chairs in open spaces around the room. One was on the table at the side of me where the entrance fees were taken, and a small portion of text on this board grabbed my attention, it said 'SATELLITE No 3' and read as;

Satellite No. 3

Satellite No 3 is a large intergalactic space craft which comes into orbit periodically throughout the year. The craft is invisible to the human eye and cannot be detected by radar while it orbits our planet. Satellite No 3 is under the command of The Karmic Lord Mars Sector 6 and is manned by highly advanced Interplanetary Intelligence's. The help offered by Satellite No 3 is of tremendous benefit to all life upon Earth. Any spiritual action performed with a selfless motive during a Spiritual Push is enhanced 3'000 times.

Satellite No. 3. Picture © Joe McGonagle
Satellite No.3. Picture © Joe McGonagle

The Aetherius Society's Symbol
The Aetherius Society's Symbol

Dr George King
Dr George King

I counted the audience and there were an average of 60 people who came to listen, only a few of us were left standing. The meeting started on time and was opened by Mr Natu Patel who is based locally at the Aetherius Society in Derby. He introduced a small gentleman as 'Dr. Ray' who had come up from London to attend "this important meeting". Dr Ray started by saying that UFO's will not go away and are here for good. Then he asked the audience how many of them believed in UFO's, most people raised their hands and then Dr Ray asked how many people thought the subject was stupid, 3 people raised their hands. He then went on to give a brief UFO lecture you would expect to hear for people just getting into the subject, a very basic introduction into UFO's.

Dr Ray covered such areas as: When people see UFO's, they react in an emotional way because it's something that they don't understand and it goes against their beliefs. He covered the Disclosure Project, the military and governments lying to the public and many other cases that we are all familiar with. He then stated, "We are not a regular UFO group. We are here this night to tell you why they are here. They (the UFO's) have been in contact with people all over the world". He then went on about other incidents that we are all familiar with, such as; UFO's have been seen since the mid 1940's near nuclear tests, then the Kenneth Arnold sighting got a brief mention and then a basic run through of UFO sightings through history.

Then came the 'contactees'. He stated that people claimed to be in contact with the beings since 1947. A guy named as Dan Fry, a scientist and missile worker out in White Sands, New Mexico got the urge to be alone one day and walked out into the desert where he had a UFO encounter. A message came into his head that asked him if he wanted to learn, then he should stay where he was. If not, then he should run away, he stayed and accepted the encounter, later publishing a book about his experiences. George Adamski also met aliens in the desert and became a contactee. Dr Ray then went onto another chap named Stephen Derbyshire who at the age of 13½, took photo's of their craft and was hounded by government officials for years, (for what purpose, he didn't say). Stephen Derbyshire became a very private person and won't speak about his experiences to anyone. (Case closed. Ed.)

Anther case from Scotland got a mention, and then the story was told of two police officers who chased a UFO through country lanes at over 90mph in Devon, UK . The police officers were told it was Jupiter. Dr Ray then stated that the Governments found themselves in a dilemma and brought out Project sign, then Grudge. He then said that U.S. Military people had been warned not to talk about their UFO sightings publicly or they would be fined $10,000 or face 3 years in jail.



Why are they here? asked Dr Ray. Answering himself, he went on: In May of 1954, George King, a master of Yoga, a psychic and Healer had a 'mental contact'. It said: "Prepare yourself, You are to be the voice of the Interplanetary Parliament"! It meant nothing to him. One week later and still confused, he decided to meditate on this 'mental message'. It turned out that George King had been chosen and he was to be used as a communicator. Dr Ray went on and said that George King, shortly after these events, held a meeting for the media in a hall in London. George went into a trance and had contact with the aliens and just as you would expect, the papers crucified him in their reports.

The information carried on coming through George King and the Aetherius Society now has over 600 detailed communications in their archives. After each message, 'they' always gave a forecast of UFO sightings and predicted events to come. Another message came through in 1958 that predicted that the USSR would suffer a nuclear disaster. According to Dr Ray, this was confirmed 17 years later when the Russians admitted the incident. When the papers (allegedly) got hold of the story, they put it out as an exclusive. The Aetherius Society corrected them saying that this event was foretold and written in their archives 17 years earlier.



The above question like everything else, was designed to change direction. "There is a great change taking place on Earth, they are here to warn us, we are in a difficult position. (We then went into war and pollution and all that kind of stuff). Years of negotiation with the Aetherius Society and the Governments are solving these problems, said Dr Ray. In 1978, Sir Eric Geary from Granada, put forward a study into UFO's at the U.N. He claimed that Cooper, Erwin and every astronaught had seen UFO's during their missions into space". Dr Ray went on... "These intelligence's are here to help! We are going through a significant change, a new millennium, a new age. People on this Earth can help themselves. They have developed spiritually, other UFO groups will not touch spirituality, this is where we differ. We learn to evolve in a spiritual way, we combine science with spirituality. The Aetherius Society is the only group who can give this information".

With that, another change in direction came by saying that time was getting on and "we would like to give you the opportunity to ask questions".



The hall was opened up for questions from the audience and as I had noticed thoughout the evening, the paying public did not like what they had heard and had turned hostile. By this time, at least 15 people had got up and left throughout the hour, my wife Carole and Angela were the first to leave after only 15 minutes and told us they'd see us later in the village pub. Throughout the evening, the people who left early were replaced by late-comers.

Q. Have you got a prediction this evening? one audience member asked.
A. We were told that Communism would fall and it did, we were also told to expect changes in the weather.

Q. I meant for our future.
A. The Earth's Ionosphere is to be taken down, (The Ionosphere is a layer of the Earth's outer atmosphere that contains sufficient free electrons to modify the way in which radio waves are propagated, for instance by reflecting them back to Earth. Webster's Handy Dictionary. Ed.) another Master, a Teacher would come to this Earth; and the discovery of a 10th planet will be found in our solar system. These predictions have been made and WILL come true.

Q. Are you saying the sightings are flying saucers, because most of them are just lights in the sky (LITS) (Les Trueman)
A. most people mistake regular things, many are still unidentified.
STATEMENT. Most people ARE seeing LITS. (Les |Trueman)
A. The LITS are more than that, it's more deep meaning. We have overwhelming evidence that they are craft.

This is where the Aetherius Society started to avoid the questions. You will find that the answers don't match the questions or they went off track altogether.

Q. Are we seeing manufactured metal interplanetary craft that could be radar reflective and travel from one part of the galaxy to another?
A. (Natu Patel answered). I'm a scientist, if I was not involved with Aetherius Society, then I would probably be working for NASA as a rocket scientist. The G-forces would kill us if we tried to go as fast as they. If you limit everything to the speed of light then it would take you four years to get to the nearest star, we have to be looking at the space-time continuum. Each craft has a forescreen which operates from thought patterns, there is no fuel.

Q.Why don't they make themselves known?
A. There is a law and we have to learn the law. The prime directive is not to interface unless asked. They are spiritual beings. One of their craft is in orbit as we speak. The choice to accept the aliens is always given before contact on a regular basis can commence. The scientists have got a long way to go to catch up with the 'Yogis' from the East.

Q (A local asked) Why is Bonsall so special? we've had a lot of reports here!
A. Bonsall is not special. We are not a UFO organisation. They are here to survey they Earth, magnetic lines they use. They are looking at Earth as an entity, a living being. Mankind is not helping Earth and they are monitoring.

Q. (Les Trueman asked). The L.I.T.S, you said that they are craft, where is your proof? A. (Aetherius member from the back) Where is your proof of LITS? ( There are 2 known video's and many local eye witnesses. Ed).

By this time, the audience were getting well and truly pissed off and figured out that they sounded like cultists. Several people at this stage got up and left and you could tell they had had enough. Mr Patel thanked everyone for coming and quickly closed the meeting by saying "If you wish to learn more about our beliefs, please feel free to fill in a form that can be found on the back table". The tension of people's intelligence being insulted by the Aetherius Society's beliefs was noticeable. As people (these strangers I'd never met before), passed me to go through the door, several of them passed comment to me. Whether it was the thought of me holding a camera and notepad and me writing down what I could throughout the meeting, and looking like a reporter, must have spurred them on to pass comment. Several people stated that it was a religious meeting and would not have bothered if they had known. One local chap said "I was disappointed to learn that Bonsall wasn't special" Other people made comments about the Aetherius Society being cultists, one mentioning the Heavens Gate cult. Others stated that they were: Barmy, nutters, idiots and other words to that effect that I can't print.

I made my way through the room and took several more photo's and spoke to people there. One gentleman who was an astronomer and obviously knew his subject, was in conversation with two other men. He was saying that we had found all the planets in OUR solar system and a 10th would have been found by now, and the idea of removing the Earth's Ionosphere was absolutely crazy and impossible. I had heard him comment several times through the meeting to friends that "these people were not right in the head" A woman made her way to me and pointed out: Quote: "I came here tonight to learn about UFO's and about our sightings over Bonsall. If I knew it was going to be a religious meeting, especially cultists, then I would have stayed at home, I've got more important things to do. I'll just have to buy a book on UFO's". I recommended any books by Timothy Good. I went to the book table at the back and was immediately asked by a tall woman if I was a reporter. I stated that I was with the Nottingham Evening Post and she said, "If you give us a good report, then we'll be nice to you, if you don't, then we'll still be nice to you". Hay! I can't loose, I thought. I knew I should have been a reporter. I took notes of the book titles on the table which included titles such as :The Holy Mountains of the World, Workout for the Soul, The Magic Book of Healing and The Little Book of Karma, etc, etc.

I meant to ask only one question, which would have been: Dr Ray, what are you a Doctor in? I missed my chance as I was noting the behaviour of the audience. I phoned Mr Natu Patel several days later and asked the very same question. The answer; "He is a Doctor of DIVINITY". Check that one out in your dictionaries! According to my big Webster's Handy Dictionary, it says. 1. being divine; a god; godhead. 2. theology. I then looked up 'theology': = The study or system of religion, either by reasoned deduction from the natural world or through revelation, as in the scriptures.

Les and I, and two late comers to the meeting made our way up to the local pub to meet our partners. They had been travelling since mid afternoon and finally found Bonsall after searching for several hours. Joe McGonagle and his friend had arrived at the meeting as it was being closed by Mr Patel. Les and I found this very amusing, so we took them to the local pub and spent some time there.

From what we saw and heard, the people went along to learn about UFO's and their local sightings. This meeting held by the Aetherius Society, didn't give them the information they went along for and did not answer any of their questions. I remember one interview with Timothy Good were he quoted: " I wish people would leave their religious beliefs out of Ufology".    .....What else can I say?

PICTURES: No 1. Picture of the text of Satellite No 3.  No 2. The Aetherius Society's symbol. I asked a Hindu work colleague of mine if he knew what it meant. He said, "It means OM, it's a Hindu God. You put your hand together (like in prayer) and 'say' OM (sounded like 'Oommmmmmm'). The pyramid is the sign of wisdom". (Thanks Bhal Khurmi).  No 3. George King, the 'voice of the Interplanetary Parliament.

The Aetherius Society is based in London, England.

The Aetherius Society, 757 Fulham Road, London. SW6 5UU. UK. Phone: 020 7736 4178. Fax: 020 7731 1067. E-mail info@aetherius.co.uk Their web site is at www.aetherius.org Mr Natu Patel can be contacted at: 371 Burton Road, Derby. DE23 6AH. PH: 01332 361844


A group of secretive U.S. security guards who work at a place that does not officially exist have walked off their jobs, bringing unwanted publicity to their workplace: a covert Nevada military installation and apocryphal alien landing site known as Area 51. The guards, dubbed the "Camo dudes" for their camouflaged uniforms, referred to the location of the clandestine site as "nowhere" and "out of town." The details of their assignment are unknown; their employer can confirm nothing. "Use your imagination," said Vernell Hall, who represents the workers, in response to queries about the site. Greg Rentchler, security manager for EG&G Technical Services Inc., which employs the 70-odd security guards, was equally vague about the installation: "I can't talk about that," he said. "I can only say the guards work in remote installations. We do technical services for the government, so some of the things we do may be classified."

In fact, Area 51 is inside the Nellis Air Force Base, 150 kilometres Northwest of Las Vegas, and is part of a classified military aircraft testing site, as well as the site of reported UFO landings, visiting aliens and other unexplained phenomena. The 15,540-hectare swath of desert located on the dry bed of Groom Lake goes by many names, including Paradise Ranch and Dreamland. Dreamland is the moniker used by pilots and military air-traffic controllers for the airspace above Area 51, a no-fly zone for everyone but the servicemen, officers and other officials working at the non-existent base.

The area has long fuelled the imaginations of conspiracy theorists who believe Area 51 is where the government took the aliens and their spacecraft's that supposedly crash-landed in Roswell, N.M., in July, 1947. At the time, the Air Force issued a statement saying the recovered craft was a weather balloon, but believers persist to this day that the crashed object was not of this Earth. According to published reports, some people claim to have seen bodies at Area 51, while others say they worked on alien spacecraft there.

Locals revel in the lore. The two-lane road to the area is known as "The Extraterrestrial Highway." It runs where the Mojave and Great Basin deserts meet and is a desolate place with a big desert sky. Rachel, a town 70 kilometres from Area 51, has a cheeky sign for visitors saying: "Earthlings Welcome." A café in a trailer called the Little A'Le'Inn and offers rooms for rent. The town is described by one journalist as "a melting pot of Internet junkies, conspiracy theorists, anti-government militia types, scientists, entrepreneurs and military watchdogs."

The Extraterrestrial Highway sign
The Extraterrestrial Highway sign

In-coming 'Janet' flight from Area 51
In-coming 'Janet' flight from Area 51

Guards inside Jeep Cherokees at Area 51
Guards inside Jeep Cherokees at Area 51

The strike brings a more mundane element to this other-worldly place. Mr. Hall, leader of the Security Police Association of Nevada, the in-house bargaining unit, said the members decided to walk out after three months of negotiation failed to produce a new contract. "There's been too much overtime since Sept. 11, overtime on top of overtime," he complained. Mr. Hall said the guards work 12-hour shifts, staying four days "out of town" before flying back to Las Vegas for three days off. "We don't get break periods," he said. Mr. Rentchler said negotiations continue, but could not comment further. "We have a good relationship with those guys. They are our employees," he said. He has been fielding calls from across the country since the guards began their strike on Monday 10th of December. In the meantime, supervisors have replaced the guards, patrolling the area in Jeep Cherokees and Ford pickups, peering at traffic through high-powered binoculars. The "Camos" do not have legal authority outside the restricted area, marked by a line of orange posts, but may detain members of the public who trespass. One Las Vegas resident waged a battle to keep the government from classifying a nearby hillside and prime viewing site he called "Freedom Ridge" ( That would be Glen Campbell. Ed). but failed to keep it out of the restricted area.

The workers are shuttled to and from Las Vegas's McCarran Airport in passenger jets known as "Janet" planes, named for the radio call sign of the private airline operated by EG&G. Over the years, the U.S. military has used the installation to test such spy planes as U-2s, A-12s and SR-71s, apparently even testing former Soviet aircraft. B-52 bombers and the F-117A stealth fighter have also been flown there

From: Wingsmanh1@aol.com


Workers refuse to cross guards' picket line

A two-day strike by security guards for a Defense Department contractor at the secret Groom Lake installation caused officials to delay a nuclear experiment when some Nevada Test Site workers refused to cross the guards' picket line, union and government officials said Thursday. The subcritical nuclear weapons experiment, dubbed Oboe 7, scheduled to be conducted on Wednesday was successfully detonated on Thursday after being delayed for "operational support issues," according to a spokesman for the National Nuclear Security Administration, a branch of the Department of Energy.

The spokesman, Darwin Morgan, said pickets from some of the 70 striking security officers of an independent union showed up Tuesday at the test site's boundary near the Mercury entrance, 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas. Then when buses carrying test site workers arrived, enough workers from a Teamsters local refused to cross the line, affecting final preparations for the Oboe 7 experiment.

Representatives for the independent union, the Security Police Association of Nevada, did not return calls to the Review-Journal on Wednesday or Thursday, nor did the guards' employer, EG&G Technical Services Inc., a Defense Department contractor.

But the guards had abandoned their picket lines late Tuesday at the test site, at EG&G Technical Services offices in Las Vegas, and at Haven Street near McCarran International Airport, where a fleet of nondescript passenger jets routinely takes the guards and other workers to a facility along the Groom dry lake bed, northeast of the test site and 90 miles north of Las Vegas. The secret installation that the guards refer to only as "nowhere" and "out of town," is widely known as Area 51 and listed in government documents as "Det 3," a detached Air Force unit. The 38,400-acre restricted area is where high-tech U.S. aircraft are tested, according to sources who have worked there and who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Wayne R. King Sr., business agent for Teamsters Local 631, said the guards on Tuesday "threw a picket line across the gate at the Nevada Test Site and many teamsters chose individually not to cross the picket line." He said the guards went back to work Tuesday night and were scheduled to resume negotiations today. He noted that the Teamsters union cannot sanction the strike by the independent guards' union. About 75 warehousemen and drivers honored the picket line, representing more than 80 percent of the Teamsters workforce at the test site, King said. On Monday, Vernell Hall, the guards' union president, said the 70 guards walked off their jobs after three months of negotiations with EG&G Technical Services ended in a stalemate. He cited such reasons for the strike as lack of adequate wages and benefits, and having to work too much overtime since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Attempts to reach Hall for comment Thursday were unsuccessful.

A statement distributed Monday by the Security Police Association of Nevada said the guards fear that EG&G Technical Services "will cease to exist in the near future" through a merger that will form a new company, Integrated Range Support Services. This new company, the statement said, "will be in a position to disregard all previous non-guaranteed contracts." The guards claim they were faced with a similar situation in 1996, when EG&G Special Projects was restructured into EG&G Technical Services, resulting in a 25 percent reduction in wages and benefits. "The security officers are not asking for the world or an outlandish pay increase," their statement says. "All we are asking for is the alignment of our pay with the multitude of increased taskings, and to maintain parity with the cost of living."



Astronomers observed flashes and explosions on the Moon during the 2001 Leonid meteor storm, indicating meteoroids were hitting the lunar surface. Like Earth, the Moon plowed through comet Tempel-Tuttle's debris field on November 18th," says Bill Cooke of the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. But, unlike Earth, the Moon doesn't have an atmosphere where meteoroids harmlessly disintegrate." Instead, lunar Leonids hit the ground and explode. Using 8-inch telescopes equipped with video cameras, David Dunham in Maryland and Tony Cook in Virginia independently recorded the flash, a double confirmation. "We estimate it was as least as bright as a 4th magnitude star." Flashes and lights on the Moon have been recorded for centuries. At least 6 Leonids hitting the Moon in 1999 caused explosions bright enough to be seen from Earth.

Reports of bright lunar Leonids two years ago puzzled many scientists. Their calculations suggested that a Leonid hitting the Moon would need to mass hundreds of kilograms to produce an explosion visible through backyard telescopes. Yet there was little evidence for such massive fragments in the Leonid debris stream. Hundred-kilogram meteoroids hitting Earth's atmosphere would produce sensational fireballs, brighter than any sky watchers actually saw. Jay Melosh, a planetary scientist at the University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Lab teamed up with Ivan Nemtchinov, a Russian physicist skilled in computer simulations of thermonuclear explosions. "Leonid impacts aren't as potent as a nuclear warhead, but they are powerful. They hit the Moon travelling 72 km/s or 160,000 mph. The energy per unit mass in a Leonid strike is 10,000 times greater than a blast of TNT." Using computer programs designed to study bomb blasts, Melosh and Nemtchinov discovered that Leonids didn't have to be so massive to produce flashes. Impactors massing only 1 to 10 kg could do the job because much of the ground within a few meters of the impact point would be vaporised, and a cloud of molten rock would billow out of a growing crater. "At first the cloud would be opaque and very hot, between 50,000 K and 100,000 K," explains Melosh. Milliseconds after the initial blast, the cloud would expand to a few meters in diameter and cool to 13,000 K. That's the critical moment," he says, "when the vapour becomes optically thin (transparent); then, all the photons rush out and we can see a flash of light from Earth." Thanks to Space Weather at http://www.spaceweather.com/meteors/gallery_18nov01_page2.html



A report has just come into MUFON from a man returning home from work in the suburb of Fernvale. On arriving just out of Ipswich his wife contacted him by mobile phone to pick up some milk on his way home. He stopped at a small shop at 7.35 PM, just this side of Brassall fifteen minutes drive from his home in Fernvale. As he drove along he became aware of a bright light on the horizon. He said that usually he drives at around 100 kilometres per hour (60 mph) on this stretch of road, but found himself doing 135 kilometres (80 mph). As he drove on, the light became bigger as he got closer, it seemed to be stationery then as he got a little closer his immediate thought was, that it was someone on a motor bike. As he got closer still the colour seemed to change from the colour of a halogen light to the reddish/orange. This light went over his car and was about 45 degrees above the trees on the passenger side of the car, it seemed to keep abreast with him, so he sped up. It kept just ahead of his car. When I asked him how big this light was? He said, 'if you stretched out your arm it would be about 8 inches in diameter,' he would gauge the height it travelled was about 20 feet above the trees.

He contacted his wife by mobile phone and asked her to go outside and look in his direction at this object in the sky. She said that she watched it for about five minutes before it flew in a south west direction. Malcolm claims that he watched it for a good fifteen minutes. Malcolm had phoned me around 9:15 PM to report the incident. I asked him was anything different regarding his car or clothes, skin etc. He asked me to wait while he checked out his car. Malcolm came back to the phone rather puzzled, he found a type of dust imbedded in his car on the passenger's side, roof and the front of the bonnet also around the trim on the doors-when he shined a large spotlight on the paint work he found that the colours were imbedded into paint work of the car, like a brown, creamy colour and other colours seemed to glitter. When he ran his hand over the paint work he found that the dust particles felt like find sand paper. I asked him to scrape off some of the residue so that we can have it examined. On questioning Malcolm, it would appear a time distortion had taken place. Usually it only takes him about 15 minutes to reach home from Brassall, the time he arrived home at 8:50 PM. It would appear that he had an hour of lost time. Malcolm has been a truck driver for many years. Up until now has never had any interest in or taken notice of UFO's. A pretty down to earth chap. I will interview him tomorrow.

Thanks to Rev. Glennys Mackay, J.P. Continental Director MUFON AUST. & NZ.


On December 2, 2001, the witnesses observed a disk with red and white lights on it that just seemed to hover to the west! As we stopped at the traffic lights my Mum looked out the window and to her surprise she saw a disk shaped flying object in front of her! The craft started moving and she told all six of us to look out the window! As we looked out we all saw a craft with a red lights and white lights on it! It just seemed to hover to the west of the car! As we drove off it vanished out of sight!

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