UFO NEWS UK Volume 1 No. 10

Editor: Anthony James

Volume 1 No. 10

15th January 2002

Editor: Anthony James

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Hi there everyone, first of all, I must say how proud I feel to have a newsletter that keeps growing in readers and locations. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome readers in Brazil.

In this issue, I received a UFO report from two sources about a video being shot in Scotland, UK. If this report is true and the video really does exist, then this story should be crawling all over the news, but as usual - NOTHING! If the footage is real and depicts what is described, then this should be worth the £20,000 that Sharon Rowlands DIDN'T get for her Bonsall footage. Caution: Lets wait and see what happens with this story. The alleged sighting happened on Dec 23rd over a large city for two hours, and there is only one report? One witness! Come on! Judge for yourself, the report is in UFO SIGHTINGS below.

I've included a lot of information about the Bonsall sightings in this issue and I wish the local press would keep up with the facts. I've decided to send a copy of this and backdated newsletters to the Matlock Mercury so they can find out that Sharon Rowland DID NOT get the £20:000 it was claimed by national papers, for her 6 minute's of 'average video footage. The other thing that grabbed my attention was the Ilkeston Express stated that Ms Rowlands is 'being lined up for a talk on UFO's in Bonsall'. Ok, so she's filmed one, and this suddenly makes her an expert, right? One things for sure, if she hosts a talk, I will be there!" While I was at the Aetherius Society's meeting in Bonsall before Christmas, I took several photo's which have now been processed, these can now seen in this newsletter.


Wednesday, 2 January, 2002 17:14 GMT

Official papers have revealed the Ministry of Defence set up a secret flying saucer working party in the 1950s. The papers show the group involved experts from the Directorate of Scientific Intelligence and the Joint Technical Intelligence Committee. It was established in 1951 after a spate of sightings in Sweden and the US led to a "notable outbreak" of reports in Britain. However, the scientists gave short shrift to the idea that the earth was facing an alien invasion from space, dismissing the claims as "optical illusions and psychological delusions" - or just plain hoaxes.

"We consider that no progress will be made by attempting further investigation of unco-ordinated and subjective evidence, and that positive results could only be obtained by organising throughout the country, or the world, continuous observation of the skies by a unco-ordinated network of visual observers, equipped with photographic apparatus, and supplemented by a network of radar stations and sound locators," they concluded. "We should regard this, on the evidence so far available, as a singularly profitless enterprise."

The papers, being made public for the first time, went on: "We accordingly recommend very strongly that no further investigation of reported mysterious aerial phenomena be undertaken, unless and until some material evidence becomes available."

One of the cases they looked at was RAF Flight Lieutenant Hubbard who twice claimed to have seen "a flat disc, light pearl grey in colour, about 50 feet in diameter" flying low over Farnborough at speeds to 800 to 1,000 mph. The scientists drily noted: "We find it impossible to believe that a most unconventional aircraft, of exceptional speed, could have travelled at no great altitude, in the middle of a fine summer morning, over a populous and air-minded district like Farnborough, without attracting the attention of more than one observer."


Disclosure Project Email Update. 11. Jan. 2002.

Dear Supporters of the Disclosure Project,

The past year has been an extraordinary time for The Disclosure Project and the world. We had the most successful and best attended press conference in 20 years, on May 9, 2001 at the National Press Club. The truth about UFOs, illegal covert projects and the promise of a new civilisation made possible by the release of new energy and propulsion systems was heard by over a billion people in the past 7 months. Thousands of people have attended Campaign for Disclosure events and a grass roots movement is growing to push for Disclosure.

Thousands of letters were sent to dozens of members of Congress - and some have begun to take the matter seriously and are even asking for affidavits from select witnesses. Of course, the tragedy of 9/11 has dominated the media and Congress. But at the same time it has underscored the folly of an unnecessary dependence on imported oil as the main source of energy for America and the world. Increasingly, people are beginning to understand the true high price of oil.

We are in the process of implementing a grass roots extension of the Campaign for Disclosure by creating the official Disclosure Project Representatives program. Under this program, people will be able to sponsor and conduct Disclosure Project town hall meetings in their local area, showing either the May 9, 2001 National Press Club video or the Disclosure Video. Through this effort, an unlimited number of people can be empowered to spread the truth and organise locally for full Disclosure. Please check the web site for updates on this which should be posted shortly.

In other website news we have a new guest book up on the web site, which we would encourage all of you to sign, if you haven't done so already, and get your friends to sign.

Some of our recent efforts have been focused on an outgrowth of Dr. Greer's 11 years of intense research into this subject. We have identified a number of prospective civilian scientists and inventors who appear to have uncovered important new electromagnetic energy and propulsion technologies. We have concluded that the time has come to form an entity to definitively identify, test, disclose and mass- produce such a device to replace the internal combustion engine and the need for fossil fuels. I have no doubt that we now possess the strategic capability to do this once a bona fide technology is identified and tested by independent facilities.

To this end, Dr. Greer has formed a corporation: Space Energy Access Systems, Inc., or SEAS. This entity will identify, test, secure, disclose, finance and produce systems to replace all current energy sources currently in use. It will have a significant associated Foundation to fund and support Disclosure, world peace, outer space relations, environmental protection and the alleviation of human poverty and suffering.

I would like to thank you for everything you have done to support The Disclosure Project in the past year. It would have been impossible to accomplish the historic events of the past year or two without your dedication, support and love.

Now it is on to 2002: The year the technologies behind UFO energy and propulsion systems will begin to be released to a long-suffering world.

God bless you and thank you for everything!


The Disclosure Project


Rumours of Planet X Abound...01/08/02
by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

There have been rumours flying around the internet that a group of Russian Scientists have announced they have been tracking an unknown mystical planet that is coming into our solar system. I am sorry to tell you, but no such group of Russian scientist exist. It turns out to be an article written by some clone who supports the tall story of the "Zetas". The 'Zetas' are nothing more than "channelled" garble spouted by a grandiose personality named Nancy Lieder. Ms. Lieder espouses to have some highly positioned connection with an alien entity from the planet "Zeta". Once you get through all the fancy dancing smoke and mirrors, what you have is some alter ego who thinks she has special magical insight that no one else has. Whatever!!!


More Film Of Derbyshire Dales UFO Activity (UK)
[Original headline: Red Sky at Night Gave Duo a Fright]

Mysterious light in Derby

This mysterious light was captured on film by a Derby man when he spotted it hovering in the skies above his house. The image is just one of many filmed by Andrew Garlick near his home in Milton Street, over the last few months. He says he has no idea what the objects are or why they suddenly appeared. Mr Garlick (18) and his wife, Danielle (19), first saw a strange object outside their house on Friday, September 7. They claim they looked through their patio windows and saw a slow-moving oval-shaped white light. As they went to the window to watch the light, a small, white teardrop shape slowly fell from it and floated towards the ground.

The experience left Mrs Garlick terrified and her husband confused. He said: "I am not the sort of person who believes in UFOs and that sort of thing but I could not explain what I saw that night. It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen." Mrs Garlick said: "I can't think of any logical explanation for what we've witnessed."

After seeing the light, the couple began to watch the skies outside their home more often. They saw the oval object a second time and they also saw another strange formation - three white shapes in a triangle. They saw the hovering single, red-coloured light a few weeks later. The sightings come months after Bonsall hit the headlines after 19 UFO sightings were reported in four months - including one captured on video by housewife Sharon Rowlands.

UFO enthusiast Peter Edwards, of Lyttelton Street, Derby, has looked at footage of dozens of possible UFO sightings and says he does not think Mr Garlick's footage is a hoax. "These images could be stars or satellites but there is also a possibility that this is a UFO. This footage is very similar to some that was caught on film about five years ago near Blagreaves Lane - and as far as I am concerned, that was certainly a UFO."

East Midlands Airport has confirmed that the area of Derby where Mr Garlick lives is not one of their main flight paths. The Ministry of Defence refused to comment.

Story originally published by Derby Evening Telegraph / England

Derby Article


Farley Hill guest house owner John Andrew saw a bizarre mass of white lights while working on one of his bedrooms at about 10.40pm (Jan 2002). He looked out the window overlooking the valley towards Winster and saw a UFO. Mr Andrew said: "It was not the usual saucer shape, but it started moving up the hillside. "From the size of the light I can not imagine it being a vehicle shedding that amount of light. "I study the hillside because it is such a lovely view, so I knew it was out of the ordinary."


ALAN Webster´s tours of Bonsall are famed across the country for their depth of information about the local area. When he began taking people out six years ago, subjects ranged from environmental to farming issues, and as interest grew so did the scope of his strolls. And the latest phenomenon has increased Bonsall´s reputation as a hot-bed of activity so much that Mr Webster (50) has had to alter his route to cater for national interest. "The walks began as environmental tours but recently more people have been coming because of the stories about aliens and UFOs," said the landlord of village pub the Barley Mow.

"People don´t often see things on the guided walks but when I´ve sent people off on their own they have often come back and told me what they have seen." Some 3,500 visitors from far and wide have taken the stroll, which takes people around Bonsall Moor, Masson and Ible. Many are guided by the famous Bonsall Map, a copy of which is rumoured to hang on the walls of the Pentagon in Washington DC. "We have had US Government officials come over here to try and find out what´s going on," Mr Webster continued. "I said on the Central Weekend Live programme a few weeks ago that I think they are building something, and I still stand by that.

"Sometimes people will come into the pub and just strike up a conversation about what they have seen or start asking questions, and it´s only afterwards when you talk to other people you find out who they were." Whilst the Derbyshire Dales is becoming known as a hotspot for UFO activity, Bonsall is widely recognised as the epicentre. In September 2000, housewife Sharon Rowlands captured on video six-and-a-half minutes of a disc-shaped object hovering over Bonsall Moor. And Mr Webster is so keen to hear about what people have seen that he has a sign outside his pub which reads: "ATTENTION! Please report all UFO sightings to the landlord."

By Gareth Davis


Ilkeston Express: January 10th 2002 (UK)

A Derbyshire village is taking off as a popular tourist destination with it's own alien tour after becoming a hotbed for UFO sightings. Bonsall hit the headlines last year after 19 sightings in four months - including one filmed by housewife Sharon Rowlands. Now people are visiting Bonsall from all over the country and signing up to pub landlord Alan Webster's tours - hoping for a glimpse of the mysterious lights in the sky.

Mr Webster, landlord of the Barley Mow (pub) said: "We get half a dozen people a week coming here to look for UFO's. The come into the pub and I tell them where the good spots are to see them - I even draw them a map." Mr Webster has included the locations of UFO sightings in a 2½ hour walk around the village. He said: "So many people have seen UFO's in Bonsall, but many don't want to talk about it. We have had plenty from Wigan, Barnsley, Birmingham and Merseyside coming here. I told one group of people where a good spot was to see them is, and they came back having seen a light in the sky."

Mr Webster said the latest sighting was a month ago when a couple from Matlock reported seeing bright lights in the sky over Slaley Lane in Bonsall. Last month, Bonsall hosted a talk on UFO's by spiritualists The Aetheius Society. About 70 villages attended the village hall meeting in hope of finding an explanation for the lights in the sky. ( See UFO NEWS UK Vol. 1. No 8).

Dr. Ray
Fig 1.

Crafted model
Fig 2.

Aetherius Society

( I thought I'd include a few of the photo's I took at the Aetherius Society's meeting in Bonsall to add colour to the article. Fig 1. is Doctor of DIVINITY". Dr. Ray. Fig 2. The beautifully crafted 'Adamski type' model. Fig 3. The speakers of the Aetherius Society: L - R. Dr Ray, a New 'Zealander', wife of one of the speakers ( I can't remember if it's Dr. Ray's wife or Mr Patel's. Ed). Mr Natu Patel and another rep' who's name I seem to have missed. Ed ).

Mrs Rowlands who is currently prevented from discussing her video until after it's screening next year, is being lined up to give a talk in Bonsall on UFO's. (See UFO NEWS UK Vol. 1. No 5). Bonsall resident Anne Falconer saw a bright silver light hovering over Bonsall Moor in March (2001) and has been on many of the tours. She said: "You don't know how many people have seen something like that until you start talking in a group".


On Wednesday, December 12, 2001, "a UFO was videotaped over the city of Araraquara," in the state of Sao Paulo in southern Brazil. "Several people in the Estadio Ferroviaria in the bairro (district of) Ponte saw 'an object of great luminosity that appeared to have little deviation from its course and altitude as it passed over the city. It disappeared as mysteriously as it first appeared."

Two days later, on Friday, December 14, 2001, "a UFO was filmed over the satellite city (suburb) of Samambaia," near Brazil's national capital of Brasilia, at about 9 p.m. "The object was described as a brilliant white light making circular manoeuvres in the sky."

News media contacted CINDACTA (Brazil's NORAD--J.T.) but a spokesman said the agency had seen nothing unusual on their radar screens. (Muito obrigado a Eustaquio Andrea Patounas por esos casos.)


On Friday, December 21, 2001, at 12:30 a.m., Jeremy S. and his brother "were in the street" in Red Banks, Mississippi (population 500) "and we saw two bright balls in the sky. The first two were seen to the north. They looked low. We thought they were flashlights at first. We ran up the street to get a closer look. When we reached the top of the hill, about 10 bright balls rose from behind the trees to the east. We watched them move north and west towards the first two balls we saw. They stopped to form a motionless triangle, and they held this position for about ten seconds. Then individual UFOs would move out and then back into the formation in straight lines. This lasted for about 15 seconds. After this, they all broke formation and moved slowly to the west. They reached a flashing towers and flew back and forth near it. They changed their lights from bright to dim about every 25 seconds. Two dim UFOs flew into a bright UFO and disappeared within it."

"We ran back and got our father, and we went back to the spot down the road where we could see the flashing tower. All the bright-ball-type UFO's were still there. My brother, my father and myself watched the sky for about five more minutes. When we got within a mile of the tower, they all started to fly slowly away in different directions."

Jeremy estimated that the glowing UFOs were "about as high as a passenger aircraft (30,000 feet) and all were slow-moving."
Red Banks is just north of Highway 78 about 40 miles (64 kilometres) north of Oxford, Miss.


Andrew Hennessey reports that world shattering footage was shot on a Digicom at night by Steve X an associate of Russell Penman on Sunday, December 23, 2001. The footage clearly shows three massive motherships over the estuary beside the city of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. The ships one half to one mile long [best guess at this time] are elliptical, clearly curved at the front, the front terminating in three giant headlights. The two hours of substantial Digicom footage clearly show one many windowed, and many layered mothership issuing forth bright shiny pod shaped ships or beings glowing white. Over the course of the two hours, these ships are disgorged by the mothership in clear focus as they fly off in twos or in formation or singularly over the City of Edinburgh and its suburbs. There are two other ships of similar configuration further off in the distance. This wonderful footage is of earth shattering significance, but also comes by way of several other amazing photographs and other stills by the Penman 'group.'

This is the clearest evidence I have ever seen that Alien life has a massive social engineering program for the human race. We could not clearly see the other two ships doing the same, as the light capsules were tiny in proportion. The other two ships were decloaked simultaneously, in the drop zone of the Lothian's. On top of other fabulous daytime footage by Brian Mac Phee also of the forth valley at Stirling, near Edinburgh. Central Scotland is again confirmed as one of the hottest hotspots on the planet. Over the piece, I watched hundreds and hundreds of little lights fly out of the mothership at all levels of the structure, sometimes hanging back so the others could catch up, they flew and scattered in all directions over the sleepy Capital of Scotland, a city which anciently was once thought of as a Jerusalem with its seven hills and its Masonic connections and secrets. We are not alone.
Thanks to Andrew Hennessey Transformation Studies Group.


Source: Ipswich Star, Suffolk / England. Published: Dec 29. 01

An Ipswich household was treated to an extra special sight on Christmas Day when they saw what appeared to be an unidentified flying object. The family, who asked not to be named, saw the strange flashing object from their house in Valley Road, just 24 hours after Santa would have been in the middle of his Christmas deliveries.

The mother of the family told the Star that the strange sight occurred just before the early hours of Boxing Day. "At about midnight my husband noticed a very bright light. He called me to look at it and I saw what seemed to be a large star. The strange thing was that our room was illuminated by the very strong light, which it emitted. "I would normally have likened it to moonlight, but there was no moon to be seen. My husband continued to watch it as I fell asleep. He called me a few minutes later to tell me that it was flashing and emitting a blue hue around its base. He also saw two diagonal protrusions from either side towards the bottom." The object, which was oval in shape, was smaller than the moon but bigger than a star and was viewed from Valley Road towards the Portman Road area.

The family said that they knew it wasn't an aeroplane, a helicopter or even Christmas lights. They said that if was a star it would have been there the following night, but it left the Ipswich skyline after performing its ten-minute light show.
By Nick Richards


On Thursday, December 27, 2001, Sarah H. reports, "I was driving away from Wytham village, on a two-lane country road "towards Botley Interchange, the road running parallel to Motorway A34 at 8:45 PM." "The UFO hovered west of the road, remaining in one position," Sarah reported, "The UFO was triangular in shape with one light at each point (corner). It was hovering above Withal Wood and was silent. It hovered for approximately four minutes, no higher than 200 feet above the trees. Its fuselage was dark." Sarah added, "I have no pictorial evidence" of the encounter, and she feels a bit "nervous about being considered a loony."
Thanks to Joseph Trainor at UFO ROUNDUP http://ufoinfo.com


PORT ANGELES -- My husband was outside on December 29, 2001, watching the sky as he often does, waiting for me to get ready. He observed a huge black object above him at 4:20 PM seemingly cloaked in the clouds. It was a calm day, with a partial cloud cover and no wind. He watched the object(s) for a minute then ran in to yell for me to "come now PLEASE!" I ran outside and he related to me what he had seen, since the object was no longer there. He described it as a huge black "wall," but it almost seemed to be changing shapes within the cloud. He said it was at least two football fields in length. We continued to watch the sky and a minute later, we both observed a solid, black disc shaped object fall like a leaf from the clouds, about 1/2 mile from where the object originally was seen by my husband. It seemed to be heading north just above the treeline, so we didn't see where it went, just that it fell. Then directly above that, in the clouds again, I saw what appeared to be two large black objects "dancing" in the clouds. I immediately said "oh, look honey, they're hang-gliders!" However, they were quite large, in fact it could have been one object, as the clouds were obscuring parts of whatever I was seeing. They or it continued moving for about 10 seconds, and then completely disappeared into the cloud cover. This is the first time either of us has witnessed anything remotely unexplainable in the sky. We are at a complete loss as to how to explain it. We've thought of kites, hang-gliders, balloons, airplanes, blimps, stealth bombers, none of it seems to fit. There were no visible lights on the object(s); it was just big and black. It made no noise. It was afternoon, with about 1 hour left of good daylight. I am a professional, working in the health care field here in town. My husband is a stay at home dad, caring for our 2 year old son. We have been going nuts trying to figure this out.
Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC


My education is in Electrical Engineering and Nutrition Science. My wife and I were sunbathing close to the Las Vegas strip at about mid day on the 8th of January. I was observing a plane in the sky, holding up my hand to obliterate the glare of the sun, and I noticed a glare in the sky near the sun at high altitude to the south. I observed it for a minute with the naked eye and said to my wife I think I might actually be seeing a UFO. My Wife said run and get the Binoculars. I ran and returned a minute later with 2 pair of high power binoculars. I was now apparent that the object had moved north closer to us still at a very high altitude, however. Through the binoculars we could make out the colours and shape of the object. It was a brilliant, shiny, bright red hemisphere on the bottom surrounded by a bright silver band. The band was like the outer edge of a traditional flying saucer like you might see in the movies. We do not know if the sphere continued to the top of the object or not. We never got a view of it's top side since it never rotated. It was far above cloud level, so it must have been pretty big for us to see it. However, I would not be surprised if no one else observed the object as it was very small in the sky at that high altitude and there were many contrails in the sky from planes. The object was slowly tracking due north and was soon directly overhead. It continued north at a slow steady pace and went eventually out of sight. The Las Vegas strip runs south to north, so coincidentally or not the object was tracking directly over the Strip. My sceptical, scientific mind tried to reason that maybe it was a weird high tech weather balloon. But the wind was blowing east and the object's path was perfectly linear from south to north. I can only conclude that the object was a craft of top secret government or Alien origin. I wish I had a high power telescope with a camera mounted, but fate did not provide me that option. I've never observed a UFO before and have been very sceptical about these things, but now I really consider it likely that contact has been made and they would rather play peek-a-boo than come right out with it.
National UFO Reporting Center.


Tonight, January 8th, 2002. Time: 7:52 PM. Location: Western side of Midlothian, VA. Highway 360, in the East Bound lane.

Virginia object

This object or objects was heading West, basically, right over highway 360. By the objects heading it would have came right over the night watch area. As I said, we were travelling in the East bound lane of highway 360, coming home from my brothers house, who lives about 5 miles west of Grange Hall school. About a mile or 2 East of Grange Hall, I spotted something flying toward us, but a good distance from us, that had amber lights above it and a strobing red light below the amber lights. We had seen a lot of air traffic this evening, the usual, strobing white lights from planes. ( I guess) and this light was very different from the rest of them. So, we watched this light and pulled off the highway and grabbed the video camera and started filming. The Object, mystery machine, UFO, flew directly over us.

When I was watching the video, I noticed at one point the object fly's below a star, this thing was transparent! Meaning, you could still see the star as this object passed below it. I am estimating this object to be at the most 10,000 feet up. There must be a mathematical formula to figure out the altitude. With your bear eyes, you could see all of the lights. My camera has optical zoom up to 25 X optically. OK... my video camera has the ability to take snap shots of what it records, however the quality is low.


Hi Tony,

This is Daryl Spence, long time no hear, I was browsing the internet and came across the ufoinfo page, where I found your contact email ad. It's been a long time now since the Mansfield UFO sighting, but it hasn't settled down yet. We had another documentary by Carlton TV, use the UFO footage last October.

I've personally had two more UFO sightings since, but alas no damn camcorder to hand. The last sighting I had would've been amazing to have captured it on tape. It happened one evening last August (2001), my eldest son & I were standing out on the back garden sky gazing as we often do, (he's keen on the subject now), it was about 23:20 approx. We were looking in a N/Westerly direction, just a bit lower than looking straight up, when a fluorescent blue beam appeared in the night sky, if I held my hand out at arms length and measured the length of the beam with my fingers, it would've measured about 2.5 inches. It rotated on it's axis and then switched off as quick as it had appeared. I would also say that this beam by my best judgement was very, very high in altitude, total duration I would say was about 15 secs. Well that's about all I can tell you Tony, if you've heard anything similar Tony, please let us know. Nice to be back in touch again Tony. I genuinely enjoyed yours & Les's meetings and opinions in the past. Best regards and a happy new year to you and Carole.


(Mansfield UK)

I just wanted to take a moment and say thanks for your excellent newsletter. It is so well presented, and the graphics are great. I am going to start using some of your information on my website, of course I will include the source, and your e-mail address.

B J Booth - http://www.ufocasebook.com

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