UFO NEWS UK Volume 1 No. 11

Editor: Anthony James

Volume 1 No. 11

29th January 2002

Editor: Anthony James

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New 'Super Area 51' Said Being Built In Colorado

Reliable sources have informed me that the technology once quartered at Area 51 was, in part, relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Albuquerque is home to fusion research accelerators and technology developed by the Russians in the 80's called "Psychotronics" (PT). Psychotronics are a combination of Low Frequency and High Frequency waves beamed into the atmosphere at high power levels. The Russians experimented with these waves during the 80's and found them to be very effective but uncontrollable. Psychotronics is equivalent to "Electronic LSD" in that brain waves are scrambled causing mass hallucinations amongst personnel where the PT is concentrated.

We stole the technology and the US has a ground site antenna array known as HAARP located in the remote reaches of Alaska where they have been conducting experiments for the past 4 years. Mobile 'airborne' devices equipped with PT devices are operating out of the Albuquerque secure site. My source says the PT technology along with other "Black Ops" projects are scheduled to be co-located at a new site under construction at the Colorado / New Mexico border just off the main highway linking Albuquerque to Denver. Denver is the geo location for the Air Force Academy with Colorado Springs being the local version of "Silicon Valley". SAIC and others maintain a well entrenched presence there. The new site under construction is underground with little or no visible above ground evidence. A PT HAARP-type array now in Alaska is scheduled to be installed in a surrounding wilderness area close to the new site.

By way of proof I was given: consult the http://www.geo.ed.ac.uk/quakexe/quakeshistory of earthquakes occurring in this border region during the months of June - August of this year (The USGS provides a history of earthquakes that will list the following): We see a series of quakes always occurring around 10 AM with an exact depth of 5 Kilometres at exactly the same magnitude (3.4M) at the same precise location. When the World Trade Towers collapsed, a 2.1 tremor was recorded, so a 3.4 is more than 10 times greater. Considering the exact depth, magnitude and frequency of these quakes, we conclude they are definitely manmade. No known mining occurs at this depth, at least nothing that would require such extensive blasting. My sources are attached to the project and will update as work progresses.

Here is the updated USGS data for earthquakes in this region as per the above story. It appears to be centred in the Reston, Colorado area off Highway 25. The time frame is corrected to Aug to Sept.


Case closed: After nine seasons and countless conspiracies, The X-Files will not be returning for a tenth season, Fox announced. Creator Chris Carter decided to pull the plug on his long running UFO saga. The X-Files rating has plummeted this season without David Duchovny playing FBI Agent Fox Mulder, whose dogged pursuit of the conspiracy to cover up the truth about space aliens on Earth powered the show for much of its run. "It's the ninth inning. We want to go out on top", Carter told Variety. "We wanted to go out as a strong show". Carter said he would wrap up the series in May with a two-part finale, promising to resolve the show's complex mythology once and for all.

Scully and Mulder
(Image resized for website)

He's hoping Duchovny, who appeared in only half of last season's episodes, will reprise his role opposite Gillian Anderson's Dana Scully for the shows two-part series finale. This season, the focus shifted away from Mulder and Scully to newer characters Doggett (Robert Patrick) and Reyes (Annabeth Gish). Duchovny and Anderson are on board for a sequel to their 1998 X-Files film. "This has been an incredible decade of my life", Carter said. Fox chairman Sandy Grushow said the network "respects Chris's wishes to end the show this season".

Merseyside Anomalies Research Association.

Recent MARA activities

On the 5th October 2000, Mrs. Sharon Rowland took six minutes of video footage at Bonsall Hill near Matlock, Derbyshire, of a UFO which is said to offer concrete proof that some UFOs are not of this earth. She was allegedly paid £20,000 for the footage by an American TV company. With this in mind, 3 MARA members made a trip to the area on 24th June 2001. On arriving at the village of Bonsall, they approached a farmer who was working in a field. He was very friendly and they asked him if he knew anything about the UFO sighting. He told them that he knew Sharon Rowlands and went on to describe a UFO sighting that he and his wife had about 12 years ago. The farmer and his wife went to the next farm to ask the opinion of their neighbours, but they were out at the time. The UFO they saw was described as a large diamond in the sky with smaller diamonds coming out of it.

The farmer stated that the landlord of the local pub, knew quite a lot about sightings in the area, so the MARA members proceeded to the pub known as "Barley Mow Pub". The landlord told them that he was a very keen walker and that he knew all of the local landmarks and spots where sightings had been reported. He drew a map indicating the spot where Sharon Rowlands had taken her UFO footage, and the MARA members then went to that spot. As you might expect, nothing was seen during their visit. Bonsall has become a hot spot for UFO researchers since the reported sighting and BBC TV have also visited the village in regard to the sighting.

As a matter of paranormal interest, the landlord told our members that the Barley Mow pub is haunted by a ghost.

Bill Bimson wbimson02@cableinet.co.uk Merseyside Anomalies Research Association. M.A.R.A. http://www.mara.org.uk/     Thanks Bill


Residents of Cupira, a town in the state of Pernambuco in northern Brazil, have reported landings of disc-shaped UFOs in recent weeks. Townspeople have seen hatches open on the discs and witnessed the emergence of small humanoid creatures. This is just part of the ongoing UFO flap occurring today in Brazil's northern states of Paraiba and Pernambuco.

Brazilian Ufologist Edison Boaventura said "he has also seen UFOs over the Guararapes Airport in the municipality of Cupira, 168 kilometres (105 miles) north of Recife," the state capital of Pernambuco. "Some employees on a ranch belonging to a friend of mine saw one land and disgorge little men who helped themselves to (the fruit of) the guava trees. Exotic-shaped objects have been reported by residents of the coast and the (Serra da Rosa) mountains, mainly in Brejo de Madre do Deus."
"There is something strange in the skies of Pernambuco. Unexplained lights, cigar-shaped luminous objects, small points crossing space at prodigious speeds, all have been seen along the coast, particularly in the municipality of Brejo de Madre do Deus," located 219 kilometres (131 miles) Northeast of Recife. (Editor's Note: This stretch of northern Brazil is known as the Sertao. The city of Recife is 1,050 kilometres (630 miles) Northeast of Rio de Janeiro.)

"Some are sure that unidentified flying objects or UFOs are involved. In other words, saucers. Visitors from space? ETs? Borrowing the slogan from The X-Files...could it be that the truth is out there?" To Sao Paulo-based Urologist Edison Boaventura, the answer is yes. The president of Grupo Ufologico de Guaruju (GUG), Boaventura is also a respected (financial) analyst at the Banco do Brasil. He took advantage of a temporary four-month transfer to Recife and spent his free time collecting reports from persons claiming to have seen UFOs flying over the state.
"In the Sertao (Northeast--J.T.) Pernambuco and Paraiba stood out for the number of (UFO) cases. Sightings are particularly intense in places near the beaches,' says Boaventura, showing an album with hundreds of UFO photos from all over the world. One of the witnesses interviewed by the ufologist was attorney Wilson Andrade Souza, a resident of Boa Viagem, who claims to have seen UFOs on repeated occasions and speaks delightedly about his experiences. "My wife and I were standing on the porch to our house when we saw an object in the sky resembling a cigar, surrounded by twenty smaller disc-shaped objects, flying in disarray. It was a beautiful sight,' he says."

"The oldest residents of the rural areas tell tales of fireballs racing through the sky over the city (Boa Viagem). When Edison Boaventura showed them his album, 'the majority of them pointed to an image of a UFO taken in Jalisco (Mexico) as very similar to the phenomenon being seen in their region." Dulce de Souza Pinto, director of the city's museum, lives in the bairro Barriguda (neighbourhood) where she can see the 'torches'--a local name given by some to the fireballs. "At night people could wait on their porches to see them appear. They were blue and red torches, round, emerging from the top of the mountain range and darting quickly from one side to the other. After that, they would come closer and plunge suddenly,' she recalls."
There are those who have claimed to have witnessed UFO landings, such as farmer Jose Antonio dos Santos. He told Dulce and the ufologist that he saw one (UFO) 'resembling a plate' descend on a boulder in the Serra da Rosa. He saw 'some legs' protruding from the thing and afterward saw a porthole open. He fired a shot with his rifle, and the disc took off. "The guy knew what a flying saucer was,' Dulce said." (See the Brazilian newspaper Diario de Pernambuco for January 10, 2002, 'Astonishing UFOs visit Pernambuco.' Muito obrigado a Scott Corrales, autor dos libros Chupacabras and Other Mysteries e Forbidden Mexico, etambem Alberto Francisco do Carmo por esos casos.)



Anthony, do you have any information as to the location mentioned in this article, or possibly the name of the woman?

Thanks Robert for the majority of this report. Information and picture's about this sighting came to me in several e-mails Thanks everyone. ED.


A single mum in Britain is getting more opportunity to meet new people than she ever bargained for in any of her new year's resolutions. Planning for a New Year's Eve party, she stepped outside of her London home for a moment and found her eyes drawn to a strange shape in the sky. Eventually she called to a friend inside to bring out the video camera to get a better look. What they got was amazing footage of a UFO that has everyone from the paranormal community to NASA feverish with excitement and curiosity.

The footage shot that mid-day would have been amazing enough, except that the disk-like craft apparently decided that it liked the attention enough to come back that evening for a repeat performance. Again, the camcorder captured the event on tape. The following morning, garbage workers arrived early to pick up trash from the curb of the house and witnessed it there a third time. Unbelievably, once again the footage on tape verifies their incredible story.

UFO video stills

This is not the only report of a UFO sighting in the area, either. There have been a total of 7 since last fall, all in the same general region of Britain. What exactly is the camera-hungry craft, and how many times will it come back for a repeat performance? Could this be the same unidentified craft captured on NASA's satellite photo near the STS-75 shuttle? Exactly who is gathering information and data on whom, here?

As in the first sighting of this craft last fall, this UFO seems to be disc-shaped, with a "bite taken out of the edge" in one place and a donut-like hole in the centre of the spacecraft. Blinking coloured lights were noted flashing in patterns along the underside. In the videotape footage, it is seen both moving soundlessly and staying perfectly still, passing through clouds and with other clearly-focused objects in the foreground. All of these things indicate that the tapes are genuine and not the product of fraud or incorrect shutter settings that would compromise the resulting pictures.

Incredibly, the same woman reported yet another sighting just days ago, her fourth with the craft. Details on that encounter are still forthcoming.

Frame enlargements of UFO from UK video

The woman, Bambi, who had the sighting is not in doubt that the phenomena was something out of the ordinary. She is 100% convinced that it was NO star, NO planet and NOT some other natural object in the sky that caused the phenomena. It changed shape. It moved around. It was seen during the day as well. Moving. The hard thing is to tell other people about this, it's hard to explain what happened to someone who was not present and did not see this with their own eyes.

That is what she has attempted now. She contacted me about 2 weeks after the sighting, unsure what to do with the footage. We decided upon doing a complete public disclosure of the sighting and the footage, regardless of weather or not it would benefit us, financially or otherwise. Many people witnessed these events, from the guests present at the party, Bambi's friend who filmed most of the footage, to the garbage men who on their own spotted the object in daytime.

Bambi herself does not claim that the footage depicts an alien entity of some sorts. She does not know what it is, but is inclined to think it is either some sort of new phenomena or object, or phenomena/object that previously has not been sighted. There is no real indication in her point of view that this in fact should be an alien entity. Rather, it is something we do not understand yet, but her hope is that we will accept it, regardless.

Bambi is a 26 year old British single-mother, she lives in a district of London.


On Saturday, January 5, 2002, a witness in Waterford, Wis. (population 2,500), a small town on Highway 36 about 25 miles (40 kilometres) Southwest of Milwaukee, reported, "I was sitting out by the farm areas with my son just north of Wind Lake when I saw something that was square-shaped. It stopped for about 30 seconds and then it started moving slowly and then it disappeared. I would have thought I was seeing things, but my son, who is 13, pointed it out to me."

On Wednesday, January 9, 2002, at 7 p.m., four people in Marshfield, Wisconsin (population 19,300), a town on Highway 13 about 80 miles east of Eau Claire, spotted a formation of UFOs in the night sky.

"My friend and her son were coming home from Marshfield at approximately 7 p.m. and when they arrived, they told us they had seen a lot of unidentifiable flashing lights in the sky and to go out on the roof and look. There were four of us who witnessed these lights, two adults and two teenagers". They were very small lights in the sky. Each object seemed to have three colours--red, yellow and green. There was no pattern to their travel. Some were moving very fast and then would stop and change direction rapidly. Others would be moving very fast and then slow, and their lights would dim very low. It was nothing I have ever witnessed before. They were flying much too close (together) to be regular airplanes or helicopters and were flying at different heights (altitudes) and speeds."     Thanks to Jenny Hoppe of UFO-Wisconsin


Today 11 January 2002 was one of the most incredible days of my life. My wife, son, and I were out house hunting today. As we sat at a red stoplight, my son in the rear seat exclaimed, "What is that?!". I looked where he indicated, and there, coming from the north was a silvery orb. It moved in our direction at very good speed. The traffic light changed, but I didn't want to stop watching, so I pulled up in a nearby parking lot (This was in Roseville, a suburb of Sacramento, at 12:25 PM). From there we watched this orb move almost directly over our position, where it came to a complete stop!! It hovered for several minutes, and began to move slowly to the west. After perhaps a minute or two, it turned, and began to move back to the north from whence it came in the first place. We watched it until it was lost in some clouds. We were about to leave for our appointment, when Max shouted that there was another one. Sure enough, another silvery orb, just like the first, was sailing along toward our position from the north. We watched it do a near exact repeat of the actions of the first. It got almost directly overhead, and stopped! This one hovered for nearly five minutes before slowly moving off to the north again.

We watched this one until we could no longer see it in the haze. Amazed, and somewhat shocked, we continued to our appointment with our real estate agent. We spent about an hour conferring with the agent, when it was decided we should all go visit some potential homes. Out in the parking lot, we were talking about routes, when yet another silvery orb went streaking across the northern sky from east to west. This one went so fast that it was gone in less than 10 seconds. I hollered to the others when I saw it, but this one was gone before any of the others could find it.

WOW!! What a day!! I've seen UFOs before, but never three separate objects in a day, and never for over 20 minutes. The real pity is that I hadn't brought along my camcorder. What a film this event would have made. 11 January, 2002, is one day I won't forget any time soon.     Jeff Challender. Thanks Jeff.


On Friday, January 11, 2002, at 5:50 PM, Herbert F.C. stepped outside his home in the Hietzing section of the capital, and then he "saw the object heading heavenward. I heard several loud booms, and then I looked up and saw a bright yellow-orange light." "At first I thought it was a passing airplane. And then out of it came several smaller lights. I called my son who was upstairs in his room. My 14-year-old son went to his window and saw 'something like a star' rising upward rapidly. A moment later, four more bright UFOs passed directly over our house. These lights hovered briefly and then departed to the north." Herbert added that he contacted the Flugsicherung (Air Traffic Control) at Vienna's international airport, but the controllers "had no reports of UFOs on their radar screens at that time." Thanks to UFO ROUNDUP Vol. 7, No.3. January 15, 2002 Editor: Joseph Trainor.



On January 13, 2002, Joe and Linda Montaldoy were driving in the swamp that includes Stennis NASA Test Site near Pearl River. They entered near sunset and drove in eleven miles and noticed the last of the hunters drive out about 5:45 PM, so they decided to leave. They wrote, "As we got close to the gate a very bright, circular, strobing light appeared behind the trees to our left in the south." As it came over the tree line we got out of the car to watch it. I judged from the height of the microwave tower I could see that it was about 1500 feet high. It continued in our direction and passed directly over our car. We could plainly see that it was a triangular shaped black object with an amber coloured globe in the centre, a red light at its front point and a white light at each of its back points. It was about the size of a commercial jet. We only viewed it for a few minutes because the road is narrow and trees line both sides. We left the swamp and were headed back to I-59. As we approached the ramp to the interstate we saw that it had stopped over the swamp and was hovering in place. Because we are involved with MUFON. We called our State Director on our cell phone. The craft now turned back and headed Southwest toward Pearl River. I could tell by the way it was headed that it would pass directly over a dead-end road I had been on before, so I drove to the end of this road. We got out of the car and spotted it moving very slowly at maybe 800 feet high. We were reporting over the phone. It stopped, turned on its axis, and headed back in our direction and passed directly over us as we stood outside our car. There was absolutely no sound except the barking of some dogs in a nearby yard. We got back in the car and followed it down the road. It was no more than 500 or 600 feet over us and was moving very slowly. We were driving only about 20 mph and it stayed right in front and over us. At this point it was hard to tell it we were following it or it was staying with us when we reached the end of the road the object headed south-Southeast. We noticed two planes cross right over it at a much higher altitude. As we got back to the interstate the object began to gain altitude and speed. It was headed towards the Pirate Harbour area. We lost sight of it on the interstate, so I decided to get off I-10 and go to Pirates Harbour Road.

We drove down this road 5 or 6 miles and came to an open area. On one side of the road are camps and on the other side marsh. We could see the craft over the marshes. It appeared to be tipped over on its side. I could see no lights; I believe I was looking at the top of it. It was like a black shape against the stars. Before it had been travelling like a flat triangle shape and we could see only the bottom of it. As I watched, it seem to flip over on it's other side and I could see the bottom of it. Sort of like a car would flip and first you would see the hood and roof, then you would see the underside and tires. Then it righted itself, but continued to wobble. It was headed south-Southeast toward the Ringlets Pass, which was about three miles from where we were. The Ringlets Pass is a deep-water channel that eventually leads into the Gulf of Mexico. We had to speed up to keep it in sight but it was slowly loosing altitude. When we got to the Ringlets Bridge we could see it had come down into the marsh. We couldn't tell if it was in the water or above the water. Now it was lit up with bright white lights all along the edge of it. We came off the bridge and pulled into the Fort Pike boat launch. We got out of our car and called our State Director back on the cell phone.

The object was over the water about 100 to 200 yards from us. To the right of us in the north a brilliant white light came into view. It was just above tree level, about 300 to 400 feet high and moving very slowly. It would move a little and then come to a complete stop. There was a beam of light coming from under it making a searching pattern. As we watched it started to move toward where we were standing. The light turned off and it passed directly over us. There was no sound. We could clearly see that it was a triangular shape with a red light in the front white lights on both back points and an amber light in the middle. It was the same type of craft that was in the water, but much smaller. As it passed over us it made a circle toward the west and came back around. Several times it came to a complete stop. When it was back to the spot it had started from, it started to circle again. This time it was lower, maybe 200 to 250 feet, and moving more in the direction of the downed craft. Again very slow movement and several complete stops.

As we stood watching, we saw another craft light up from the exact spot the first one had started. Craft #2 was moving in the same path and at the same speed and altitude as craft #1. As #2 passed over us we could see that it was another triangular craft with a red light in front, two white lights in back, an amber globe in the middle, only this craft had two rows of white lights running down the centre of it's underside. There were six lights in each row and they were either next to the globe or over it. A third craft now showed up in the exact spot as the other two. It made the same slow, stopping movements and circle as the other two. As it passed over us we could see it was again a triangular craft with the same lights, red in front, white in back, amber globe in the middle. The only difference in this one was that it sent out a beam of light from the front point for about 200 feet. The beam tilted downward but not far enough to reach the ground. Now the three crafts were moving in an extremely slow circle in the sky. They would stop completely and then move again. We were still on the phone with our State Director and at this time he told us we should get out of there.

We took a last look and to the south an object was coming our way. We could not see the shape of this object. All we could see was a row of very bright lights. There were six lights, three lights a space, and then three more. They were extremely bright and they seemed to be blinking on very, very fast. So fast that you couldn't really tell when one went off the one next to it came on. They were flashing and strobing so quickly, that I couldn't really focus on them. Something caught my attention in the corner of my eye, and I turned around and realised that the craft in the water had changed. The white lights around its edge were now red. Then it simply went under the water and disappeared. At the same moment they all just disappeared. One moment there were four crafts in the sky and one in the water and the next there was nothing. We got in our car and made a rather speedy departure. Almost as soon as we were on the road, a triangular craft, red light in front, white lights in back, amber in the centre, appeared to our left over the trees. At the same time car lights shone right behind us on bright beam. As the triangle flew over us the car engine started to cough and felt like it was going out, the lights on the car flickered on and off, the cell phone started to ring, but it said dead cell and went blank. All this happened in an instant. The triangle flew over us at about 100 feet heading east to west and disappeared. The car behind us passed at a very high speed and we saw that the plate said US Government. We both got a headache almost immediately. The headache was extremely painful. It felt like an immense pressure in our head and behind our eyes. Our eyes were burning. There was also a feeling of being ill. The incident took place between 5:45 and 8:30 PM     Thanks to Joe and Linda Montaldoy.     Thanks to George Filer Filers Files


Hi Tony,

I would like to take the time out to compliment you on the latest issue of the UFO NEWSLETTER. The Pictures are an excellent addition. I've been meaning to ask you if you could mention Ireland in the list of countries which the mag is read in. (Hi Anne, When it states UK, this includes England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland). We recently received a report of a sighting over Dublin on New Years Eve and a investigation has already begun into it. As soon as we get more details I will supply you with same. Also I would like to thank you for signing our guest book last year - your kind comments really mean a lot to us and its really nice to be appreciated. I will forward over to you by e-mail later, a copy of our Status report -UFOs OVER IRELAND which covers a 5-year period of sightings from our case files. It was originally produced in 1997 but we add a few new reports in 2000. The report is only available free of charge to our data exchange colleagues and it is not for sale or available to any third parties or non-members.

Keep up the good work,

Looking forward to the next issue already!!!

Anne IUFOPRA DUBLIN. www.angelfire.com/journal/IUFOPRAnews

Is Bonsall UFO Venus through Crich Gas?

Here is a quite plausible de bunk of the Bonsall Matlock UFO http://www.ufovideo.com/database/crap.htm and the article and video clips referred to of same http://www.rense.com/general19/new.htm If no one has seen the video then this is an indispensable link. Don't know how you would use it though other than a warning that what you see and video or photograph, is not always trustworthy even if its absolutely convincing. Venus through Crich Gas.

My input;

A Possible and plausible reason for the Matlock UK UFO flap.

Many UFO's have been seen around Matlock Derbyshire UK the most famous of which was the Bonsall one with the video being (Allegedly Ed). sold for a great price.

Most of these UFO's are around the village area of Crich where there has been a Nuclear Dump owned by Rolls Royce for many years. Unmarked trucks carry this waste through the surrounding area ( including Matlock ) to dump and cover with sand in the disused quarry at Crich. As you are probably aware, Rolls Royce Aviation is said to be very actively involved with 'back engineering' acquired extraterrestrial craft and parts both in the UK, USA and Canada. Some parts from these are almost definitely under the sand in the quarry. Radioactivity is leaking into the water courses around Crich and Matlock which have granite base geology ( granite can also be radioactive in itself ) and these are (could be Ed.) the reasons ET is very interested in the area.

There is presently a campaign to try to stop continued dumping of Nuke waste at Crich, for further details see http://www.hiltsquarry.co.uk

Hilts Quarry

Enlarged photo of object over Critch in 1999

source of pic (Above top) http://www.hiltsquarry.fsnet.co.uk/aerial2.jpg

By the way, Crich is to the west of Bonsall where the famous UFO was video'd and Venus was also in a similar position

The 'above bottom' UFO picture was taken at the time of the sun eclipse 1999 from Crich village centre and was directly over Crich nuke quarry. Lt is enlarged and enhanced from a scanned print. No it isn't the sun because the rest of the of the print was in crisp focus. Owner of photo does not want anything done with it and no publicity. Believe me, its real !!

    kind regards
        Colin Stevenson
Col2k1@btinternet.com         http://www.btinternet.com/~Col2k1

    We enjoy your UFO-UK newsletter; it's interesting to read a different perspective on things, and your comments are both entertaining and informative. Keep up the good work!

P. L. Miller
Co-editor, Gatewood Journal

This Issues Selected Picture

Gulf Breeze UFO 1993
Gulf Breeze, Florida, USA. 1993
(Image resized for website)

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