UFO NEWS UK Volume 1 No. 13

Editor: Anthony James

Volume 1 No. 13

26th February 2002

Editor: Anthony James

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Report by Zecharia Sitchin

In what must be a historic first, a high official of the Vatican and a Hebrew scholar discussed the issue of Extraterrestrials and the Creation of Man, and though different from each other in upbringing, background, religion and methodology, nevertheless arrived at common conclusions:

*     Yes, Extraterrestrials can and do exist on other planets
*     Yes, they can be more advanced than us
*     Yes, materially, Man could have been fashioned from a pre-existing sentient being.

The Participants

The high Vatican official was Monsignor Corrado Balducci, a Catholic theologian with impressive credentials: A member of the Curia of the Roman Catholic Church, a Prelate of the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples and the Propagation of the Faith, leading exorcist of the Archdiocese of Rome, a member of the Vatican's Beatification Committee, an expert on Demonology and the author of several books. Appointed in the Vatican to deal with the issue of UFO's and Extraterrestrials, he has made in recent years pronouncements indicating a tolerance of the subjects; but he has never before met and had a dialogue with a Hebrew scholar, and gone beyond prescribed formulations to include the touchy issue of the Creation of Man.

The Hebrew scholar was me -- Zecharia Sitchin: A researcher of ancient civilisations, a biblical archaeologist, a descendant of Abraham.

The Monsignor and I almost met for such a dialogue last December, but it did not come about. This time we were scheduled to meet in Bellaria, Italy, at a conference whose theme was "The Mystery of Human Existence." I arrived there with my wife and a score of fans from the USA, on March 31st, scheduled to address the audience of over a thousand the next day. The Monsignor was nowhere in sight; but he was there the next morning to hear my presentation. "I drove the whole night from Rome to hear you," he said.

Sitchin's Presentation

My talk, ably translated by my Italian editor Tuvia Fogel, included a slide presentation that added a pictorial dimension to the evidence from ancient times in support of Sumerian texts, on which my eight books based the following conclusions:

We are not alone -- not just in the vast universe, but in our own solar system; There is one more planet in our solar system, orbiting beyond Pluto but nearing Earth periodically; Advanced "Extraterrestrials" -- the Sumerians called them Anunnaki, the Bible Nefilim -- started to visit our planet some 450,000 years ago; And, some 300,000 years ago, they engaged in genetic engineering to upgrade Earth's hominids and fashion Homo sapiens, the Adam. In that, they acted as Emissaries for the Universal Creator -- God.

The Dialogue

"We have much to talk about," Msgr. Balducci said to me as he came forward to congratulate me on my presentation; "I have great esteem for your scholarship," he said.

We returned to the hotel for lunch. Our table was surrounded in a semi-circle by my American fans, intent on not missing a word of the forthcoming dialogue. In the hours-long session, Msgr. Balducci outlined the positions he was going to state, from a prepared text, in his talk the next day. While my approach was based on physical evidence, his was a purely Roman Catholic theological-philosophical one, seeking the spiritual aspects. Yet, our conclusions converged.

Msgr. Balducci's Positions

ON UFO's. "There must be something in it." The hundreds and thousands of eyewitness reports leave no room for denying that there is a measure of truth in them, even allowing for optical illusions, atmospheric phenomena and so on. As a Catholic theologian such witnessing cannot be dismissed. "Witnessing is one way of transmitting truth, and in the case of the Christian religion, we are talking about a Divine Revelation in which witnessing is crucial to the credibility of our faith."

ON LIFE ON OTHER PLANETS: "That life may exist on other planets is certainly possible... The Bible does not rule out that possibility. On the basis of scripture and on the basis of our knowledge of God's omnipotence, His wisdom being limitless, we must affirm that life on other planets is possible." Moreover, this is not only possible, but also credible and even probable. '"Cardinal Nicolo Cusano (1401-1464) wrote that there is not a single star in the sky about which we can rule out the existence of life, even if different from ours."

ON INTELLIGENT EXTRATERRESTRIALS: "When I talk about Extraterrestrials, we must think of beings who are like us -- more probably, beings more advanced than us, in that their nature is an association of a material part and a spiritual part, a body and a soul, although in different proportions than human beings on Earth." Angels are beings who are purely spiritual, devoid of bodies, while we are made up of spirit and matter but still at a low level. "It is entirely credible that in the enormous distance between Angels and humans, there could be found some middle stage, that is beings with a body like ours but more elevated spiritually. If such intelligent beings really exist on other planets, only science will be able to prove; but in spite of what some people think, we would be in a position to reconcile their existence with the Redemption that Christ has brought us."

The Anunnaki and the Creation of Man

Well then, I asked Msgr. Balducci, does it mean that my presentation was no great revelation to you? We appear to agree, I said, that more advanced extraterrestrial can exist, and I use science to evidence their coming to Earth ...I then quote the Sumerian texts that say that the Anunnaki ("Those who from heaven to Earth came") genetically improved an existing being on Earth to create the being that the Bible calls Adam.

My conclusion regarding your presentation, Msgr. Balducci answered, is that more than anything else your whole approach is based on physical evidence, it concerns itself with matter, not with spirit. This is an important distinction, "because if this distinction is made, I can bring up the view of the great theologian, Professor Father Marakoff, who is still alive and is greatly respected by the Church. He formulated the hypothesis that when God created Man and put the soul into him, perhaps what is meant is not that Man was created from mud or lime, but from something pre-existing, even from a sentient being capable of feeling and perception. So the idea of taking a pre-man or hominid and creating someone who is aware of himself is something that Christianity is coming around to. The key is the distinction between the material body and the soul granted by God."

From Anunnaki to God

Yes, I responded to the Vatican theologian, in my writings I deal with the physical evidence; but already in my first book (The 12th Planet), the very last sentence of the last paragraph raises the question: If the Extraterrestrials "created" us, who created them on their planet?

From this my own thinking and the contents of my subsequent books evolved toward the spiritual or "divine" aspects. The Anunnaki, I have explained, were just emissaries (and that is what the Hebrew word Malachim, translated Angels, means). They thought that it was their decision to come here for selfish reasons and to fashion us because they needed workers; but in truth they only carried out the Almighty God's wishes and plans.

If such Extraterrestrials were so involved, Msgr. Balducci said, even by your own interpretation they had to do with Man's physics, body and rationality: but God alone had to do with the Soul!

My second book, that deals with Man's aspiration to ascend the heavens, is titled The Stairway to Heaven, I told Msgr, Balducci, "it seems to me that we are ascending the same stairway to heaven, though from different steps," I said.

We ended the dialogue as friends, determined to stay in touch and continue.

© Z. Sitchin 2000 Reproduced by permission.


These are the photo's of the first crop circles of 2002. You won't see these anywhere else as they are from New Zealand. Although with the Crop Circles phenomenon being highly contested on both sides, I thought I'd include them anyway, although crop 'circle' research is not my field. ( No pun intended. Ed.) Please note that the formations are right next to each other.

Aerial formation

Aerial insectiod


The Chupacabra phenomenon does not cease in Chile. Indeed, it seems to move to different sections of the country. Almost two years ago, the central coastal area of Chile witnessed strange animal deaths, particularly chickens. The animal mutilations took place in towns like Llo Lleo and Cartagena. However, today it is in the coastal area of Barrancas where the most recent animal mutilation cases have occurred. The dead animals, once again, presented signs of the absence of blood in their bodies, which is typical of Chupacabra attacks.

A local family of Barrancas is shocked and frightened by what has taken place. They are not only afraid of being subjected to ridicule, but of the fact that the animal mutilations have taken place on their property. Furthermore, the fear is even greater due to uncertainty and of not knowing if the phenomenon will happen again or not.

Another landlord, who did not want to appear in public, said he woke up frightened yesterday (Wednesday, February 13, 2002). He claimed that he was awakened by a strange sound made by one of the chickens outside. He quickly went outside with his son. They walked across the yard and found the dead body of a hen. It was headless and it had no blood.

The first incident happened about 6:40 a.m. on (Monday) February the 11th. As a result, the following day, the family members discussed over breakfast how this could have possibly happened. They all seemed to agree that the crime should not go unpunished and that this must be prevented from happening again."

On Monday, February 11, 2002, a about 6:40 a.m., the family's 13-year-old daughter found five dead chickens. In this case, they were a few weeks old, and they were still located in the backyard. One of them was headless and appeared to be 'bloodless' as well. They blamed their dog, a young German Shepherd, for the death of the birds. As punishment, they locked the dog up. However, they soon realised that it was someone - or something else other than the dog, as they had found another dead chicken the following day (Tuesday, February 12, 2002) while their dog was locked up inside the house. "We used to enjoy staying out on the porch until late at night. Now, we have to go inside early because we simply do not know what we are dealing with," said the girl's father. He also stated that they have looked around their property for any clues as to what might have caused the death of the chickens, but with inconclusive results.

(See Diario Lider de San Antonio for February 14, 2002. Muchas gracias a Dr. Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo de UFO Miami para eso articulo de diario.)

The Disclosure Project

Dear Supporters of the Disclosure Project,

In the past few months, dozens of new military, intelligence and corporate witnesses to UFO events and projects have contacted us and offered to provide their testimony. They have seen the dozens of witnesses who came forward in 2001 and are encouraged by their example. Many of these new witnesses have deeper and more explosive information than those who came forward last year, and we need to secure this new testimony and evidence as soon as possible.

To date, 119 prospective new witnesses have been identified and require proper background research, interviewing, filming and organisation. To achieve this important goal, we are pleased to announce the commencement of the Witness Archive Project II, which will continue the archival preservation of important government insider testimony regarding UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence and advanced energy and propulsion technologies.

These 119 new witnesses are in addition to the over 100 witnesses filmed in the Witness Archive Project I, conducted in 2000 and 2001.

We need your help and support to preserve and prepare for disclosure the testimony of these new and courageous men and women who are willing to come forward.

In order to accomplish this, The Disclosure Project must:

. Research and organise the witness files, supporting documents and corroborating evidence
. Travel to numerous locations to film the witnesses on digital videotape with an interviewer and camera operator
. Edit the testimony into usable, concise testimony for educational purposes
. Prepare audio tapes and written transcripts from the tapes for briefing materials and written summaries
. Archive, duplicate and secure the testimony and supporting evidence

Even with primarily volunteer labour, we estimate the cost of doing the above, including equipment, tape stock and out of pocket travel expenses to be conservatively $150,000.

I ask that you consider what this testimony and its disclosure is worth to the world and the cause of truth. If those on this list each contributed $25, which is tax-deductible, we would have enough to meet this important goal in 2002. So I ask that each of you give as much as you can to support this effort.

In addition, we plan to have another major press conference at which some of these new witnesses will publicly share their testimony. Also, some of these witnesses will be presenting their testimony and evidence at the First Annual Disclosure Conference in the San Francisco Bay area June 21-23, 2002 (see information at http://www.disclosureproject.org/annualconference.htm Please plan now to attend this important event.

If you are a government, military, intelligence or corporate witness to UFO, ET or related events, please contact me in confidence regarding joining these dozens of heroic witnesses. I invite you to join the growing numbers of witnesses who agree with us that it is time to end the illegal, unconstitutional secrecy surrounding UFOs.

Those of us who are not a witness can do his or her part to support this effort by donating generously to the new Witness Archive Project II. Donations may be made on the website at www.DisclosureProject.org or by sending your check to: PO Box 2365, Charlottesville, VA 22902.

If all of us pull together, we can create an unstoppable momentum for Disclosure. Thank you for your support and generosity.

Wishing you all the best,

Steven M. Greer MD
Director, The Disclosure Project



HAMILTON. The witness says, "I was partying at a friend's house on January 18, 2002, and everyone had fallen asleep by 5:00 AM. I decided to clean up my friend's rather atrocious house and this required taking the garbage outside. It was a clear night and as I placed the garbage bags into the bin I noticed a bright light far away on the horizon. The light began an unbelievable ascent into the sky. Because of the rate at which the object could climb I first entertained the notion of this vessel being an unidentified flying object. The light seemed to be emanating from one source but if I glanced away for the briefest moment, the light appeared to be made up of multiple lights that were arranged in a semicircle pattern. The object had risen to an enormous height in the sky and I thought it was going to disappear, when suddenly it began a descent with the velocity at which it had previously risen. I remember a feeling of fright coming over me. As a rational person I was terrified at the notion that something inexplicable could exist, and yet here it was before me. The object was coming in my direction as it descended. I lost sight of the object for a second and then it reappeared directly overhead. I estimate it must have been about a mile-and-a-half above the ground. It sliced through the clouds effortlessly and as soon as it had appeared overhead, it was gone. The underpannel was marked with an 'X' and had white lights outlining this shape. There appeared to be a red light moving around the object in a circular pattern. I remember hearing a low buzzing sound that accompanied the vessel as it flew overhead. I was completely overwhelmed by the sight.



A government employee reports seeing a structure of lights, resembling the Phoenix Lights, in front of the mountains on January 23, 2002, at 7:10 PM. The witness reports, "I live up the hill on Bluff Street and driving down the hill, my wife pointed out a pattern of lights that resembled the Phoenix Lights. There were 6 to 7 lights in that similar pattern, with the pattern tilted about 5 degrees from level at a very low altitude of about 1,500 feet. The object looked about one mile across, perhaps, even bigger in size. It was enormous. After watching the object for some minutes, I decided to get a better look. The object was initially near the Morongo Indian Casino off the 10 freeway... In 10 to-15 seconds, we saw it move and now appeared to be over the Palm Springs International Airport. They had to see whatever the hell this thing was...absolutely no mistake about it. We lost sight of it after ten minutes. The lights were of a goldish, coppery colour...very distinct...could not miss this object. The sky conditions were absolutely clear...unlimited visibility.



CAPE GIRARDEAU. On January 26, 2002, a police officer observed a circular object travelling southbound approximately 400 feet in altitude and no more than 30 MPH. The object appeared to "float" over the city at 9:45 PM and made no noise. The object was approximately 50 feet in diameter and white or a "shiny" colour which reflected light from below. The object was not displaying its own lights and could only be seen from the reflection of lights below. I aimed a handheld radar at the object, but did not receive a reading. The sighting lasted for one minute. A report of the incident was reported to the UFO Centre by telephone following the event. ((NUFORC Note: Witness was encouraged by his police department to report the incident. The witness and Peter Davenport appeared on the Jeff Rense radio program on Feb. 12, using his correct name. Thanks to NUFORC



A Border Patrol Agent with the U. S. Immigration and Naturalisation Service reported he was on duty at in Jo Valley (spelling?) on January 31, 2002, approximately 70 miles east of San Diego, when he witnessed not fewer than a dozen disc-shaped objects pass over his vehicle. He stated that his patrol dog, a German Shepherd, began acting strangely, and stuck his head out an open window. At about the same time, the officer heard a peculiar, low-pitched warbling sound. He looked out the front window of his patrol vehicle, and was amazed to witness a disc-shaped object, with a dome on its top, move slowly across the sky at a seemingly slow velocity. The officer looked back to the area of the sky whence the disc apparently had come, only to see a cluster of not fewer than a dozen, perhaps as many as 30, discs, all identical in appearance to the first, moving across the sky from west to east. The officer jumped out of his vehicle to get a better look at the objects, when he noticed that there was a "boomerang-shaped" object in the midst of the cluster of discs. He turned on his overhead flasher lights, at which time the boomerang-shaped object appeared to accelerate away from the cluster of discs, and fly very rapidly up into the dark morning sky, and out of his sight.

The cluster of discs followed behind the boomerang, and all of the objects disappeared from his sight, as well. The discs exhibited a white, or yellowish, light around their flanges, which fluctuated in intensity. Also, he reported, the discs appeared to have a black margin on their margin. Except for the warbling sound he heard at the outset of the sighting, the objects gave off no perceptible sound. The officer added that based on the assumed distance the objects were from his location, had they been military jets, the sound that would have emanated from the objects would have been deafening. The officer estimated that the objects' diameter was "two or three times the length of a city bus," or 100 to 150 feet. The officer's supervisor confirmed to NUFORC that the officer had submitted a written memo about the incident, and that the officer would not be permitted by his commander to speak any further about the incident. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC www.ufocenter.com


I was contacted by a friend who told me about three ladies who went to Smithers, British Columbia, Canada for a days shopping. Once they had their day outing the ladies left Smithers at approx. 8:45 PM Friday night, February 1, 2002 on their way home to Houston, B.C. It was a dark and overcast night as they travelled the 45 minutes back to Houston on highway #16 heading east. After passing through the small community of Telkwa just 3 kilometres east they all noticed a "very" bright light glowing through the overcast sky. While they watched this bright light in the distance their thoughts were that it was the moon shining through, they gasped as this object poked slowly through the cloud cover descending as it drew closer in their direction.

The witnesses were travelling at a speed of 90 kilometres per hour with the glowing object coming toward them. One of the girls thought it may be a bomb or something as she remembered the world terrorist events of recent times. The glowing light dropped a head of them just above the tree tops, still moving in their direction and getting closer to the highway.

The closer the light came to them, the larger it grew in size.

As the seconds passed, all three witnesses became curious as to what this was and had slowed the car to approx. 50 kilometres per hour to get a better look. The bright light was almost above the vehicle. The driver of the car stepped on the gas and sped up to put some distance between them and the light which now turned out to be a "huge" craft. One of the girls who was sitting in the back seat of the small car turned around and lay her back over the console between the driver and passengers seat, watching the object as it passed over the car. This witness who was looking up as it passed overhead of the vehicle said there were 7 very large, bright white lights passing overhead with 2 orange lights at either end.

Very shaken, nervous and cold running through them they headed quickly towards home as the object still continued along its way toward the Telkwa area. They mentioned that other vehicles were on the highway and had to have seen the object due to it's size and brightness. These ladies also said that a pick up truck passed them at a good rate of speed just seconds down the road after this incident.

Investigators note:
I went to interview the three ladies on Sunday night, February 3, 2002 at a friends home. While we were discussing this encounter one of them got a good case of the goose bumps. She said she was happy that she wasn't alone when this took place because she was so frightened not knowing what this object was. She also noted that if she had been alone she would never have said anything about what she witnessed due to not being believed by others.

The witnesses drew a sketch of the object which passed overhead. It was similar to a boomerang in shape and a "guestimate" of size would have placed this object at about 450 feet from end to end.

I also contacted newspapers and radio stations throughout the area to see if any other witnesses to this sighting had come forward but was told no one had reported seeing any type of object that night. I also contacted the Houston RCMP asking if anyone had made a report but was told no. They did though take a report from me, asking for the names of the witnesses which I declined to give. I then contacted the Smithers RCMP Detachment asking the same question and as far as they knew nothing had been reported to them either, but the receptionist asked me if a constable could contact me to get more information on this sighting. An RCMP constable did call and I told him what I knew. He then asked me if I would give him some personal information about myself. I agreed and the RCMP constable asked for my full name, weight, height, colour of my eyes, hair colour, drivers license number and my street number and mailing address which I was happy to give to him. He told me he had already contacted the Houston RCMP detachment and the Smithers Airport Tower asking if they had any information about what was seen on February 1, 2002. The Smithers RCMP now has an open file on this case.

Update: This morning ( February 14th 2002), I checked my email and found that another good friend and excellent UFO investigator wrote telling me of a sighting which took place between January 29 & 31st of 2002 approximately 6 km east of Burns Lake, BC. So something is taking place in and around our area.


Location: Eau Claire
County: Eau Claire

On Sat. evening the 16th of Feb at about 9:00PM I was standing outside of my place of work to take a break. I looked to the south and noticed a very bright light in the sky. At first I thought it must be Venus or another planet because it was so bright and bigger than any of the stars that I saw. At that point another worker came outside, and I asked him what he thought it might be. He thought it was an airplane, and I said it could be one coming into the airport, but it was not moving any closer, as I had been watching it for a few minutes. At this point another worker came out, and we asked him what he thought it was. He said it could have been a helicopter because it started to move straight up, but there was no noise. It was hard to judge the distance away from us. The light looked circular, and it had two lights that flashed red on either side of it. As it started moving closer, I thought it was an airplane headed to the airport, and what I was seeing, was its landing light. At that point the object changed its shape from a circle to a triangle shape. The flashing red lights were on either side of the points at the base of the triangle, and they were flashing in unison. Than the triangle started to rotate right, and it seemed to divide in half and become two separate pieces. At about a 45degree angle it came back together, and reformed into a wedge shape that resembled an F16 shape with swept wing. The red lights were at the tips of the wing. At this point I realised that this was not the whole object. You could see a darker black, surround the bright light. It was blacker than the night sky. It was ringed by faint flashing white lights that gave it it's shape which was very large, maybe two times as big as a commercial airliner. This object was seen in the south sky when I first observed it. It moved towards us heading north, and as it approached it stopped, rotated clockwise ninety degrees and headed west Southwest. This episode lasted about five minutes. I can say that with some certainty, because that is about how long it takes to smoke a cigarette. This craft, whatever it was, did not display normal flying characteristics that I have seen. This thing seemed to float across the sky. Sat. the 16th 2002 was cool, calm wind, crystal clear sky.

Thanks to John Hoppe, Director@ufowisconsin.com  Wisconsin's UFO Reporting Center http://www.ufowisconsin.com



Some sort of UFO outbreak apparently occurred on February 18, 2002, as per Newsradio 700 WLW in Cincinnati according to Louise A. Lowry. Callers to the station reported something near Blanchester, and other callers said that something was seen over Zanesville, Ohio. I took an excited phone call from Bill Jones of Ohio MUFON informing me of the action tonight, he said that at some place in Ohio that Interstate 75 was "closed" due to traffic stopping to observe a UFO. Jones informed that 2 people with OHIO MUFON had also observed something that they couldn't explain. Sightings also were reported from Atlanta. It could have been some sort of mass-sighting of a fireball meteor. But the reports and times seem varied and from what I've heard this is describing a hovering object with multicoloured lights. BILL BOSHEARS of the SCI-ZONE, took calls from a witness near Fairfield, Ohio (Butler County) who reported seeing a UFO to the east of his location at around 10:30 p.m. He said the object was visible for 30-minutes before it moved due east towards Dayton. The caller speculated Wright Patterson AFB involvement as per the object heading toward Dayton. Motorist heading east on 125 near Amelia, Ohio around 10:00 p.m. observed coloured lights in a straight line, describing its sequence as blue, red, blue, red, blue, etc.This caller also saw something else around 10:12 p.m. travelling near Eastgate (Clermont County). Bill Boshears and his co-host, from their vantage point in Mt. Adams (near Downtown, Cincinnati), said that they stepped to the window and saw an object with 3-lights rapidly fly through the sky. Both carried on over this object and suggested it was a UFO.

Don Weatherby, database co-ordinator for MUFON website (WUFOD), called in to the station around 11:20 p.m. to ask the listeners to submit reports to their online database. One caller claimed to have taken 15-pictures and Boshears said he would post them on his website www.scizone.com Another caller said that he was on Interstate 70 headed eastbound through Richmond, Indiana when he saw an object close to the ground. The caller said, "The object went straight-up then straight back down and made a 'left turn." He said there was a green and red object toward Dayton, and a third one with red and blue lights. There were two more following 'vertical' to each other. Boshears asked if it hovered? The caller said they were moving fast and made a hard left turn. Tim from Dayton said that he saw something with blue and red heading south, and that it could not have been a helicopter. He said it made a sharp angular turn and made the sound of a 'broken-down aircraft.'

Boshears added that the object he saw over downtown Cincinnati made a sharp, angular turn. and the object was 'not a jet aircraft.' Another caller said that at 10:55 p.m. he saw lights coming out of the south from his vantage point near Mason, Ohio, near Interstate 75. This caller said that he saw an object with two white lights and one red light that flashed like a strobe. He also said that there were six objects separately heading north-northwest that seemed to approach Hamilton, Ohio (Butler County). This man claims to be in the army and said he would know a helicopter or plane if that was what this was. He said another object came out of the west and attempted to intercept the first object, which he said was visible for the past 40-minutes. The last object was moving at a high-rate of speed. Mike in Oakley called Boshears and said, he stepped on his porch after hearing the radio program and saw one object head south and then saw a few more seeming to fly around the Oakley area heading east. This caller said the object looked like a standard swept-wing military aircraft. Boshears complained that his 'chatroom' was flooded with people from all over the country reporting UFOs. Boshears has returned after a commercial break, very winded, claiming now to see three objects to the west of Cincinnati that have appeared in perfect alignment, one after another. He is saying this is 'unbelievable' and his co-host also agrees that these are not airplanes. I should inform that from his vantage point in Mt. Adams, air traffic to the Greater Cincinnati Airport will come in from that direction, over Delhi and into northern Kentucky. When I stepped outside moments ago I did not see any air traffic, but for a Sunday night that's not out of the ordinary. (P.S., I notified a contact in Clermont County who advised around 11:15 p.m. of seeing six-planes lined up in that area, routine Airborne Express traffic to Wilmington Airport.

Larry, south of Lexington, Kentucky, called in to report that at the I-75/I-64 split in Lexington he saw an object with a puzzling light pattern that strobed like an ambulance, and two objects heading south. Dave on a cellphone called, said he was headed eastbound on 70 at mile marker 46 says a huge diamond-shaped white light shooting intermittent strobe lights down at the ground. The caller said it was standing still about 300-yards away from him. He said it was stopping traffic on the interstate. Boshears said that truckers across the Midwest are talking about this on CB radios. Boshears had said that WPAFB had told "him" that they had nothing going on. I presume that since he said this, he had called WPAFB or someone in the newsroom had called WPAFB. Thanks to Louise A. Lowry. SHnSASSY1@aol.com http://www.ufoxfiles.com/WorldOfTheStrange/default.asp



I am not at all surprised to hear the Russians have a "time machine". I believe more advanced cultures(worlds) than our own have been taking advantage of the phenomena for many centuries. Not so much as "time travel" but as the ability to pass from one dimension to another without the loss of time. This may explain why so many UFO observers make reports claiming the object suddenly appeared or disappeared.

My belief of inter-dimensional transport was greatly strengthened several years ago when I discovered a U.S. Government satellite photo of a UFO exiting what I believe is such a portal. The photo was taken in October 1991 and shows a craft exiting an inverted shockwave(portal). I have inserted the photo for your consideration.

Alleged portal


Howard England
Titusville, Florida, U.S.A.


Thank you, Anthony. All of this is simply WONDERFUL!!! My partner Robert Mitchell has sent me the spread that you have published featuring the scanned images. WOW! In addition, Paola Harris in Italy is starting to circulate material about our tapes throughout Europe. The most important outcome from all of this hopefully, will be some long term protection for Sgt. Stone and his family, who are constantly under siege from military intel operatives attempting to shut him down. Perhaps it will also lead to a more stable financial base for him so that he may concentrate on pursuing his research.

Once again, many thanks, and keep up the great work.


Ralph Steiner


Just a note here to let you know just how much I appreciate your excellent newsletter, and I am sure my opinion is shared by many. It has been a wish of mine for the UFO internet community to have more of an attitude of "co-operation" and less of an attitude of "competition." Your newsletter certainly helps in that area. We all are looking for the same thing, the Truth behind who is invading our skies, and what their intentions are.

    Keep up the good work, my friend.

        B J Booth

"This Issues Selected Picture"

This Issues Selected Picture

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