UFO NEWS UK Volume 1 No. 14

Editor: Anthony James

Volume 1 No. 14

12th March 2002

Editor: Anthony James

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At the end of the E-bay online auction of March 4, 2002, Independent-International Pictures Corp. president Samuel M. Sherman announced that his company had won at auction the oldest known UFO photograph. After several days of feverish bidding, Sherman won the photo for his company in the last 50 seconds of the auction with a final high bid of $385. The photograph is a winter 1870 stereo (3-D) view of clouds over Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Plainly and sharply visible in the photo is a long cigar-like object. Since this is before known manned flight (with the exception of balloons, which this is not) the object will have to be ruled as a solid Unidentified Flying Object. Structure to this solid object is clearly and sharply seen in some detail as is the reflection of the sun off the object. The stereo view presents two images (for right and left eye) which will be helpful in further analysis of it. Sherman reported that due to the sharpness of the image it will lend itself to further copying and enlargement for study. Sherman also stated that this photograph will not be locked up in some collection, but will be submitted to scientists for detailed analysis and the results made available to the public, which he says wants answers to the UFO mystery.

Sherman states that the debunkers are already circling around the photo on the internet, even though they have only been able to see poor low resolution computer images and not photographic enlargements of the actual photo. He expects this photo to be very controversial for a long time still to come. Sherman and Independent International Pictures Corp. have already produced the Edwards Air Force Base Encounter, a one hour audio documentary of the UFO alert at Edwards Air Force Base in 1965 ( www.edwardsufo.com ).

Since 1992 a feature film docudrama has been in research and production. It is called, "BEYOND THIS EARTH" and concerns extraterrestrial visitation of Planet Earth. Filming for this movie has taken place internationally as well as the acquisition of UFO footage from locations all over the world. The most amazing part of this project was the 1993 expedition which sent up a plane with photographic, motion picture and video equipment to successfully pursue and image UFO's over Northern California. Sherman stated that the 1870 UFO photograph will have a place in "BEYOND THIS EARTH" and further projects to be released to the public.
Thanks to Sam Sherman


Tuesday February 26 2002.
From a strange funnel of fire in Alberta to a triangle of light flying over Sydney, NS., reports of unidentified flying objects increased a staggering 42% last year in Canada. "We're not sure why" said researcher Chris Rutkowski, one of the authors of the annual Canadian survey of UFO reports. "We're thinking that perhaps more people are seeing something that's really there or perhaps more people are aware of how or whether they should report things".

The trend started well before the terrorist attacks of Sep. 11 in the U.S., so that has been ruled out as a factor. For the first time, researchers also tied reports to cities and found that Vancouver and Ottawa topped the list with 17 and 15 reports respectively. Once again, British Columbia was the best place to be in Canada to spot a UFO. The province accounted for 123 of the 374 reported sightings and has led the country consistently since 1999. Ontario was next with 87 sightings and Alberta was third with 40 reports.

"All of the cases got some degree of investigation by researchers in various parts of the country", said Rutkowski, who works at the University of Manitoba. "About 15% were left unexplained. The rest either had explanations or we didn't have enough information to make an evaluation". Included on the list of the unexplained was the 'fire funnel' that left a crater more than 30 metres wide in a field near Etzikom, Alta. Some Astronomers and experts in meteorites investigated and decided that it wasn't a meteorite.

A number of sightings were reported in the sparsely populated North. "There was a 'cigar-shaped' object that hopped as it flew, rather than flew regularly, over Whitehorse" said Rutkowski. It was seen at 10:30a.m. and left a vapour trail as it moved across the sky, disappearing behind a mountain and then returned. "Pilots flying a supply plane in Nunavat saw a stationary light hovering above the ground in an area that's uninhabited and they could not explain it". Six orange objects were spotted flying in a V formation over Portage La Prairie, Man. A luminous object hung in the sky over Hull, Quebec for two consecutive nights before appearing to explode. Airline pilots flying over Craik, Sask, saw what they thought were lights of another aircraft until they were told by air traffic controllers that there was no other plane on radar. Three dots of white light were seen 'playing tag' with each other over Richmond, B.C.

There were a number of 'odd cases', said Rutkowski. "There's a mixture of things that we're seeing from one end of the country to the other. There were 15 so-called close encounters with UFO's or their alleged occupants reported in 2001, but none of these made the short list of the best unexplained cases. They range from CE1's, which is a sighting within 200 metres, to CE4's which involve actual contact with or abduction by aliens. For a case to make the list of the best cases, it's not just the unusual quality of the report but also how well investigated it was and how reliable the source was".

Investigation of a Report of Animal Mutilation in
Dupuyer, Montana on 27/6/2001

N.I.D.S. received a call from local law enforcement regarding a six-year old Red Angus cow found dead at 8:00 - 9:00 AM on 27th June 2001 near Dupuyer, Montana. According to the rancher, the animal had last been seen alive on 6/25/01. The animal was lying on its right side. The left eye and eyelid were missing, the hide from the left jaw was missing and parts of the tongue were gone. The vagina and rectum were also missing. A thorough examination of the area by law enforcement failed to reveal any tracks, markings or signs of struggle from the animal. When the hide under the left jaw was cut away, investigators noticed a greenish-coloured tissue mass just under the jaw. The green colour markedly contrasted with the pink colour of the surrounding tissue. Because of the ambient temperature and humidity in the area and to prevent further decomposition, the head of the animal was severed and immediately frozen. After the head was thoroughly frozen in Montana, it was then rapidly shipped to NIDS in Las Vegas, Nevada, where it was immediately stored at –85ºC to prevent further decomposition.

NIDS then consulted with a forensic expert, who arranged to fly to Las Vegas to conduct a thorough sampling of the head. An analysis of the eyes and jaw showed no blood in the tissue, indicating that the heart had stopped beating upon removal of the tissues. If the animal was mutilated, the mutilation occurred after death. In addition to the gross pathology, samples of eye fluid from the animal’s right eye and tissue from the neck area were collected. A comprehensive set of organic extraction procedures followed by Infrared spectrometry and gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GCMS) analysis were conducted to determine the molecular components in the eye fluid and tissues. Preliminary chemical analysis was also conducted on maggot mass from the animal.

A second animal was obtained from a slaughterhouse and left to decompose for four days as a sham or control animal. Tissue and eye fluid from the control animal was subjected to identical extraction and analytical procedures.

Mutilated cow from 'An Alien Harvest' by Linda Moulton Howe
Mutilated cow scanned at the Tex*Star Bulletin Board. A member of the MUFONET BBS Group from 'An Alien Harvest' by Linda Moulton Howe

A compound called oxindole was found in both tissue and eye fluid from the mutilated animal but not in the control animal, suggesting oxindole was not a decomposition product. The clinical and pharmacological properties of oxindole have been examined primarily in Europe (Mannaioni et al.(1998) British J. Pharmac. 125, 1751-1760). However, prior to these more recent studies, it has been well established that systemic administration of oxindole to rats, dogs or humans has been shown to cause profound sedation, decrease in blood pressure, decrease in muscular tone and loss of consciousness (Orcutt et al. (1964) Arch. Int. Pharmacodynam. 152, 121-131). Our failure to find oxindole in the control animal leads us to the working hypothesis that oxindole may have been used to sedate the animal prior to its death and mutilation. Similar analyses of different mutilated animals in the future will either substantiate or negate this working hypothesis. For example, the pharmacokinetic data on administration of oxindole to large animals is scanty as are the data on the extent of rumen-saliva recycling of tryptophan metabolites. A second hypothesis is that a traumatic event triggered the swift accumulation of oxindole in the tissues of the mutilated animal but not in the control animal. These subjects are currently under study.

Since the summer of 2001, NIDS has received over eight reports of animal mutilations from Montana, the majority of which were too old to seriously investigate. Nevertheless, this number of reports in a few months constitutes by far the largest report frequency received in the history of NIDS investigations of the animal mutilation phenomenon. Therefore, the present case should be seen not as an isolated incident, but in the context of a wave of mutilation reports in 2001 from Montana. It should also be noted that during the period 1974-1977, the Great Falls area of Montana was the locus of one of the most intense and sustained waves of reported animal mutilations in recorded history. For more details on this historical animal mutilation wave see the NIDS report at http://www.nidsci.org/articles/pdf/wolverton_report.pdf

Finally, NIDS is gratified by the increasing spirit of co-operation and collegiality between our organisation and ranchers, law enforcement officials and veterinarians. We believe that the successful investigation of animal mutilations is utterly dependent upon close co-operation between NIDS and three separate groups: (a) ranchers who are willing to make timely reports to NIDS (702-798-1700) or to local law enforcement, (b) open-minded veterinarians who are willing to conduct timely necropsies on mutilated animals, and (c) hard-working law enforcement officials who serve as both investigators and liaisons between NIDS and the ranchers themselves. We emphasise that NIDS absorbs 100% of the costs of these investigations. Secondly, because of the controversial nature of the animal mutilation phenomenon, NIDS does NOT publicise the names of ranchers, law enforcement officials or veterinarians who work with us.

The full 50 page report with photographs, tables, figures and raw data can be found in the What’s New section of the NIDS web site http://www.nidsci.org

Bill Hamilton
Executive Director

SKYWATCH INTERNATIONAL, INC. (A Non-Profit Organisation) "What could be stranger than the truth?"


image» John Glenn - Hero's Journey

John Glenn, America's first man in space, made his historic three-orbit journey around Earth 40 years ago. Glenn says the most frequent question he is asked is: Were you scared? Last week, the 80-year old astronaut said he was not afraid, but he was apprehensive. Studies made at that time gave him a 90 percent chance of survival.

Last March, Glenn appeared on a televised situation comedy in which he spoofed an answer to another question occasionally asked: "Some people asked, you know, were you alone out there? We never gave the real answer. And yet, we've seen things out there, strange things. We know what we saw out there and we couldn't really say anything."

John Glenn Recalls First Manned Orbit
http://space.com/missionlaunches/glenn_remembers40_020220.html (Space.com/AP) - John Glenn vividly remembers everything about the day, 40 years ago Wednesday, when he became the first American to orbit the Earth...The question he is asked most frequently about his flight aboard Friendship 7 on Feb. 20, 1962: Were you scared? After all, he was only the third American and the fifth person in the world to rocket into space, and the first to ride the Mercury Atlas into orbit. The Mercury-Atlas was essentially a missile adapted to carry a NASA space capsule. After successfully completing a historic three-orbit mission around Earth, Glenn was forced to manually pilot his Friendship 7 spacecraft for re-entry. He watched flaming chunks from his spacecraft fly past the window, wondering whether his heat shield might be breaking up.



A retired telecom engineer Jerry Horlan, stood in his Broadfield kitchen at 5:00 AM on January 31, and he was gripped by an eerie sense that he was not alone. He was astounded to see a circle of strange lights hovering over the south side of Gatwick Airport. He explained: "I had been up all night and was just making myself a cup of coffee when I saw something very strange out of the window. "Hovering over the south side of the airport were 12 bright lights circling slowly round. "I just could not believe what I was witnessing." The father-of-two tracked the objects for more than an hour until dawn began to break last Thursday morning and the lights slowly moved away from the airport and disappeared.

Mr. Horlan, 58, who lives in Farnham Close, Broadfield, continued: "It was a unique experience. I have travelled all around the world and never seen anything like that before. "I am not saying it was definitely a UFO but it would be good to get some sort of explanation to account for what I saw." The skies over Gatwick Airport have seen a number of close encounters over the years with witnesses reporting seven suspected UFO sightings alone in the summer of 1996. This prompted skywatcher Larry Dean, from Brighton's Skysearch agency to suggest aliens were watching Gatwick to study earthly air travel. Government officials and BAA have continued to dismiss these strange events and refused to recognise the existence of UFOs. Commenting on the latest spotting, a BAA spokesman said: "We have run a check and can report nothing out of the ordinary at that time, but we have passed the information on to air traffic control which is looking into it." Thanks to Gary Farshores and Crawley News via Surrey Online


Latin American newspapers have reported a number of UFO sightings that are presumably occurring in neighbouring regions of Argentina and Chile. A UFO photograph captured in the Cachi region of Argentina last year is said to correspond with recent eyewitness testimony. The Argentine newspaper that published the photo said the image was clear and startling. A student who filmed a UFO with a family camcorder said she came forward only after reading about a delegation of specialists who were assembled to study the strange sightings, which are reportedly occurring in the Salta region of Argentina on a daily basis.
Translations were provided by the Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)


We saw a triangular object with a bright white glow around it darting about in the eastern sky on February 6, 2002. At 9:45 PM, I first noticed a very bright light darting about in the eastern sky but at a closer look we could see it seemed to be a triangular shaped object which had a bright white glow around it, at one point it got very bright but faded again and almost disappeared. It was moving around very quickly and in very strange shapes, sometimes it would move up, then to the left, to the right and back again, other times it would fly in a big circle. We left after an hour of watching the object. Oakham is on the western edge of Rutland Water, about 15 miles east of Leicester.


UFO investigator David Kingston was planning the seventh Dorchester Conference on the 'unexplained', when he received reports of a bizarre triangular craft with red and blue lights, zooming across the skies from Cornwall to Poole in Dorset. The mystery machine, some 100ft long, was first spotted in St Austell, Cornwall. There were also reports of it not far from Lyme Regis later the same day, then over Portland and Poole,

Mr Kingston, who first witnessed unexplained flying objects while serving with an RAF intelligence unit during nuclear tests in the Pacific, is at a loss to explain the latest sightings. He says: "I received a number of consistent reports of a craft flying over the West country on February 15 and there is nothing like it in the world aircraft guide. It was said to be triangular, 100ft long with red lights all the way up on the right hand side and blue lights on the left hand side. "Underneath was what appeared to be a very large light, in the middle, glowing pale electric blue through to purple with a corona surrounding it. "Four or five people witnessed it and described it as gliding silently at about 2,000 to 3,000ft. Covert aircraft would not be flown in the daytime over an area like this. It was described as hovering quietly at Portland. The last sighting was near Poole, about two hours after the first."

Since he first heard aircrew talk of seeing UFO's, during the nuclear tests on Christmas Island in 1957, he has catalogued hundreds of reports and witnessed many strange sights himself. These days Mr Kingston's details are passed on from the Police who ring them reporting strange sightings. Living on the rolling Dorset downland he and his wife, Virginia, are ideally placed for a clear view of the skies. He said: "Last year I saw two or three sightings on the horizon which were definitely not normal aircraft. One appeared as a very bright star, although I looked at it with binoculars and it definitely wasn't. It eventually disappeared very suddenly."


The witness while fishing ten miles out in the in the Gulf of Mexico, on February 16, 2002, reports seeing jets investigating an object over Gulf. Five unusually slow flying fighter jets heading south-east between us and the coast at 3:00 PM. As they flew further down the coast, we noticed a strange white stationary object above and in front of fighters. The jets looked to be investigating the object.


George is a novice amateur astronomer, and at 20:00 on the 18th February he was trying out a new telescope by viewing the Moon and Jupiter at a place called Hay Tor on the edge of the moors. He was facing East when he saw a swirling display of lights, apparently above a small patch of cloud. The swirling pattern appeared to be circular, but inclined at an angle of about 45 degrees, making it elliptical. He estimates the size as that of a football at arms length. The first sighting only lasted 2 or 3 seconds, but was repeated close to the same spot 3 more times during the next 5 minutes.

The position of the light source was close to that of the moon, but much closer. There were no car headlights evident at the time, no sign of laser shows, disco's, helicopters, or other aircraft. The weather was very cold, with some light cloud. He specifically chose the spot because of the low light pollution, a very rural area on the edge of Dartmoor.

UPDATE: I've just checked with the witnesses and they're convinced the lights were moving in a northerly direction. They are experienced skywatchers so they know about the strange effects you can get with stars apparently moving when it's really the clouds etc. Also I've now got an estimate of how many lights they saw and they reckon there were about 15 to be seen at any one time, for a period of at least 5 minutes. I hadn't realised they were talking about so many. I've not had any other reports though.

Cheers, Joe


Orange lights in the sky are causing a stir around Perth, capital of the state of Western Australia on the island continent's Indian Ocean coast. UFORM, a group which discusses the mysteries of outer space, said there had been three incidents of orange balls of light (OBOLs) this month, i.e. during February 2002.

Several people rang Perth radio stations about unusual lights in the Fremantle and Coolbellup area on Friday night, February 15, 2002. Seventy-nine-year-old Pauline Cumming of Coolbellup, W.A. said she watched two balls of light for 15 minutes from about 10 p.m. that night. 'They had blinking lights,' she said, 'as if they were sending messages.'" "UFORM researcher Brian Richards said there had been similar sightings at Trigg and Marylands, W.A. this month. But the (Australian) Bureau of Meteorology said it was not aware of unusual lights."

On Saturday, February 2, 2002, in Ocean Reef, W.A., two groups of people spotted a star-like sparkle four times the size of Jupiter, coloured orange, travelling Northwest at the speed of a jet fighter. John, an amateur astronomer, and his girlfriend saw the object from the beach at precisely 12:05 a.m. He reported, "I was paying particular attention to the sky and thought, Wow! What the *#^!? At first I thought it was planes in formation. Other people stopped to have a look as well. The object passed by some two kilometers (1.2 miles) away. One of the objects dropped form the formation and disappeared." Frank and his friends were on the beach at 12:10 a.m. and reported seeing a formation of four orange lights in the array shown below.

                                 *  *  *

(Many thanks to Diane Harrison of Australian UFO Research Network (AUFORN) for this report.)


Hi All, I was in the White Coppice are of Chorley tonight (Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2002 23:33) and noticed what appeared to be a "string of pearls" configuration travelling toward the northbound M62 motorway. The "pearls" were highly luminous and not "lit up" in the usual sense of the word.

The configuration was moving quite slowly so I took off in the car in an attempt to follow the "thing". I met up with it near to the motorway junction at Chorley. I must say that it was easy to follow because of its slow speed. It continued to fly over the M62 north then turned toward Blackburn. It didn't increase its speed until it passed the BA works at Salmesbury, I then had to hit the gas to keep it in sight. Luckily the road was quiet so I could put my foot down. (In case there are any police on the list, I won't say what speed I was going!) Even though I was really shifting the "thing" soon outpaced me and I lost sight of it near to Great Harwood, it then simply vanished over Pendle Hill.

There were 6 "pearls", I've no idea of the size but they must have been quite large. I got the impression that the "lights" belonged to one object rather than several, though I could be mistaken. There were no strobe lights. I must mention that throughout the "sighting" I didn't feel at all well, light-headed and talking to myself in a sort of moaning and muttering way. Once the "pearls" left I began to recover.

I later stopped at a shop to buy a can of Pepsi and mentioned what I'd seen, the shopkeeper told me that he too had seen such a phenomenon when stood at his shop door chatting to a customer. His opinion was that it was the witches of Pendle on their broomsticks! Who knows? I reckon though that for safety's sake they should fit strobe lights!



Authorities are investigating after hundreds of people in a Montenegrin village reported seeing a cluster of giant UFOs around Thursday March 7th 2002. People in Godijevo say they rushed out of their homes after hearing a series of loud blasts and saw huge illuminated objects seemingly hovering overhead.

Officials are investigating numerous recorded sightings, but have been unable to offer an explanation so far. According to the newspaper Vijesti, many witnesses claim the UFOs changed shape before heading off into the sky and out of sight. They couldn't tell how high in the night sky the lights were. "I went outside after hearing a commotion and when I looked up into the night sky there were around twenty large luminous circles, it was as if a UFO was hovering over our heads. The sky must have been lit up for hundreds of metres," said Sead Hodzic.

Suggestions the lights may have come from nearby nightlife have been dismissed because there are no discos in the vicinity of Godijevo and little in the way of hi-tech facilities which could generate such lights.


March: Hi Group, My persistence has finally paid off.....Sat in the car on a hill near Bolton and looking toward Winter Hill transmitting tower at 19:15 Hrs I saw a star..well it looked like a star but was very dim. Stationary for over 30 minutes. I decided to flash my torch at the "star" (just in case) I then noticed that it seemed to be a little closer, I flashed again and this time there was movement toward me, very slow but steady. The star then came nearer and nearer until it was easy to make out that it wasn't a star at all but a triangular object. It slowly passed high overhead. 3 very dim yellowish lights were at each corner and I could make out a solid triangular shape. The object was VERY big, and I mean big, football field size. I flashed the torch again and it turned slightly and speeded up heading in a SW direction. I then lost sight of it. I got extremely excited and shot off home at an high rate of knots to tell the wife what I'd seen.     Bill


HI Anthony, I received an email from England today notifying me that you run free advertisements in your E-journal. If so, would you notify your readers that the following of my books are available to them autographed and post-paid airmail for $25.00 each by international money order which can be obtained via your post office. The money order should be made out to Ray Fowler and sent to Ray Fowler, 249 Maguire Road, Kennebunk, ME 04043, U.S.A.

The Andreasson Affair, The Andreasson Affair - Phase Two, The Watchers II, The Andreasson Legacy

Thank you very much for your consideration in this matter.


Ray Fowler
MUFON Director of Investigations, Emeritus

This Issues Selected Picture

This issues Selected Picture

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