UFO NEWS UK Volume 1 No. 16

Editor: Anthony James

Volume 1 No. 16

April 9th 2002

Editor: Anthony James

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Quote: "The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. The evidence has been denied the American people for over 50 years!" UFO Investigative Colleague and Researcher Clifford Stone.


Dear Readers,

This year seems to have exploded for me and everything seems to be happening all at once. So much information is coming in and so much is happening in Carole's and my life personal life, I'm finding it a challenge to keep up with everything. This year has just about all been planned out aready for me. Amongst other things, Timothy Good sent me an article in February written by American researcher Don Ecker. I managed to contact Don Ecker and gained permission to reprint the article as a 'UFO NEWS UK SPECIAL', this is something I'm going to have to do again and again with large article's sent in. I have two article's in the pipeline I'm working on at the moment which will be sent out as specials, one will be sent out sometime next week.

I was recently invited to take part in the BBC's Countryfile (A programme about rural issues) programme, replacing a good friend of mine Mr Omar Fowler as he couldn't make it on the date given for filming. I contacted another good friend of mine, Graham Birdsall of the UK's UFO MAGAZINE who agreed to turn up for the filming. Graham had other business in Bonsall to see to, so this was a golden opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Graham and I were logged to be interviewed for 'Countryfile', but my interview never took place and Graham's was cut in half for the broadcast, which went out last Sunday. If you missed it, you didn't miss much. Basically, the landlord of the local village pub has been taking people on 'walks of interest' in his area for about 6 years. He's now decided to include a UFO walk due to the amount of UFO sightings in the area over the last year. Although this was the first one, it was rather disappointing and the landlord has got to learn more about this subject. The BBC's 'Countryfile' producers obviously heard about this and decided to make a piece for the programme, although this was not the first time they've touched this subject, they've made segments about crop formation in the past.

I'm also working with my local radio station BBC Radio Nottingham to put additional information on their web site about Nottinghamshire's history of UFO sightings. This means digging into my old files, re-typing the files and posting them to the webmaster at the BBC so they can put the infomation on their web site. All my EMUFORA (1990 - 1998) files are still only on paper which means I've got a lot of work ahead. I also had a B+W photo sent to me from a Polish man who, during a 1974 visit to Nottingham with his parents, captured what seemed to be a UFO over Nottingham's city centre. I received the original print the other day, so by the time the next newsletter is due out, I will have a result on that for you all - but don't hold your breath, it don't look good! For more information, click on the 'BBC Nottingham' web address at the end of this newsletter.

In the meantime, my subscriber's list keeps growing and I thank you all. Don't forget, this is your newsletter. If you are having a meeting, sent me the details where ever you are and I'll put out a bulletin for you. Don't think that because you're reading this in another country besides the UK, that you are the only one from Australia, Eire, France or wherever, that you are the only one in your country that reads this, you're not. Reach out, publicity is free. This also goes for UFO sightings in your area or your country, send in the reports and publicise your web page if you have one; this information works both ways and others want to know about your sightings.

Anthony James

Crop Circles and the movies - What a year this promises to be. A forward here from Colin Andrews. Interesting times ahead! Regards, Dave Haith


Touchstone Pictures (Disney) have posted their 'official web site' for the new movie 'Signs', which is expected to be another block buster for Disney. It will be in theatres this August. Visitors to the site http://studio.go.com/movies/signs/cards.html will see a collectors card set of spectacular Crop Circle photographs taken from the air by Colin Andrews and Busty Taylor. Andrews has been consulted by Disney who have obtained data related to a number of crop circle events researched by him. His information has helped them in the promotion of the multi-million dollar movie, said by some to be in access of $200 million.

M. Night Shyamalan, who is the Director and script writer, is intrigued by those crop patterns which have no known cause. The story line is a tightly held secret, but we are told that it promises to be a very familiar story to the two Andover, England, researchers, who began their research just south of Andover in the early 1980s. Night Shyamalan directed the huge box office hit 'Sixth Sense' and those who have seen it will get an idea of what they are in for.

Disney direct those curious to 'Learn more about Crop Circles' by pointing them to the new Colin Andrews Research web site. www.CropCircleInfo.com . This week Colin signed contracts to take a prominent part in another major television documentary for The Learning Channel to be aired to coincide with 'Signs'. It will be different to those that precede it by focusing upon his work with Disney and his recent research findings which include strange magnetic effects inside the simple crop patterns but also the considerable hoaxing problem.

Colin's recent findings have caused uproar within the crop circle research community and beyond, but his view that about 80% during 1999 and 2000 were man made, is now gaining wide spread support by those who have seen or heard his evidence. Invitations to talk about his findings on national television and radio have been accepted by Colin, in recent times they include appearances on The Sally Jessy Raphael Show, Art Bell Show, Dan Aykroyd Show and The Shirley MacLaine Show.

Colin and partner Busty Taylor continue with their pains taking efforts and now focus upon those crop circles which still allude explanation. Most of these are the more simple designs, simple circles, rings and occasional variations.

Colin Andrews
Colin Andrews
Busty Taylor
Busty Taylor
Reg Presley
Reg Presley


This year will see three movies about Crop Circles and at least five television documentaries. The British movie director Marcus Thompson has now finished what is thought to be his best movie yet, called 'A Place To Stay', which is a love story but with a serious message about Crop Circles. The trailer is ready and the final edit is now preparing the movie for showing at The Cannes Film festival. Colin acted as Chief Consultant for this movie and also appears as himself, as do Busty Taylor and Reg Presley (The Troggs pop group fame). Colin is hoping to join his colleagues at the showing in Cannes during May. Those who have been privileged to see the trailer, talk of being brought to tears. The three Andover men are very excited with the film and agree that Marcus Thompson has made a superb job of this sad but powerful film. This will be a movie not to be missed.

Its a promise, you have not heard the last of Crop Circles, said Colin from his Branford, Connecticut home, USA. He plans to fly to England during July to continue with the Crop Circle research now in its 19th year.

Andrews Research International, Branford, Connecticut, USA. Tel: USA-203-483-0822 E-Mail: CPRAndrews@Worldnet.att.net


March 17-18, 2001
Sponsored by the Republic of San Marino

It is perhaps one of those cosmic ironies that one of the tiniest independent States in the world, the Republic of San Marino, should be the first national government to not only recognise UFOs, but devote a considerable sum of its treasury to hosting an annual international Symposium on UFOs and Related Phenomena, open to all the world. And it is a further irony that this lovely little fairy-tale country, its mountainous crags adorned with numerous medieval castles, is the most progressive state in the world on the subject of UFO reality. There is no UFO Cover-Up in the Republic of San Marino! Having been assaulted by both Church and State (Italy) in repeated attempts over the centuries to acquire and annex San Marino, the citizens of this brave Republic have learned to regard ideology with caution, and to stick to plain-truth facts. And their facts include both the reality and the importance of understanding the UFO/ET phenomenon.

This was the ninth consecutive World Symposium on UFOs. Next year, being the Tenth Anniversary of this UFO Symposium, San Marino is considering issuing commemorative postage stamps honouring a decade of putting out to the world the UFO Symposia. Those should be quite collector items for UFOlogists and philatelists alike.

The Ninth Symposium was held at the State Theatre for touristic and cultural events, just down the crenellated parapets from the five-star Grand Hotel of San Marino, where speakers were hosted by the Republic under the gracious hand of Madame Licini of the State Office of Tourism and Culture. The Symposium was organised by Sociology Professor Roberto Pinotti of Florence, also president of CUN, one of Italy's largest UFO organisations.

Among those participating were: Nick Pope, former point-man on UFO affairs for Britain's Ministry of Defence, Antonio Huneeus, journalist and Ufologist from Chile, Boris Shurinov, President of the largest UFOs organisation, Moscow, Gildas Bourdais, perhaps the best known ufologist in France since Jacques Vallee left for the U.S., A.J. Gevaerd, ufological journalist from Brazil, Eltjo Hasselhoff, President of the Dutch Centre for Crop Circles Studies (and shirttail relative of Bay Watch star, David Haselhoff and perhaps handsomer), Italian- American ufological journalist Paola Leopizzi Harris, Haktan Akdogan, President of Turkey's largest UFO organisation, and of course, this writer, in addition to numerous distinguished Italian ufologists.

Notably absent, though invited, was Monsignor Corrado Balducci, noted cleric and proponent of ET reality on Italian national television. This writer has learned that Monsignor Balducci has been requested by the Vatican to keep quiet now on the UFO matter, since his earlier pronouncements on ET's visitation and benign and spiritually-advanced nature has got too global attention, thanks to publicity from Whitley Strieber's book and this writer's dispatches.

On the Friday before the weekend UFO/ET Symposium, a parallel scientific Symposium was hosted by San Marino on "Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Frontier of Bio-Astronomy and SETI [Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence]". Among the notables presenting were: American uber-astronomer Frank Drake, deviser of the formula calculating the probability of abundant ET high civilisations, Giorgio Buonvoni, astronomer with the Vatican Observatory, Cesare Falessi, President of the Union of Italian Aerospace Journalists, and Claudio Maccone, aerospace engineer and Italian member of the SETI Institute.

The presentations I was able to attend were high-quality, as befits an international Symposium. I did not hear startling new revelations, (although the Italians seem to think that what I, among others, had to report was remarkable.) The key significance of this Symposium is that the ice has been broken on government secrecy about UFOs. True, back several decades ago the Prime Minister of Grenada asked the UN to open discussion on the UFO Question. But to my knowledge, the minuscule but brave Repubblica di San Marino is the first national government to openly espouse the UFO/ET matter as serious and worthy of careful erudite attention.

When will the next government come on line? Will it be perhaps Chile, whom journalist Antonio Huneeus reported had its Air Force officers go on national television to talk about their aerial encounters with UFOs? Will the Vatican State reconsider, and unmuzzle the brave priest Balducci to share his research into ET-encounter experiencers? Or will France follow up on its not-too-sly "civilianized" COMETA report on UFO reality with a more forthright official- government report? Quelle marvilleux!

The long journey to official global acknowledgement of UFO/ET reality begins with a single step. It is to the credit of the tiny Republic of San Marino that they have taken that first step.

by Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC Post Office Box 22310, Sacramento, CA 95822, USA.
E-mail address: drboylan@sbcglobal.net    Official website: www.drboylan.com    or www.geocities.com/drboylan


Sixty years ago, the Tromp, a cruiser belonging to the Royal Netherlands Navy, was on a wartime patrol in the Timor Sea, south of the Dutch East Indies (now the nation of Indonesia--J.T.) when the vessel had a strange encounter.

February 1942 saw the Allies' fortunes dwindling fast in the Southwest Pacific theatre of war. With the bombing of Darwin on February 19, 1942, the Japanese had pushed the front line right into the Gulf of Carpentaria. An invasion of Australia seemed imminent, so the Allies cobbled together the "ABCD fleet," a motley collection of American, British, Australian and Dutch warships, and ordered Admiral Thomas Hart to hold back the Japanese advance.

Which is what the Dutch cruiser Tromp was doing on the seas Southeast of Timor island at 10 p.m. on February 25, 1942. The Officer of the Deck heard a lookout's warning cry. "Aircraft, sir!" Lifting his Zeiss binoculars, the O.D. scanned the sea's horizon as "a large aluminium disc flew towards the ship at tremendous speed. The UFO then circled high above the Dutch vessel for about three to four hours.""Finally it (the UFO) flew off at an estimated 3,000 to 3,500 miles per hour (4,800 to 5,600 kilometres per hour). The officer on duty was unable to identify it as any known aircraft."

The interesting thing about this sighting is that it took place the same day, February 25, 1942, as two other well-known UFO events. The first was the "Battle of Los Angeles," in which nine silvery white UFOs overflew the southern California city. The second was the encounter between a Royal Australian Air Force Bristol Beaufighter and a bronze UFO over the Bass Strait south of Melbourne, Australia.

That makes three UFO incidents recorded at different points around the planet Earth on a single day, February 25, 1942. Who knows? Maybe it was Alien D-Day. (For more on the strange cruise of the Tromp, see the book The Flying Saucer Story by Brinsley LePoer Trench, Ace Books Inc., New York, N.Y., 1966, page 69. Also Flying Saucer Review , volume 3, number 6 for November-December 1957, page 8.)

UFO ROUNDUP: Copyright 2002 by Masinaigan Productions, all rights reserved. Readers may post news items from UFO Roundup on their websites or in newsgroups provided that they credit the newsletter and its editor by name and list the date of issue in which the item first appeared. Thanks to: Joseph Trainor UFO ROUNDUP . Volume 7, Number 9. February 26, 2002


There appears to be a great deal of controversy in the popular press and also the July issue of 'UFO Magazine' over contents of the Mrs Sharon Rowlands 'Bonsall' UFO video. I would like to clarify the situation and to give what I consider to be a true assessment of the incident.

Following a UFO report in the 'Matlock Mercury' 19th October 2000, I visited Mr & Mrs Rowlands at their home on Friday 20th October and studied their UFO video. This was only some two weeks after the event date of 5th October 2000. Incidentally their remote cottage is not situated in Bonsall, but in the hamlet of Slaley about a mile and a half away from the village of Bonsall itself.

We discussed the incident in detail and Mr and Mrs Rowlands described what they had seen and also their feelings at the time. On the night of the 5th of October 2000 at about 9.15pm the couple were sitting in their lounge, which has an excellent window view overlooking the nearby Middleton Wood situated approx. 1½ miles away. Their attention was attracted by a bright circular light that suddenly appeared and hovered over the distant trees. The couple were so alarmed by the unusual appearance and brightness of the light; they decided to video it with their 8mm camcorder. Mrs Rowlands located the camcorder and then leaning against the open doorway, proceeded to film the glowing light.

At first it just hovered as a brilliant ball of light over the nearby woods, but after a few minutes it began to approach their isolated cottage. "It seemed to know we were there looking at it" commented Mrs Rowlands. Within seconds the ball of light grew in size until a circular darker pattern could be seen in the light. Then quite suddenly the light withdrew to its previous position over the woods, where it hovered once more. Within two to three minutes the glowing ball began to move slowly to the right (NW) and a pulsating light could be seen forming on the left-hand side of the glowing ball. It then began to increase its speed and at that stage it appeared to turn away from the witnesses, revealing two smaller bright light sources (as though viewing the rear of a twin jet with afterburners switched on). Then in a split second it disappeared out of sight. The whole incident had taken place in only six and a half minutes.

Until then, neither Mr or Mrs Rowlands had any interest in the subject of UFO's or in fact considered that they actually existed. They both commented on the fact that the whole incident took place in complete silence and they had a feeling that the object was under intelligent control.

I viewed the UFO video footage several times on their TV set and studied it intently. Unfortunately it was not possible to study the individual frames. Mrs Rowlands promised to arrange for a VHS copy to be made for me for further evaluation and analysis. However when I telephoned her a few days later, she had changed her mind and stated that she intended to keep the video for herself. At that time, Mr and Mrs Rowlands had already declined to show the video to the BBC News or to get involved with the TV media.

At no stage did anyone mention that the UFO was three miles across! I considered the probable size to be about 50 feet diameter. The mention of 'three miles across' probably originated during a discussion on the similarity of the 'Rowlands' light to that of a light source filmed by NASA during the tether/UFO encounter on the STS-75 mission. At the time NASA described the UFO as being 'some 2-3 miles in diameter'.

The pattern showing in the glowing circle of light has also been questioned, with some sources claiming that the image pattern is due to the lens design inherent in the camcorder. This is probably magnified as a result of the 'automatic' setting on the camcorder attempting to bring the light source into focus.

While I consider it difficult to believe that the sum of £20,000 has been paid for the 'Bonsall' footage, I understand from reliable media sources that this is indeed the case. In my opinion the sequence is no more spectacular than many of the world-wide extracts shown in a Michael Hesemann archive documentary.

Thanks to Omar Fowler: Phenomenon Research Association. Derbyshire, UK



I live in the small village of Water-Orton by the back of the National Exhibition Centre and Birmingham airport, near the M6 and M42 motorways. On the 5th January 2002, I had woken up at 05:30 to make some tea and toast as I had leave for work by 06:15. I put the outside light on as I had to turn the car around as it was very dark. As I left the hall to get into the car, I looked across the road to the field where the horses are kept and I couldn't believe what I saw. There was an illuminated round 'thing' hovering stationary over the nearby field on the other side of the road. The light was still on, I knew it was not an aircraft.

It was round with a dome on the top and it had lights spaced around it like windows. It appeared to be hovering over a nearby tree and I decided to take a closer look. I went down the drive, across the path and over the a grass verge. There were no cars around at this time of the morning and I ran with my slippers on down the nearby lane to get a better view across the 100 acre field where the horses are kept.


The UFO, based on Jill's sketch

I was amazed to see the UFO start zig-zagging across the field and back again and it did this several times. It made a high pitched whining sound that was very high in my ears. The horses had meanwhile ran to the side of the field to get away from the UFO. Then it started to come towards me, climbing at the same time, to pass over several large trees which seemed to move in a wind. As it approached me, I ran back down the lane and across the road to my front door. From there, I watched it go off in the direction of Coleshill. It moved very fast once it had crossed the lane and was soon out of sight.

Thanks to Omar Fowler: Phenomenon Research Association. Derbyshire, UK


Hi Anthony,

I have received an image to the site, and thought I'd forward it for consideration for UFO NEWS UK. Please find three images attached. One is the original, then again with plus zoom, the other is an equalised version again plus a zoomed section. Please find the witness statement, below:

Sighting Occurred: 24 January 2001 At 17:15, Wales Reporter: Steve (last name withheld)


I have a picture of something I cannot explain... it's a bright light with what appears to be a short vapour/smoke trail behind it. I didn't hear any sound like a plane or otherwise. We have a lot of fighters fly around this area but this, in my eyes, is not a plane! But I could be wrong!

At the time of the picture it was quite dark and I was using the flash. The camera I was using was a digital fujifilm MX 1200. Basically I was seeing how well the cam' would perform under low light conditions (everything is automatic -- shutter speed etc. point and click job). My girlfriend suggested I take a picture of the house to see what it would come out like! On returning home and downloading to my PC (took several shots in that light..), all came out roughly the same. I didn't notice it at first until my girlfriend pointed it out.

The light level when I took the picture was roughly what you see in the photo, could make out the outline of the house and the light that you can see on the picture.

Best Regards,

Dan Bright  Editor, ETcontact.com.  editor@ETcontact.com  http://ETcontact.com

For larger versions of these images and a detailed analysis, visit Dan Bright's web site at: http://www.ETcontact.com/sightings/report.php?ID=25
Thanks Dan

Original Image

Original image with inset zoom

Original Image Equalised


On Thursday, February 14, 2002, at 10:36 p.m., four teens were in the park in Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK when they had a strange encounter with a domed, saucer-shaped UFO.

Eyewitness Paul T., 17, was with his friends, Guy J, 17; Andrew C., 17 and a 17-year-old girl who prefers to remain anonymous. Paul reported, "I was in the park, walking the dogs with my friends. The light shone down in front of us into a lake. We thought it was a helicopter looking for something. We waited to see what it was and then saw its shape and size. We became excited and scared, so (we) hid in a bush. But the dogs barked loudly at the object. It was saucer-shaped and was swaying over the lake as if looking for something, or had dropped something. It suddenly went back the way it came (to the Northeast) and the lights went off."

Paul added that the skies over Stroud "were partly cloudy, with clouds at 1,000 feet (300 meters)." The object was "70 degrees above the horizon, flying at 500 feet (150 meters), saucer-shaped, reflective blue with a dome. Exterior lights were white, yellow and orange. (Our) Cell phone failed, went dead. Dogs were very excited." Stroud is about 45 miles (72 kilometres) north of Bristol. (Many thanks to Chris S. Davis of the Alien Observer for this report.)
UFO ROUNDUP Volume 7, Number 13 http://ufoinfo.com/roundup/ Editor: Joseph Trainor


A construction worker reports seeing a very low flying circular blue object moving at very high speed directly over job site on February 15, 2002, at 4:06 PM. The witness says, "It appeared to vanish and I was yelling for others to look to get more witnesses. After it vanished I looked around to see who was looking. No one was looking in my area so I was not going to say anything but then an Iron worker from a boom lift said, "Did any of you guys see that ?" I was relieved that someone other than myself saw it. It flew over about 400 feet above me, completely silent". He said it was a B.U.O, "Blue unidentified object ?" I said and he said no "Big unidentified object." We see military craft all the time. Shortly after, four F-16 fighters were cruising the area. Enough said!
Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC http://www.ufocenter.com


The witness was walking his dog on February 28, 2002, around a small lake when he noticed three dull red lights in the sky at 10:30 PM, in an unequal triangle formation. The lights appeared to be part of one extremely large craft that was moving far faster than the passenger planes going into Liverpool Airport. The UFO disappeared into cloud, and was travelling at least twice as fast as the planes. If the object was one craft, then it was huge.
Thanks to George A. Filer. FILER'S FILES #13-2002 www.nationalufocenter.com


A Flying Triangle was tracked across Southern England on March 3, 2002. UFO investigator David Kingston received reports of a bizarre triangular craft with red and blue lights, zooming across the skies that were first spotted in St. Austell, Cornwall. This confirms other similar reports not far from Lyme Regis later the same day, then over Portland and Poole, Dorset. Ufologist Mr. Kingston, first heard aircrew talk of seeing UFOs, during the nuclear tests on Christmas Island in 1957, while in RAF Intelligence. He then witnessed the UFO's himself that started a life long interest in cataloguing hundreds of reports. He says: "I received a number of consistent reports of a craft flying over the West country on February 15, 2002, and there is nothing like it in the world aircraft guide. It was triangular, 100 feet long with red lights all the way up on the right hand side and blue lights on the left hand side. "Underneath was what appeared to be a very large light, in the middle, glowing pale electric blue through to purple with a corona surrounding it." Four people witnessed it and described it as gliding silently at about 2,500 feet and hovering quietly above Portland. The last sighting was near Poole in Dorset about two hours after the first."
Thanks to Gary Farshores.


Sue Darroch of Para-Researchers Ottawa reports the March 19, 2002, sighting of a HUGE flying saucer. The witness was in the Gatineau hospital smoking room at 2:00 PM, which has a panoramic window view of the Ottawa River and downtown Ottawa. A man in the room yelled, "What the hell is that flying over there?" The witness also spotted the massive saucer hiding in a lower cloud in a cloudy sky. It moved forward out from the cloud completely revealing itself. She says, "My view was very clear and amazing of this huge dark grey metallic craft with a round shape, a classic flying saucer!" The sighting lasted for about thirty seconds, when the object flew north and out of view due to the hospital blocking the view. The UFO was a little bigger than an airliner, but there were no lights. It couldn't have been over 400 feet above the skyscrapers of downtown Ottawa! Many others must have seen it!
Thanks to Sue Darroch


Investigator Santiago Yturria writes that Anthony Woods wife woke up around midnight by a loud humming sound just outside her bedroom window. She is convinced that something unusual was very close to our window. Once again for 3 weeks there is complete cloud cover with rain again. The morning of Friday, March 22, the long-awaited weather change finally arrived with a beautiful clear day and Anthony awakened with an accentuated premonition. When he looked outside he saw a massive UFO flotilla for more than half hour resulting in one of the most important pieces of evidence that modern Ufology has received to date. Since last September, I've been involved into this investigation with Anthony Woods. For several months, I have received a huge amount of evidence and testimonials of a unique and aggressive UFO activity that constantly has been reported and documented confirming the Bedhamton's status as a UFO "Hot Spot." This current activity reveals an actual UFO wave is taking place over England, right now. These sightings constitute a clear demonstration of an advanced technology.
Thanks to Santiago Yturria

NORTHERN TERRITORY, AUSTRALIA. (Story posted on Sunday, March 24, 2002)

The Northern Territory's Wycliffe Well Roadhouse may be famous for its UFO sightings in the sky, but it seems there has now been a ground encounter. Lou Farcus has been a resident at Wycliffe Well for the last 17 years and says workers on the Alice Springs to Darwin railway at a site west of the roadhouse have also seen unusual lights in the sky. Mr Farcus says several weeks ago an Aboriginal woman had a close encounter.

"Her knowledge of the area gave her the instinct it wasn't anything to do with the army or the railway, so she turned round to go back and have a look at it and saw this triangular sort of object in the paddock, and all of a sudden she saw these silvery character looking people who started coming towards the vehicle, so she quickly turned around and took off," Mr Farcus said.


SALIDA. Jennifer Brown-Jacobs visited with Tim Edward's on March 24, 2002, and viewed video that contained six minutes of a spectacular UFO sightings. Tim's six-year-old daughter pointed out the UFO and Tim grabbed his camera. Tim's father, his teenage daughter, another witness from across the valley and two joggers saw the craft. The video is clear and in full daylight. He astutely took it to an independent lab that verified that it was indeed a large object (approximately 1/2 mile in length) hovering at 75,000 feet. Square windows line the sides of two rings set one on top of the other with an inner source of light, sparkling and producing vivid colours. Each ring seems to be moving independently, causing the windows to move in opposite directions, sometimes in tandem. Tim further verified the reality of this sighting by zooming in on the object and pulling out to show the guttering on his house with the object still in sight. Tim told me that at one point in the more than an hour long sighting, the object seemed to tilt and they could clearly see that there was a "Wheel within a wheel" that was set perpendicular and was also spinning. This ring also had the same-lighted windows, the same "almost a code movement." I think that this video is by far the most definitive sighting evidence I have encountered in my many years of research. Tim has his video for sale at his restaurant called the "ET's Landing" for $19.95, in Salida, CO. $5 for shipping and packaging: If this is what Ezekiel saw, no wonder it's in the Bible!
Thanks to Jennifer Brown-Jacobs (719) 539-1519, Director of the Portland UFO Group.

QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA (Story posted March 31st)

RESIDENTS in the Brisbane suburbs of Redcliffe and Caboolture have reported four UFO sightings, police said. A police spokesman said two bright discs were seen hovering over Clontarf - later moving on to Beachmere."We received the first call at about dusk, with the next about 15 minutes later," the spokesman said.He said Caboolture police had called at about 8pm, also receiving sighting reports."People are seeing something, but I'm sure there is a more logical explanation for it," the spokesman said.

La Pampa Province ARGENTINA

In the afternoon hours of April 2, 2002, Quique Mario, director of Proyecto Condor/CEUFO, received a phone call from eyewitnesses who claimed to have seen a strange phenomenon Monday night. The phenomenon in question happened to be a "lenticular cloud" that crossed the province of La Pampa at moderate speed in a South-to-North direction. Hundreds of witnesses agreed that the sight was "beautiful", since there skies were clear and the sun had already set between 20:10 and 20:30 hours. The cloud was darker in its middle, although transparent. People driving along different highways noticed the phenomenon, but those dwelling in the western neighbourhoods of the city of Santa Rosa were also able to see them. Among them was a member of the CEUFO group.

"According to the description," says Quique Mario, "we have precedents to this case. One on June 20, 1980, another on October 31, 1982, and two more in 1986 and 1998. On this last occasion, a number of hunters claimed having seen what they described as "a city suspended in space" emerge from within the gigantic circle."

"We will be surveying the area in search of more eyewitness testimony that will let us learn if a "city" was in fact seen on this occasion. According to the 1998 field study, the one in that instance measured 1500 meters in diameter and was suspended over a hilltop," added the researcher.

Translation (C) S.Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Quique Mario, CEUFO/Proyecto Condor (Argentina)



Hi Tony,

Thanks for the latest edition of UFO News UK. Mathew Williams' picture of a UFO is certainly interesting, but I wonder if you could ask Mathew if he took the picture through the glass of a vehicle? The reason I ask is that the first picture looks like it was taken from a country road because of the proximity of the fence and the second reason is that some of the lights in the second picture appear to have double images which are common when the source of the anomaly is from a light which is behind you and you take a photograph through a glass. The double image appears as the light bounces off the inside and outside boundaries of the glass. This might explain why Mathew didn't view the UFO at the time as we generally ignore reflections in glass when taking photos. It may also help to explain why some of the UFO appears transparent. You can try this yourself by placing a strong light source behind you at an angle of say 45º then view it in a glass window (looking out). If you get close to the window and view the image of the light source you will see two images provided you are close enough to the glass. The thicker the glass the greater the separation of the images.

I applaud Mathew for not jumping to the conclusion that it was an ET craft and throwing it open to the UFO community for scrutiny. I think far to many investigators jump to conclusions about ET craft without thoroughly investigating all the possibilities. Mathew will probably state that the UFO was not taken from inside a vehicle in which case my little theory is wrong and I accept that, but it is worth checking with him just to make sure.

Feel free to publish this as a correspondence with my contact details supplied.

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Dear Tony

No, the photo was taken outside. It was not near any reflective surfaces either. This question was also asked of me by Russell Stannard who mentioned that he thought he could see a rain splash on the lens, however it was a very clear day. Two other photo were taken, one before and one after the anomaly photo. These photos did not contain any anomalies or rain splashes or any other effects. As I did not clean the lens, and was pointing in the same direction to take these other photos, there should not be a reason for rain splashes that I can see. It might be another anomaly?

Russell Stannard had returned to the spot where I took the photo and had commented that if I was situated further down the road there was a road sign which does have a reflective surface to it, however that was quite a way down the road and would have been exactly 90 degrees to my right as I was positioned to take the photograph.

All the best

Hi Anthony

I managed to catch the 'Countryfile' and was to say the least a little disappointed with the usual portrayal of UFOlogy, it's a joke that the TV presenters can always rely on us for a few cheap laughs. I am wondering if its time we banded together and boycotted anything but serious programmes into the subject...

best regards
Chris Evers

Great idea Chris, but it's always the work done in the studio or done behind our backs when we're not looking that's usually the damaging part, and we have no controll over that - unless as you say, we boycott programme 'fillers'. It's our job to make sure we get the good stuff noticed. Ed


Many people and animals have experienced a feeling of weightlessness in the vicinity of UFOs. A South African pilot, Anton Fitzgerald, in an article called "Repeat Performance," originally published in the South African aviation magazine, Wings Over Africa, subsequently reprinted in Flying Saucer Review, gives some examples of this weightlessness.

Mr. Fitzgerald was walking down the hill toward his homestead in Natal (the state north and west of Durban, a port on South Africa's Indian Ocean coastline accompanied by his farm manager Jack Marais. From their position on the hill they could see the landing strip close by the homestead and the large hangar. Mr. Fitzgerald's twin-engine Aero Commander 500 had already been pushed out on to the runway ready for his departure to Durban. They both saw the eerie reddish glow on the runway at the same time. It was about three hundred yards (270 meters) from the house and roughly two hundred yards (180 meters) from them.

"It was noticeable that the animals around the farm were behaving oddly. From our elevated position, the sheep reminded me of iron filings on a piece of paper around a magnet, a sort of orderly pattern but yet following no accepted geometrical form". Fitzgerald wrote. Suddenly, when the two men were only 'a stone's throw away,' the object rose vertically into the air. There was no sound, no rush of (displaced) air.

"They watched the object disappear into the mist. Jack suddenly exclaimed, "Just look at those sheep!" Fitzgerald wrote: 'I also looked at the sheep and noticed with amazement that they all appeared to be standing on tiptoe like ballet dancers with heads held unusually high just as if they were suspended in space with their hooves barely touching the grass. It was then that we both first experienced a peculiar feeling of almost weightlessness.' After a check, it was found that one old sheep was missing.

When Fitzgerald took off in the Aero Commander the plane climbed abnormally fast and he found himself 'sitting more lightly than usual on his seat.' Fitzgerald points out that Ndolwana, his Zulu tractor driver on his farm in Natal, descendant of a Zulu headman, had now seen for himself, in the flesh, so to speak, the foundation of the ancient Zulu legend of 'the red sun that rises straight up into the sky after devouring some of the tribe's cattle.' (See the book Mysterious Visitors by Brinsley LePoer Trench, Stein and Day Publishers, Briarcliff Manor, N.Y., 1973, pages 61 to 63.)

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This Issues Selected Picture

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