UFO NEWS UK Volume 1 No. 21

Editor: Anthony James

Volume 1 No. 21

2nd July 2002

Editor: Anthony James

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Hi there everyone, well it's been nearly a month since I sent a newsletter out and I've been doing some serious thinking since the last time you all heard from me. After getting a virus on my PC which really pissed me off, I had to wait a while for a friend of mine who's a I.T. worker to come and sort it out. I found myself doing things I had not done for quite some time; going through my old filing cabinets, checking out photographs, reading files of my old UFO investigations etc, etc. There was so much work there and tons of information. I also had to sort through countless slides for the talk I had to give in Bonsall. I somewhere along the line decided to close this newsletter for good as it was taking too much of my time. This was to have been my last issue.

At the Bonsall lecture on June 26th, I was given an excellent introduction by my old friend Graham Birdsall from the UK's UFO MAGAZINE. This newsletter was mentioned and praised, and along with other comments fellow researchers made, made me think twice. One comment from Omar Fowler to my wife made me realise how much time I was putting into the newsletter, "...the last time, it was 12 pages long"!!! said Omar. CHRIST! I didn't realise some people might be printing this out.

OK, I need to get some time back for myself. I've decided to carry on with the newsletter but to drastically cut it's content. I'll be having either one large main article along with the latest UFO sightings, along with the picture feature, or two small 'main' articles, again with the UFO sightings and picture feature. Any additional information will be directing you to a web site as in the article below about Scotland.

The reasons I need to get some time back for myself are many, but one of the main one's is my work schedule. I've recently transferred to a closer office to my home and I have to learn how this office works and who does what. My work area could and probably will change every week within the office, which means I have to dedicate time in preparing for my upcoming week. I have also been asked by a friend and a relative to teach them to drive, more time taken up. As stated earlier, I'll be cutting the content of the newsletter. I'm due for two weeks holiday later this year and while I'm away, I'll decide then what to do with the newsletter. If I do pack up the newsletter, I'll give you all the links to my network of information so you won't miss out. Watch this space!!



The London Observer claims that Scotland is usually associated with spectacular mountains and tumbling rivers. But Scotland has a proud new boast; it has become the landing strip of choice for flying saucers and other mysterious, metallic, hovering craft. More odd incoming craft have been tracked over the hills and glens than anywhere else on Earth, and UFO enthusiasts are flocking north to experience close encounters of the Caledonian kind. A survey published reveals that 300 UFOs are seen in Scotland each year -- four times as many as in France and Italy, which appear to be aliens' next favourite destinations. When you think of the number of sightings in Scotland compared to the size of its population, it is phenomenal. Yet it is not remote Highland that play host to the visitors. The Nineties saw a sudden surge of sightings in the central Scottish areas of West Lothian and Stirlingshire, and particularly around Bonnybridge, near Falkirk. 'The area has become known as the Falkirk triangle. Some people have encountered shimmering discs just yards away from their bodies, while others said they had been attacked by UFOs. The most famous such incident occurred in 1979, when forestry worker Bob Taylor claimed a gang of large shimmering spheres, with spikes protruding from them like naval mines, set upon him. Thousands of reported encounters and UFO spotters followed. There are three airports and a gas-flaring oil terminal within a 30-mile radius. Craig Malcolm took footage of a ball of light dog-legging back and forth across a clear sky. A plane-like object with no wings sent 'black reek belching out the back of it as it soared off.' Bonnybridge's status as a UFO capital prompted one councillor to call for it to be twinned with Roswell and ambitious plans have been mooted to build a multi-million-pound UFO theme park. 'There have also been a substantial number of sightings in the Glasgow area. VisitScotland, the tourist board that commissioned the latest survey, sees it as a growth market. The Falkirk triangle has already attracted hundreds of visitors. Full article at:- http://observer.co.uk/uk_news/story/0,6903,742352,00.html



The national television channel, Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation reported on it's 8:00 pm, news on both June 9, and 10th, that there have been UFO sightings in the city of Polonnaruwa in first week of June 2002. The TV channel showed video footage of the craft. Several aliens too have been sighted, who had apparently run away when seen by civilians. These sightings have been reported on several days. All the above information was reported by the national television channel, Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation, website:-- http://www.rupavahini.lk


At 4:30 PM, the witness was waiting for a bus in a residential area on June 4, 2002, when he noticed a strange looking object floating above to the north. He states, "There was a longish object like a cigar or tube, white in color, with red lights glowing around it, I could clearly see the red lights." "At this moment a passenger plane was climbing and flew past and I made some comparisons between the two aircraft, he added. I could clearly see the wings, tail, the marks and even the portholes on the airliner. "I could compare them and saw they were about the same size and about the same attitude, but the cigar had no wings, no tail and no specific characteristics to tell me that this was something I have seen before." I thought that if it was UFO, the people in the passenger plane must have seen it in the brilliant cloudless sky. However, there were no newspaper reports. So, I called New South Wales UFO Investigation Center phone 02-94844680.


On Wednesday, June 12, 2002, Emilie P. and a woman companion were driving from Leongatha to Mirboo North in Australia's state of Victoria when they encountered a UFO. "My friend and I were travelling to our work," Emilie reported, "That Wednesday we sighted something in the sky, but I put it off as a jet. It appeared long and silver-looking. I didn't give it much thought."

One week later, however, on Wednesday, June 19, 2002, the silver object returned. "The following week, the same day, and even the same time, we saw the same thing. I took some interest in it. It seemed to be getting closer. As it got closer, it appeared to be at a 45-degree angle and of a silver colour."

"While my friend continued driving, I was watching this object. It was getting closer and moving around. It was weird. It was like it was moving around without me noticing until I tried to look for it again. The next thing, it came down to our (car's) right-hand side and appeared to be hovering above some farmland. I can't say exactly how far it was from us. I would say approximately 200 meters (660 feet). The next thing, it was gone. Then I looked up and it was in front of us again. It seemed to get closer and (then) further away from us, and was moving around before it vanished over the horizon". Leongatha, Vic. is located about 120 miles southeast of Melbourne. UFO ROUNDUP Vol. 7 No. 26 Thanks to J. Trainor http://ufoinfo.com


Editor's note: An interesting take on the dangers of blind faith. I personally think that we all have the ability to sort out the truth as part of our nature, and I'd encourage everyone to discover that part of themselves and use it. Research and common sense help too so we don't repeat the mistakes of the past. Speaking of research and common sense, Colleen's article makes some really good points along those very lines.

We've all heard about Jim Jones of the ill-fated Jonestown in Jonestown, Guyana and in recent years, named groups such as a few deaths surrounding the group Scientology, David Koresh of the Branch Davidians, and the UFO Cult, Heaven's Gate led by Marshall Applewhite.

Recently another fatal religious cult in Rushojwa, Uganda led by Dominic Kataribabo, a defrocked Roman Catholic priest who some locals believe ordered the death of nearly a thousand of the 'Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God' believers. According to survivors of the movement, sect members demanded the return of possessions they had surrendered to the cult after the world failed to end on Dec. 31, when UFO filled with Demons didn't attack as the leaders had predicted - supposedly was the reality that triggered the killings. Do you know that a few of these above-mentioned groups have an underlying UFO ideology behind their philosophy?

Followers of the Stella Maris Church, headed by Rogelio Perea, which describes itself as a Gnostic based organization that believes in alien life. In December of 1999, 100 members headed out to the Sierra Nevada mountains in two groups disappeared in northern Colombia after they went to rendezvous with a UFO they believed would save them from "the end of the world."

Prior to mass suicide/murder of the aforementioned cult group members, little warning was given nationally to the nature of such groups and if anything, their inner workings or belief structure. No one had heard about these groups because at best they were reported on local levels. Reports locally might have come in the form of a police report usually called in from a concerned cult member's family or a disturbance/nuisance report by a neighboring citizen. Is history going to be repeating it's self once more? I am a firm believer in the constitution, which allows for all religious freedom, we should have a right to worship God in a way we understand him. Yet, we have to look closely and monitor dangerous groups. What defines the normal perimeters of how a majority of society worships God verses cultic behaviors? There are factors, which separate the two, even though some groups come close to crossing into each other.

The word cult comes from the Latin cultis, which means in the secular term, worship. Cults (both UFO or otherwise) will tend to place both conventional as well as non-conventional beliefs into one basket. To someone who is confused about their belief system, some cultic doctrines will make sense to them because of the conventional overtones. Not all cult groups result in death, but from those that do, there are significant factors involved, which could potentially lead members to commit mass suicide.

There is one such group with a membership that's between 600 and 800 called the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors that resides near Eatonton, Georgia, which bears watching. The movement also goes by other names, including ''Right Knowledge'' and ''Ancient Mystic Order of Melchizedek.'' but bills itself as a "fraternal organization." The Nuwaubians blend ancient Egyptian, Christian, Islamic, as well as Judaism, UFO mindsets into an apocalyptic end times belief system which will most likely produce fatal results. According to the groups doctrine headed by Nuwaubian leader "Malachi Z" who's name is actually Dwight York, that served time in New York in the 1960s for assault, resisting arrest and possession of a dangerous weapon.

The Nuwaubians, primarily consisting of African Americans, first came to Eatonton, GA in Putnam County in 1993 from Brooklyn, N.Y., where the group was known as the Ansaru Allah community, a segregationist religious sect which incorporated Muslim traditions. Nuwaubian leader Malachi York was then known as Isa Muhammad. Nuwaubians initially dressed in cowboy-type garb and claimed York was an extra-terrestrial from the planet "Rizq."

York, 55 has claimed to be from a galaxy called Illyuwn and has said that in 2003 spaceships are going to descend from the sky and pick up a chosen 144,000 people for a rebirth. Most recently, York has referred to himself as Chief Black Eagle, a reincarnated leader of the Yamassee Indians. They believe, according to reports that the spaceships will come to complete this rescue.

What makes this group so dangerous is it charismatic group leader York and the basic UFO ideology behind their belief system. His doctrine indicates an "end" will come but not giving an actual date when the spaceships will come. All groups who have committed suicide had such a doctrine firmly laced within its overall philosophy. One of the members, who is now group spiritual advisor Marshall Chance, a former Baptist minister, was quoted as saying, "We're all awaiting the coming of the real Messiah. We are a biblical people. If it's not in the Bible, then we're not concerned about It." which contradicts the unusual belief of its founder and some of the members with the UFO ideology. The group has all the earmarks set in place to become the next Jonestown. Although they claim to allow its members to come and go as they please, the group encourages communal living on the 19 acre tract where the fraternity gathering hall in the Nuwaubian village of Tama-Re the "new Egypt", is located. It is said that the famous actor Snipes is also involved at some levels with the group.

We live in a time of paradox, many theologians agree we are slipping deeper into in the midst of planetary/social/religious upheaval with worldwide political destabilization. Signs that seem to indicate we are entering a time of apocalyptic prophecy are evident. Many false revelators are currently cashing in who proclaim to have the answers behind these exceptional events. In the midst of those, there are many dangerous apocalyptic groups who will ultimately destroy themselves. The list includes those who lead charismatic UFO groups, self styled Christian or new age Christ/alien channeling cult groups.

With increasing numbers of regular people experiencing paranormal phenomena, alien abduction or other UFO related anomalies on an up close and personal basis, it's becoming easier for cult groups to intercede. Someone gets involved because they are at a loss for what's happening and are looking for clarification; often coming up empty handed after searching traditional routes. Sequentially, experiencers turn to UFO/Christian/new age blended groups trying to make sense out of their personal experiences. These pseudo alien indoctrinated/Christian congregations are extremely dangerous, because they will provide feasible explanations often combined with traditional Christian convictions. This makes it feasible such ideologies can if fact hold a semblance of reality. The groups are ingenious masters in their presentation and once a person genuinely relates in some way to the cult infrastructure, it is almost guaranteed they will get indoctrinated.

Don't snicker, if conditions are favorable and you experienced an unexplainable event repeatedly you could end up being targeted. There are key elements that cult groups look for in a person's overall persona that can play a major roll in cult recruitment. They often look for people who are searching for answers to help them understand a traumatic or anomalous event in which they have no explanation. A divorce, family crisis, UFO sightings or possible alien abduction experiences including other extraordinary events leave a person bewildered and in a defenseless state of mind. Other circumstances include single parents who are having difficulty raising their children. People that have little or no family contact who have a low self-esteem, or place others before their own needs. Those who have difficulty in saying no to anything even when they want to.

Cult leaders look for positive attributes as well. Anyone who is open minded, inquisitive, creative or who are unsure and searching in his or her belief about God. People who donate time energy or money to humanitarian projects or people who are very enthusiastic in their belief in God, Jesus Christ, or alien life forms. Cult leaders are on the lookout for anyone who fits the above criteria, regardless of gender, race, education, religious affiliation or social standing. It happens to thousands of people a year that seriously believe they were too intelligent to get involved, Think it can't happen? Think again! There are hundreds of these types of groups around, some boasting membership that excels into the tens of thousands.

Jim Jones of the People Temple, (who by the way had an extreme interest in the UFO ideology) leader of the 1978 Jonestown sect had this written over his altar. "Never forget the past, if you forget the past you're doomed to repeat it." Are the Nuwaubians, Raelians, Scientologist or other UFO millennium-spurred groups next to repeating this type history? If left unchecked, they will become another part of history within the ranks of cult members who have given their lives so senselessly all in the name of some of these Universal gods, alien deities.

Note: Colleen Johnston is a UFO cult researcher as well as alien abduction researcher. No part of this article can be used in part or any form without expressed written consent. For use permission or comments please email her at: colleen@cojoweb.com    Thanks To Colleen Johnston

Mystery Orb 'Unidentified Floating Object' Washes Up on S.C. Shore

Mystery orb

This silver orb, which weighs several hundred pounds and measures three feet in diameter was washed up on the South Carolina shore USA. The police, Air Force and Coast Guard can't identify the metal orb that was washed up.

June 14. It looked like something from a sci-fi flick: a mysterious silver orb, three feet in diameter, floating in the surf off the South Carolina coast.

"They thought it was a giant beach ball, they were going to bring in," said Marie Segneri, whose family found the orb floating near their rented beach house at Isle of Palms. "They swam out and said it was a very heavy ball, it was metal, had numbers on it, and there was no way they were bringing it in."The ball eventually washed up on the shore, causing alarmed residents to call the police. Authorities marked off an area around the orb with crime-scene tape and tried to identify it. They turned to members of the Air Force bomb squad, the Coast Guard and state officials for help, but no one could identify the strange object. There were numbers on the surface of the orb, but no other clues that helped determine its origin. NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration were contacted, but even they had no answers. A Flotation Device... Maybe. Because of its weight, several hundred pounds, there's speculation it might be a flotation device used by a dredge company. But that theory only adds to the mystery, the orb has no fasteners on it where a line or cable might have been attached. "We're calling it a UFO, an unidentified floating object," Isle of Palms Fire Chief Ann Graham told The Associated Press. According to The Associated Press, the orb cracked in half as it was being brought to the town's public works department. But the inside was as revealing as the outside, only seawater spilled out. "There was nothing green, nothing glowing," Graham told the news agency. "It will probably just go to the scrap yard."

ABCNEWS affiliate WCIV in Charleston, S.C., contributed to this report.

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