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Volume 1 No. 22

16th July 2002

Editor: Anthony James

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The unprecedented wave of cattle mutilations, which began at Salliquelo in Argentina's Buenos Aires province two months ago, has now spread across the border into the neighboring country of Uruguay. On Monday, June 24, 2002, the discovery of a dead cow whose tongue, eyes and genitals were extracted in a livestock region of the Uruguayan interior has raised concerns in that country. The first case was reported today in the Department (state) of Durazno, some 300 kilometers (180 miles) from Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, and resembles cases which have occurred in nine provinces of Argentina.

Intendent (Mayor) Carmelo Vidallin tried to calm down rumors by saying that 'we must await the experts' verdict,' referring to the Ministry of Livestock and Agriculture, which is looking into the matter. "It is remarkable that the animal was slain for purposes other than eating", said the intendent, adding that "there are many hypotheses because matters are always this way in a small town."

No signs of blood or of a struggle between the predator and its victim were found, an indication that suggests mystery and feeds speculation among local residents. The following day, Tuesday, June 25, 2002, as occurred in Durazno, another cow has been found dead with perfect cauterized incisions on its head and sides. Its tongue and salivary glands had been removed, along with its mammaries, rectum, part of the large intestine and genitalia. This time it occurred in Cardona, in the Department (state) of Soriano, according to Hipolito Tapie, Director of Livestock Health of the Ministry of Livestock and Agriculture. Tapie reported that specialists from (Uruguay's) Secretary of State had already drawn samples from the two animals found dead in Uruguay.

"Our own specialists went to extract samples in order to submit them to lab analysis in the hopes of discovering something,' Tapie added, 'We don't have much because only a single animal was found in Durazno. The same is happening in Cardona. Just a single animal."
Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Gloria Coluchi para esas noticias.)


Argentina's wave of cattle mutilations continued without let-up last week. Dead and mutilated cows were found in nine provinces ranging from Entre Rios in the north to Chubut in the south. The mutilation total has reached 170. On Friday, June 21, 2002, in southern Buenos Aires province, farmers discovered the carcass of a 9-month-old, 250-kilogram Aberdeen Angus calf showing signs of mutilation.

At Digue, north of Bahia Blanca, the toll has risen to nine dead and mutilated bovines. At La Pampa, 6 miles southeast of Abramo, a shorthorn cow was found with its jaw, tongue and udders mutilated, according to Edgar Suarez, the officer in charge of the local constabulary. Cattle rancher Oscar Alvarez, the animal's owner, also reported an Aberdeen Angus and a Hereford cow, both mutilated in a similar fashion. A dead cow also turned up in Jacinto Arauz, the site of a similar mutilation three weeks ago. In the department of Lihuel Cahuel, on the border of Rio Negro province, a four-year-old Aberdeen Angus cow was found mutilated in a San Laureano pasture field belonging to Ricardo Lavandera.

On Thursday, June 20, 2002, the remains of a cow showing signs of mutilation were found in the community of Maria Grande. The animal had its tail sliced off along with its genitalia, masticatory muscles and tongue. It was also further reported that the animal had been dead for two or three days. Also that day, an animal showing the same signs or cuts was found in a pasture of the Diamante region. The Diamante case was found in a field located near Costa Grande and belonging to Adriana Trossero, as reported by local veterinarians to the police, who immediately ordered that analyses be performed on the animal. The day before yesterday (i.e. Thursday, June 20, 2002) it was in Gobernador Ugarte, 25 de Mayo and in Bolivar. Today (Saturday, June 22, 2002) it was Roque Perez's turn. In a field 6 miles from the city (Roque Perez) towards the south along the Camino Real, Pedro Conserna, 79, a cattleman who had lived in the vicinity for 51 years with his son, Abel, and the family raising Aberdeen Angus cows, reported a mutilation.

Argentina Mutilated Cow  Argentina mutilation

The Conserna family told the Argentinian newspaper La Manana that they weren't startled at first, considering that a storm front had gone past and we thought a bolt of lightning may have killed them. But later they revealed that there is a suggestion of the inexplicable because we noticed the absence of udders, tongues, eyes and ears in all three cases. It's also curious that the incisions appear to have been made with a sharp, hot object, they added. Meanwhile, in La Pampa province, eight more mutilated animals were found Friday June 21, 2002 at Lots 2 and 22 of the Department of uraco, 30 miles south of Puelches. This was confirmed by Deputy Sheriff Omar Martinez. Two of the carcasses were found on Lot 22 in a field owned by Augusto Valdome and the remains are that of two cows missing genitalia, an eye, an ear and part of the jawbone. Furthermore, two additional cows and a calf were found on a field, also on Lot 22, owned by Julio Rogge. The first two were missing the same organs as in the foregoing (Valdome) case but the calf was missing its lungs, heart and entrails. In a third field, police officers discovered three cows in a pasture on Lot 2, owned by Sara Aguerre. The carcasses were also missing the genitals, udders, ears, eyes and showed deep cuts on their jawbones. Deputy Sheriff Martinez noted that the remains of the calf's head found on Rogge's field will be sent to the National University of La Pampa's School of Veterinary Medicine. The police took the sample due to the strange bluish discoloration found on the calf's head.

In the northwest, near Santiago del Estero, the police precinct of Garza confirmed yesterday (Saturday, June 22, 2002) the discovery of a heifer with its parts sectioned off. The event occurred under unknown circumstances and the incisions recall those now seen on a daily basis in the fields of the provinces of La Pampa and Buenos Aires. The animal was found yesterday in a hilly region of the place known as Quimilioj, in the department of San Martin, by a local resident, Joaquin Lemos. The cow apparently died two days ago (June 20, 2002), and it was found that some of the cow's body parts were missing, apparently its eyes and udders, reported police. There appears to be no putrefaction and, while carrion birds presumably approached the animal, they did not touch it, added the police source.

Meanwhile, police from Precinct 38 of Garza maintained in its report to authorities in the (provincial) capital that no tire tracks or footprints were found near the animal, nor anything that could suggest the presence of cattle rustlers. In Darregueria, Guillermo Garcia, foreman of a pasture field in Susana Torres in the Puan district, found the head of a calf protruding from its mother's abdomen. Both cow and calf had been mutilated and were missing tongues, eyes and ears. Elsewhere in northern Argentina, the mutilation flap hit high gear in the province of Entre Rios. Two new cases increased the death toll in Entre Rios to 16.

The breakdown of what is known so far about the mutilated animals in the province is as follows: one in Lucas Sud Primera (dept. of Villeguay); two in Aldea Asuncion (dept. of Gulaleguay); one in Costa Grande and another in Las Cuevas (dept. of Diamante); one at Pedro Vallejos (dept. of La Paz); one at Sola (dept. of Rosario del Tala); two in the Third District of Gulaleguay, one in Hasenkamp, two at Santa Luisa and two in Maria Grande Segunda. Two new mutilated cow cases were made known at this time, having occurred in the department of Nogoya. One of the animals was found at Laurencena and the other at Seccion Urquiza. Veterinarian Pablo Seeling notified his superiors of the discovery, recalling that the Laurencena case involved a bull, missing part of its testicles and tongue, which had been extracted in a very special (unusual) way. "What makes these characteristics special is the fact that one must have a special scalpel or something to make a cut as clean as the one on the animal. I don't want to think about aliens or anything, but I wonder how one could make such a precise incision," Seeling said. "I made an incision with my scalpel next to the existing one, and it was completely different." Seeling noted that in any event the animal had been dead for about five days, and its flesh looked like what one would find in the butcher's shop. (i.e. fresh and unspoiled) This was something that attracted our attention immediately. (See the following Argentinian newspapers: El Tribuno of Salta for June 21, 2002, 'Another dead cow found in Maria Grande;' La Manana for June 22, 2002, 'Cattle mutilations extend to Roque Perez;' La Arena of Santa Rosa, La Pampa for June 23, 2002, 'Eight more cases in Puelches;' El Liberal of Santiago del Estero for June 23, 2002, 'Heifer killed in Garza;' El Diario de Parana for June 26, 2002, 'Two more mutilation cases in Entre Rios' and the TELAM News Agency report for June 22, 2002. Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales, Gloria Coluchi, Alicia Rossi y Proyecto Catent para todos los articulos de diario sobre esas noticias.)


A pregnant sheep was found 'hollowed out' in Coronel Pringles, 72 miles north of Bahia Blanca, in southern Buenos Aires province in Argentina. The animal found dead at Coronel Pringles was a very pregnant sheep with cuts in the jawbone and missing its tongue and an eye, according to veterinarian Alberto Sensi, who inspected it on the property of Juan Carlos Ibarguren, some 52 miles from the provincial seat. "We found no tracks or footprints, and the rest of the herd was very far from the hill on which we found the dead animal," Sensi reported. (See the TELAM News Agency report for June 25, 2002. Muchas gracias a Scott Corralesy Projecto Condor para esas noticias.)


A racehorse of the Quarter Horse breed belonging to stables at Choele Choel in Argentina's Rio Negro province was found dead with strange mutilations. Veterinarian Carlos Montobbio, who certified the case, reported that the horse was missing an eye and part of its tongue, but no incisions on the maxillary (jaw) had been performed. It had also been castrated and a significant part of its small intestine and rectum had been removed. "It was as though it had been hollowed out from within," a police source reported.

Montobbio dismissed the possibility of an attack by 'yellow-jacket' wasps,' saying, "The surgical incisions presented on the animals cannot have been made by insects. The wounds were cauterized."

This case, unlike others occurred 2,000 meters (6,600 feet) from the causeway connecting Choele Choel with the island. (See the Argentinian newspapers La Nueva Provincia of Bahia Blanca for June 27, 2002, 'Second horse is mutilated,' and Diario Rio Negro for June 24, 2002, 'Another horse found dead in Choele Choel rural area.' Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Gloria Coluchi para esos articulos de diario.)


Argentina's wild animals have also been claimed by the strange wave of mutilations sweeping that South American country in Chubut province, in the far south of Argentina, a guanaco (a small llama) showing signs of mutilation on its jaw, anus, ear and one eye was found on the beach at Punta Pardelas, on the Valdes Peninsula, 200 kilometers (120 miles) north of Rawson. The report came from a rural foreman and was made to the Sheriff's Office at Puerto Piramide, which, in turn, notified the authorities of (the province of) Chubut, who sent a team of experts from the Provincial Conservation Agency.

The agency's director, Nestor Garcia, who headed the delegation, stated that the case was identical to the cow and sheep mutilations in the provinces of La Pampa, Rio Negro, Buenos Aires and Entre Rios. Garcia noted that what is strange is that there are no tracks to be found in the vicinity, except for the animal's own tracks on the beach during its last minutes of life. "I can't determine how long the animal had been there, but it could be that it has been longer than three days. This will depend on the autopsy performed by specialists from the Centro Nacional Patagonico (National Center for Patagonia), headquartered in Puerto Madryn, where we took the carcass," he explained.

The next day, Monday, June 24, 2002, another dead guanaco was found 3 miles north of Puerto Piramide with mutilated ears, missing an eye and with no sign of any tracks around it. Then came the report of the discovery in Rio Colorado of a wild boar showing strange incisions. Cattleman Nestor Soule, owner of a ranch 33 miles from Rio Colorado, in the department of Pichimahuida, found the boar last Sunday (June 23, 2002) near a gully. The animal, he explained, had geometrically perfect incisions and was missing the anus, tongue and jaw. To the surprise of the rancher and the foreman accompanying him, the animal was still soft in spite of the minus 14 Centigrade temperature (17 degrees Fahrenheit) recorded on the thermometer. "It's impossible that an animal could remain in this condition after death and after such cold, but I was surprised not to find any tracks nearby," said Soule. The rancher chose not to file a police report but did put the boar carcass in his pickup truck to show his neighbors. He later left it in the wilderness.

"Due to its traits, a boar is an animal that is able to smell any living creature at quite a distance, that is why it flees at the slightest sign of any peril," Soule explained, "I'm not a researcher or anything similar, and that's why I don't know what to say. But this is strange and I never saw anything like it before." (See the Argentinian newspapers El Chubut for June 25, 2002, 'Strange phenomenon reaches Chubut: two guanacos mutilated,' and La Nueva Provincia of Bahia Blanca for June 27, 2002. Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales, Gloria Coluchi, Christian Quintero de Projector Condor y tambien Proyecto Catent para esos articulos de diario.


Several residents of Carhue, in Argentina's Buenos Aires province, claimed to have seen strange lights related to the presence of UFOs. Manuel Alesso and Raul Blengio, two rural cattlemen owning property in the Paraje Cilley area, 6 miles from Carhue. They saw these lights in the same way as did other witnesses in different parts of the province.

"Between 7:30 and 8 p.m., I was touring the fields of Arroyo Venado when I saw two lights to the northeast," said Alesso. He added that he stopped his pickup truck and flashed his headlights at the lights. "The lights began to shine even brighter and seemed to descend, which is why I went over to where Raul (Blengio) was planting and told him to look. The lights were white, round, and gave off a sort of haze," adding that "behind the light there was another, less shiny one." Raul Blengio stated that the lights moved slowly. "They weren't stars, they were strange moving lights," explained Alesso, while adding that a third witness accompanying them also saw the lights. "I'm certain they have something to do with the cattle mutilations," he added.

Carolina Montenegro, a college student majoring in business administration, spoke of having a similar experience: "On Friday night (June 21, 2002), I was in the countryside and, to my surprise, I saw a small light, orange in color and smaller than a star, and at the height (altitude) of said light there were no other stars to be seen. As I watched, the light changed color from orange to red, then to green and then back to orange until, after five minutes, it became smaller and vanished."

And up north in Santiago del Estero, Residents of barrio Santa Rosa de Lima (neighborhood) in the city's northern end contacted (the Argentinian newspaper) El Liberal yesterday (Saturday, June 22, 2002) to report they have been witnessing for the past several nights in connection with the UFO sightings at Fernandez and Ojo de Agua, objects with strange lights in the direction of La Venacha, to the northeast of Santiago del Estero. The wave of rumors and UFO sightings are directly related to the appearance of mutilated animals and there are already specialists who point to the presence of 'extraterrestrials' as the parties responsible for these acts.

Jose Villalva, owner of a local supermarket, stated that his customers are commenting on the presence of these lights in the sky while doing their grocery shopping, while stating that he himself has not seen them. A UFO appeared in the sky of Fernandez Robles between (Tuesday) June 11 and (Friday June 14 2002) at different nocturnal hours, followed by a new sighting last Thursday (June 20, 2002) around 9 p.m. Numerous residents of the following neighborhoods El Norte, 12 de Octubre, Juan Domingo Peron, Camping, Roca and 102 Viviendas, claim having seen the luminous object. On the said occasion, Marcelo Coronel, a professional mechanic living on the Calle Balcarse (street) in barrio El Norte, witnessed, along with the light of the moon and stars, something similar to a 'headlight' surrounded by a red border, which increased and diminished in hue, and moved slowly from the north to the south without making any sound. Coronel adds that since he was on his way to the Sportivo Club, he followed the UFO in his car along the old Route 34. Once he reached the stadium, he continued to watch the object along with the Gallardo family for over 20 minutes until it became lost behind the treeline.

Finally, two girls were hospitalized in Santiago del Estero as a result of their sighting of 'multicolored lights' which were also reported by several other residents of the province. Young Gabriela, 7, and Miriam del Valle Salto, 13, will remain under observation at the La Banda Children's Hospital in Santiago del Estero after the curious sighting. (See the Argentinian newspapers La Nueva Provincia of Bahia Blanca for June 27, 2002, 'Lights over Carhue,' and El Liberal of Santiago del Estero for June 27, 2002, 'UFOs and mutilations at Santiago del Estero.' Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Gloria Coluchi para esos articulos de diario.)

Thanks to... UFO ROUNDUP Volume 7, Number 27. July 2, 2002 http://ufoinfo.com

Dundee, Wisconsin - One Of America's Best Kept
Secret Hotspots for UFOs and Other Strangeness
by Jim Aho

Benson's sign

The downtown area of Dundee Wisconsin looks like many other small Wisconsin towns: three bars, a gas station, a hamburger stand, a church, a baseball field and a scattering of houses. But if you travel a little north of downtown you just might find a little place called Benson's Hideaway. Anyone who stops and spends any time there is likely to come across some strange stories that could convince them that Dundee isn't the quiet conservative little place that it seems to be at first glance.

As soon as you enter this humble tavern you know there's something different about the place. A variety of alien and UFO items - from the alien in the pickle jar to a large UFO cutout hanging from the ceiling - decorate the area behind the bar. This collection is a result of many gifts delivered throughout the years to owner Bill Benson by people who know him. What do they know about him? If you talk to Bill for any length of time, you'll begin to understand...

Bill can tell you about the formation of fighter jets that chased a red light over nearby Long Lake on September 15, 1998. He might tell you about the morning a witness thought they saw boat lights out on the lake only to see the object turn vertical and intentionally enter the surface of the water. Or he may relate the story of the crop circle that appeared in the reeds on the lake. "Let me show you," he'll say as he delivers a stack of 8x10 photos that include many of this odd crop circle. Sure enough, the photos show a man standing in the center of a pretty authentic looking crop circle. "He's standing above six feet of water," Bill comments, "tell me how you'd fake that!"

Yes, Bill is a character with stories to tell. If you look through the rest of the photos in the stack you'll see many showing UFOs over the skies in Dundee. Is Bill Benson just making this stuff up to get customers into his bar? Is he the only person who sees these things? The answer is a resounding no.

I've personally talked to many people who have seen and witnessed strange things in and around Dundee. One of the most memorable was a witness named Beth who is sure she saw a lake monster up close and personal. In the summer of 1994 she was vacationing on Long Lake when she saw what appeared to be a dragon head appear out of the water. Beth states that "I saw a big black swan type sea monster. It had a dragon type face." She was close enough to the creature to clearly see that it was not a swan or a duck - in fact it wasn't like anything she'd ever seen before, she was very animately certain about this. Beth was alone when she first saw it, but immediately ran into a nearby cabin to tell the other people that were vacationing with her about this strange sight. When she came back out with the rest of the group, the creature had already disappeared back under the surface of Long Lake leaving yet another Dundee mystery.

I heard Beth's story while standing atop a place they call Dundee Mountain. It's not actually a mountain per se, it's actually what they call a "kame" which they say was formed by the glaciers as they moved through the area. If you picture a giant gumdrop you'll get an idea of what it looks like. In addition to being considered a very sacred location to the Native American population, it's a popular UFO skywatching spot in the area that gives you get an awesome view of the southern sky. Almost every night during the summer you can find a group of people here, and if you chat with them you'll find that many have personally seen UFOs from this location. Have I ever seen a UFO from Dundee Mountain you might ask? Well, I've seen a few lights in the sky that I couldn't explain, but nothing spectacular. For my most spectacular UFO sighting we'll have to return to Benson's Hideaway.

Every summer people gather together at Benson's Hideaway for what has been dubbed "UFO Daze." It's a special kind of get-together, kind of a chance for UFO enthusiasts from around the state and beyond to swap stories and confirm that they aren't the only believers out there. For the past two years, the night skies above Benson's during this event have produced spectacular UFO sightings.

The first time I attended UFO Daze I expected to meet some interesting people, but I sure didn't expect to see a UFO. Needless to say, I was extremely surprised. That night, a group of us were given a show by a blue three dimensional pyramid that appeared above the lake. If I had any doubts about UFOs before that day, they were shattered as I watched this pyramid hover over the lake for about 10 to 15 minutes before slowly tumbling off to my right and eventually disappearing behind the treetops.

The next year UFO Daze fell on July 21, 2001, and that night over 50 witnesses saw another spectacular light show. This one consisted of three balls of light traveling south to north over the far side of the lake. This was followed by a fourth object that consisted of three spheres of light and seemed in no hurry to leave. In fact, it was still there when the last witness left at close to 2:00 am. Many photos were taken of the object and two people even got some good video footage.

Of course, these are both just summary reports, but they can give you an idea of some of the things that happen in quiet little Dundee. For full reports of these events, a schedule for UFO Daze this year, UFO videos and photo and much more, I'd invite you to visit the UFOWisconsin web site at http://www.ufowisconsin.com

Thank you,
Jim Aho

Announcing the new "Pancake Perspectives" UFO and Alien Newsletter

One of Wisconsin's most famous UFO close encounters took place on April 18, 1961. Joe Simonton of Eagle River reported that he was given three pancakes by aliens. Since then, this story has been shared around the world, but if you think about it, the only reason we can even talk about it today is because he had the courage to tell his story in the first place.

In the Pancake Perspectives newsletter, we hail the courage that brought Joe Simonton's story and invite all of you to share your stories, viewpoints and alien theories.

Have you had an experience with aliens? Maybe a dream that seemed too real? Are you an abductee with a negative or positive abduction experience? Have you ever had a close encounter with a UFO? Do you have pictures of a UFO sighting from anywhere in the world? Do you think you know the reason why UFOs are here? Or where they come from? Do you have pictures or a theory on chemtrails? If so, we want to know! Make a submission to a future issue of Pancake Perspectives.

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Kindest Regards, As Always,

Jeff Challender

Foo fighters
'Foo Fighters' escorting American Flying Fortresses
during the Second World War.

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