UFO NEWS UK Volume 2 No. 2

Editor: Anthony James

Volume 2 No. 2

27 August 2002

Editor: Anthony James

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Hi everyone,

This will be the last newsletter for a while as I've got several big jobs to do around the house before winter comes, I'm also going on holiday soon for two weeks so that will delay th next issue as well. At the moment, I'm fighting time just to collect my e-mail and time seems so short. I've made this a bumper issue to keep you going until next time - enjoy!



UFOs are destroying the plains of fertile central Greece, according to farmers who claim to have spotted alien aircraft landing in their fields. After a visit by a 'strange flying saucer' this week, one angry farmer in the Koziakas area said he had lost several dozen hectares of wheat. "This huge circular flying object just floated down from the skies into my field," said Athanassios Tsioukas from the village of Prini. "It's surface was full of small holes."

The farmer found the close encounter so unnerving that he rushed to the local coffee shop to alert his friends. "When we got back to the field, the aliens had gone," he sighed. "But their machine left all these holes in the soil, some as deep as 20 centimeters, which had cut into my crops.'"

Mr. Tsioukas is not alone. Numerous farmers in the region have complained of unidentified flying objects leaving strange markings across their fields, although there is no suggestion that the unexplained designs are crop circles of the kind seen in Britain. Some farmers have even demanded compensation. So far, their pleas have fallen on deaf ears as claimants have been unable to pinpoint the mysterious crop-eaters. A fellow farmer, Apostolos Patramanis, who was in the next field at the time of the latest sighting, said he looked up to see "bright flashes light up the skies - and then the large object appeared and landed in Tsioukas's crops."     The Guardian Newspaper (UK) August 10, 2002.


Hard on the heels of the UFO sightings in Trikala and Prini in Greece came reports of UFO's in the neighboring country of Bulgaria. Residents of the Vizrojdentsi district of Kircaali in Bulgaria have been witnessing UFO maneuvers every night during the past week. According to the newspaper Standart, published in Bulgaria's capital, Sofia, There have been ongoing visits by UFO's within the region for the past three days, i.e. since Friday, August 9, 2002.

Eyewitness Anton Dimitrov, 14, reported, "The first UFO was a triangle-shaped, bright red object. Two other UFO's joined the first one, making eight to ten circles in the sky over Vizrojdentsi. Then they disappeared over the Kircaali Dam," Anton added. (See the Bulgarian newspaper Standart for August 12, 2002.


As of Friday, July 26, 2002, cattle mutilations had spread to seventeen of Argentina's provinces and had reached a total of 394 mysterious deaths.

According to Proyecto Condor, the breakdown of mutilation deaths by province includes 149 in Buenos Aires province, 2 in Catamarca, 14 in Chaco, 2 in Chubut, 27 in Cordoba, 4 in Corrientes, 23 in Entre Rios, 8 in Formosa, 77 in La Pampa, 11 in La Rioja, 1 in Mendoza, 15 in Neuquen, 7 in Salta, 4 in San Luis, 20 in Santa Fe, 14 in Santiago del Estero and 15 in Tucuman.

And still the mutilations continue in Argentina.

Last week, six cows were found dead and mutilated in a section known as El Cajon, inside the La Troja ranch, in Salta province, some 45 miles east of the provincial capital.

Judge Carlos M. Aguero Molina ordered an expedition of veterinarians and researchers to visit the ranch to conduct an on-site investigation. The veterinarians performed autopsies on two of the animals and submitted samples of tissue and organs to the Police Biochemistry Lab and the School of Natural Sciences at the National University of La Salta. The six cows, who were missing eyes, tongues and the flesh covering the lower maxillaries (jaws) and, in one of three specimens, the genitalia and udders of a female bovine, died in an area around 3.6 miles in circumference and were almost exactly 5,000 feet from each other.

Despite the difficulty of negotiating the terrain and the torturous paths followed by the cows, if an imaginary line were drawn between each of the carcasses, an almost perfect isoceles triangle could be found, a matter which could be coincidental but which nevertheless astonished the police, who were headed by the chief of the 4th Sheriff's Office of the (provincial) capital, Miguel Armando Miranda.

Despite the peculiarities of the geometrical arrangement of the deaths, there are other factors which are no less disturbing: the bovines were untouched by the usual carrion creatures, did not give off an odor, no traces of blood were found, and the flesh did not appear to have entered the process of decomposition, although it is certain that the deaths occurred at least ten days ago (July 11, 2002).

It is also certain that the animals died simultaneously and suddenly, since they fell as though struck down, without having made the motions characteristic of a struggle for life. Of the six bovines, only one left traces of having made any movement prior to its death. it made a small circumference (circle) with one of its front legs. Then it collapsed and remained still. "I never saw anything like it in my life," said Tito Yurquina, 70, the animals' owner, whose family has been in this area for over four generations. A similar opinion was offered by Margarita Maidana, 77, the clan's matriarch, who made the report to the police. An even stranger incident occurred in southern Cordoba province. On the last Friday of June (2002), an event of truly strange characteristics took place in a field in Suco, located to the west of Rio Cuarto, in Cordoba province, very near the border with San Luis province.

In Suco, a livestock producer, regarded by all for his responsibility and honesty, found 19 animals within an Australian-type water tank (That is, a steel-sided, sheet metal tank with a conical cap--S.C.) Nine of the bovines were dead, drowned according to local veterinarians, and the rest were alive but affected by the low winter temperatures and near death due to freezing.

The news not only spread like wildfire throughout the area; it was confirmed by police officers of Regional Unit 7, headquartered at Rio Cuarto, who took over the investigation of the case utilizing personnel from the Sampacho District Sheriff's Office, located 50 kilometers (30 miles) west of Rio Cuarto on National Highway 8. What no one could explain is how the 19 animals could have entered the enormous water tank, bearing in mind that they first had to cross an electric barrier, then a 5-foot tall fence, and finally 'jump' over the tank wall.

(See the Argentinian newspapers El Tribuno of Salta for July 21, 2002, "Cattle mutilations at La Troja," and El Diario del Sur de Cordoba-Villa Maria for July 9, 2002, "Cows found inside a water tank." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales, Gloria Coluchi, Alicia Rossi, Christian Quintero, Andrea Perez Simondini, Silvia Perez Simondiniy Daniel Valverdi para esos articulos de diario.)


A mutilated bovine, missing its genitals, tongue, ears and eyes was found in recent hours at the El Peñon location in Catamarca near the El Rodeo summer village, 38 km from the provincial seat, according to the National Health and Agro-Alimentary Quality Service (SENASA).

This agency confirmed that a commission is working in the area to reliably determine the appearence of a mutilated bovine. According to the police report, it presents characteristics similar to those of other bovines found in other Argentine provinces. The discovery occured at Cerro Ambato, according to the owner of the mutilated cow--Carlos Sosa--who later made the corresponding claim at the El Rodeo deputy sheriff's office for the alleged crime of "damages". Police confirmed that according to Sosa, the animal in question is a cow missing its genitals, eyes, tongue, and ears, and has a hole in the area of the knee, yet shows no signs of decomposing.

Specialized personnel from the National Institute of Livestock Technology (INTA) and SENASA-Catamarca decided to transfer the rest of the mutilated cow to the Catamarcan capital to have them analized in a lab. With the three burros found this week in the province of Jujuy, the number of animal species being mutilated rises to seven. Aside from bovines, which are involved in 90 per cent of the events, horses, pigs, sheep, guanacos and wild boar have also been mutilated.

Translation (C) 2002. Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi.SOURCE: Telam News Agency (Argentina) DATE: August 9, 2002


On the 18 August, a friend of mine sent me an e-mail making me aware of the Alien in the Crop formation. Although I gave up on crop formations years ago because of all the fakes being done, I thought this one was worth a mention. I recieved several e-mails in return and the formation generated a huge amount of interest on virtually every web site I went to in the last week. I've included comments and some short articles below. If you need any more info, visit a crop formation web-site.

Dear Friends & Fellow UFOlogists,

This crop circle has come in almost a year to the date of the one we received last Summer in England, as a response to the glyph transmitted into outer space through Arecibo. Art Bell and Richard Hoaglund had a lot to comment on these artifacts on both their websites. Last years picture showed a humanoid face of an androgynous type of being, quite human like. This one was received at Crabwood Farm near Winchester, Hampshire and was reported on August 15th. There are various websites which have the photographs and more details pertaining to this amazing crop circle in England. Check out: http://www.busty-taylor.com/cropper/2002w005.htm or http://www.earthfiles.com . This is Linda Moulton Howe's website or look up Lucy Pringle on the internet and her amazing photos (I just received her 2003 Crop Circle calendar from the Whitley Strieber website).

The disk next to the face has a similarity to a digital disk which may have digital encoding on it. I wonder if anyone will ever compress the disk format down to see if it makes any sense. (decoded disc below in main article) Ed.

Love & Light,


Interesting! If it's manmade, I don't think it could have been done with a plank with a rope handle. Possibly some huge stencil. If it's origin is extraterrestrial, why would the ET's leave the facial image of a "Grey" as the knowledge of their appearance is known world wide. Possibly a step toward direct introduction.


I'd seen this formation a few days ago if you'd like a bit more info check http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2002/Crabwood/crabwood2002a.html A really impressive set of images. Haven't heard a word yet on what it might all mean, please let us know if you hear anything.

Robert Mitchell

What did they do make a picture of them selves in the field, how wild.

It's a Fake!!!

Crop Circle Alien Hoax

From Peter

The Alien at Crabwood Farm House

August 19, 2002

This article may be copied and distributed freely.
A link to www.dcccs.org would be appreciated.

An interesting characteristic of crop circle formations is that each year the 'best' formation seems to be 'better' than the 'best' formation of the previous year. Obviously, 'better' and 'best' are subjective concepts, also depending on personal taste. Nevertheless, the recent Crabwood Farm House formation in the UK has blasted everyone away, even after the appearance of such impressive formations as last year's Milk Hill formation and "The Face" of Chilbolton. A first reaction by the Dutch Centre for Crop Circle Studies.

Awesome! That is an adjective that certainly applies to the "Alien Face" formation that appeared at Crabwood Farm House in Witshire, England. A very crisp piece of work, at least seen from the air. Those who claim that crop circles are made by alien civilisations in order to attempt to communicate with us, seem to have a stronger case each year. The "Arecibo Replay" of 2001, which appeared at Chilbolton together with a pixelised portrait of a human(oid) already was a clear hint in that direction, this one is even better.

Compared with the Alien Face at Crabwood Farm House, the Chilbolton formations have degraded considerably in quality. Have a look at the Chilbolton Face (e.g., here) and compare it to this new masterpiece (which can be seen here). The first thing you notice, is that the new portrait has a much higher effective resolution (crispness). Moreover, the simple pictographic communication by means of a matrix with dots (composed of two prime numbers), has been replaced by a much more modern medium: a stylized Compact Disc,with a binary code.

It was obvious that this Compact Disc contained a message. I planned to try and decode it myself, but even before I started, an email from David Kingston notified me that the translation could already be found on the Internet:

"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.
Much PAIN but still time.
There is GOOD out there.
Conduit CLOSING [bell sound]"

(Check out http://www.earthfiles.com/news/news.cfm?ID=381&category=Environment Linda Moulton Howe's website to read all about the analysis.) The dots inside the circular imprint can be read along a spiral that runs from the inside towards the outer edge of the disc (exactly the way a compact disc works), and is deciphered in a straightforward manner by simply applying the 8 bit binary codes that describe the international ASCII character set as used in computers. This may seem like abracadabra to some of you, but representing characters from a computer keyboard by zeroes and ones (or standing and flattened crop) is less than Kindergarten stuff for any computer analyst (or almost any 13-year old kid with a PC).

It may be clear to you: I have a few serious concerns about this formation, and I am convinced it's a man-made hoax. The reasons are multifold:

1. Clearly, this formation is a continuation of last year's Chilbolton events. We actually expected this one. However, one thing is curious. The Chilbolton "Face" was composed of dots of varying sizes, made in a similar way as black and white news paper photographs are printed. The dots were arranged on a regular, rectangular grid (oriented at 45 degrees), and apparent gray scales were created by varying the sizes of the dots. The Crabwood formation is different. It is made out of horizontal lines, the width of which is modulated in order to create apparent gray scales. The image is similar to what you see on a TV screen, rather than on a black and white photograph in a news paper. The fundamental principle of photographic encoding is completely different! And that is very strange. Why didn't the alleged 'aliens' employ this more sophisticated method last year? Has their technology improved so much in such a short time?

2. Secondly, there is something very peculiar about the binary message. I have no problems with the fact that the aliens can speak and write English. Why not? They may have been the ones who actually taught us to speak their language (a long time ago). But why on earth (or better: why off earth) would they employ a binary encoding to spell out a message? If they can produce such high-quality graphical images in the fields, why didn't they simple write the message in the field? If they know the ASCII character set, they also know the characters! So why do they have to stylize the shape of a CD to give us a (most obvious) clue that the dots inside the circle are actually a binary code? It simply does not make sense at all.

3. I am very much aware of the fact that any speculation about alien life forms and their possible interactions with humans cannot be judged by human logic. Whatever is obvious or logical to us, humans, may be anything but logical or even completely incomprehensible to an intelligence that developed a million light years from here. For that reason, a plea such as "why don't the aliens create a crop circle in front of the White House" is not valid. Have you ever tried to explain to a mosquito that he should not sting you? There may be an extremely obvious thing to do (i.e., obvious for a mosquito) to explain such a thing to the little insect, but despite our much higher intelligence, mosquito logic cannot be understood by humans. However, this argument cannot be applied to my statements written above. The problem is exactly the opposite: the Crabwood formation is full of human logic! And that is exactly the reason why I believe it's an elaborate hoax. The classical 'Gray', straight out of Star Trek, the silly way of creating a 152 byte CD (containing about 0,2 millionth of the data on a real CD), an anonymous decoding engineer who comes up with the translation shortly afterwards... The formation says it all: We OPpose DECEPTION.

The most fascinating things about this crop formation, I think, are 1. the curious message, which is completely empty (of course you should beware of false gifts, deception etc., nothing new here) and 2. the strange way of combining capital and lowercase characters, particularly in the word "OPpose". And what does "EELRIJUE" mean? It may all be just a smart trick to deviate our attention from the obvious clues that someone is trying to pull our legs. The question remains: Why? Would anyone create such a time-consuming an elaborate hoax just to fool others? Was this formation made by Mel Gibson and friends, afraid that Signs will flop? There must be a reason, and probably a pretty good one too. I wonder if time will tell.

However, whoever made this formation, they did a great job, and that is another fact. My compliments!

Eltjo H. Haselhoff.



A well-known resident of Jacinto Arauz, a town in Argentina's Buenos Aires province, was hospitalized late Friday (August 2, 2002) in a state of shock after having had a strange experience in a field he owns. According to investigating police officer Marcelo Alarcon, on Friday afternoon, Raul Dorado, 64, was touring the field located 5 kilometers (3 miles) northeast of the town (Jacinto Arauz), as he is accustomed to do. The man explained to the police that he had heard sound on two occasions, like a whirlwind, which drew his attention. The third time, he saw something he describes as a green circle with three legs hovering over him. At that moment, Dorado fell to the ground and, according to his story, he carried a shotgun, binoculars and a cellphone, the last of which was 'taken from his hand, and he could clearly see it being sucked into the object, which was apparently at low altitude.

In an interview with the newspaper La Nueva Provincia, Dorado described his experience with the green UFO. "As I was heading back toward the farmhouse, where I'd left the car, that's when the thing appeared." Dorado said, "It was a dim, green-colored circumference, although in daylight I wasn't able to see it's luminosity. It had three legs and was barely a meter to a meter-and-a-half away from me. When I saw it," he continued, "I felt something like an electrical charge. I fell to the ground on my knees, paralyzed, unable to do anything, with my shotgun leaning on the ground. I was also carrying binoculars and had a cellphone in my left hand, which was sucked up by the green circle. I saw it rising and disappearing."

As the object disappeared toward the east, Dorado remained at the location for an hour before being able to rise and walk back to his car, returning to town in a state of shock. Aided by his wife and neighbors, the man was admitted to the local hospital where he was cared for by Dr. Ana Maria Lazaric.

Following this incident, Deputy Sheriff Daniel Rosane decided to do some investigating on his own. Rosane reported that he has since dialed the cellphone's number a few times. It would ring and then made the typical sound of when buttons are being pressed to dial. In a subsequent attempt, he discovered that the phone was answered but only heard breathing sounds. In later attempts, the operator reported that the phone was either (shut) off or out of range. (See the Argentinian newspapers La Arena of La Pampa for August 4, 2002, "Local resident claims seeing a UFO; hospitalized in shock," and La Nueva Provincia for August 9, 2002, "Rancher claims being paralyzed by unknown object."


There was a sharp upsurge in the number of cattle mutilations in Argentina last week, raising speculation that a new cycle of slayings is underway. Four mutilated cows were found again some 8 miles southwest of Bartolome de las Casas, having the same characteristics as earlier cases. Two were found on Wednesday July 24, 2002 and two more on Thursday July 25, 2002 in a field owned by Ariel 'Papin' Suarez'. The fifth animal was found yesterday (Saturday, July 27, 2002) in Estanislao del Campo. The victim was a cow belonging to Victor Andres Roldan in the Ranero Cuia pasture field, some 6 miles from Estanislao del Campo, having all the characteristics such as 'mutilation,' 'cauterization' and 'millimetric incisions.'

Fourteen 'unverified' reports were received in the Fontana and Bartolome de las Casas region. Reports included a young horse, (This is the fourth horse mutilation in Argentina in 2002.) a water buffalo and 12 bovines.

In Buenos Aires province, a few farmers informed (the newspaper) El Tiempo last night (Friday, July 26, 2002) that while surveying the El Yunque ranch in the locality of Parish, they found a bovine presenting signs of mutilation. The case, according to the rural worker's description, was similar to others detected in the area and in other parts of Argentina. In this particular case, the animal showed mutilations in the rectal area, tongue, eyes and jaw.

In the southern part of the province, near Balcarce, the discovery of a mutilated cow in a field of the Buena Vista area is surprising in itself, but the discovery of waterless tanks and a lemon tree that lost all of its leaves in a single night, and cows suddenly found in another pen, have made the event an unexplainable one.

Field owner Gustavo Dimuro remarked that last Sunday afternoon July 21, 2002 he was touring the fields and distributing rolls (bales) of hay for the cattle to eat, and did not detect any anomalous activity. Since there was no rain on Monday morning July 22, 2002, he made the same tour with Jorge Latorre, and it was then that they found the dead bovine. Approaching it, they were able to attest that it had been mutilated in the same manner as in the cases which have appeared in the national media. "We have found that the entire palate bone was skinned, its tongue was missing, and its anus and genitals had been torn off. It was a three-to-four year old cow, pregnant, and in excellent health." Dimuro remarked, adding that when they found the (calf) fetus it was intact.

Although they gave little importance to it at the time, after the discovery, they remembered that only a few days ago the two water tanks in the field had been found completely dry. Both tanks have cement floors. They refilled them and later found that both tanks were still full, showing no signs of leaks anywhere. Another notable event occurred between last Sunday (July 21, 2002) and Monday (July 22, 2002). A lemon tree close to the site where the animal was found was completely leafless.

The strange events didn't end there, as to everyone's surprise, there were animals who had changed pasture fields without any explanation. "In a single pasture field of 200 animals, I found three cows in one pasture and two in another, where the heifers are kept. We looked to see if the barbed wire had been broken, and we found nothing," Dimuro said, "We can't explain how this happened."

In addition, several birds appeared mysteriously mutilated in the vicinity of El Fuerte, department of Santa Barbara. Police sources informed the newspaper Pregon that for the time being the studies have failed to yield any results regarding the reason why the animals died: emptied out through their anal sphincters without any signs of injury or aggression.

According to the Sheriff's Office in Palma Sola, to whose jurisdiction El Fuerte belongs...the mutilated birds belong to Fortunato Morales, a resident of El Fuerte, who claims that eight chickens died under these strange circumstances during the past three months.

The animals have had their entrails extracted through the anal sphincter. The bodies are dry, bloodless and odorless. The means of killing does not correspond to any predator in the area. It was also known that the police officers in charge of the investigation requested the collaboration of the SENASA (National Health and Agroalimentary Quality Service) veterinarian at Palma Sola, Dr. Mario Portal. This El Fuerte case bears a close resemblance to classic Chupacabra attacks in recent years in Chile and Brazil.

In Chaco province, a mutilation took place in La Tigra, in a field 6 miles from the urban center. The pasture field, located in Lot 12, belongs to Horacio Salivar, 35, and held a bovine that met the same fate as other similar animals who made the national news. Salivar said that a neighbor had told him last Tuesday (July 30, 2002) that there was 'a flutter of crows' over his field. Upon reaching the field, he found that an 11-month-old calf had died but revealed strange injuries, among them the absence of eyes, tongue, maxillary (jaw) muscles and anus.

The cattleman, confronted by the scene, alerted the local police unit, which in turn informed the Livestock Agency, contacting Pedro Tomas Bosch and the provincial capital's Rural and Ecological Police. There was a considerable number of crows flying over the area but, contrary to what is usually the case when an animal dies, none of the birds approached the dead calf. Nor did the other bovines, who usually surround their dead companion, come close. "It was evident that it had been dead for a few days," Salivar said, "But it (the calf) was neither stiff nor smelly. One of my cows died a while back, and in that case, the crows ate it up in a matter of hours. This is very odd, and it's the first time I've ever seen it."

Finally, Salivar highlighted that both he and his friend refused to touch the animal 'because it's something weird. I don't believe, as it is said, that the (red-muzzled) mouse is involved, because in looking at the animal's position, it is very strange for it to die like that, and that its eyes, tongue and everything else should be extracted so cleanly. Several days have gone by, and there's still no odor. This is very weird,' he insisted." (See the Argentinian newspapers El Comercial for July 28, 2002, "Five cows mutilated;" El Tiempo for July 27, 2002, "Another bovine mutilated, this time in Parish;" El Diaro de Balcarce for July 28, 2002, "Waterless tanks and cows out of place?" Pregon for August 1, 2002, "Mutilated birds in El Fuerte;" and Norte of Chaco province for August 2, 2002, "Another mutilated cow, this time in La Tigra." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales, Alicia Rossi y Gloria Coluchi para todos eses articulos de diario.)


A couple that was driving along last night (Friday, July 26, 2002) at around 9 p.m. from the SETIA Campground toward the city of Chascomus, in Argentina's Buenos Aires province, along the peripheral road, witnessed a large, sky-blue light, changing color and size, as it flew overhead. A reporter from the newspaper El Fuerte was able to see the light, which at that time, remained stationary over Mount Brown, near the Playa San Jose beach facility. Its color was now red, and it gave off flashes.

Minutes later, a local resident contacted El Fuerte (to say that she had--S.C.) see the light descend and lose itself behind the treeline. An hour later, at 10:30 p.m., two other witnesses saw the phenomenon on Route 20, near the Aeroclub. The object moved slowly westward. This sighting can be added to others which have been taking place in our area during recent months.
Elsewhere in the province, the alleged appearance of strange floating figures and red spheres moving at high speed during the night and in the sand dunes area leading toward the Playa Arroyo Pareja municipal beach, facing the Calle Corrientes and Calle Libertad (streets) in Commandante Atlantida, south of Bahia Blanca, wove a mantle of mystery around residents in that section of the city.
And in La Rioja province, local residents remarked that strange lights were seen over the hills of Ulapes during those days when recent cattle mutilations took place, and Jose Nievas said as much last Sunday (July 28, 2002) when he was in Aguayo and on his way back to Ulapes and saw two large lights moving swiftly over the mountains. "I don't believe in witches," said another cattleman, 'But they exist, all right."
(See the Argentinian newspapers El Fuerte of Chascomus for July 27, 2002, "Strange lights over the lake;" La Nueva Provincia of Bahia Blanca for August 2, 2002, "Strange lights, figures allegedly seen in Cd. Atlantida;" and El Independencia of La Rioja province for July 30, 2002, "Lights, mutilated animals reported in Ulapes.


I'm somewhat of a sceptic when it comes to the extraterrestrial explanation of UFO's, although I do believe in life on other planets. But around a week and a half ago I was talking to my girlfriend when we, together spotted a light in the sky, too bright to be a star and moving at a steady pace. We watched it for quite a while, an exact figure I cant give you, but it may have been up to 4-5 minutes. It was basically a whiteish-orangey light, that got dimmer at times and then brighter, this may have been down to light cloud but I am not sure. The most interesting part of this sighting however is that after a time, the object came back, and flew directly towards us, albeit at a much higher altitude then we first saw it and thus it was consequently dimmer. When we walked back to try and get an unobstructed view (there were trees around us) we lost sight of the object and did not see it again.

A few nights back I went to the scene with a compass to check the bearings and see what direction the craft had been flying. We had been looking directly south when we spotted it, the craft had seemingly flown to the east first, and then when we spotted it again it was flying to the north. Sound odd? Well yes it was!

I'm quite adept at recognising aircraft and I can tell you for certain this was not a publicly known plane, the light which it produced was visible from the front side and back, which would lead me to assume it was something to do with the propulsion unit of the aircraft, because if it was some sort of secret US or British plane, why not just turn off the lights and then it wouldnt be seen?

Other things I noticed were that it produced absolutely no sound and after our first sighting of it a plane appeared, this plane in contrast had easily distinguishable navigational, red/green lights and a white light to the front which was only visible when it was flying towards us. The aircraft made a number of flypasts during the night, right up to when i eventually got home. The strange thing was that I could not hear any noise eminating from this plane either.At first I believed this to be the Garda (Irish police) plane, a twin engined turboprob, because it was not flying at any great speed and seemed fairly large, but in contrast it was flying at a very fast rate when I seen it for the last time. It should also be noted that the Irish Air Corps possess no jet fighter type aircraft that would be used to intercept any intruders, so I can only assume it came from Britain, if indeed it was a jet which was trying to intercept.

One last thing as regard the UFO was that at times the object seemed to give off a pyramidal shape, but again this could be down to my eyes and cloud. I can verify and cross check this all with my girlfriend, we also sent a number of texts to each other that night, some of which I have saved, verifying that yes in fact we had seen this.

The date was the 26/07/02, Location Naas Co. Kildare, Ireland and also of note is the proximety to Baldonnel, the Air Corps base, so any object would certainly have been detected on radar there.

I can give extra information if your interested, but I would ask this be kept confidential for the time being. I'm wondering whether I should bring ask the Irish department of defence but I don't want to be treated like a looney. Dave 'F'


You might recall that in the last issue, I reported a black tube flying through the sky above Nottingham. I recently bought myself a digital camera with a powerful zoom lens and decided that I would not be caught outside again without the camera. On Wednesday 21 August, Carole and I were sitting in our back garden relaxing when I noticed a tiny white sphere which seemed to be hovering in the sky way way above us, it must have been a good three miles or more high. I pointed it out to my wife Carole and told her to keep her eyes on it while I ran for my camera. 15 second later I was taking one of six photographs. Even when the pictures appeared on back of the camera as a previews, I could not make out the object. Eventually after about 10 minutes, we lost the object in cloud-cover.

I loaded the images straight into my PC for a better look. Two of the images were totally out of focus, three were slightly out of focus but showed the sphere as we saw it and one frame was perfectly focused. I was amazed!!! If I didn't have the digital camera, I would have sworn that we had seen a white sphere hovering in the sky, and labled it as a UFO. Yes you are right, after enhancing the best picture, it turns out to be... a balloon.

UFO 1 UFO 2 UFO 3 - A balloon

Anthony James UFO NEWS UK


Dear Tony, details as follows, sighting at Alfreton, Derbyshire Sunday 18/08/02,time 18:45,object was first seen at high altitude towards the East. Attention was brought to it by a passenger aircraft which the object appeared to be above at a much higher altitude and stationary for a short time before moving towards the North and taking approximately 5 minutes to disappear from view behind clouds.When observed through binoculars it appeared to be cylindrical in shape with a metallic/grey colour.It was witnessed by the following people; Mr Alan Smith, Mrs Karen Smith, Mr David Smith; Mrs Beryl Smith, Miss Kelda Smith, Mr Lee Harrison and Master Luke Williams. (Alan managed to get 46 seconds of video footage of this object, although it's tiny when viewed. Object dead centre.Ed)

Alan Smith Video frame

This Issues Selected Picture

This Issues Selected Picture - Mexico

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