UFO NEWS UK Volume 1 No. 3

Editor: Anthony James

Volume 1 No. 3

22nd October 2002

Editor: Anthony James

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By Alex Johnson for MSNBC. Sept. 18th 2002

For more than four decades, an unusual alliance of mainstream lawyers, conspiracy theorists and UFO enthusiasts has tried to find out just what is going on at Groom Lake, Nev. — the top-security Air Force facility better known to fans of "The X-Files" as Area 51. Now they will have to wait at least another year after President Bush re-issued an executive order Wednesday barring the disclosure of any information about the site. According to one popular theory, the government studies alien spaceships at Area 51, where it keeps captured unidentified flying objects stored in underground bases and conducts autopsies on aliens.

Janet flights @ Area51


IN THE CONTINUATION of a drama played out every Sept. 18 since 1995, Bush signed the order to make sure that lawyers pursuing hazardous-waste claims against the Environmental Protection Agency could not get their hands on classified information about the site, which lies in the middle of a remote stretch of desert 100 miles north of Las Vegas.

The government did not even acknowledge the existence of the site until the mid-1990s, when it had to begin responding to workers’ claims of injuries resulting from hazardous waste practices. Even now, all the Air Force will say is that the area is used "for the testing of technologies and systems training for operations critical to the effectiveness of U.S. military forces and the security of the United States." It insists that "specific activities and operations ... both past and present, remain classified and cannot be discussed."

Although exasperated government lawyers say nothing nefarious is going on at Groom Lake, they have gone to herculean lengths to make sure no one knows what is going on at Groom Lake. President Dwight Eisenhower began the process all the way back in 1955, when he issued an executive order restricting airspace over the site. Then, in 1995, President Bill Clinton raised the stakes by issuing an order clamping down on discussion or release of any information whatsoever. That was about the time attorneys for former government workers began taking their rejected medical claims to court. Those lawyers believe the government is trying to keep the site secret to avoid having to admit it mishandled hazardous materials, exposing the workers to toxic fumes when it allegedly dumped poisonous resins into open pits and burned them in the 1970s and ’80s.


There is another group, however, that thinks something else entirely is going on at Groom Lake — something spooky, something otherworldly. To this group, the site is known as Area 51, the nexus of the greatest government cover-up in history. It is, they say, where the government studies alien spaceships, where it keeps captured unidentified flying objects stored in underground bases, and where it conducts autopsies on aliens. Writers for "The X-Files" were able to dredge up numerous scripts from stories that have built up since May 1989, when a physicist named Bob Lazar told a Las Vegas television station about nine alien flying saucers he said were being held near Groom Lake by a rogue agency of the federal government. Lazar claimed that the government was studying the propulsion system of the spacecraft, which were flown to Earth from the Zeta Reticuli star system. According to Lazar, the Reticulans have been overseeing human evolution for a hundred centuries, and since they were found out, they have been cooperating with the U.S. government on a direct exchange of technology.

Bob Lazar
Bob Lazar
UFO over Area 51
UFO over Area 51

The government, to the extent that it has commented at all, says Lazar’s account is utter nonsense. More prosaically, mainstream scientists suggest, the government simply wishes to limit its liability as it establishes the Nevada Test Site at nearby Yucca Mountain as a storage repository for hazardous nuclear waste. Those alleging an extraterrestrial conspiracy say instead that Yucca Mountain was chosen precisely so federal researchers could have unfettered access to its stored nuclear energy sources via a secret underground tunnel.

In any event, the government has zealously argued that it cannot say anything about Area 51, and it has fought workers’ lawyers tooth and nail in court to keep government documents about the site sealed. One of those lawyers, Jonathan Turley of George Washington University, described the courtroom jousting with federal lawyers as "otherworldly." And every year since Clinton issued his executive order in 1995, the White House has reaffirmed the cloak of secrecy on Sept. 18. Presumably, as Agent Mulder would have it, "the truth is out there." Just don’t ask the president.


On Sunday, 6 October, 2002, 10:33am, A burning object seen streaking across West Midlands skies on Sunday morning may have been a meteor, astronomers have said. The streaking fireball was seen heading south shortly before 0600 BST. Its passage was followed by a bright flash which lit up the sky. Sightings of the object were reported at sites including Coventry, England's south coast and Wales. Andy Salmon, from the Birmingham Astronomical Society, said it may have been a meteor - space debris burning up in the atmosphere.


A meteor is a particle entering the Earth's atmosphere and burning up at high speed. Larger objects do not burn up completely, hit the ground, and become a 'meteorite' He also suggested it may have been a man-made object, such a satellite re-entering the atmosphere, or a rocket being launched. "Meteors can happen at any time... there's no predicting when it may happen," he said.

One witness said the object had a tail. "All of a sudden I've seen this light streak across the sky... the front of the light was much larger than what you would call the tail," he said. 'Like a film'. The BBC's Ben Godfrey saw the fireball as he arrived at work. "It was reminiscent of a meteor you might see in a film... it was huge," he said. Local aviation authorities confirmed the object was not aircraft-related.

It has been an eventful period for the West Midlands in nature terms, with the region shaken by an earth tremor on 23 September.


A large meteorite is thought to have smashed into a forest in a remote area of Russia. Residents in the town of Bodaibo, in the Irkutsk region of Siberia, saw a large luminous body fall from the sky. They say the impact caused the ground to shake and made a sound like thunder. Flashes of bright light could be seen above the impact site, which was a long way from any settlements according to the Russian newspaper Pravda. "Locals felt a strong shock, which could be comparable to an earthquake," said the report. "In addition to that, the people also heard a thunder-like sound."

Asteroid expert Dr Benny Peiser, from Liverpool John Moore's University, said: "If the eyewitness accounts are confirmed, this fact of an earth tremor together with thunder-like explosive sounds would indicate a rather significant impact event." He said the incident occurred on the same day as the US House of Representatives debated the need to search for smaller asteroids and the danger of mistaking impacts for nuclear attacks.

At least 30 times a year, asteroids smash into the Earth's atmosphere and explode with the force of a nuclear bomb. These smaller asteroids, between 200 and 500 metres wide, could potentially demolish a city with a direct hit or cause tsunamis - giant waves - capable of wiping out entire coastal areas if they land in the ocean. Astronomers estimate there could be between 900 and 1,300 large asteroids measuring one kilometre or more in our part of the solar system, while the number of smaller bodies could amount to 50,000.

Story filed: 18:25 Friday 4th October 2002


A new national poll found that 72 percent of Americans believe the government is not telling the public everything it knows about UFO activity, and 68 percent think the government knows more about extraterrestrial life than it is letting on, the SCI FI Channel reported. The poll—sponsored by SCI FI as part of its promotion for Steven Spielberg's 20-hour SF miniseries Taken—also revealed that men more than women think such information should be shared with the public. RoperASW conducted the poll of 1,021 adults aged 18 and over from Aug. 23-25. The margin of error is 3 percent.




On September 20, 2002. at 10:30pm, we all looked up to see a bright neon orange saucer moving very slow across the sky. It then hovered for about 1½ to 2 minutes and then disappeared beyond the hills. It seemed like it was spinning very fast and was actually glowing. There were rays of light shining off of it. There was a small dome on top of the saucer and the bottom of the saucer was smooth and rounded. I was with about 100 people outside a park and all you could hear was screams of excitement. A friend of mine took pictures. After the sighting, about ten search planes flew over the area. They were flying very low and we also saw a military jet fly by.


On September 24, 2002 at 8pm, a women and her children left their house and started on thier way to take the kids to pick up some hamburgers. Once outside the house, the mother noticed strange lights in an adjacent field next to her house. "I saw two big bright lights hovering . I stared at them and asked my kids if they were seeing what I was seeing and they told me yes. As we got in the van and I started to drive, the UFO started moving in our direction. My kids were just starring at it and it had a lot of lights. It was just moving along next to us but in the sky. Suddenly it past us and then it went side ways and headed back towards us and there it was next to us again. No sound ever came out of it like an airplane or helicopter. It was silent with little movement. As we got to Burger King it disappeared. When we got home I asked the kids to draw what they had seen and the drew a plate like image with lights on it".


The witness reports, "My friends own the Internet Cafe and I closed up late that night. It had been raining, but the rain stopped as I left the cafe at 3:30 AM, on September 25, 2002. It was a very dark night, and I looked up and saw a big 'X', like a disc hovering above us. WOW, it was very big. It was so big that it didn't allow the rain to fall on us. I think it was 500 to 600 meters in diameter and it was hovering over the city. I saw one man shoot his pistol about eight times at the object, and it started to move away. Then it started to rain again. The police came and arrested the man. I'm 100% sure this was a UFO.


On Thursday, October 3, 2002, at 5:55 p.m., Lawrence D. and his two children were strolling through a public park in the southeastern section of St. Albans, Hertfordshire, UK when they saw something unusual in the sky.

"My two children and I witnessed the object from a local park, walking back from taking the dog for a walk. I noticed an object in the sky at low level coming from the northeast, thinking nothing of this to start with as we have so many flight paths from Luton Airport and Stanstead Airport. I thought it was an aircraft or specifically a microlight (hang glider in the USA--J.T.) as we have many in the area."

Lawrence described the UFO as "egg-shaped, at an estimated 2,000 feet (600 meters) in altitude." "But, to my amazement," he added, "the object did not climb like a plane or helicopter. The angle of attack was too great. It moved up and across the sky with flowing movements, then changed course towards the south, coming towards London. Then, what struck me as very odd, the object stopped motionless, but the colour of it changed from white to yellow. By this time, I had pointed out the object to my children (ages 7 and 12 years--L.D.). They were also intrigued. The object then moved off, up and to the southeast towards a grey cloud which was very dark. I could see the object quite clear against it. I could see some motion, too, but, in the blink of an eye, it vanished. We waited for it to come through the cloud, as the sky was a bright blue evening (sky) except for a few dark clouds, but nothing appeared. We must have witnessed the event for 15 to 20 minutes." Thanks to Joseph Trainor. http://ufoinfo.com


A surveillance camera mounted atop the Kota Kinabalu International Airport terminal captured a rather strange sight resembling a "flying coffin" hovering over Terminal Two, On Friday night, October 5, 2002. A senior Malaysia Airports Berhad (MAB) officer said the revolving camera was focusing on the Terminal Two area at about 7.06pm when those monitoring the surveillance were caught by surprise by the object "flying" across the scene within seconds before disappearing from the screen.

An immediate check with the radar station showed the object did not appear on their screen, except for a Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Fokker aircraft taking off three minutes earlier. The outline of the aircraft was clearly identified on the radar screen, the officer said. A security guard on duty in the area claimed to have seen the object flying in a great speed over Terminal Two, initially seen rising from the direction of the sea before disappearing over the hills adjacent to the KKIA terminal. "There was no sound at all," he said.



Donna wrote, "On October12, 2002, my fiance and I were walking home, when he noticed a strange light in the sky at 7:45 PM. He pointed it out to me and we both observed an object bigger and brighter than a star for about two minutes. The movement it made was strange, it swayed from side to side and seemed to bob up and down. The light faded and got brighter whilst we watched it for about two minutes until it eventually just disappeared, but it did not move away, it just faded away. We both observed strange white beams of light coming off it that resembled a sparkler. Thanks to Kenny Young

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