UFO + PSI Magazine Issue 12

Editor: Christian Pfeiler

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Written by Christian Pfeiler

Christian Pfeiler

Hello and welcome to the twelfth issue of the magazine.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make such a large "anniversary" issue as I had promised in my last foreword. I'm really sorry and I apologise for the rather small magazine this month but I really hadn't enough time to write as many articles as I wanted (because of some private problems and stress.) I will try to write all the promised articles for the next issue which won't be published in July (read below for more information about the summer break.)

Nevertheless, I hope you will find again many interesting articles in this issue. Have a special look on my maybe a little bit controversial new article about certain mystery series in TV and about my thoughts how such series can have a bad influence on serious ufology and paranormal research. Have also a special look on the excellent PSI-related article "No light, but rather darkness visible" from Mike Hallowell and on the Roswell article from my co-editor Dave. Two articles in this issue may seem familiar to some of you because I had already published them in the first issue last year, but I thought it would be a good idea to publish this two excellent articles again, because many of the new readers haven't read them (and the first issue isn't available online.) I really hope no one of the "old" readers is angry about the recycled stuff because there are also many new articles in this issue. Thanks to Dave, Derek and Mike for their help.

Another important thing: I will make a break of around 5 or 6 weeks with the magazine and this means there will be no issue in July. I suppose many of you have certainly other and better things to do in Summer outside (it's holiday time) then sitting in front of your computer and reading online magazines and even I have many other things to do by myself so I think I won't have enough time for serious UFO research. I will also use the next month to improve my English again a little bit. Therefore, I have decided that I will make a "summer break" in July. I will give no publishing date of the next issue this time but I think it will be published in the middle of August (I'll let you know the correct publishing date two weeks before.) This is not the end of the magazine - far from it - it's just a summer break and I promise that I'll be back in August.

You can contact me (as usual) via e-mail also in June and July if you have UFO related questions or if you have interesting material, but I will maybe need some time to reply. I think I won't be online every day, because it's Summer :-)

I wish you a happy Summer.


Contents of this issue

1.) UFO related sentence of the month

2.) Our Group Members

3.) UFO dictionary

4.) Mystery series in TV and their influence on young people - a real problem?

5.) No light, but rather darkness visible

6.) Roswell - the UFO enigma (Part 1)

7.) FBI document of the month

8.) Circular Rainbow - the experiences of an abductee (article from Issue 1)

9.) The Sarbacher Letter (article from Issue 1)

10.) The KRILL papers (Part 5)

11.) Website tip of the month

12.) UFO photo of the month

UFO related sentence of the month

"When the long awaited solution to the UFO problem comes, I believe that it will prove to be not merely the next small step in the march of science but a mighty and totally unexpected quantum jump."

                                                                                                     Dr. J. Allen Hynek

Our Group Members
Written by Christian Pfeiler

Christian Pfeiler

In this issue I would like to introduce myself. I know, I had already done this last year in the "legendary" Issue 1, but we have meanwhile many new readers who haven't read the first issue (it's not available online) so I decided to write again a short article with some information about me, because maybe some of the new readers are also interested to hear more about the crazy guy who is responsible for this magazine <g>.

My name is Christian Pfeiler and I'm 23 years old. I live in the Southeast of Germany near the city Regensburg in the Upper Palatinate (which is a part of Bavaria). You can easily find Regensburg if you look on a globe or map and search for the northest point of the Danube (approximately 130 kilometres north of Munich). The name of my hometown is Burglengenfeld, which is a small town with around 12,000 inhabitants. The name comes from a big castle (Burg) on a hill above the town. It's in fact a very old town with many buildings from the Middle Ages and I like to live here. (Check out the website of my hometown: www.burglengenfeld.de)

I've never had an own UFO sighting but my greatest hobby is certainly UFO research (since I was 8 or 9 years old). Many people - including friends - laugh about my hobby and say it's just "weird" and a complete waste of time, but I don't think so. I believe that even my little and nearly insignificant contribution can help to find out the truth about UFOs and other paranormal phenomena and I will continue with my work and with the magazine (so don't be worried about the summer break.)

My other hobbies are working with old computers (like the famous Commodore 64 - the best computer ever), playing classical computer games, making trips with my car or my motor scooter, listen to good music (Genesis, Queen) and write short science fiction stories. I'm a little bit nostalgic and like everything from the 1980s. My favourite TV series is "The Simpsons" - the best cartoon series of all times.

Unfortunately, I have no job at the moment - I've learned an office job - and I think seriously about moving to England to live and work there, but it's only a weird plan at the moment because I doubt my English is really good enough (but it's getting better all the time.)

UFO Dictionary
Written by Christian Pfeiler


Here is the eight part of the UFO dictionary. In this issue I will try to explain some of the special UFO words, terms and abbreviations starting with the letter "H".

Hangar 18

It is claimed that there is a Hangar No 18 (aka "Blue Room") at Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio and that recovered top-secret UFO material was stored in that hangar for a certain time. However, such claims aren't proven and the term "Hangar 18" appeared first in a US science fiction movie from 1980.

Holloman AFB

According to some - as usual completely unproven - claims, a "historical" meeting between extraterrestrial beings and humans (US government and military) took place at Holloman AFB in New Mexico on April 25 1964. Many "true" documents about UFOs refer to the Holloman scenario as beginning of the relationship between aliens and the US government, despite the fact that the whole story is quite unbelievable.

Huffman Incident (aka Cash/Landrum case)

Three witnesses (Betty Cash, Vickie and Colbie Landrum) observed a bright and fiery diamond- shaped UFO near the town Huffman/Texas on December 29 1980. The case is very famous because all three witnesses suffered on some kind of radiation sickness afterwards, so this case shows clearly that UFOs can have physical and even dangerous influence on their surroundings. The object was escorted from US military helicopters, so sceptics tried later to explain it with some kind of secret governmental experiment (like a testplane) which was not involving extraterrestrial forces.


A "Human Piloted Alien Craft", a craft of alien origin but piloted and constructed by humans (maybe by use of foreign technology from recovered UFOs.) There is a theory, that the dangerous "glowing diamond" in the Huffman Incident was such a HPAC.


Many abduction researchers use hypnosis since many years as a way to "help" abductees to remember what have happened with them "inside the alien ship". However, the use of hypnosis is still very controversial and many sceptics say that there is no guarantee that the hypnotized person tells really the truth and not only lies or fictional stories.


A kind of genetic crossbreed between humans and (usually) grey aliens. Some abductees reported during hypnosis sessions that they had seen such hybrids with partly human/partly alien body features. However, the real existence of such beings and the theory that aliens abduct people to make genetic crossbreeds is completely unproven.

Mystery series in TV and their influence on young people - a real problem?
Written by Christian Pfeiler

Mulder and Scully from the X-Files
The agents Mulder and Scully from the "X-Files"

If you look around in certain message boards in the Internet you can sometimes find strange texts like "I'm an 11 years old boy and I want to solve UFO mysteries like Fox Mulder, because UFOs are pretty cool" or "Can anyone explain to me how witchcraft works. I'm a 12 years old girl and I want to use such forces to have some fun." I think many of you have already read such postings in forums or newsgroups. If you are member or leader of a UFO or paranormal research organisation you can even find some of such enquiries as e-mails in your postbox and then you find yourself in the more or less difficult situation to reply as polite as possible, even if you think this e-mail is rather nonsensical.

Who are these people? Are they only some kids who write such childish e-mails and postings without real background knowledge just for fun? Or is it a mass phenomenon induced by the media? I have some thoughts about this difficult topic, which I want to share with you. I think the following article may be a little bit controversial and some people will think that I'm exaggerating this more or less harmless topic. Well, let's have a closer look:

First of all, we must divide the whole "problem" into two parts, namely into

- Certain media (especially TV series) which show young people ufological and paranormal topics in an often extremely exaggerated way and make such kids and teenagers believe that nearly every UFO case is real and involves evil extraterrestrials and conspiracies which try to take over the world.

- And certain media (again especially TV series) which show young people occult and witchcraft- related topics in an often extremely exaggerated way and make such kids and teenagers believe that occult forces do really exist and are something like fun and things to play with to do funny "magic".

Both parts are problematic from a certain point of view. However, I think the last one is the more dangerous, because many young people are influence-prone. If they see "soap-opera-like" guys in TV acting with occult forces as fun, they start to think it would be a good idea to try something like that themselves. This can lead, in my opinion, to big psychological problems and maybe real addiction to such non-existing and imaginary forces.

Let me say that I don't believe in occult forces and magic. In so far as the meaning of such forces can be used or called with rituals and spells and such things. This is superstition, created by people in former times who weren't able to cope with the real existence of paranormal abilities. I think such rituals and spells can led to real paranormal results, but these results were not caused by "magic", but by unknown forces of the mind which where activated unconscious through the strong belief in the spell or the ritual. Not through the rituals or through magic forces themselves. In addition, many of such occult "tricks" are in my opinion really simply based on pure imagination. Nevertheless, in my opinion, occultism presents a great danger for the psyche of young people and I'm worried about the tendency in today's media and especially in teenage series to show occultism and witchcraft as completely harmless fun. More about that later. Let's first concentrate on the young generation of "X-Files Ufologists".

The "X-Files" and Reality

First of all, I like the "X-Files". I'm not a real fan (called X-Phile) and my interest in UFOs started long before the first episode was shown in TV, but I think it's a great series with good and thrilling episodes (not always) and excellent actors. In addition, there are sometimes new and interesting thoughts mentioned by the characters. In addition - to be honest - Fox Mulder is pretty cool, isn't he <g>? I like the "X-Files". However, I like it as entertainment, as fiction, as a TV series and not as reality, because reality and real ufology and paranormal research are very different from what they show in the series. That is in my opinion and experience exactly the point where some people - especially kids and teens in an age between 10 and 15 years - have problems to differentiate. The following concerns not all X-Philes (far from it) but only those who believe "too much" in Mr. Mulder.

It's a fact that many kids and teenagers (sometimes even adults) get their initial interest in ufology through the "X-Files". This isn't wrong at first sight because it's always good to have young people and a new generation of ufologists who are interested in researching strange phenomena. This will keep ufology alive also in the next decades. On the other hand, many of such people approach the subject with completely wrong expectations, because they have difficulty to differentiate between TV and reality. They believe, therefore, the fictional cases shown in the series are based on real events (even if the stories in the episodes are rather weird as has happened very often in the last two seasons.) Such young people and teenagers - often otherwise very intelligent but bored about their normal life - start sometimes to live in a self-created dream world full of dark UFO secrets, covered-up truth "out there" and evil conspiracies. If they start to "research" about UFOs by themselves, they feel like heroes who fight alone against the powerful conspiracy like the brave characters in TV. Such people are excellent "victims" for a full merchandising industry around the "X-Files" and other mystery series.

Certain authors have discovered such X-Philes as a target group and easy way to sell their books. They have started to write, sometimes rather simple and believing, UFO books - often with an "X" in the title and intentionally overseeing many sceptical facts. These books are not very critical and show the reader many exaggerated UFO cases with a thrilling, mystery touch (more fiction then fact) because the authors know that this is exactly what X-Files ufologists want to read. If they would read something really sceptical, which explains for example famous UFO cases as hoaxes and certain "governmental" documents as fraud, how would some of such people react? They would maybe think such critical authors and sceptics are paid and controlled by secret governmental organizations and that they try to help these "dark forces" to cover up the horrible truth and to spread disinformation in governmental order. Who knows, maybe all UFO sceptics work for the evil cigarette smoking man from the "X-Files" <g>. I think the stories that sceptics work for the governments are in most cases rather nonsense (maybe with some exceptions - like Dr. Menzel and his proven NSA connections, but that's another interesting story). There are in addition even reliable and serious UFO books, which are "dedicated to Fox Mulder & Dana Scully". This shows us clearly how deeply the X-Files characters are tied in even in serious ufology and that also such authors try to use the popularity of those fictional persons in order to sell more books. I'm uncertain if such a dedication to fiction is the correct way to make a UFO book seem really authentic and reliable.

Just have a look on the screen names and profiles of some AOL members. They write "ufology" as their hobby, but call themselves "Fox Mulder" or "Dana Scully". These people usually don't really know much about ufology (again with exceptions) or about science, about history and about solved UFO cases. They just search for "the truth out there" and many of them don't want to hear sceptical things. Such people and kids post in newsgroups stuff like "My name is Fox Mulder and I search for the truth". You can clearly imagine what happens - more experienced people and especially self-styled "experts" reply with rude and offensive postings. Some people and kids also write e-mails to certain famous UFO Research organizations like MUFON and ask there for help to "fight the future" against the evil governmental conspiracy. Well, how should such a serious organisation react? I think most of them just delete these (in their eyes childish) e-mails without reply and think "Just another weird X-Files-Guy". The result is usually total disappointment of the young ufologists because they avoid strictly every sceptical idea but are on the other hand also avoided from serious researchers and organisations. The only possibility they have to solve this problem is starting to accept that TV and reality are very different things. To start to reading real scientific books about paranormal phenomena by reliable authors and not by such authors who want just to make easy money with lies and exaggerated UFO stuff (I can recommend J. Allen Hynek's "UFO experience" as a really serious UFO book. It's rather old but still one of the best.)

Such strong-believing "X-Files ufologists" are inasmuch a problem, as these people are often favourite objects of ridicule for certain self-styled UFO experts and sceptics and are furthermore often used from sceptics to generalize the whole UFO research scene as a bunch of X-Philes without deeper knowledge. The problem from a psychological point of view is maybe, that many of such kids and teens aren't able to cope with insulting comments from "experts" and that they feel totally disappointed after they were objects of ridicule for the first time and many of them certainly loose their just awakened interest in ufology forever.

Occultism in TV series - fun for kids?

part image of poster for Phantasmagoria at the Lyceum, Strand
Occultism in former times

Is occultism in TV series a problem? I think it really is, especially if occultism and witchcraft are shown as nearly absolutely harmless and funny mystery stuff or as something like a "hobby" for the kids, and there is unfortunately a strong tendency at the moment to produce series dealing with these contents in such a strange way. As I've said above I don't really believe in occult forces. However, I see a great psychological problem and various dangers inherent in a too strong belief and in "experiments" with such things, because it can convince influence-prone young people that these things do really exist and this can led to addiction from occultism, to sects or at last even to Satanism (which is the most dangerous and final stage of occultism.)

What about horror films and videos dealing with occult topics? In my opinion such films aren't as problematic as certain TV series, because horror films (for adults) show generally the bad results of occultism in a sometimes very drastic way, so that everyone can clearly see the dangers and these films are in addition not designed for an influence-prone target group in an age between 10 and 15 years. The concrete warnings not to use or "call" occult forces is in such adult movies generally much more easier to see then in certain teenager-oriented "Soap-Opera/Occultism/Horror"-crossovers.

I think we have some kind of generation gap: kids are not allowed to buy or rent real horror movies which contain concrete warnings and show the results of dealing with occult powers in (often very) drastic images. What do the kids instead? They look the "occultism/horror light" (to create a new word) in the TV series, which show them the whole topic in a much more soft and funny way. You must be 18 years or over if you want to see real horror movies but you must be only old enough to use a remote control to view such series in TV on the afternoon. You see, what I mean with "gap"?  Not to be misunderstood, I don't mean that children should be allowed to see real horror movies (far from it) because that would cause even greater psychological problems, but I see inasmuch a problem, as occultism is generally shown in a too harmless and simplified way in the teenager series.

Today's "occultism light" for kids shows usually good-looking soap-opera-like guys dealing with supernatural forces on a daily base without major problems (except usual teenager problems). Well, sometimes unexpected things happen but they are generally solved within one episode (and again by use of occult forces, magic spells and rituals) and without drastic horror-like scenes and a real warning. The simple and absolutely wrong message is "Occultism is fun and can help you to solve your problems". What I've said above about some of the "X-Files ufologists" is also correct in this case. People - otherwise very intelligent - are bored about their normal life (school, family, friends) and start therefore to believe that working with supernatural powers and occult forces can make their lives much more interesting and funny - like life in TV - and such people are sometimes an excellent target group for sects (and again for a whole merchandising industry).


It's rather difficult to draw general conclusions about the things I've said above, because we can't generalize the whole topic in a way that every person who view such series is either a possible "X-Files Ufologist" (as specified above) or an influence-prone "occultism" believer and possible victim of sects. Such a generalization would be the worst thing we can do. Many of the fans of these series are normal people who have no problems to differentiate between TV and reality, but sometimes (and this is something we can clearly see on some newsgroup postings) there are kids and teenagers who believe too much in a non-existing reality behind the fictional TV stories. Sometimes they learn the difference as they grow older or start to read the right books, but sometimes not.

John Mack said once "The World might be other than we have known it." I think he's right. The World might be other than we have known it...but the world is not TV. Reality is not TV. UFOs should not be researched because "they are pretty cool" but because it's important to find out the truth. The truth shouldn't be sought to become famous and to fight the future as brave heroes, but to bring new knowledge to mankind. Occultism shouldn't be shown as something funny to young people who have no deeper knowledge about such topics. It's maybe a little bit exaggerated, but I think the danger should not be underestimated. That's something we should think about. I'm sure my opinions mentioned in this article are controversial and many of you won't agree. Feel free to send me an e-mail with your own thoughts about that topic.

(In the following a comment from my co-editor Dave about this article)

Hello Chris

I have read your new article and I think its pretty good. I don't agree with everything that you state in the article. I agree with children should not be told that this New Age crap (that is just another form of witchcraft) is harmless. I know a few people myself that have gotten wrapped up in this New Age Movement and ended up getting psychiatric help. It is very dangerous stuff and should be avoided if you do not study it first and then get someone who is more knowledgeable than you to bring you along as an apprentice of somekind. Here as you said you are dealing with the mind and a whole different set of rules apply. I do not agree with you that other forces are not involved because I have witnessed these forces on my own as a boy and it was no mind trick involved. To me they exist and are around us just waiting for some stupid kid to try his hand at witchcraft. As far as putting this stuff on T.V I agree with you 100 percent. I don't think they should.

Now to the X-files. I agree that there are many people out there that watch this show and think by watching the series they automatically become knowledgeable in the UFO field. I also agree that there are too many writers and publication companies out there that are making a fortune printing half truths or down right lies about UFO's. I don't agree with you that the show does not show some truth to the watcher. The writers of that show do some pretty good researching into the UFO field before they write an episode. I'm not saying everything they show is the utmost truth but there is some truth to the episodes.

Example: the episode titled "Project Paper Clip". They did some good research into that episode because Project Paper Clip did happen at the end of World War II and a lot of men that should have been sent to the gallows for crimes against humanity came over to the United States under the nose's of the Congress and the President himself. When this was found out papers were drawn up saying that none of these men were involved in what happened in Germany during the war which was an out and out lie to the people of this country and the world.

Remember when they Annexed Israel as a free state, well part of it was because of Paperclip. Why because the Jewish leaders knew all the scientists that were persecuted in the Nuremberg trials and part of the SS itself were not at those trials. They went to the USA and other allied countries. The pay off for keeping their mouths shut and not causing a problem was the annexation of Israel as a free state and the defense of that state from all foreign adversaries. And the U.S is still under that obligation. (Why) because what those scientists and SS people were working on during the 2nd World War came with them over to the U.S. This goes real deep I mean deep and its all in the history books and where you can't find it in the history books you can piece it together from all the rumors and disinformation that was purposely put out to the UFO community so long ago.

So yes I say let the people watch the X-files because some of it may be truth behind a fiction story. Also Chris have you ever considered why shows like the X-files are on T.V. ? I mean the show came out when a lot of people back in the late 80s through the 90s where involved into some pretty heavy research into cattle mutilations, abductions, etc. Have you ever considered that the show is a tool to make all these mutilations, and abductions, seem to be only fairytales. (Think about that). Or it's a tool for someone that knows what exactly is going on to get the message out to the public, make them more aware, open their eyes and minds a little from the day to day grind that keeps people occupied. (Think about that).

My final statement is this; " In Science we follow a strict program and if you vary from that program you will be drummed out of the scientific community very fast. In Religion we follow a program and if you question that program you are deemed as a sinner and a heretic. In your perspective countries you follow a program, usually designed by the elite of that country, if you go against your country's program you are labeled a traitor. So in life in general we are all programmed in one form or another and if you go against the grain you are usually casted out of your social circles as a nut, or if you have a good following to what you believe then you will be either arrested or eliminated. Sad way to look at the life we lead but those statements are the truth."

No light, but rather darkness visible
Written by Mike Hallowell (C)

Mike Hallowell

In Paradise Lost, Milton uses a powerful phrase which forces the reader to use every intellectual tool at his or her disposal to understand the meaning. "No light, but rather darkness visible", says Milton, and we are left to ponder over his words. No light, but rather darkness visible.

To most humans, the eyes are merely two useful organs, each one sitting in its own cranial orbit. Without eyes we tend to bump into things, have accidents and fail to recognise our loved ones. With eyes we can watch TV, read and fill a beer glass without difficulty. So we need eyes, then.

But eyes are more than just two handy spheres of gristle and blood which make life easy. They may also act as windows into a world which few people are even aware exists.

The landlord of a local public house told me that it was haunted. Several times, in his peripheral vision, he had seen the apparition of a woman sitting in a rocking chair. When he turned to look at the image face-on it disappeared, snapping back in an instant to whatever netherworld it had hailed from.

Fortunately, the landlord has a firm belief in the paranormal and fully accepted that he had seen a ghost. However, how many others would have done the same? Too many times, the rational mind kicks in and experients begin to think of "logical" explanations for that which they have just witnessed.

One case I investigated was a classic example of this "denial factor". A supermarket in Nottingham had a large warehouse adjacent to it where the stock was kept. In the warehouse was a small office where the warehouse supervisor and his colleague kept their order forms, delivery sheets, stationery, etc. One day, the supervisor put down his pen and took a sip of coffee from his cup. When he turned to pick up the pen again it had disappeared from the desktop. He searched under the paperwork. Nothing. He looked on the floor. Nothing. He then began to search his pockets, even though he knew he hadn't put the pen in any one of them. Why did he do this? Because the alternative - accepting that the pen seemed to have disappeared from the desk by paranormal means - was too bizarre to contemplate.

After several minutes of fruitless searching he happened to glance cross at his colleague's desk on the other side of the office. There, in his friend' s tea mug, was his ball-point pen.

Naturally, the man was astonished. He had never left his seat. But once again the tide of logic swept over him, and he concluded that he must have left his seat. He just couldn't remember doing so, that was all. And how had the pen found its way into the tea mug? He rationalised that he must have leant over his colleague's desk to retrieve a file from a shelf, and that the pen must have fallen from his overall pocket into the cup. But why hadn't he heard the tinkle of plastic against ceramic? Ah, he reasoned; a fork-lift truck must have been passing at the time.

In fact, what this experient had done was to create a totally fictitious account of his own actions and movements in a desperate attempt to explain away the unexplainable. He was suffering from what I call Subjective Historical Reconstruction, or Psi-blindness. This process involves reconstructing and/or reinterpreting recent historical facts in a way which makes them sit more comfortably with our prejudices and cultural nuances.

Some time later, the supervisor was sitting at his desk and his colleague was sitting at the desk opposite. Suddenly, the colleague leaped out of his seat and began to shake uncontrollably. Something had frightened him. In fact, he had just seen his own ball-point pen rise up off the desk, as if carried by invisible fingers, and deposit itself in the tea mug standing on the desktop.

The supervisor confided to his colleague that he had went through an almost identical experience, and it was at this point that he realised that he had experienced something strange that day, and that his fervent desire to think logically had only caused him to lie to himself.

It later transpired that some youngsters in the warehouse had been experimenting with an Ouija Board on their lunch hour, and there was a feeling that this may have precipitated the polt-like activity in the office. When the Ouija Board activity stopped, so did the moving ball-point pens.

This is SHR or Psi-blindness in action. The interesting thing is that, if the second incident in the warehouse office had not occurred, the supervisor may never have re-appraised the situation, and further, he may have gone on for the rest of his life under the illusion that nothing untoward or strange had happened that day. Fortunately, the second incident made him think again.

How many people suffer from Psi-blindness? How many rationalise away unexplained phenomena - particularly trivial ones - by replacing what really happened with a self-induced false memory? If cultural and scientific prejudices didn't make it so difficult for people to admit to others - and, just as importantly - to themselves that paranormal events do take place and we should not be ashamed to say so, then I think researchers would be deluged with a veritable banquet of new material. Thousands, if not millions, of experients would be prepared to come forward and say, "Hey, I had a strange experience. Let me tell you about it."

Recently there has been much talk of the "smoking gun": That final, elusive piece of evidence that would prove once and for all that ghosts or UFOs or telepathy do indeed exist. That evidence may already be there, but it may be buried under a layer of Subjective Historical Reconstruction so that it cannot be recognised. If we want to find the "smoking gun", we may first need to fight the ignorance and prejudice which makes people deny the evidence of their own eyes rather than admit the truth.

What we need is light, and not merely darkness visible.

Written by David R. Fritz

Jesse Marcel
Jesse Marcel with the fragments of a real weather balloon

What happened at the Foster Ranch in July of 1947? Did a ranch hand named Mac Brazel really find the remains of a crashed flying saucer? Or did he find the remains of a Top Secret Weather Balloon system designed for listening to Russian nuclear tests; which was called Project Mogul. Or did he find another Top Secret Project?


In the summer of 1947 there were a number of Flying Disk like craft sighted within the continental United States. In the first week of July 1947 one of these crafts just might have crashed in a location about 50 to 80 miles out side the town of Roswell New Mexico.

After a severe thunderstorm the night before a ranch hand named Mac Brazel got on his horse and started checking the fencing of the fields of the Foster Ranch for any damage done by the storm the night before. As Brazel was checking the fields and the fencing, he came across one large section of field with what looked like metal debris all over the field. After looking at the debris a while Brazel noticed that there was a shallow trench, which looked to be a hundred feet long dug into the field.

Brazel was amazed at the unusual properties of the metal on the field, and after dragging a large piece out of the field he went over to his closest neighbors to show them some of the metal that he had found (the Proctors). The Proctors told Brazel that he might be holding a piece of one of those flying saucers that everyone is seeing, or a piece of a government project that crashed during the storm. They also told him to report it to the sheriff. A couple of days later Mac Brazel drove into Roswell where he reported the incident to a sheriff George Wilcox, who then reported it to an Intelligence Officer, Major Jesse Marcel of the 509 Bomb Group stationed at Roswell. After Marcel got this information the site of the debris field was closed off for a couple of days until all the debris were recovered.

On July 8, 1947 a press release that a crashed disk was recovered was issued by the Commander of the 509th Bomb Group at Roswell, Col. William Blanchard.

Hours later the press release was recended and a second press release was issued stating that the 509th Bomb Group had mistakenly identified a weather balloon as wreckage of a flying saucer. And that is the basic story of the Roswell Incident. Now the fun begins because there are so many witnesses, so many versions, and so many lies that are part of this incident that it can make you go blind just by trying to sort this story out and make some sense of the whole affair.

Let me start by saying the only truth of what anyone did was the fact that Mac Brazel found something on the Foster Ranch. He then took a piece of what he found over to the Procter residence who then informed Brazel to take it into the Sheriff. The Sheriff then reported it to the military and then the story gets so blown out of proportions that it the greatest cover-up the Government of the United States has ever pulled off.


The witnesses to this incident are recalling something that happened some 50 years ago. Some of them are family members to the actual witnesses who have passed on since the time of this event. Who have heard tales or conversations about this incident from their relatives. Others are the actual people who witnessed or were part of the incident. In either case their testimonies are vague and mixed up. The time lines do not correspond to what they have told. This could be from a memory lapse of over 50 years, or it could be that they are lying to protect themselves and others from financial ruin or even death.

We all know what fame and fortune this incident has brought to the town of Roswell New Mexico. But I do not feel that the money the town makes from this incident of over 50 yrs ago is part of why these witnesses have stretched the truth. Let me put it as clear as I can. If you were a Government doing secret projects that could incriminate everyone involved with that project and you put it to rest over 50 years ago. Then some author or investigator starts digging up information on this project that you thought you buried over 50 yrs ago, which could send certain organizations and individuals to jail; would you take measures to insure the truth of this project never got out to the public? Or take measures to steer whoever is doing the investigating in the opposite direction of the actual truth of the project? ( I think you would).

The first witness to this incident would be the Rancher Mac Brazel. Who is now deceased. But we do have some other witnesses that tell of Mac Brazels story. One of them is Loretta Proctor. Loretta Proctor claims that it was just before the 4th of July when Mac Brazel came to her and her husband Floyd, who is also deceased, and showed them a small fragment of the material he had found out at the Foster Ranch. She states that Brazel wanted the Proctors to go back to the ranch with him and take a look at what he found. She claims it was after the war and they didn't have very good tires or vehicles so the Proctors declined the invitation. The Proctors told Brazel that it could be a saucer and that there may be a reward from the government if someone finds one. She states that Brazel then went into Roswell and reported it, and they kept him there for about a week. Then she goes on to describe what Brazel did show them when he came to their house. It was something like a light weight wood six or seven inches long and a little bigger than a pencil in width. Brazel and Floyd tried to cut through it and burn it but it did not cut or burn. She states that Brazel then described the other material back at the ranch. Which was like an aluminum type material that looked like aluminum foil and when you would crush it it would straighten back out. He also said that there was some purplish type tape with some strange writing on it or pictures. After Brazel did get back from Roswell they asked him what the material was. Brazel told them that they say it's a weather balloon, he also stated that if he ever found anything on the ranch again he would never report it. And then Brazel would not talk about the incident or the material anymore.


Haut was the information's officer at the 509th Bombardment Group at Roswell in July 1947. From his memory's he was the man who wrote and issued the press release announcing the crash on July 7. The story appeared in the Roswell Daily Record on July 8. However the announcement was made at noon on the day prior to July 8. Haut states that sometime in the late morning he got a call from headquarters that Col. Blanchard wanted to see him. Haut went in and the Col. told him that he wanted him to put out a press release which stated that they had in fact had in their possession a crashed  flying saucer. It was being transported to the 8th Air Force headquarters to be turned over to Gen. Roger Ramey who was the next highest in command. Haut states it was just before lunch when he got into his vehicle and drove to the two newspapers and two radio stations, and hand delivered the releases to them, and then went home and ate lunch. When Haut arrived back at the base the phones were ringing off the hook. Everybody wanted to the details of what it looked like, did he himself see it, or handle it? Haut told them he didn't know anything more than what was in the press release. Haut states that the whole thing was over by 4 or 5 o'clock that day. All the news media who was going to call called. And he told them that he did not know anything more than what was in the press release. And it died End of Story according to Haut. Although he still believes that the press release that he issued was the truth. Not the release from Fort Worth claiming it was a weather balloon.

For this issue I am going to stop here with the testimonies of Loretta Proctor and Walter Haut. I will do other articles on the Roswell incident in the future issues of UFO + PSI magazine. I would like to state that the testimony of Walter Haut seems to be accurate. I say this because I served in the military and you do not go writing press releases without proper authorization from the Base Commander of anything that happens on the Base. This is common protocol within the military. The Crashed Saucer release had to be written by Blanchard himself because Haut in his testimony had little time to write it. It was written and handed to him to get out to the two local news media's as fast as possible. The question here is WHY?

We will find this out as this story unravels piece by piece in the next issues of the magazine.

FBI document of the month
Written by Christian Pfeiler

In the following another interesting document from my FBI archive. The memorandum from July 17 1947 reports about an obvious UFO hoax concerning a "landed" flying saucer. It's nothing important, but funny to read.

FBI document

FBI document

Circular Rainbow - the experiences of an abductee
Written by Rachel Kleypas

Three grey aliens with abductee

I was born in the Autumn of 1963 in West Runton, Norfolk, England. My father was an American Serviceman working with radars and my mum was just his English bride in the August of 1962. I was fortunate that I was born into such a loving home. My parents, both brought me up with Christianity. My great-granddad was a Jew in Northern Germany; therefore, I had no reason to make up incredible stories. By the time, I was 12 - my family, which included my brother (who is a year younger than I) and my sister, who was two at the time lived in America. My dad had got orders to move to the States, when I was three.

We lived in a small, developing town in Arkansas. It was situated about a half-hours drive from a military air base. We didn't talk about UFO's in my home. It wasn't so much out of being sceptic; it's just that our lives were so full. My dad had not long retired from his career with the military.

Being from a close-knit family, we shared everything even our ideals at meal-times. My parents encouraged us children to develop our own philosphies and nurtured our intellect with discussions even on political matters to prepare us for the real world, for when the time came to leave home. Basically, our parents turned all of us into wholesome individuals. As with other families, we had our share of problems; however, we pulled together as a family unit. My dad was insisted on it.

What I loved most about my childhood - we were allowed to develop our own personalities without judgement. So to say that this story, what I am about to share with you comes from a person with a neglected childhood, or what other sceptics would like to perceive of my childhood - they would be badly mistaken.

Even to this day, I am very close to my family and love them all very much. So I would not have anything said against them. My mother told me that she was going to cook spaghetti for tea, one Sumrner's evening. It must have been late Summer, or an Indian Summer. I was told to be home for half-past six for tea. Spaghetti, being my favourite dish - I was going to make sure that I was home in time for tea.

My friend, Barbara, only lived a stone's throw from my parent's house. My parent's could easily look out their front door to see me, as the other neighbours drive was the only thing between my home and my friends. Quite visible, from the front door. Also, as close as the houses were-you couldn't miss very much. Barbara's mum alerted me to the time, so that I wouldn't be late. I must admit - with spaghetti on the go - I couldn't get out of the door quick enough. Well, what do you expect from a 12 year old.

I started to proceed home, when I noticed the strange quiet in the neighbourhood. It was strange, because behind our homes ran a very busy main road that cut through the middle of town. Also, there would be sounds of nightengales. I remember, it was dusk and not dark - yet the stars were starting to appear.

What I remember most of all was the static electricity that was in the air. The hair on the back of my neck stood up on end. I felt like there were eyes watching me. I looked back thinking that it was my friend, Barbara wondering why I was just standing just outside her chain-link fence that surrounded her front garden.

What happened next to this day leaves me in awe. At first, I thought what I was looking at was something out of my imagination. I turned back around thinking it was going to be gone. The second glance, it was still there.

The object was round with different colours moving in various directions. The colours made me think of a rainbow ... hence I call it a 'circular rainbow'. It was vertical and not horizontal. It made me think of a saucer standing on edge with the flat surface facing towards you. I remember the centre of it was bright, like a white light, or amber light. It was different from the rest. I ran, after what seemed like seconds. When I got into the house, my dad firmly, but lovingly queried the time. I told him, it was half past six. When he told me to look at the time on the clock - I was dumbfounded. I remember the time was nearer to ten in the evening. I couldn't account for the time. What else I couldn't account for was why my parents couldn't see me standing outside my friends gate. There was enough light to see me, at the time I left my friend.

I remember the panic that arose in me, when my dad asked my brother to go out with me to have a look. I was petrified. It wasn't long after that that I started seeing strange symbols. It was because of this experience that I made my quest to understand it when I got older. In 1993, my case was researched by a very reputable researcher here in the UK. To my astonishment, I had been abducted that night and started having encounters from the age of four. I even had encounters with the greys.

I faced ridicule for many years, when I had tried to talk about it. Then I applied my faith and that gave me the courage to face it and come to terms with it. I have written this knowing that there are so many, who have the scars of ridicule whit them for having gone through something similar. Being made to believe they are mad knowing that the experience wasn't a hallucination or a dream. To have lost three hours of my life in daylight (dusk) and being conscious of my surroundings; I was not even looking to the heavens for strange ships.

I remember what was on my mind that eventful evening. As I said, I had been brought up a Christian. My thought, which never left me, was my admiration of God's handiwork. UFO's were the fartherest thing from my mind. I was just glad to be alive and looking forward to the lovely meal that my mother had prepared for me at home. For that, I faced people telling me that I was insane. Now, I ignore them, because I can feel the time is fast approaching when the world will stand in amazement and wonder like I did that night. I know the faces of those that ridiculed me will too stare in disbelief and awe.

For now, this is my story and it is the truth as I can remember it. Most of it was remembered with clarity, as even now, I still finished reliving it.

Good Luck to all of you in search of your quest for the truth. Don't let others put you off the truth.

God Bless and Much Love

The Sarbacher Letter
Comment written by Christian Pfeiler, original letter text from Dr. Robert Sarbacher

Dr. Robert Sarbacher
Dr. Robert I. Sarbacher

The following letter was written from the famous US scientist Dr. Robert I. Sarbacher in 1983.  Sarbacher was directly asked from UFO researcher William Steinman if he has a secret knowledge about the involvement of the US government in the UFO cover up and the recovering of crashed flying saucers by the army and if he have had access to high classified top-secret information concerning this matter. Sarbachers reply was very surprising, because he talked (seemingly) absolutely upright about his knowledge and tried not do deny anything.

He gave Steinman some names of persons which were "definetly involved" in the secret projects:

- John von Neumann and Dr. Vannevar Bush (both possible members of MJ 12)
- Dr. Robert Oppenheimer (the "father" of the A-bomb)
- Dr. Wernher von Braun (german rocket scientist)

and more famous US scientists.

He also declared that he is absolutely sure that there was material of alien origin which was "extrernly light and tough" (sounds like the roswell material) and that there were alien bodies constructed like "certain insects". He closed his letter with the remark, that he cannot understand why the government denied all of this facts.

I think a man in such a important position like Dr. Sarbacher (he was president and chairman of the Washington Institute of Technology at the time he wrote this letter) is a very reliable source for information and it seems to me that he has no real reason to tell lies or fictional stories, so I believe that the things he wrote in his letter are true to the best of his knowledge.

In the following the original text of the letter that Dr. Sarbacher wrote on November 29 1983

Dear Mr. Steinman

I am sorry I have taken so long in answering your letters. However, I have moved my office and have had to make a number of extended trips.

To answer your last question in your letter of October 14, 1983 there is no particular reason I feel I shouldn't or couldn't answer any or all of your questions. I am delighted to answer all of them to the best of my ability.

You listed some of your questions in your letter of September 12th. I will attempt to answer them as you had listed them.

1.) Relating to my own experiences regarding recovered flying saucers, I had no association with any of the people involved in the recovery and have no knowledge regarding the dates of the recoveries. If I had I would send it to you.

2.) Regarding verification that persons you list were involved, I can only say this: John von Neumann was definetely involved, Dr. Vannever Bush was definetly involved, and I think Dr. Robert Oppenheimer also.

My association with the Research and Development Board under Doctor Compton during the Eisenhower administration was rather limited so that although I had been invited to participate in several discussions associated with the reported recoveries, I could not personally attend the meetings. I am sure that they would have asked Dr. von Braun, and the others that you listed were probably asked and may or may not have attended. This is all I know for sure.

3.) I did receive some official reports when I was in my office at the Pentagon but all of these were left there as at the time we were never supposed to take them out of the office.

4.) I do not recall receiving any photographs such as you request so I am not in a position to answer.

5.) I have to make the same reply as on No. 4

I recall the interview with Dr. Brenner of the Canadian Embassy. I think the answers I gave him were the ones you listed. Naturally, I was more familiar with the subject matter under discussion, at that time. Actually, I would have been able to give more specific answers had I attended the meetings concerning the subject. You must understand that I took this assigment as a private contribution. We were called " dollar-a-year men." My first responsibility was the maintenance of my own business activity so that my participation was limited.

About the only things I remember at this time is that certain materials reported to have come from flying saucer crashes were extremely light and very tough. I am sure our laboratories analyzed them very carefully.

There were reports that instruments of people operating these machines were also of very light weight, sufficient to withstand the tremendous deceleration and acceleration associated with their machinery. I remember in talking with some of the people at the office that I got the impression these "aliens" were constructed like certain insects we have observed on earth, wherein because of the low mass the inertial forces involved of the operation of these instruments would be quite low.

I still do not know why the high order of classification has been given and why the denial of the existence of these devices.

I am sorry it has taken me so long to reply but I suggest you get in touch with the others who may be directly involved in this program.

Sincerly yours
Dr. Robert I. Sarbacher

The KRILL papers (Part 5)
Written by O.H. Krill (pseudonym)

The Archuleta Mesa near Dulce
The Archuleta Mesa near Dulce - a secret alien base?

(Remark from Chris: here is the fifth part of the so-called KRILL papers. As I have said, there is no need to believe everything in this text, but I think there is maybe a true core behind the more or less weird story. However, the story starts now to becoming really weird and absolutely unbelievable. As you can see on the dates - like 1992 - the document is rather old and none of the "foretold" events have happened in reality yet and I really doubt something like this will ever happen, so I think this is clear evidence that the whole story isn't true. Please make your own opinion about the claims.)

It is also indicated that the goal of SDI (Star Wars) is actually to follow through with an attack, proposed by the Greys, on the Nordics when they arrive en masse between now and 1992. This time schedule seems to match with the post-hypnotic programming of many abductees for actions between the next two to five years. This same source sees the world dominated and controlled by the Greys in a way similar to that portrayed in the "V" television series - they are concerned only for their own survival agenda, and this agenda requires biological substances from other lifeforms on our planet.

The apparent reasoning for the Grey preoccupation with this is due to their lack of a formal digestive tract and the fact that they absorb nutrients and excrete waste directly through the skin. The substances that they acquire are mixed with hydrogen peroxide and "painted" on their skin, allowing absorption of the required nutrients. It is construed from this that some weaponry against them might be geared in this direction.(Part 2 of 4)

UFO researcher George Andrews was successfully able to contact one of the Nordics not associated with the Greys, through a woman in California. What follows are the comments made by the alien: "Were you a culture about to invade, you would not do it with a flourish of ships showing up in the heavens and undergo risk of being fired upon. That's the type of warfare slightly less evolved beings get into. You would create intense confusion and disagreement with only inferences to your presence - inferences which would [in turn] cause controversial disagreement.

"The Greys are insidious little fiends. They did exactly [to us] what they're doing here [to you]. You are not on the verge of an invasion. You are not in the middle of an invasion. The invasion has already taken place. It's merely in its final stages."

"What would you invade? [Here he describes the operational plan of the Greys from the beginning.] You would go to the most secret of communities within a society. In the case of the United States, you would go and infiltrate the CIA. You would take over some of them and you would take over part of the KGB. "You would create great dissension and disagreement between factions of the public at large - some groups saying they have seen UFOs, others saying 'No, no, this is not possible.' You would involve two major countries in an on-going idiotic philosophical disagreement so that while the Soviet Union and the United States constantly battle back and forth about who has which piece of territory or whether one invades Iran or whether one invades Afghanistan or whatever... whether one dismantles one nuclear warhead or the other dismantles another group of warheads - you would sit back and laugh if you had the capacity to laugh.

"You would present yourself indeed to some in a group who would protect you [CIA or MJ-12] thinking they had a secret more secret and more perfect knowledge of something than anyone else on this planet had, and they would covet you and you would trust their own greed and you would trust their own mass stupidity to trap them. And you'd do it on both sides. "You'd show yourself to some of the mass populace to further involve [factions of] the government in an attempt to shut them up, to keep them even more busy quieting them and trying to 'stop more information about UFOs from getting out.' You'd have the mass populace to a state where they distrusted the government. 'Oh, why don't they believe us? Why can't they understand that these things are really happening? We're not crazy!' "So you would have battles constantly about whether UFOs exist or they don't exist. You would have the public and the government at each other's throats. You would set two major superpowers at each other's throats. And you would have set up groups like 'haves' -  the wealthy but contented - and the 'have-nots.' You would plant the seeds of massive discontent. "Eventually you might have some show of ships landing in the 1990s. One or two. By the time they have landed, be assured they will be in complete control. You will start doing crossbreeds and more crossbreeds, generation after generation."

"You bribe the government with a few tidbits -- a Star Wars system. You tease and tempt the Soviet Union with a laser system far finer than any of their own scientists could think of. And you always have that subtle inference - just on the borderline of consciousness so that UFOs don't seem to believable, yet you keep it couched in secrecy and make it seem quite so insane that no one would believe them. On top of it, you would unleash forces that would want to kill them [UFO contactees] if they disclosed that the CIA is dealing with the exact same things the [contact victim] is. "Maybe one or two hundred years from now, some of the Greys will even physically mingle and you may have some creatures walking around who are pretty much hybrids between Greys and your own race. For now, anything that walks around will look much like yourselves. It's simpler. It holds down on mass panic.  "Everyone who has experiences with them [Greys] will be at odds with the government. To add to that, we will go into a complete phased of earthquake after earthquake and upheaval after upheaval.  "The inner core of the CIA is deeply controlled by the Greys. The CIA sees interaction with the Greys as a path to greater scientific achievement. "One reason you are seeing so many different kinds of UFOs is that other cultures are watching with extreme interest. Scientists from other cultures arrive to watch. The Greys have not only taken over the intelligence agencies, they have also taken over what those agencies call 'lunatic fringe groups.'"

Well, that's what the Nordic had to say. The source of this also makes the following commentary: "The ultimate evil is that masked form of psychological complacency that leads one to adhere to a group philosophy rather than eke out one's own horizons. As soon as you acquire an awareness of being a so-called 'chosen special group,' you are on the way to a fall. That is the seed of destruction in any society and any culture and it leaves it vulnerable. It will be the eventual undoing of the Greys as well. They see not their error -- it is the very weakness they seize upon that is their own inherent weakness. To try and change a Grey, or a cultish type of 'Star Person,' or a CIA member is futile.

It will happen, but all in its own good time... it is the spirit that makes anyone stand up and disagree with something that is untrue and incorrect that will be the thorn in the side of the Greys, and the other forces that have allied with them." During the occupation of the Greys, they have established quite a number of underground bases all over the world, especially in the United States. One such base (among others in the same state) is under Archuleta Mesa, which is about 2.5 miles northwest of Dulce, New Mexico. Details about that base have come across by way of two sources. The first source is by way of an abduction of a woman and her son who witnessed the pickup of a calf for extraction of biological materials. "In May, 1980, a most interesting case occurred in northern New Mexico. A mother and her son were driving on a rural highway near Cimarron when they observed two craft in the process of abducting a calf. Both of them were then abducted and taken on separate craft to the underground installation, where the woman witnessed the mutilation of the calf. It was alleged that she also observed vats containing cattle body parts floating in a liquid, and another vat containing the body of a male human. The woman was subjected to an exam and it was further alleged that small metallic objects were implanted into her body as well as into her son's body. More than one source has informed us that catscans have confirmed the presence of these implants." The above extract is from a transcript of a conversation between Jim McCampbell and Dr. Paul Bennewitz on July 13, 1984.

(Part 6 will be published in the next issue.)

Website tip of the month
Written by Christian Pfeiler

The website tip of this month is the website of the British "Magonia" Magazine. They have a very informative and interesting site, mainly related to UFO research. Have a special look on the archive section where you can read excellent articles from the last 4 decades.

The URL of the website is


UFO photo of the month
Written by Christian Pfeiler

UFO photo of the month

At 12:00 pm on November 12, 1974, eleven year old twin brothers, Yoshitsugu and Katsuji Iino, were looking at the sky from a back window of their home in Obihiro City when they noticed a mysterious dark disc-like flying object hovering in the sky. One of them went for a camera while the other kept his eyes on the object, and they succeeded in snapping four color photographs before the object rose into the clouds and disappeared from view.