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Christian Pfeiler

Hello and welcome to the thirteenth issue of the magazine.

As you see, we're really back after the summer break with a brand-new issue. Some people wrote me e-mails because they were a little bit worried that the break could mean the end of the magazine, but I can assure you that there is no end of the magazine in sight (as long as there are readers and as long as I have enough time to write and collect the articles). Many people thought last year that I would certainly stop with the magazine after the second or third issue. The same people also thought that I won't be able to find more then 30 or 40 readers for the magazine. They were all wrong. Here is Issue No 13 and we have more readers then ever before (over 160 via e-mail plus the over 2,800 readers of the online archive.)

By the way, I've done some non-UFO-related projects during July (to relax a little bit from UFO research <g>) and I thought some of you are maybe interested in them. The first thing I had done was writing a humorous fictional story in English language in order to practice my spoken English a little bit. The English in the text is not always correct, but I hope it's understandable. Feel free to download the story and tell me what you think about my English (by the way, the story is pretty weird and some more or less harmless English swear words appear, so don't be surprised.) You can download the story as RTF file from the following URL:


My second non-UFO-project concerned my favourite TV series "The Simpsons" and the problem that German translations of this series are often extremly wrong. Have a look on the following URL for more information (well, I think it's just interesting for "Simpsons" fans):


But back to the magazine and the more important things: I have written a new Bible/UFO-related article about the "Book of Exodus" for this issue and I think this article is - as usual - a little bit controversial. Feel free to send me your comments concerning my theories. My second article in this issue is about the famous book "The UFO Experience" by J. Allen Hynek and about how important this book for todays Ufology still is. Furthermore we have an excellent article by Mike Hallowell plus the usual parts of the magazine like the FBI document of the month. Thanks to Mike and Ray for their help.

Best wishes


P.S. I'm sorry, but the articles in this issue weren't proof-readed by a native speaker, so you should expect many mistakes in English spelling and grammar. Feel free to send me complaints.

Contents of this issue

1.) UFO related sentence of the month

2.) Our Group Members

3.) UFO dictionary

4.) The Book of Exodus or "Project Genetic Separation"

5.) Joining the ranks of the believers

6.) FBI document of the month

7.) J. Allen Hyneks "The UFO Experience"

8.) The KRILL papers (Part 6)

9.) Website tip of the month

10.) UFO photo of the month

11.) Mail Corner

UFO related sentence of the month

"Assuming that some of these objects are from outer space, we would certainly benefit considerably by establishing contact with them, where as, if such a nation as Russia should acquire this knowledge before us we would certainly suffer as a result."

                                                                          From a letter to the FBI, 1952

Our Group Members
Written by Ray Cecot

Greetings to all the readers of UFO+PSI Research Magazine. My name is Ray Cecot, and I live in the northeastern United States on the upper part of the Hudson River in the city of Albany, New York State's capital. I am 52 years old, and ever since my college days had an interest in "unusual" events.

Although I've always had an interest in the UFO topic, I became more involved in 1992 when I had my own unexplained sighting. Since then I've done extensive reading on the topic and have expanded to other anomalies, as well. From 1992 until 1997, I was a member of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and was a MUFON Section Director for the capital region of New York State.  I resigned that post in 1997 and founded the Independent Researchers' Association for Anomalous Phenomena (IRAAP) for which I am the Organizational Director.

My reason for founding IRAAP was that I began to see the UFO puzzle as much broader in scope than simply a UFO sighting. How do we explain crop formations, animal mutilations, Bigfoot, alien abductions, and many of the other events taking place throughout the world? And how about ancient civilizations? How do they fit into the picture?

Anyway, it is exciting to be part the worldwide picture, being able to bring information to those searching for answers and knowledge. With the help of the Internet, we are all able to be in closer communication, especially via E-mail. IRAAP's website is not maintained by me, however. I am still learning that part of Internet activity. Our webmaster is IRAAP's Secretary and Technical Advisor, Angie Mogavero. She has spent many hours developing, and even more updating, the site, to make available as much information as we can produce and research.

Wishing you all the best in your continuing investigations…

Ray Cecot

Email: ray@iraap.org
Website: http://www.iraap.org

UFO Dictionary
Written by Christian Pfeiler

I + J

Here is the ninth part of the UFO dictionary. In this issue I will try to explain some of the special UFO words, terms and abbreviations starting with the letters "I" and "J".


In Ufology and especially in abduction research, this term means a small artificial object implanted somewhere in the bodies (mainly in the head or in the nose) of abductees. The purpose of such implants is unknown and even their existence is completely unproven. There are a few X-Rays and photos showing strange cylindrical shapes inside human bodies but these objects were never really identified as artificial or technological devices of alien origin but were in most cases just normal slivers of metal or other materials.


Abbreviation for "Identified Alien Craft". According to certain "true" documents (most of them simple fraud) like Milton W. Coopers MJ-12 statement, the US government used this term to describe all kinds of UFOs which belong to an identified alien species.

"Interrupted Journey, The"

A book written by John Fuller in 1961 about the famous abduction case of Betty and Barney Hill.


The inofficial name of a (governmental?) airline which is responsible for daily flights from Las Vegas airport to the secret "Area 51/Groomlake" base in Nevada. The real meaning of the code name is unknown, but some people think it means "Joint Army Navy Employee Transport"


Abbreviation for "Jet Propulsion Laboratory", a huge NASA laboratory in Pasadena. There were always rumours that the JPL was involved in the analysis of recovered UFO material.

The Book of Exodus or "Project Genetic Seperation"
Written by Christian Pfeiler

Excerpt from the Book of Exodus
The second book of Moses - the "Book of Exodus"

First of all, I'm a little bit worried about the content of this article, because it uses terms like "selection", "seperation" or "genetic purity" in relation to the tribes of Israel (the Jewish people) and especially here in Germany, these words have a strange and bad attitude. Let me say that I use these words not with the meaning of a sick ideology but only to illustrate what I think to be part of the artificial human creation by extraterrestrials and the later stages of this extraterrestrial project. I don't want to insult any people with the use of these words, especially not the Jewish people who have my deepest respect.

After I had written my previous Bible-related articles, I was asked a few times via e-mail by certain people "What has this religious Bible stuff to do with real UFO research?" Nothing? Or maybe everything? Nothing if you consider the UFO phenomenon as a new thing and as a product of the 20th century (as many sceptics do) and everything if you consider it as something that has followed mankind through its entire development of the last thousands or even millions of years.

If we assume that UFOs are real objects from outer space and piloted by alien beings and if we furthermore suppose that this beings observe us (our whole species) since the dawn of mankind, then we must try to find out the reason of this long-time observance. The very old question is "Why do UFOs observe us?" and I think if there is really a somehow logical answer to this difficult question, it can be found somewhere in our history and especially in our religous writings (and mainly there, because every technological action of an advanced race was certainly an act of "God" for the former people.) Our main religious scripture is the Bible, so if we search for answers about extraterrestrial influence in our past, we must try to find these important answers exactly there. This has (in my opinion) nothing to do with blasphemy or with a strict denial of the existence of God but more with a search on the right place for the real truth about our creation.

For this reason, I've decided to write again a Bible-related article in which I'll try to explain some of the biblical events under a more alien-technological point of view. I will concentrate this article mainly on the second book of Moses, which is also known as the "Book of Exodus" and I will try to show why the "Exodus" of the Israelites from Egypt was a clear part of the Elohim plan for the further development of mankind and why there was a need for a "seperation" of a chosen tribe (of a chosen genetic series) from the other humans. I think it was not so much an act of divine mercy and the fulfilment of an old promise (as it is shown in the Bible) but more of a needful thing for the alien species, more of a next step of the project. But let's start from the very beginning:

First, we must realize that there is a certain amount of time missing between the first book and the second book of Moses. In the first book we've read about the divine creation of the universe and about the lifes of the "first" people on earth (or - to say it better - about the first of a new series of the human species.) The first book was also full with strange and rather "undivine" events like:

- tempted angels who came down to earth, in order to
- produce unnatural crossbreeds between these "bright angels" and human women
- these hybrids were called "Giants" or "Nephilim"
- we also read about a serious conflict of interests in Heaven
- which is maybe similar to the conflict mentioned in the Book of Revelation
- and we read about a solid "God" who walked among the people
- preferably in the evening, when it's not so hot as in the day (coming from a cooler planet?)

and about a lot more of sometimes very bizarre events involving "God" and "Angels" who show a rather strange behaviour in comparison to later events in the Bible.

In the second book of Moses, on the other hand, these events have happened already some human generations ago in the past, because there is a gap of a certain amount of time between the books. The people of the tribe of Israel have forgotten their "old" God, they have forgotten the promises he had made to their forefathers and they live in Egypt as a kind of slaves. It's quite clear that this situation was a stable "status quo" for many years, until "God" realized that he needed the tribes on another place, on a more controllable place that is separated from foreign humans and foreign genetics (and genetic selection and purity of a chosen tribe is the most important thing for the Elohim/God, as we will clearly see later.)

However, the "children of Israel" had forgotten their old God, so he must introduce himself in a not very subtle way (he used exactly the same words many times during the whole book of Exodus.)

"And God said moreover unto Moses, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, the LORD God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, hath sent me unto you: this is my name for ever, and this is my memorial unto all generations." (Exodus 3:15)

God used this words when he appeared Moses in a flaming bush (as a clear difference to the old solid Elohim-God, he appeared here in a divine form of bright light and fire to show his might. He's no longer a touchable being but has become the "Allmighty". The break between just the first and the second book of the OT is clear, the agenda had changed during just a few human generations.) In addition, in Exodus 3:2 we can read that "the Angel of GOD" appeared in the bush, but just one line later it seemed to be God himself who spoke to Moses. How many beings were there? As we already know, singular and plural were always a problem for the writers of the Bible.

God ordered Moses to go to the Israelites and to inform them that "their God JEHOVA" is back (this name was never used during the first book) and Moses should also go to the Pharaoh of Egypt to bring him the divine message "Let my people go". God called the Israelites his people, he called the whole tribe his firstborn son. This is in my opinion a clear hint that the tribe was a selected "series".

However, Moses was hesitating to obey the command and this was something the Lord had obviously not expected, because he was not all-knowing. God became angry ("And the anger of the LORD was kindled against Moses...") so he offered Moses some help to convince the Pharaoh, like the miracle to turn Moses rod into a serpent - which is in my opinion a somewhat strange symbolism in this context. It sounds like a nice conjurers trick, but it's not really the kind of "miracle" we would expect from a mighty being like God and it was clear that it would not convince the Pharaoh. It was clear even for God himself, so the whole assignment of Moses seemed to be a paradoxon.

"And the LORD said unto Moses, When thou goest to return into Egypt, see that thou do all those wonders before Pharaoh, which I have put in thine hand: but I will harden his heart, that he shall not let the people go." (Exodus 3:21)

God sent Moses on a mission to free the Israelites, but on the other hand he was already at the beginning of this mission absolutely sure that it won't be sucessful. The question is: Why? A mighty man like the Pharaoh wouldn't believe in a foreign god just if he see someone doing some magic tricks. Moses knew that and God also knew it, so why the whole story with the serpent-rod?

To understand this and certain events which should follow, we must again go back in human history to the very beginning of our species. Let us suppose that the Elohim had created the human race by use of genetic engineering and by artifical "enhancement" of ape-like creatures. At the beginning of the experiment, there were certainly tremendous problems with the new creation like forbidden sexual relations between "pre-humans" and animals (destroying the planed genetic purity) and later also between humans and fallen "children of God" or Angels/Extraterrestrials themselves. If you want to create a new artificial species, a stable and unmixed genetic structure would be certainly the most important part of the project for you. Well, the Elohim were finally able to control the development of the new species and to stop the bad influences as good as possible. When this part of the project was reached, they decided to leave the human species alone for a certain amount of time, namely for the gap between the first and the second book of Moses.

During this time (when mankind was on its own without "divine" control) the human tribes or different series of the model "human" started to mix their genetics with others of their kind. Tribes wandered from one part of the world to another and members of the tribes had sexual relations with various other human series they met. The whole Project "Mankind" was a little bit out of control. The tribes of Israel (who were maybe a very special and important series, because God called them his "firstborn son") were supposed to stay in a certain area, but they didn't do so. They came to Egypt, into another area where they met other humans and also other "gods". God JEHOVA himself mentioned "the gods of Egypt" in a line, so this seems to indicate that there were indeed other gods (or other extraterrestrials?) responsible for the area called Egypt. And God didn't like this.

Moses and the flaming bush
Moses and the flaming bush - a biblical UFO encounter?

The solution for the problem: the "children of Israel" must leave Egypt, they must be separated from foreign genetics and thus they have to go to a special seperation area - first into the desert, then into the promised land of Canaan. This was not because of the slavery in Egypt - this status was stable for a long time without any care from God - but because of a new stage of the project, a stage called genetic seperation of the choosen tribe and a transport of this tribe into a remote and more controllable area (which is very suitable for further stages of the project.)

The interest of God were not people who believed in him but only people of the chosen tribe. The criterion of selection was not a faith in God, it was the simple genetic origin of the people. To say it with other words: God wasn't interested in Egyptian people who believe in him but only in the tribes of Israel. No selection with a religious criterion, but selection with a strict biological criterion.

"Let my son [Israel] go, that he may serve me: and if thou refuse to let him go, behold, I will slay thy son, even thy firstborn." (Exodus 4:23)

Let's have a closer look on this quote:

"Let my son go..." - refering to the Israelites as special genetic series
"that he may serve me..." - a good example for the superior role of God in the OT
"I will slay thy son..." - a good example for the violent God especially in this part of the OT

The second book is full with words like "slay", "kill" or "bloody". This should clearly show us the very violent attitude of God in this part of the Bible and the fact that the "Project" was much more important for the Elohim then the lifes of simple humans. The 10 plagues were inasmuch a senseless paradoxon, as God had already expected in advance that the Pharaoh would refuse to let the Israelites go. So why didn't he use his "divine" powers already at the beginning to show the Egyptians his might? Why should Moses go to the Pharaoh and show him a simple conjurers trick with a rod who became a serpent (is there a deeper symbolism?) Finally, why didn't "God" use his endless might to "transport" or "beam" the Israelites out of Egypt and to the Promised Land? Why must they flee at night and walk through the dangerous desert - the biblical "wilderness of Sinai" - for so many years? I think the long time in the remote desert area is already part of the genetic seperation project (it's very logical if you think about it.)

The 10 plagues itself are difficult to explain, because we read about them in a very strange symbolic and religious way and it would be a little bit too far-fetched to try now to explain every plague scientifically. The most interesting thing is maybe the similarity to the plagues described in the Book of Revelation. Maybe the plagues were part of another war of the gods, maybe between the god(s) responsible for the humans of Israel and the gods responsible for the humans of Egypt (feel free to replace the word "gods" with the word "extraterrestrial species".) I don't want to go more detailled into the plagues because it would make the article too long. Let's go a little bit faster forward to the more interesting parts which can maybe help to confirm my theory.

The following quote is pretty interesting from a ufological point of view

"And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night" (Exodus 13:21)

We know that some of todays UFO appearances look like fire at night (yellow or red light) and like strange clouds at day (clouds with unusual shapes or colours or clouds moving against the wind) so it seems that the Bible describes a similar sighting. Again, I must ask "Had God no better possibilities to bring his people out of Egypt" then just showing them the way with a strange object in the sky? Maybe his might was restricted somehow, maybe the other gods (extraterrestrials) had given just the permission to "lead" the Israelites, not to use "divine technology" to bring them to their destination.

"And Mount Sinai was altogether on a smoke, because the LORD descended upon it in fire: and the smoke thereof ascended as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount quaked greatly" (Exodus 19:18)

Exodus 19:18 gives us a very impressive verbal illustration of how it is when God himself came down to Earth. It sounds very impressive even for modern people (who are familar with planes and rockets) so how must it have been for the simple people in former times? How must it have been for Moses and the Israelites to see such a "mighty" demonstration of divine force? We know that God would be also able to appear with a less dramatical "show" (as he had usually done in the first book of Moses) so all the hullaballoo - the smoke, the fire, the earthquake - had a strategical use for the Elohim. They had to show the "Glory and the Power of God" to the simple people, they had to teach the people how mighty the forces of Heaven are, so this "presentation/laser/lightshow" is not unexpected at its time and certainly a strategical part of the Project.

As I've said above, the Project "Mankind" was a little bit out of control and the Elohim had now the difficult task to bring the humans back to the old belief and order and to a different way of life and human behaviour. For this reason, the whole chapters Exodus 20, 21 and 22 are full with divine commandments and new rules, which the Israelites should strictly obey to satisfy "God" (a clear kind of conditioning). Some of the rules are good, others are not so good and again others are rather strange and give us a short impression about the real intentions of the Elohim. For example:

"Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth." (Exodus 20:4)

A clear order: you humans may see strange things, strange technology or divine "magic" - objects in the air, on the ground or in the water under the earth (?) - but you are neither allowed to make images of what you see nor to think about it. It's maybe a little bit like the "No Photos" signs in todays military installations. No one should make images of the unknown technology, no one should have possibilities to give this knowledge to others or to the following generations. This (in my opinion not very good) rule indicates, that the people should remain on a lower level of education and it can be translated as "And God said: Thou shalt not look at or think about or try to understand certain things which you are not allowed to look at or to think about or to understand." As lower the level of education as stronger the belief and faith in an allmighty God and as easier the control of the whole human civilization (or - in this case - just the control of a selected tribe.)

"Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." (Exodus 22:18)

This is a pretty interesting commandment, because it was used in former times by the church to justify witch trials and the burning of alleged witches on the stake. The church believed to do the right thing, to do the will of God, because God himself had told the humans in the Bible that a witch is evil and that they must kill her, hadn't he? Maybe not. What does it really mean?

The English KJ Bible use the singular word "witch", the German Bible on the other hand use the plural word "Zauberinnen" (Sorceresses). Well, at first sight there is not much difference between the two terms, because both seem to describe a female human with magic powers (in this context considered as evil.) Let's again go back into the first book of Moses, where we can find a short line which may explain the difference. We can read there that the tempted Elohim/Angels came down to Earth on Mount Armon (see my previous article in Issue 6) and that the Elohim had sexual relations with human women and that they furthermore taught this woman in various abilities like astronomy, medicine and sorcery - and I think "sorcery" means science or advanced divine technology. When "God" commanded the humans to kill all witches/sorceresses, does he maybe mean that they should kill all humans who remember something about such technological things, all humans who remember something about the forbidden science of the gods? Such a commandment would be justified if we consider that the Elohim wanted the tribes on a lower level of education and the logical order was "Kill all people who know too much (about us and our technology)". This would also explain why the Bible mentioned only females as possibly "dangerous" witches, because the tempted Elohim had sexual relations only with human women (according to the first Book, but this would lead us to the strange question whether all Elohim were male?)

"Whosoever lieth with a beast shall surely be put to death." (Exodus 22:19)

Another commandment with its roots in former times, so it seems to be very strange for modern people. The cross-breeding with animals was maybe one of the major problems during the first stages of the artificial creation of humans (it was maybe some kind or re-evolution) and it was a great danger for the genetic purity, so the only logical punishment for such a evil thing is death and the complete removal of such a person from coming genetic lines. From a modern scientific point of view, cross-breeding with animals is genetically impossible, but it was maybe possible in earlier times (however, it seems to be biologically very unlikely.) Nevertheless, the Elohim seemed to be worried only about the possibility that a human will "lie with a beast" and therefore they ordered corporal punishment for this crime.

I will come to an end with this article for now. The following biblical events (like the detailled instruction to build a technological device called "Ark of the Covenant") were described already in my article in Issue 6. I think I have again shown some of the interesting quotes and facts from the Bible, which can back up a theory that involves not God(s) but extraterrestrials as creators of the human species.

Finally, a short overview about the most important points in this article:

- the first book of Moses described the artificial creation of the human species
- there is a certain amount of time missing between the first and the second of Moses
- during this time, mankind was on its own without exterior influence
- so God had to introduce himself to Moses in a not very subtle way
- the main purpose of the "Exodus" was a genetic seperation of a certain tribe
- God was aware that Moses assignment won't be sucessful (paradoxon?)
- the very violent attitude in the "Exodus" seems to be rather strange
- and it seems to indicate that the Project was (again) more imporant then human lifes
- the 10 plagues are maybe a symbolic interpretation of a war between the gods
- the "journey into the wilderness of Sinai" was part of the genetic seperation
- the commandments had partly a deeper meaning (biological, psychological, technological)
- but this meaning was interpreted in a strict religious way in the Bible.

Let me say again that this is just a simple unproven theory and it mustn't be the truth. It's just a part of my own thoughts and my own explanations of the bibilical events in a non-religious way. Some of the biblical quotes seem to back up my ideas, others not. I'm maybe at least partly right or I'm maybe completely wrong. Who knows. God? The Elohim? Someone else? It's my conviction that I'm at least partly right, so if someone will again ask me "What has this religious Bible stuff to do with UFOs?" I will reply "Maybe everything". That is something we should think about.

"Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments." (Exodus 20:5-6)

Joining the ranks of the believers
Written by Mike Hallowell

Mike Hallowell

I remember my first UFO sighting distinctly. My two friends and I were standing in Grange Road, Jarrow, which then lay in the County of Durham. It was dark, and overhead the vast expanse of the heavens glistened with a myriad moving jewels.

At some point I looked up, and noticed that the stars were blinking out. I drew this to the attention of my friends, and there we stood, three bemused teenagers, wondering what was happening to our universe. Then the lights came on again, and order was restored. Except that the stars to the east were also going out. It then dawned on us that something very big and very dark and very silent was drifting through the sky. The stars were not being extinguished. They were hiding behind something.

It was hard to describe the shape of the object, as we could not see its periphery. We were looking at black upon black. All I can say is that I was filled with awe and wonder. Nothing would ever be the same again.

Of course its easy for me. I have seen something which is essentially unexplainable, but at least I know whereof I speak. Like thousands of other UFO witnesses, I was called deluded, eccentric and mentally unstable. Fortunately these diagnoses came from fellow school friends, and not from psychiatrists. Many experients torture themselves because they are unable to get people to listen. I have seen some embark upon a lifelong crusade to rectify matters, only to died bitterly disappointed. They went to the grave knowing that the testimony of their own eyes was rejected, even though it was true. I pity them. Me? I gave up caring. In fact, I feel nothing but pity for those who are not so much afraid to believe, but even afraid to examine the evidence impartially.

There has been much talk recently of the "smoking gun" footage which is currently being hawked around the UFO circuit. This may - or indeed may not - be the "final evidence" which some claim it is. Personally, I was not overly impressed. The footage taken over Nellist AFB in the USA is what I call impressive. Here we see a UFO making rapid manoeuvres beyond the capabilities of any known aircraft. Bizarrely, the UFO constantly changes shape, distorting our visual perception so that it is almost impossible to focus on its shape or dimensions.

Ironically, it is not always good footage which has the power to convince. Sometimes it is the ordinary, the hum-drum, the mundane.

On 1 October 1948, for example, a UFO was seen over Hector Airport in Fargo, North Dakota. The Commanding General of Air Materiel Command, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, in Dayton, Ohio, wrote to the Commanding Officer of the North Dakota National Guard asking for information about the sighting. His comments are revealing, not in their content but in the style in which they are presented:

(1) Object was symmetrical.

(2) Shape:

(a) in turn around, symmetrical.
(b) head-on - same.
(c) rear - same.
(d) either side - same.
(e) Above and below - same.

(3) Shape did not vary.

(4) Appeared to be round ball at all times, though appearance of ball at times gives a flat-plate effect.

There is something strangely matter-of-fact about these reports which are found scattered throughout official records. It is as if the writer finds the making of such a report almost routine. One cannot help but wonder whether this may indeed have been the case. Several reports such as that above seem to scream out that the military were, even back then, aware that something very weird indeed was going on in our skies. It is not the meaning of the words, but the flavour of the text.

I do not know whether the UFO enigma will be solved within my lifetime, but I remain reasonably optimistic. And my own sighting? Will the sceptics ever believe that I really did witness something beyond the realm of our normal experience? I do not know, and, to be quite frank, I do not give a damn. You see, like other experients I have an eternal advantage over the cynics. I know whereof I speak.

FBI document of the month
Written by Christian Pfeiler

In the following another interesting document from my FBI archive. The document from September19, 1947 refers to a certain "restricted" letter from September 3, 1947 but unfortunately I wasn't able to find this letter in my archive. Nevertheless, this document is very interesting, especially because of the remarkable sentence that the restricted letter seems to indicate that especially the Airforce is responsible for the more "important" sightings and that "...the Bureau will be asked to conduct investigations only in those cases which are not important and which are almost, in fact, ridiculous"

FBI document

J. Allen Hyneks "The UFO Experience"
Written by Christian Pfeiler

Dr. J. Allen Hynek
Dr. J. Allen Hynek

"These people [UFO witnesses] are not merely names in a telephone book; they are flesh and blood persons who, as far as they are concerned, have had experiences as real to them as seeing a car coming down the street is to others." (J. Allen Hynek, 1972)

I've mentioned the famous book "The UFO Experience" by J. Allen Hynek in some of my previous articles and thus I decided to write a review about this rather old but still excellent book. It was written 28 years ago in 1972 and therefore it's not very up-to-date (even the author himself is dead since many years) but I still consider it as one the best UFO books ever. Why?

First of all, the book was written a long time before the "X-Files" and the whole "Mystery & Fiction" scene appeared and became part of the modern society (so the book is not dedicated to "Fox Mulder and Dana Scully" as some of the modern books are.) It was written in a time when the UFO topic was not so much a base for thrilling TV entertainment and merchandising but something that was considered even by scientists as a serious matter. It was written in a time when UFO research was not so much of a "show" and a simple try to make easy money with all-believing "mystery ufologists" and it was written just 3 years after the official end of U.S. governmental UFO research (the official end) in 1969 through the controversial Condon report and many people - even scientists - believed at this time the report to be wrong.

To say it in short: it was written in a time when UFO research was different from today and maybe even better then today (when it was more research and less entertainment and lies).

Different from most of todays books, "The UFO Experience" contains no thrilling stories about so-called hidden facts, horrible truths, evil conspiracies, "first-hand" reports written by alleged secret governmental agents or UFO engineers (in most cases simple hoaxers) or fascinating but faked photo material which can prove nothing. "The UFO Experience" is a book about people, it's a book about the normal witnesses and about their reports and personal experiences and these true experiences, feelings and thoughts are sometimes more fascinating then the weird claims in some of todays books.

Dr. Hynek was neither a sceptic nor a believer, but he approached the subject scientifically but with an open mind. With his background as "serious" astronomer he might easily have become a strict sceptic (like Dr. Donald Menzel) but he decided otherwise - he became an "Innocent in UFO Land" as he called himself in the introduction - a serious scientist and sceptical astronomer who nevertheless wanted to believe all the reports and who didn't want to consider all witnesses as liars or crazies.

The book is divided into three parts:

  • The UFO Phenomenon
  • The Data and the Problem
  • Where Do We Go from Here


The first part is about the UFO problem in general and about "The Laughter of Science" (the name of one chapter). It gives us a detailled overview about the main charakteristics of UFOs and UFO witnesses.

In the second part, Dr. Hynek explains his famous UFO classification which is still in use (Close Encounters of the first, second or third kind) and gives examples and detailled sighting reports for each kind of sighting. Furthermore, we can read there about the additional classifications "Nocturnal Lights" and "Radar-Visual" Sightings.

The third and last part reports about the Air Force and the UFOs (with a critical comment about the result of the Condon report) and about things Dr Hynek expects for UFO research in the future.

Dr. Hyneks final conclusion in his epilogue "Beyond the Blue Book Horizon" is:

"When the long awaited solution to the UFO problem comes, I believe that it will prove to be not merely the next small step in the march of science but a mighty and totally unexpected quantum jump."

In the appendix, you can find more interesting material like a sorted list of all sigthings discussed in the text, excerpts from private letters (I recommend the "Letter of Resignation from Mary Louise Armstrong to Doctor Edward Condon") and a totally sceptical analysis of the famous Papua-Father Gill case by Dr. Donald Menzel.

"The UFO Experience - A Scientific Inquiry" is in my opinion one of the best UFO books ever written, especially if you want to read a scientific but not prejudiced consideration of the whole topic. I can really recommend you the book, but I think it will be a little bit difficult to buy it because it's rather old (but I think every good library should have it.) My English version for example has come a long way to Germany because it was formerly in the library of Wood Dale, Illinois, U.S.

The KRILL papers (Part 6)
Written by O.H. Krill (pseudonym)

Satellite image of Area 51 in Nevada
A satellite image of Area 51 in Nevada

(Remark from Chris: here is the sixth part of the so-called KRILL paper. You know my usual recommendation: make your own opinion about the rather weird claims, because there is maybe a small true core in this story. However, the story is becoming very weird now. Have a special look at the similarities between this story - the excerpts from the Dulce papers - and the story in the so-called Lacerta Files. You'll notice that there are many similarities, like the talk about copper. This indicates in my opinion that most of such hoaxers - if the story is fraud - just use material they've read somewhere else.)

Bennewitz reports that through regressive hypnosis of the mother and child (required only in about 30% of abduction cases) and his own follow-up investigation (including communications receive via his computer terminal, which are ostensibly from a UFO-related source), he was able to determine the location of the underground facility: a kilometer underground beneath Archuleta Mesa on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation near Dulce, New Mexico (since 1976, one of the area of the U.S. hardest hit by mutilations). Bennewitz' information is that this installation is operated jointly as part of an on-going program of cooperation between the U.S. government and EBEs. There are also underground bases at Kirtland AFB and Holloman AFB, as well as at scores of other bases around the world, including Bentwaters, England. Back to the base under discussion....

After Bennewitz briefed Air Force officials on what he had found, a trip to the area revealed the following data: The base is 2.5 miles northwest of Dulce, and almost overlooks the town. There is a level highway 36 feet wide going into the area. It is a government road. One can see telemetry trailers and buildings that are five-sided with a dome. Net to the domes, a black limousine was noted -- a CIA vehicle. These limos will run you off the road if you try to get into the area. To the north there is a launch site. There are two wrecked ships there; they are 36 feet long with wings, and one can see oxygen and hydrogen tanks. The ships that we got out of the trade are atomic-powered with plutonium pellets. Refueling of the plutonium is accomplished at Los Alamos. The base has been there since 1948.

Some of the disks are piloted by the NSA. The base is 4,000 feet long and helicopters are going in and out of there all the time. When it became known that Bennewitz was familiar with this, the mutilations in the area stopped. In 1979, something happened and the base was temporarily closed. There was an argument over weapons and our people were chased out. The aliens killed 66 of our people, and 44 got away. One of the people who in fact got away was a CIA agent who, before leaving, made some notes, photos, and videotapes, and went into hiding. He has been in hiding ever since, and every six months he contacts each of five people he left copies of the material with. His instructions were that if he missed four successive contacts, the people could do whatever they want with the material. This agent calls an individual known to MUFON. Somehow, a description of the "Dulce Papers" was issued, and was received in December, 1987, by many researchers. The "Dulce Papers" were composed of 25 black and white photos, a videotape with no dialogue and a set of papers that included technical information regarding the jointly occupied (U.S.-Alien) facility one kilometer beneath the Archuleta Mesa near Dulce, New Mexico. The facility still exists and is currently operational. It is believed that there are four additional facilities of the same type, one being located a few miles to the southeast of Groom Lake, Nevada.

"A general description of what these papers contain is that they contain documents that discuss copper and molybdenum, and papers that discuss magnesium and potassium, but mostly papers about copper. Sheets of paper with charts and strange diagrams. Papers that discuss UV light and gamma rays. These papers tell what the aliens are after and how the blood (taken from cattle) is used. The aliens seem to absorb atoms to eat. They put their hands in blood, sort of like a sponge, for nourishment. It's not just food they want; the DNA in cattle and humans is being altered. The 'Type One' creature is a lab animal. They know how to change the atoms to create a temporary 'almost human being.' It is made with animal tissue and depends on a computer to simulate memory, a memory the computer has withdrawn from another human. Clones. The 'almost human being' is slow and clumsy. Real humans are used for training, to experiment with and to breed with these 'almost humans.' Some humans are kidnapped and used completely. Some are kept in large tubes, and are kept alive in an amber liquid. "Some humans are brainwashed and used to distort the truth. Certain male humans have a high sperm count and are kept alive. Their sperm is used to alter the DNA and create a non-gender being called 'Type Two.' That sperm is grown in some way and altered again, put in wombs. They resemble 'ugly humans' when growing but look normal when fully grown, which only takes a few months from fetus-size. "They have a short life span, less than a year. Some female humans are used for breeding. Countless women have had a sudden miscarriage after about three months' pregnancy. Some never know they were pregnant, others remember contact some way. The fetus is used to mix the DNA in types one and two. The atomic makeup in that fetus is half human, half 'almost human,' and would not survive in the mother's womb. It is taken at three months and grown elsewhere."

Well, that's what the "Dulce Papers" review says. There are some pen and ink reproductions of some of the photos made in the laboratories (3), an illustration of what one of the wombs looks like (2' x 4'), an illustration showing one of the tubes where one of the "almost humans" is grown, a page showing a simple diagram of crystalline metal, pure gold crystal, and what looks like either a genetic or metallurgical diagram or chart. Also attached is what looks like an x-ray diffraction pattern and a diagram of hexagonal crystals, with a comment that they are best for electrical conduction. It would appear that the last half of material in the "review" applies to the supercrystalline metal used for hull structure, or something along that line.

Obviously, this is all rather bizarre from a certain point of view -- any point of view, in fact. Nevertheless, material that is supported by years of descriptions and multitudes of corroborations must mean something, especially when bumped against what is seen to be going on. It is apparent from this and other data that has been accumulated over the years, that there are underground bases and tunnel complexes all over the world, and that more are being constructed all the time. Many of you may recall the "Shaver" mysteries and inner-earth city stories. Well, all that is true. There are cities down there, amongst other things, and some of them have nothing to do with the main subject of this paper. They've been there for a long time. Let's change direction for a moment. One individual by the name of Lew Tery has been working on some ideas regarding UFOs and geomagnetic anomalies. I will go into what he has discovered (although the concept of the relationship is not new) and let you judge that for yourself. After purchasing aeromagnetic and gravitational anomaly maps from the United States Geological Survey, it becomes evident that there was indeed a valid connection between these areas and UFOs. Mr. Tery gave a lecture in Arizona about that relationship, and was subsequently harassed by the FBI, and told that the information is "sensitive." Mr. Tery took the hint and declined to talk publicly about it to the degree that he had been doing. Both the aeromagnetic and gravitational (Bougier Gravity) maps indicate basic field strength, as well as areas of high and low field strength. Interestingly enough, the areas of maximum and minimum field strength have the following:

  • On the new moon or within two days before the new moon.
  • On the full moon or within two days before the full moon.
  • At the perihelion (moon closest to earth) or within two days before the perihelion.


In these observations, Mr. Tery has gone far, but he has gone a little farther in noting that there are times when the UFOs are seen in these areas. Through painstaking research, Mr. Tery found that the sightings, as well as many abductions and mutilations, occur:

  • All have frequent UFO sightings.
  • All are either on Indian Reservations, government land, or the government is trying to buy up the land.
  • Many of them, especially where several are clustered together, are suspected bases areas and/or areas where mutilations and abductions have historically taken place.


A glance at the nearest farmers' almanac will give you the information you require as far as the days for this year or any other one. There seems to be no concrete explanation for the coincidence of the times and the events, but it is true.

Website tip of the month
Written by Christian Pfeiler

The website tip of this month is the largest Italian UFO website in English language: UFO ONLINE. The site is very interesting and informative with many articles and photos concerning sightings in Italy and in whole Europe (especially the UFO incidents from Italy are very interesting). In addition, they have an excellent link site and archive with thousands of links to UFO related websites in the whole world.

The URL of the website is:


UFO photo of the month
Written by Christian Pfeiler

UFO photo of the month

A possible UFO photo from September 5, 1955. Dr. Achilles Greco of the Brazilian Navy and some companions were returning from a recreational fishing trip when they observed and photographed a very strange cloud. It was moving independently of other clouds and seemed to be following the boat to port. The cloud began to dissipate revealing a huge disc-shaped metallic craft inside. Greco snapped one picture of the phenomenon.

Mail Corner

In this issue, I'll use the Mail Corner for a little advertising. I received the following e-mail last month and I thought it would be a good idea to share it with you. In my opinion, we have not enough good UFO books (but unfortunately too much bad UFO books) and I think the book mentioned in this mail sounds very interesting with a great list of contributers (I wish I had such people as contributers for my magazine <g> but it's too insignificant.) However, feel free to contact Jessica Pigza to ask for more information.

Dear Christian Pfeiler:

The University of Kansas Press has just published UFOS AND ABDUCTIONS: CHALLENGING THE BORDERS OF KNOWLEDGE, edited by David Jacobs (author of THE THREAT). You may have already learned of this book's arrival from another source. But thinking that you and readers of UFO+PSI may be interested in this book, I wanted to drop you an email to make sure that you had all the details. In Jacobs's latest book, he brings together the biggest names in UFO and abduction research to discuss both the history of the phenomenon as well as the latest research being done.

I've attached the full press release, list of contributors, and list of advance praise for this book below this note. You may also read about UFOS AND ABDUCTIONS at our website:


If you have any questions about UFOS AND ABDUCTIONS, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. If you would like, you may reproduce any parts of this email to share with readers who want to learn more about the book.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Jessica Pigza

University Press of Kansas
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Whether interplanetary tourists, interlopers from a parallel universe, or mere misfirings in the brain, UFOs and "aliens" permeate popular culture. They've made the covers of Time, Life, and the New York Times Book Review; garnered CNN coverage; turned up on Larry King Live and other high-profile talk shows. They have attracted large audiences for TV's X-Files, Roswell, and Third Rock from the Sun, and for films like ET, Independence Day, Men in Black, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. And they have swamped the Internet with thousands of websites and discussion groups dedicated to the topic.

Despite this pervasive presence, few scholars have been willing to study the perplexing phenomena behind these cultural signifiers. Wary of a field that seems tainted by suspect methods, outlandish theories, and zero government funding, as well as a disturbing array of cults, charlatans, debunkers, and self-promoters, many have logically stayed away. Meanwhile, the phenomenon continues to grow and evolve in the public awareness.

In UFOs and Abductions: Challenging the Borders of Knowledge, historian David Jacobs and his coauthors offer a kind of primer for scholars, skeptics, and others uneasy about investigating this field. Although not all in agreement concerning the elusive, complex, and compelling subject of UFO and abduction phenomena, they have come together to highlight key events, issues, themes, and theories. The authors cover the nature of UFO "evidence;" reactions of the government and military from the Cold War to the present; the methodological debates; and the use of research from science, history, mythology, and psychology in the study of UFOs and abductions.

UFOs and Abductions also brings together for the first time in one book three bestselling authors- Jacobs, Budd Hopkins, and Pulitzer Prize winner John Mack-widely known for their writings on the highly controversial "alien abduction" phenomenon.

Motivated by the same simple curiosity that has always fueled humanity's great discoveries, the authors of UFOs and Abductions hope that their efforts will help to encourage a fundamental shift in the academy's view of such research, ultimately leading to a better understanding of the phenomena, ourselves, and our place in the cosmos.

About the editor: David M. Jacobs, associate professor of history at Temple University, has been at the forefront of UFO research since the publication of The UFO Controversy in America in 1975. His other books include Secret Life: Firsthand Accounts of Abductions and, most recently, The Threat.

Publication Date: September 7, 2000
392 pages, 3 illustrations
Cloth, $34.95 (ISBN 0-7006-1032-4)

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Stuart Appelle, SUNY-Brockport, Thomas E. Bullard, Jerome Clark, Don C. Donderi, Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs, John E. Mack, Michael A. Persinger, Michael D. Swords, Ron Westrum

UFOs and Abductions: Challenging the Borders of Knowledge
is available from
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