UFO + PSI Magazine Issue 4

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written by Christian Pfeiler

Christian Pfeiler

Hello and welcome to the fourth issue of the magazine and special greetings to all new readers. In the last magazine I was hopeful that there will be 4 or 5 new readers of this issue but now there are much more people who are interested in the UFO topic and in my little insignificant magazine and I'm very happy about that. Thank you very much also to all who have helped me to increase the readership and told their friends to contact me.

We have again lots of articles in this issue, for example a software test of a UFO Computer Database, an article from me about the contactee phenomena and also a very interesting article from Roger Anderton about the life and inventions of Nikola Tesla. In addition there are again the well-known parts of the mag like the "FBI document of the month", the fourth part of Mik's "man-made UFO" research and much more.

You may remember that I have sent you a mail with a request if some of you can help me with my search for more information concerning a strange FBI teletype ("...immediate high alert."). I have contacted Jerome Clark, Stanton Friedman and Bruce Maccabee in the meantime and they have helped me with further information about that case. There happened in fact something extraordinary in December 1950 which caused an US nationwide alert concerning all UFO sightings and there are also some rumors that a UFO crash is involved in this events. The true reason for the teletype is even today secret and unknown but I have here now 10 pages of a document revealing various possibilites of things that can explan the nationwide alert and the high confidentially. If you are interested in the document please send me a mail and I will send you the text file with the further information attached to my reply back.

If some of you have an advanced knowledge about the UFO topic (as most of you surely have) and want in addition become "co-writers" of a UFO book, please read my article "Co-writer sought" in this issue. Maybe we can continue my book project.

The best news at last: I will go to a 300 hours course to become a "correspondent for foreign languages (english)" in October and I hope this will help me to improve my english and to make my articles and the whole magazine easier to read and to understand. In the meantime I hope everything in this issue is understandable (and interesting) enough <g>.

But now enough from my (as usual) not very interesting foreword. Enjoy the magazine and feel free to send me any comment, suggestion and criticism.

Best wishes


Contents of this issue

1.) UFO related sentence of the month

2.) Our group members

3.) The UFO sighting of Kenneth Arnold

4.) Ghostly faces - the Belmez de la Moraleda appearances

5.) A grand tour to the Southwest secret sites (Part 2)

6.) UFO Sighting at Coyote Canyon

7.) Contactees - truth or fiction?

8.) CIA's Homepage for Kids - my opinion

9.) Software Test: UFO II Database

10.) FBI document of the month

11.) Tesla Mystery - Precursor to the UFO mystery

12.) Historical UFO pictures

13.) Man made UFOs (Part 4)

14.) Co-writer sought

15.) Website Tip of the month

16.) UFO photo of the month


18.) Preview - in the next issue

UFO related sentence of the month

"The many rumors regarding the flying disc became a reality yesterday when the intelligence office of the 509th Bomb Group of the Eight Air Force, Roswell Army Air Field was fortunate enough to gain possession of a disc..."

                                                                 Roswell Air Force Statement, July 8 1947

Our Group Members

written by Rolf Hansen, Translation by Christian Pfeiler

Hello all UFO interested people in the world

My name is Rolf Hansen. I'm 25 years old and live in a village near the town Nuernberg in the north of Bavaria (or as we say in the "Frankenland" <g>) I work as a shop assistant in a local computer shop and I like this job because working with (especially) old computers is one of my main hobbies (my generation is the Commodore 64 generation <g> if you know that computer.)

Since my own sighting of a strange flying object during my holiday in Denmark in the year 1994 I'm very interested in all UFO related phenomena (before that sighting I had not really believed that the UFO stories are true.) I believe now that some of the flying objects (not all) are definetly not from our planet and I'm also quite sure that the governments hide much of their knowledge about UFOs from the public (to say it with the words of the former US president George Bush who said "You do not know the half of it" as reply to a question about UFOs.) My special interest are UFO landing sites with physical evidence like the Delphos ring.

So much about me and my life. Maybe I will write an article for one of the next issues.

Best wishes


The UFO sighting of Kenneth Arnold 1947

written by Christian Pfeiler

Kenneth Arnold and his airplane

Kenneth Arnold and his airplane

The UFO sighting of pilot Kenneth Arnold from June 24 1947 was in fact not very spectacular or exciting, because he had seen the strange flying objects from his plane only over a short period of time in a very great distance, but it was really his sighting that started the "modern age" of UFO research (many people - especially sceptics - think further that this event started also the "UFO hysteria". This people don't see or want to see that there were sightings of strange flying objects not only since that day in the year 1947 but since thousands of years ago in the history of mankind.) In additon, it was also that sighting that created the word "flying saucers" for UFOs in the media.

In the preview to this issue I've promised the "complete report" from the FBI files, but I have seen now that this would be a little bit difficult because especially the first page is heavily censored and parts of the other pages are of a very bad quality so that I was not able to read all words.

Here now the most interesting parts from the 5 pages of Mr. Arnolds FBI report:

"The following story of what I observed over the Cascade mountains, as impossible as it may seem, is positively true. I never asked nor wanted any notoriety for just accidently being in the right spot at the right time to observe what I did. I reported something that I know any pilot would have reported. I don't think that in any way my observation was due to any sensitivity of eye sight or judgment then what is considered normal for any pilot.

On June 24th, Tuesday 1947, I had finished my work for the < censored > at Chehalis, Washington, and at about two o'clock I took off from Chehalis,Washington, airport with the intention of going to Yakima, Washington...I flew directly to Mt. Rainier after reaching an altitude of about 9.500 feet, which is the approximate elevation of the high plateau from which Mt. Rainier rises...

The air was so smooth that day that it was a real pleasure flying and, as most pilots do when the air is so smooth and they are flying at a higher altitude, I trimmed out my airplane in the direction of Yakima, Washington, which was almost directly east of my position and simply sat in my plane observing the sky and the terrain. There was a DC-4 to the left and to the rear of me approximately fifteen miles in distance, and I should judge, at 14,000 foot elevation. The sky and the air was as clear as crystal. I hadn't flown more than two or three minutes on my course when a bright flash reflected on my airplane. It startled me as I thought I was too close to some other airplane. I looked every place in the sky and couldn't find where the reflection had come from until I looked to the left and the north of Mt. Rainier where I observed a chain of nine peculiar looking aircraft flying from north to south at approximately 9,500 feet elevation and going, seemingly, in a definite direction of about 170 degrees.

They were approaching Mt. Rainier very rapidly, and I merely assumed they were jet planes. Anyhow, I discovered that this was where the reflection had come from, as two or three of them every few second would dip or change their course slightly, just enough for the sun to strike them at an angle that reflected brightly on my plane. These objects being quite far away. I was unable for a few seconds to make out their shape or their formation. Very shortly they approached Mt. Rainier, and I observed their outline against the snow quite plainly. I thought it was very peculiar that I couldn't find their tails but assumed they were some type of jet plane...

They seemed to hold a definite direction but rather swerved in and out of the high mountain peaks. Their speed at that time did not impress me particularly, because I knew that our army and air forces had planes that went very fast. What kept bothering me as I watched them flip and flash in the sun right along their path was the fact that I couldn't make out any tail on them, and I am sure that any pilot would justify more than a second look at such a plane.

The more I observed these objects, the more upset I became, as I am acustomed and familiar with most all objects flying whether I am close to the ground or at higher altitudes. I observed the chain of the objects of these objects passing another high snow-covered ridge in between Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams, and as the first one was passing the south crest of this ridge the last object was entering the northern crest of the ridge. As I was flying in the direction of this particular ridge, I measured it and found it to be approximately five miles so I could safely assume that the chain of these saucer like objects were at least five miles long...

A number of news men and experts suggested that I might have been seeing reflections...This I know to be absolutely false, as I observed these objects not only through the glass of my airplane but turned my airplane sideways where I could open my window and observe them with a completely unobstructed view (without sun glasses.)

...when the sun reflected from one or two of these units, they appeared to be completely round...when these objects were flying approximately straight and level, they were just a black thin line and when they flipped was the only time I could get a judgment as to their size...Although these objects have been reported by many other observers troughout the United States, there have been six or seven other accounts written by some of these observers that I can truthfully say must have observed the same thing that I did, particularly, the descriptions of the three Western Air Lines employees, the gentleman from Oklahoma City and the locomotive engineer in Illinois, plus < censored > and Co-Pilot < censored > of United Air Lines."

Ghostly faces - the Belmez de la Moraleda appearances

written by Christian Pfeiler

ghostly face on the kitchen floor

One of the ghostly faces on the floor of the kitchen

In the last issue we've read an article about the Borley house in Essex, UK which was maybe not a real haunted house, because most of the so-called hauntings in this house are explainable with hoaxes or lies. Are all reports of paranormal and ghost appearances expainable? I don't think so. Here is for example a very strange and even today completely unsolved ghost mystery that have happened in Spain in the years 1971 and 1972.

On the morning of August 23 1971 Maria Gómez Pereira - a spanish housewife - discovered an odd appearance on the floor of the kitchen in her house in the village Belmez de la Moraleda. To her surprise she saw something like the drawing of a face on the floor. Sra. Pereira was frightened about that unexplainable face and told her son that he should destroy the part of the floor. He destroyed the part of the floor with a hoe and cemented it new but to the astonishment of the whole family the face re-appeared some days later again on the same place and it was clearer then before. The family was helpless and contacted parapsychologists and scientists.

The scientists have had also no solution for the mystery, but they destroyed the floor again and discovered at a depth of 2.7 metres human bones in the ground, because the whole street in the village was built on an old cemetery. When the floor was cemented again, the faces re-appeared immediately - at the end parapsychologists discovered that there were 18 "drawings" of faces on the floor. There is in fact photografical evidence of faces that appear from the blank floor, seem to change their expression (from fear to a laughing face) and disappear then without a trace. On audio tapes made in the house were strange crying and screaming voices to hear.

How could this mystery be explained? Even sceptics have found no suitable solution for the events and the theory that maybe chemical reactions in the floor could be responsible for the "faces" is very ridiculous (what "chemical reaction" in a normal cemented floor can cause the appearance and disappearence of 18 faces?) Were the faces only a illusion - something else on the ground that looked only in our imagination like human faces? I don't think so (look at the photo above. Is this imagination?) What is with the crying voices on the tape and the bones in the ground under the kitchen? Were the faces "manifestations" of the ghosts of people who were buried beneath the house? Why did some of the faces change their expression from fear to laughing? Has something terrible happened at this place?

A lot of questions but no satisfying answer. In spite of all hoaxes and lies: paranormal and ghostly appearances do exist and from time to time there is a completely unsolvable case that prove their existence - like the Belmez de la Moraleda appearences.

A grand tour to the Southwest Secret sites (Part 2)

written by Christian Pfeiler

Area 5 'Restricted Area' sign

Near Area 51

As promised in the last issue, Richard Boylan will continue his trip trough the southwest of the US and he will visit again the "secret sites" and facilities of this area, facilities that are definetly involved in secret weapon projects and maybe in a UFO cover up and the examination of "foreign" technology. In the following now again parts of the interview in a shortened form:

"...at Archulete Peak just north of Dulce, New Mexico, reported in Howard Blum's "Out There" as an underground base, " he says, he "drove around the mesa and discovered a mysterious ranch ...in the front yard of the ranch between the road and the two ranch buildings were four odd twenty-foot-high guard towers on stilts." He has a photograph of them. He concludes that "there appears more there than meets the eye..."

(Remark from Chris: Mr. Boylan continue his journey and arrived at the huge Los Alamos National Laboratories.)

"...even more curious is another building which houses the laboratories theoretical biology and biophysics studies." Boylan slides across a photo of that building and amends his last statement, saying it may be "less curious if the rumor is true that the extraterrestrial corpses from the crashed UFO near Corona, New Mexico (Remark from Chris: the Roswell Incident) were brought to Los Alamos for study."..."Besides nukes and exotic biology" Boylan is saying "the Los Alamos National Laboratories also researches military applications of intense magnetic fields at its National High Magnet Field Laboratory - a prerequiste to gravity/antigravity research. The theoretical weapons physics of Los Alamos is translated into actual working models of high-tech weapons at Sandia National Laboratories at Albuquerque..."

Sandia National Laboratories and its test ranges extend south and east of the DOE headquarters for over a hundred square miles and take up most of Kirtland Air Force Base "Activities identified by sign," he reports, "include mostly weapons application research in nuclear, magnetic, solar, electromagnetic pulse, laser and particle beam energy. But the piéce de resistance of Star Wars weapons research applications I found was "Project ARIES" the Advanced Research Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Simulator" where a two-block-long device was built for the Defense Nuclear Agency by EG&G...

EG&G stands for Edgerton, Germhausen & Greer, a shadowy corporation involved - along with Wackenhut Corporation - in security for Area 51 and S-4, Black Budget weapons operations like Project ARIES, and in maintaining various nuclear facilities for the US government. The electromagnetic pulse weapon consists of a block-and-a-half-long barrel on a nonconductive wooden trestle twenty-five feet high connected to a two-story tower which is connected, in turn, to an immense electrical apparatus with huge arms and massive connection cables, looking like a gigantic Van de Graaf generator. The long rumored electromagnetic pulse generator at last" Boylan suggests that the 100-trillion-volt electromagnetic bursts were designed to overpower extraterrestrial UFOs...

Trying to find the proper road back from the solar weapons lab, Boylan tells us, he came upon "the famous Manzano Mountains Weapons Storage Facility, an entire mountain tunneled into for storage of various high-security items such as nuclear weapons and...retrieved UFOs." "...the entire complex is surrounded by three separate high, razor-wire-tipped fences with bare-earth zones between, presumably with motion sensors embedded. Armed personnel in jeeps constantly patrol the area. At the northern end of Manzano is the Coyote Canyon Test Site, where extremly classified Air Force, DOE and Sandia National Laboratories research takes place. This is the area where USAF personnel spotted a UFO hovering low in 1979..." (Remark from Chris: see my other article about that case.)

"I could see a strange metallic ball (at Coyote Canyon) twenty feet high resting on the ground, sheltered by a flat tin roof above, supported by four poles surrounding the huge sphere. Its purpose is unknown...whatever the research at Coyote Canyon is, it has made the water in the area unfit to drink or even wash your hands in." (He shows a photograph of a sign warning about the water.)

(Remark from Chris: Mr. Boylan will continue his "grand trip" in the next issue of the mag and will again find more evidence for a secret weapons/UFO cover up.)

UFO Sighting at Coyote Canyon

written by Christian Pfeiler

At September 2 1980 three Security Policemen saw an unidentified light flying over the Manzano Weapons Storage in New Mexico (as mentioned in Mr. Boylans report in the "Secret sites" article.) In the following now the original text from the official AFOSI (Air Force Office for Special Investigations) document concerning this strange sighting:

1.) On 2 Sept 80, SOURCE related on 8 Aug 80, three Security Policemen assigned to 1608 SPS, KAFB (Remark from Chris: Kirtland Airforce Base), NM, on duty inside the Manzano Weapons Storage Area sighted an unidentified light in the air that traveled from North to South over the Coyote Canyon area of the Department of Defense Restricted Test Range on KAFB, NM. The Security Policemen identified as: SSGT STEPHEN FERENZ, Area Supervisor, AIC MARTIN W. RIST and AMN ANTHONY D. FRAZIER, were later interviewed separatly by SOURCE and all three related the same statement. At approximately 2350hrs, while on duty in Charlie Sector, East Side of Manzano, the three observed a very bright light in the sky approximately 3 miles North-North-East of their position. The light traveled with great speed and stopped suddenly in the sky over Coyote Canyon. The three first thought the object was a helicopter, however, after observing the strange aerial maneuvers (stop and go), they felt a helicopter couldn't have performed such skills. The light landed in the Coyote Canyon area. Sometime later, three witnessed the light take off and leave proceeding straight up at a high speed and disappear.

2.) Central Security Control (CSC) inside Manzano contacted Sandia Security, who conduct frequent building checks on two alarmed structures in the area. They advised that a patrol was already in the area and would investigate.

3.) On 11 Aug 80, RUSS CURTIS, Sandia Security, advised that on 9 Aug 80, a Sandia Security Guard (who wishes his name not be divulged for fear of harassment) related the following: At approximately 0020hrs he was driving East on the Coyote Canyon access road on a routine building check of an alarmed structure. As he approached the structure he observed a bright light near the ground behind the structure. He also observed an object he first thought was a helicopter. But after driving closer, he observed a round disc shaped object. He attempted to radio for a back up patrol but his radio would not work. As he approached the object on foot armed with a shotgun, the object took off in a vertical direction at a high rate of speed. The guard was a former helicopter mechanic in the U.S. Army and stated the object he observed was not a helicopter.

4.) SOURCE advised on 22 Aug 80, three other Security Policemen observed the same.

Contactees - truth or fiction?

written by Christian Pfeiler

UFO photo from George Adamski

A UFO photo from George Adamski

Especially since the 50s and early 60s there was a new kind of UFO sighting - the so-called contactee experience. People affirmed that they have met friendly aliens and that these "extraterrestrials" told them that they were "chosen" to tell mankind the "message of peace" from the aliens who wants to share their wisdom with other species in the whole universe. The description of this contactee-aliens is very different from the actual (unfriendly) "Greys" (which are often involved in todays abduction scenarios.) The contactees told that they have met very human-like, attractive and benevolent aliens with bright hair, blue eyes and shiny clothings - beings that seems to be more "angels" than "aliens." (in fact the contactee-"extraterrestrials" often talked about god and his creation.)

These beings brought mankind messages from the "brothers and sisters in space" and warnings to stop enviromental pollution and using nuclear weapons and they also promised that they will come back with more ships in future, show themselves the public and help mankind with the "evolution" to a better species without war. Well, this promises have been made for 40 years but nothing what the contactees have foretold really happened: no "brothers from space" landed in a great armada of flying saucers and no aliens have brought us help for the major problems of mankind.

So what is with the "contactee" people? Were they all crazy or told lies to become famous? Why did the phenomena stop in the late 60s (with some exceptions) and become replaced by the abduction phenomena? Are the contactees "children" of the cold war and were their reports only based on the anxiety of a nuclear destruction of the world? (lots of contactees have advised mankind to stop using nuclear weapons.)

Contactee Howard Menge

Another Contactee: Howard Menger

Well, this question is difficult to answer (as usual in the whole UFO topic.) There were sure lots of people who report about UFO experiences only to became famous or who told lies caused for example by religious fanaticism and the belief that they were the "biblical prophets" of the modern age who were chosen to met angels and hear the message of god. But on the other hand there is also some evidence that some of the people were really "contacted" by someone. Especially the most famous contactees like George Adamski, Truman Bethurum, Daniel Fry, Eduard Meier or Howard Menger have often made photos and even films from the landing and starting "saucers" and sometimes these photos show real unexplainable flying objects which could not be identified without a doubt as hoaxes (there is a famous film from George Adamski - see the photo above - showing a flying and shape-changing object. If this film is a hoax it is a very good "special effect" for the 60s. On the other hand Mr. Adamski has told that he flew with a saucer to Moon and Mars and that he have seen "green landscapes and seas" on the backside of the moon, which sounds very unbelievable.) Some of the contactees have sometimes other witnesses who confirm their stories - who "solemnly swear" that they have seen with their own eyes that the contactee have met beings from other worlds. Why should the other witnesses also tell lies?

Maybe there is an answer to all this questions and it is easier than you think.

It is always interesting that the "extraterrestrials" have looked like normal humans and also speak normal english without an accent. Could it be that they were in fact humans? If you think about the theory that there were maybe "man-made flying saucers" in the possession of the goverment, could it be that the saucers the contactees have seen and the aliens they have met were not from "outer space" but only men from the goverment? The contactee-scenario is in fact a main reason that many people even today laugh about UFOs and UFO research and believe that all interested people are a little bit "crazy" like the contactees? Could it be that some of the contactee experiences are in fact "disinformation" and that the (US?) goverment is responsible for it? Have the government used "man-made saucers" and special skilled people (or "actors"?) from secret agencies who only played aliens in order to make the whole phenomena ridicolous with their messages from "peace" and "cosmic brotherhood"? Where the contactees in fact not "chosen people" but only victims of a disinformation campaign done by the government - a campaign that should make the whole UFO phenomena ridiculous in order to hide and protect real projects (with recovered UFOs???)

To come to an end: I don't believe that the contactees have met real "extraterrestrials" but I also don't believe that they were all crazy or liars. There must be another solution and maybe we will find them one day and the "contactees" will fit then into the whole truth about the UFO scenario. I'm sure it is something we should think about.

A closing word about one of the last "contactees", the swiss Eduard Meier who affirm even today that he is still in contact with benevolent aliens from Sirius.  A photo from Meier showing an alien (his "cosmic girl friend" Semjase) was identified without a doubt as a photo from a magazine model, so I'm very very sceptic about Mr. Meier and his experiences (but there are in fact hundreds of people who believe him and also much more people who laugh about him and his followers. If there is a disinformation campaign - it works.)

CIA's Homepage for Kids - my opinion

written by Christian Pfeiler

CIA for Kids image

While searching for interesting FOIA documents on the websites of various US governmental agencies I discovered on the CIA-Website that there is also a "CIA Homepage for Kids". On this website the CIA show itself as a good friend of all kids and people of the United States and tries (maybe the main reason for this page) to make children interested in the work of the agency so that they can maybe recruit them later to work for the CIA.

In my opinion I find this very strange. An agency like the CIA - involved without a doubt in various kinds of espionage, black budget weapon projects, assasinations, illegal actions and cover-ups (and all in the name of the national security) "plays" good friend for children. By the way, three CIA agents who have done illegal industrial espionage for the agency here in Germany were discoverd some weeks ago from the BND (the german secret service) and must leave now the country. The german goverment has sent a complaint to the US goverment about that. I'm sure there was no information available about these (bad) things on the CIA's friendly Kids Homepage and on the real CIA Website.

But this is only my opinion and maybe I'm wrong because during my UFO research I have heard and read to many bad things about the CIA (I don't know if all these things are true.) What do you think about the Kid's Homepage and/or the agency in general? Write me your opinion.

Software Test: UFO II Database

written by Christian Pfeiler


CD ROM Cover

UFO II is a computer multimedia database containing nearly 1200 documented sightings over a period of approximately 3000 years of "UFO" history. There is also a collection of 216 UFO photos (pcx files) and 28 UFO movies (avi files) on the CD-ROM to illustrate some of the cases.

As it is a program from 1995 the interface is simple and not "overloaded" with different functions (as most of todays multimedia programs unfortunately are) and it is in my opinion very easy to use and in addition very informative. The program runs without problems even on older computers.

Program interface of UFO II screenshot

The program interface of UFO II

The program has a very good and fast search engine for the sightings, which can be used either to search cases for example by Sighting Parameters or by date or by location name or by the locator map. Good: The search parameters includes not only normal UFO sightings but also other related phenomenas like Cattle Mutilations, Crop Circles and other possible UFO landing sites with physical evidence (all with photos.) Photos and text of all cases could be exported and then used by other windows applications.

Search by Sighting Parameters settings

Search by Sighting Parameters

Criticism: the 28 video files on the CD-ROM are in the avi file format and at this reason of a bad quality and low resolution and will be shown in a very small "video window". The videos can be theoretically enlarged to "full screen" but then it is very very difficult to see anything else than pixels, so an advanced high resolution video format like mpeg would be better (but it is an old program.) The text files to the sightings are in some cases maybe a little bit to small (2 or 3 sentences) and contains less information (but on the other hand the most interesting facts are always shown).

It is in my opinion a good program if you only want to search fast for an image or an short description of a sighting or if you just want to have a look at (sometimes fascinating) UFO images and (low res) video films. If you want to find more detailed informations and a "deeper" look into the UFO matter the program contains unfortunately to little information and it would be then better for you to look into a good UFO book instead of using the UFO II database.

At last the hardware requirements of the program: 80386 PC, Windows 3.x or above, SVGA graphics card (640 x 480 x 256 colors), 4 MB RAM and a CD-ROM drive. The program was published 1995 by Softkey International Inc. and the ISBN No. is 1-56434-918-7.

FBI document of the month

written by Christian Pfeiler

I've found again 3 pages of an interesting document in my FBI archive. The document from July 29, 1952 is some kind of "overview" about the whole UFO scenario at this time and there are many interesting sentences in this text like "...the Air Force has failed to arrive at any satisfactory conclusion in its research regarding numerous reports of flying saucers..." or "...it is not entirely impossible that the objects sighted may possibly be ships from another planet..."

In addition it is interesting that "...very little credence is given" from the US Airforce to sightings reported by civilian people because this sightings are believed "...to be imaginative..." in most cases and that only reports from pilots or military personnel seems to be more reliable (in the eyes of the US goverment.)

FBI document

FBI document

FBI document


written by Roger Anderton

Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943)

Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943)

The Tesla Mystery is tied deeply into the UFO Mystery, it has all the elements of UFOlogy. It seems to be the initial precursor event before the "Flying Saucer" phenomenon became publicly known. Before the UFO mystery became public attention, there was the Tesla Mystery, and it seems that if you can solve one of these mysteries then you can solve the other. Nikola Tesla was a forgotten genius and the consequences of his actions, appears to have created the UFO phenomenon as we know it today.

Nikola Tesla was an engineer and businessman who was the genius behind the modern electrical power network. He was also the archetype for the "mad inventor" in science fiction type films, because of his claims of "death rays", "contact with aliens" , "mind control", "weather control", artificial ball lightning (which could be many UFOs) and a new type of air craft (still unknown to this day).

Tesla lived from 1856 to 1943. In the 19th century he had amassed a great deal of money and built himself a laboratory, where he experimented with x-rays, electrical lighting and alternating currents, and developed many inventions. The mystery of Tesla, centres on the "Magnifying Transmitter Tower" he built. Tesla had designed and built a gigantic special transformer, that would operate at such large voltages that other transformers would catch fire and burn down. It is a very difficult design to build, and in today's mentality would require a computer to design it. But Tesla is supposed to have designed it straight from his imagination, in an era where there was no electronic computers. There is no doubt from known physics that from studying his patents on this "tower", he could create an amazingly enormous electrical power, beyond the ability of other transformers. But scientists such as Dr Peat who has investigated this subject, is sceptical as to the claims that Tesla and others have then made regarding this "tower".

Tesla claimed for a start that he was tapping into a new energy source using this tower. If Tesla did manage to do this, then this "energy source" is still unknown to physics. Then there are claims that there was so much power in his tower, that it could affect the weather. There is an ionosphere around the Earth, that is a layer of charged particles in an electromagnetic field, this is affected by the sun and creates the weather here on Earth. Tesla's machine supposedly is able to influence this ionosphere and change the weather. These and other claims, the sceptics dismiss.

Tesla's original tower was dynamited by someone in mysterious circumstances. But other towers have been built. Dr Peat did find that at least one Tesla Tower had been built in the West since the death of Tesla, by a Dr Golka for the US Air Force. Golka said that the tower was built to investigate stable plasma and ball Lightning. And would not say more than that because of secrecy reasons. And the Russians might have built a Tesla tower. In the 1970s the West was experiencing a lot of radio interference, this was tracked to the Russians at Riga in Latvia. Protests were made from the West, and towards the end of 1976, the Russians admitted to causing the problem from experiments, and reduced the interference they were making to only short bursts. Some people claim that the Russians were testing a Tesla Tower, but such claims cannot be proven, because the Russians did not admit to what they were doing.

The 'Tesla-Tower'

The "Tesla-Tower"

The most significant claim that the sceptics dismiss is Tesla's claim of a new method of radio communication different to Marconi's (and which he may have invented before Marconi) with which he contacted aliens. If this claim is true, then may be he initiated contact with aliens, invited them here, and started the Modern era of UFOlogy? There are claims that aliens have been here in our distant past; the "ancient astronaut hypothesis". May be that happened, and then there was hardly any alien visitations, until at the end of the 19th century when Tesla contacted the same aliens, or a different group, and started the Modern UFO era?

If that is true, then we are back to the conspiracy theory, with certain people in society deciding to keep the "contact with aliens" a secret. But interestingly that conspiracy would now date back a long time. Presumably these people thought that keeping such a secret was in the best interest of the public at large. But this is not the only possibility to the answer to the Tesla Mystery.

There may not be any UFOs and aliens, because there are also claims that this tower could account for them. The tower could supposedly create "ball lightning" and some say it was responsible for the Tunguska event (where in conventional belief: a meteor or comet crashed in a Russian forest, and lit up the night sky in England). If "artificial ball lightning" can be created then may be this explains some of the unexplained UFO cases? Then add to this the fact that the US have secret air craft (and which may even be based on Tesla designs) which cause some UFO sightings, and all the UFOs may be man made and not alien space crafts. The tower can also account for sightings of some aliens (aliens that it cannot account for might for instance be hoaxes?). The tower is supposed to be able send out rays of the correct frequency that it causes mind control. One can crudely think of the brain as being like a computer (actually more complicated, but never mind), with electrical impulses acting between brain neurons. The tower can act at the frequency of 5 and 15 times per second - which is the frequency range that the brain is now being reported to operate at.

Certain people such as Albert Budden believe that there is too much electromagnetic pollution in the modern age, from the use of too many electrical appliances, and this can interfere with people in various ways. They believe that hallucinations generated in this way are unintentional and a consequence of our over use of electricity. But in the scenario above it might be that some one is deliberately using electromagnetism to cause hallucinations. Presumably this would be for "James Bond" type of espionage purposes, the whole alien/ UFO phenomenon might be a created by secret services to divert attention from whatever their real activities are. This sort of theme (along with others) has been dealt with at times by the X Files.

A major problem with the Tesla Mystery is the mind control connection. If the tower can affect peoples' minds and is being used in that way, it is a territory beyond what is known by public accessed science. It would then be a covert hidden science that no one in the UFO field would have access to, unlike the other sciences. Then the claims start to get tied into the psychic phenomenon with ideas of telepathic amplifiers. It starts to get too strange. Thus the UFO Mystery is beyond the "tools" that the average investigator has at his disposal, making it unsolvable.

Dr Peat was sceptical in his book "In Search of Nikola Tesla", about the claims for what the Tower could do. He started off by asking the question: "was Tesla a crank or genius?" Showing maximum scepticism he tried initially to veer to believing that Tesla was a crank. However, in his investigations he found more and more evidence that Tesla was a genius. For instance the tower itself was the work of a genius: it was far beyond anyone else's ability to build. A major question is then: are we to believe the extraordinary claims of an extraordinary man that created an extraordinary machine? The problem is that Tesla's claims make no sense from physics as we now know it at the end of the 20th century (as pointed out by Dr Peat). If Tesla is right in his claims then there must be something fundamentally wrong with physics as now know it.

If a person were able to show that physics was more in alignment with Tesla's ideas then this would go some way to answering the Tesla Mystery. (One then needs to see my article "We have misunderstood Einstein's theory"). If one believes in this perspective, one then has more confidence in believing most of the extraordinary claims of Tesla, and one is left with two possible


1. Someone is using Tesla type technology and is able to hoax the UFO/alien phenomenon.

2. Someone has contacted aliens with the Tesla technology.

So, from both directions to the Tesla Mystery we find some sort of conspiracy. Either someone is covering up aliens or they are using aliens as a diversion from their real actions. In either case the UFO / Tesla Mystery has been deliberately made impossible to solve by someone.

If we could solve the Tesla Mystery - what was his real life story and what did he really achieve? Then we would have most likely solved the UFO Mystery. But the Tesla Mystery highlights that the UFO Mystery is unsolvable, and whoever holds the answers has all the "aces". As I have said presumably these people are acting in what they believe is in the best interests of the public. (If this precursor to the UFO / alien phenomenon happened in the 19th century. Then the two major wars in the 20th century, clearly indicate that "we" were then not ready to deal with issues created by Tesla.) We can only await for these unknown people to decide when the time is right for them to 'reveal their hand'.

Historical UFO pictures

written by Christian Pfeiler

German handbill from 1561

The picture above shows you an old German handbill from the year 1561. You can see strange flying objects like "tubes", "crosses" and "balls" in the sky over the town Nuernberg. As usual sighting reports from earlier times are not very reliable and it is not certain if this sighting have really happened, but it is interesting that the sighting "report" on the handbill described "flying tubes that shot out balls". We have also today sightings of cylindrical shaped UFOs which emit global shaped smaller objects (there is photographical evidence of such objects.) Maybe is is only accidental, but the report from the year 1561 sounds very similar.

Man Made UFOs part 4

written by Mik Perris

In 1955 Avro started to design what we now know as the VZ9 Avrocar. The Avrocar was 18ft in diameter and weighed 2,820 lbs. It was different from the previous Avro disks because it had a 5ft central fan, driven by 3 J69-T-9 turbojet engines. Designed and built by Orenda Engines Ltd, a subsidiary of Avro Canada Ltd.

The engines, whose exhaust would drive the fan, would be used as gas generators. They were not designed to do this. The central fan created a vacuum above the Avrocar, which gave added lift, and also created an air cushion below. This cushion of air is known as the ground effect or the Coanda effect. The same way that a Hovercraft sits on an air cushion. The exhaust gases were also channelled to a peripheral nozzle. This provided thrust, which could be directed downward to aid Hovering, backward for forward momentum and left and right for direction.

The Avrocar had a pilot position, and room for an observer, under bubble canopies. The Avrocar was intended to be used in a reconnaissance role.

Avrocar image

In 1959 the first prototype Avrocar began static tests at the Avro Canada factory at Malton. A second Avrocar was already being built. The first tests immediately led to a modification of the nozzle design. After this modification it was packed up and shipped off to Ames Research Center at Moffett Field, California. Here the Avrocar underwent rigorous wind tunnel testing. The second, modified, Avrocar was built in December 1959 and began Tethered tests at Malton. Spud Potocki was the test pilot. The winter of 1959 saw the first free flight testing.

By April 1960 the wind tunnel tests were completed. The news was not good. The Avrocar was unstable, underpowered and unable to obtain useful flight outside of hovering in ground effect. The Ames Engineers drew up a long list of improvements. These included modifying the nozzle again, more control vanes and a 10ft wide tailplane. The modifications were made to both Avrocars, except for the tailplane and the Avrocar went back for more tests in February 1961.

A USAF test pilot travelled to Avro in Malton to put the Avrocar through its paces. The Avrocar was very uncomfortable to fly. It was very hot, being located next to the engines. It was very noisy, with the whine of the central fan close to the pilots’ head. The tests revealed that the Avrocar was not going to live up to it’s estimated performance. At heights above 4 ft it became dangerously unstable and it was too underpowered to make the transition from hover to aerodynamic flight.

The USAF and US Army had started to loose interest in the Avrocar after the second wind tunnel tests. Now with the free flight tests finished the funding was stopped and the development contract terminated. The cost was $7.5 million. The end of 1961 saw the end of the Avrocar.

Avrocar on display at Fort Eustis, Virginia

What of the 2, prototype, Avrocars? One of the Avrocars, is today on display at the US Army Transportation Museum in Fort Eustis, Virginia. The other is in the National Air and Space Museums Paul E Garber Facility in Maryland.

Co-writer sought

written by Christian Pfeiler

You may remember that I have written together with a friend on my first UFO book. As this friend had no longer time to write with me at the book I've decided to continue writing alone because the three finished chapters are very good in my opinion. As writing together with one or more co-authors is surely better and much more productive than writing alone I would ask now if some of you would like to be my co-writer(s). I will try to translate the finished chapters from german into english language (I would need a lot of time to do this but if some of you are interested in the book project I will do it.)

The main task of the book should be to give an "overview" about the whole history of the UFO phenomena, starting in the distant past (Ancient Astronaut Theory) over the Middle Ages to our modern Time. But the book is not one of the "standard" UFO history books (there are too many) because the different years are only used to introduce the reader into a special topic with a special event from that year and then continue with "deeper" thoughts about that aspect of the whole phenomena. The book should show with interesting cases, thoughts and opinions not only that UFOs are real but also the different aspects of the phenomena like Cattle Mutes, Crop Circles, the "mimicry" hypothesis and even "weird" UFO theories like the belief in subterranean "cities" and such paranoid things.

My finished chapters are the following:

- 1967 "Operation Mutilation"

This chapter is introduced with the 1967 case of one of the first mutes, the Lady/Snippy case in which a horse was terribly and inexplicably mutilated (with unidentified lights on the sky at night before the mutilation took place.) This case is even today (as most of the Mutes) totally unsolved. The whole chapter is subdivided into the 3 sections "Horse murder", "The other side: human mutes and black helicopters" and "Summary: Thoughts about the topic."

- 1969 "The Year of the Condon Report"

This chapter is introduced with the 1969 (official) closing of the Air Force UFO research with the absolutely ridiculous Condon Report. The main topic of the chapter is a view at the "world of sceptics" (like Dr. Condon or Dr. Donald "NSA" Menzel) and the total denial of facts and sighting reports. The whole chapter is subdivided into the 4 sections "UFOs do not exist", "J. Allen Hynek - the way from a sceptic to a believer", "UFO scepticism today - the phenomena in the media" and again "Summary: Thoughts about the topic."

- 1980 "The Woodbridge Incident" or "How the UFOs came back to Great Britain..."

The chapter is introduced with a general view at the UFO sightings especially in the southwest of England and the paranormal aspects of this sightings which involved many contactee experiences. The main topic of the chapter is the 1980 Woodbridge Incident and the possibility that there was a cover up of a meeting between aliens and Air Force Personnel in the Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk. The whole chapter is subdivided into the 4 sections "The Salisbury Triangle", "Mystery at Rendlesham Forest", "The Halt memorandum", "The great denial - what happened really" and again "Summary: Thoughts about the topic."

I have started a fourth chapter with the topic "Weird UFO theories" like the belief in subterranean societies, "New World Order" and such paranoid theories. (By the way, I have here a very interesting and weird collection of english documents regarding that topic with all informations about the "reptilian serpent race" that want to take over the world with their UFOs and evil powers. Very funny to read. If you are interested in the files please tell me and I could send them to you.)

But back to my my main question: if some of you are interested to become my co-author(s) please send me a mail and we can discuss new ideas or further chapters. The chapters I've written are in my opinion well done but I could not promise that we will find a publishing house. So far from me. Every of you who thinks he or she is a good and experienced writer and has a very good knowledge about all aspects of the UFO topic could contact me.

Website Tip of the month

written by Christian Pfeiler

The website tip of this issue is maybe for most of you a well-known website, but I think some of the readers don't know the right URL to come to this site. It is in my opinion the best source for official UFO related documents of the US government: the "Unusual Phenomena" FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Page of the FBI (or to say it with a TV phrase "the real X-files")

This page is the main source for my FBI archive and you can download there hundreds of declassified FBI documents regarding all UFO related phenomena (Cattle Mutes, Roswell, MJ 12 and general sightings.) The "truth" about UFOs is surely not in these files (the MJ 12 documents for example are discovered to be "completely bogus") but there are many very interesting documents to download free in the Acrobat Reader Format pdf.

The URL of the FOIA website is:


(A little tip: if you download the files, use a laser printer to print them out. With an ink jet the quality of some of the documents is too bad to read them.)

UFO photo of the month

written by Christian Pfeiler

UFO photo of the month

At 1:00 pm in January 1967, Mr. James Bjornstad, a Research Consultant at the Christian Research Institute in Wayne, New Jersey, was driving in the vicinity of the Immaculate Conception Seminary in Mahwah when his attention was attracted to something flying in the sky. Through the trees along the street he could see a dull dark gray object sitting almost motionless in the sky beyond. Stopping the car in front of the Seminary, Bjornstad got out with his Japanese brand 35mm hand camera loaded with outdoor color film, and walked through to a better vantage point, then adjusted the distance setting to infinity and snapped a picture of the strange flying machine.


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3.) The Poltergeist Phenomena

4.) We have misunderstood Einstein's theory.

5.) Southwest Secret Sites (Part 3)

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