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written by Christian Pfeiler

Hello and welcome to the fifth issue of the magazine. I'm very glad that I can publish this issue. I was really worried the last weeks that I cannot finish it in time because I have had a lot of problems in October. But I have promised that this issue will be published on November 11 and in spite of all private stress and computer trouble I have tried to write and collect all stuff for it only in the last five days and I have succeeded (as you see): the fifth issue is completed. To my regret, it is a little bit smaller than the previous issues but nevertheless very well done (in my opinion) and I promise that the December issue will have much more pages than this one.

The December issue will be a special magazine about the various theories that events mentioned in the bible and in other old religious writings are maybe an evidence for an extraterrestrial influence in ancient times and about the possibility that our religion is maybe based on the same phenomena that we call UFO today. We will in the next issue also have a look at the modern "miracles" and what they have in common with UFO sightings and we will think about the possibility that religion could be a way to have an influence on the modern human society. If some of you are interested in this topic and want to write articles or only a short mail with your opinion for the Mail Corner feel free to send me everything you want.

Some informations to this November issue: I've started a new series of articles called "UFO dictionary" in which I will explain some of the special words which are often used in todays UFO research. Have also a special look at my interview with Rachel about her abduction experiences and on the current "FBI document of the month", because we have 5 pages with a very exciting story (the events mentioned in this document sounds like stuff from an episode of the "X-Files) in this issue, so please read it. By the way, special thanks to Rachel, Alexamay and Roger for their contribution to this issue. At last, please read my article about the USO phenomena (Unidentified Submarine Objects). I think this is a very interesting topic.

Unfortunately Mik's "man-made UFO" article is missing in this issue, because he have had also big computer trouble and lost many of his files (October was indeed a strange month, a lot of people I know have had computer trouble, including myself). Mik is very sorry, that he can't contribute something to this issue and I hope he will solve his PC problems and write another of his always very interesting articles for the next magazine.

I beg your pardon if this issue is not so good as the previous magazines but I really have tried to make it as good as possible in the short time (I'm sure there are lots of mistakes in the english grammar.) Nevertheless, I hope you will enjoy this issue.

Best wishes


Contents of this issue

1.) UFO related sentence of the month

2.) UFO Dictionary

3.) USOs - do they exist?

4.) The Scole Experiment - a book review

5.) In memoriam: Dr. Johannes Fiebag

6.) Interview with an abductee

7.) Letter of an astronaut

8.) FBI document of the month (5 pages)

9.) We have misunderstood Einstein's theory... (Part 1)

10.) Website tip of the month

11.) UFO photo of the month

12.) Preview - in the next issue

UFO related sentence of the month

"With respect to your request, we can neither confirm nor deny the existence or non-existence of the information you requested, as any other response would reveal currently and properly classified information...by this statement, the Department of the Airforce neither confirms nor denies that such records may or may not exist."

The reply of the USAF concerning a FOIA request asking for the existence of an area S-4

UFO Dictionary

written by Christian Pfeiler

I have received an email with a suggestion to make some kind of dictionary in the magazine to explain some of the special words and abbreviations concerning the UFO phenomena that I either often use in my articles or that are from general interest for all readers. So here is the first part of the "UFO Dictionary" starting with the letter "A".


Area 51

The inofficial name of a US top secret military installation in Nevada. The US government have denied the existence of the base for a long time and even today it is not totally known what exactly the military do in this secret facility. There are rumors that recovered UFOs are stored in hangars in (and under?) Area 51 and in an installation near 51 called S (Site) 4. Other names for the 51 base are "Groom Lake Base", "Dreamland" or the "Black World". Many people have reported that they either have seen strange objects flying at night over the base or that they have worked in the base and have seen there such "foreign" objects and possible UFOs.


The code name of a top secret US testplane, which can fly with very high speed at high altitudes. Some people told that they have seen a triangle-shaped plane in the sky with a very unusual kind of propulsion and engine exhaust (called Donut-on-a-rope) There are rumors that the AURORA plane use technology from recovered UFOs (like gravity engines). The existence of the project is nearly proven, but the code name AURORA is certainly no longer in use.


There is a theory that the propulsion of UFOs is based on some kind of special gravity, which is opposite to the normal earth gravity and enables the UFOs to hover and to move with impossible stop-and-go maneuvers. Reported light distortion (blur UFOs, solid lights), time phenomena and (elecromagnetical?) influence on cars and other equipment can be an evidence for such an antigravity based engine.


(Air Force Office for Special Investigations). A department of the USAF involved in various investigations concerning Air Force related UFO sightings like the Rendlesham case in the UK.


A word from Paläo-SETI. The Annunaki were sumerian gods and seemed (according to the old writings which are difficult to translate) to have a very good knowledge about modern technology and the universe. The word Annunaki is sumerian and means translated "Those, who came down from the sky to earth..."


A town in New Mexico. There are rumors that in the Aztec area was also a UFO crash like that in Roswell, maybe in the same month in the year 1947. There are in fact some witnesses for strange events, but the case is even today very controversial and many people say, that the Aztec story was only a hoax or a governmental desinformation.


The word abductions related to the UFO phenomena means that people were abducted from strange alien beings (in most cases from the so-called greys) and transported inside some kind of spaceship or UFO for communication and/or medical examination. The abductees (victims of the abduction) often report that they remember to get some kind of implant inserted. There is some evidence that the abduction phenomena have a real background, but many sceptics believe that it have only psychological reasons.

Almirante Saldanha

A brazilian ship, from which in 1958 the marine photographer Almiro Barauna made a photo series of a flying disc that came from the sea, flew around an island and returned at last back to the sea. Many people and sailors standing on board the ship witnessed the object and the photo series show the typical UFO very clear and detailled and it is even today for sceptics impossible to explain what this "flying disc" object was.

Archuleta Mesa

A mountain range near the town Dulce in New Mexico. Some people believe that there is an alien underground base beneath the mountains, built maybe in corporation with the US government. People claim that the so-called Dulce base is responsible for abductions and cattle mutes in this area, but there is in fact no evidence for this and the existence of underground facilities is very controversial because the stories about such bases sounds often rather weird and unbelievable.


(Artifical Origin of Cydonia) The research about the possibility that the structures in the Cydonia region on Mars are of artifical and alien origin (like the Mars face and the pyramids) The NASA have declared that all structures - even the face - are without a doubt natural, but some people believe that the NASA wants to hide the real facts.


In the UFO topic the "appearance" is one of the type of alien beings. The appearance is more ghost-like than a solid alien and is often involved in UFO/PSI-Phenomena and contactee experiences (like the Warminster sightings in the UK in the 60s) Today the "appearance" is very rare and the currently most seen alien type is the "Grey type".

USOs - do they exist?

written by Christian Pfeiler

A mysterious object seen by the crew of the "Caioba-Seahorse" in 1980

A mysterious object seen by the crew of the "Caioba-Seahorse" in 1980

Many people know sighting reports about UFOs - strange objects that fly trough the air of our planet. Only trough the air? It is remarkable that most parts of our world are covered with water and that there is some evidence that the UFOs also use this "matter" to move to most places of the planet without being seen from anyone. If a UFO move beneath the sea we call it a USO - a unidentified submarine object and there are more sighting reports about such strange submarines than most of us know.

On June 30 1967 a group of people on board of the argentinian ship "Naviero" recognized a cylindrical-shaped object in the sea. The object emited a blue-white light and was approximately 33 metres long. The most surprising fact: there came no noise from the object and - although it was moving with moderate speed trough the water - there were no waves. While the people were watching the strange submarine it changed its course in direction of the "Naviero", accelerated and dived - short before a collision with the ship - and disappeared fast in the deeper sea.

On July 26 1980 the sailors on board of the brazilian ship "Caioba-Seahorse" saw a grey round object with a diameter of approximately 10 metres drifting in the water. At the same time a bright light appeared on the horizon and came nearer to the ship. All technical equipment on the ship stopped working as the light was approaching the grey object in the sea which was illuminated from green, red, blue and yellow lights (see image above). The light - appearing now as a very bright disc shaped object - sank down to the metalish USO in the water and connect with it. Both objects rose from the water, hovered some minutes over the sea and accelerated then with very high speed up to the sky and disappeared.

Especially the Bimini area in the Bermuda triangle is famous for hundreds of sightings of unidentified and strange submarines and unexplainable lights beneath the sea (some people claim that Atlantis was located in this area and there are in fact some very unusual and maybe artifical structures on the ground of the sea there.) But appear USOs only in the ocean? No, there are also sighting reports about such objects in rivers and even in lakes.

On April 30 1976 an unidentified object broke with great power trough the ice of the frozen lake Siljan in Sweden. The ice was over 20 cm thick, but witnesses report about a grey object which was approximately 9 metres long. This USO came from the ground of the sea and caused an over 800 metres long and 4 metres wide "channel" in the ice while it was moving and cracking with a speed of nearly 100 km/h trough the frozen surface of the sea before it was flying up to the sky without any damage.

Sketch of USO breaking trough the frozen surface of Lake Siljan in 1976

A USO broke trough the frozen surface of Lake Siljan in 1976

But why are USOs moving trough the water? What is their task? Maybe they have the same reason as the flying UFOs in the sky. Unfortunately we dont know their task. Are UFOs and USOs parts of the same phenomena and have they a common origin? Can all UFOs also be USOs? Is it no problem for them to move in space, air and water? It seemed so. Are there alien bases beneath the sea? Who knows. At last: are there any normal and natural explanations for the sightings of USOs. Maybe. Some tiny plants and animals (plankton) in the sea are in fact able to emit light and to produce "glowing spots" on the water and also chemical reactions can cause such phenomena (the mysterious "white water" in the Bermuda triangle is maybe a result of chemical reactions.) But can plankton produce "illusions" of solid and metalish cylindrical and disc-shaped objects moving with high speed? How can plankton rise from the water and start flying trough the air (as many USOs have done)?

If we believe that UFOs are a fact, we must believe that the submarine objects also exists. If we find the truth about one of the phenomena we can maybe solve also the other. In the meantime people in the whole world will certainly continue to discover strange objects not only flying in the sky but also diving beneath the sea.

The Scole Experiment - a book review

written by Alexamay

Scientific Evidence for Life after Death, Authors: Grant and Jane Solomon, Publishers: Piatkus

This extraordinary and fascinating work relates events which took place over a 5 year period in the village of Scole, in Norfolk, England. It began when a small group of people interested in spiritualism started to meet regularly in a specially adapted cellar (later known as the "Scole Hole"!) to try to gain conclusive evidence of life after death. Soon after the 'experiment' began, a team of "spirit" scientists began communication with the group, through the mediumship of two of the members. These discarnate scientists expressed the desire to offer to humankind, scientific evidence that we do not die along with our bodies.

A diverse range of paranormal phenomena such as moving lights, dramatic changes in temperature, and the appearance of images on brand new, sealed photographic films and videos occured over a two year period. Many apports, or gifts from the spirit world, materialized in the cellar. Spirit people were often heard moving around, and partial materializations took place.

At the end of a two year period, respected representatives of the scientific community, including psychologists, astrophysicists and representatives of the Society for Psychical Research were invited to Scole to witness and scientifically assess the phenomena for themselves. A member of the Magic Circle was invited to assess the likelihood of fraud.

During the following three years, a vast number of amazing phenomena were witnessed by the scientists. One of the scientists was even able to conduct a full two-way conversation with his dead brother-in-law, whose voice emerged from a specially adapted tape recorder.

The experiment was forced to come to a close suddenly, after a total of 5 years, by the spirit scientists. Their explanation was that a potentially dangerous entity from a future time was interfering with the inter-dimensional door they had constructed for their work.

The final conclusion of the scientific investigators was that the phenomena were genuine. It was suggested that fraud would be the least likely explanation because of the enormous complexity and difficulty of trying to sustain it. No evidence for fraud was found by any of the scientists who visited. If we accept the word of the Scole group and the scientists who investigated, there are staggering implications for the whole of humankind and for how we live our lives.

I would recommend this book to everyone who ponders the ultimate question of life after death. It is written in a straightforward matter-of-fact style, and contains numerous photographs of the phenomena. This work is not some pie in the sky effort at convincing us of life after death, but is a serious attempt at providing conclusive scientific evidence of survival.

In memoriam: Dr. Johannes Fiebag

written by Christian Pfeiler

Dr. Johannes Fiebag

Dr. Johannes Fiebag (died October 11)

Sad news: The famous german author and UFO/Paläo-SETI researcher Dr. Johannes Fiebag died on October 11 1999 after a long illness. Dr. Fiebag was well known in the german UFO scene and his various books and articles in UFO magazines were always fascinating and interesting, as he was involved in various kinds of paranormal research and have had a great knowledge about the whole topic. He wrote me in a mail some weeks ago, that he must go into the hospital, but I haven't known that his illness was so serious. I was very concerned when I heard about his death and I think it is really a big loss for the german UFO scene.

I especially remember his fascinating book "Kontakt" about abduction experiences here in Germany (I've mentioned this book in an article in the third issue) and the book "Himmelszeichen" ("Heaven's signs") which he wrote together with his brother about the possibility that religious miracles are maybe caused by UFOs (more about that topic in the next special issue). His fascinating ideas and theories - especially about abductions - will continue to exist and maybe we will discover one day that he was right in many of his thoughts.

Interview with an abductee

written by Christian Pfeiler and Rachel Kleypas-Sparrow

Drawing with gray aliens

I have asked Rachel some questions about her abduction experiences. In the following now her answers to some of the most important questions concerning her own experiences and the whole abduction phenomena. Special thanks to her for answering all of my questions so upright and detailled.

1.) How many abductions do you have had during your lifetime or how many can you remember?

Rachel: "They have been occurring since I was five - I am aware of three, although I suspect there was one in '95, as I woke up with a strange orange sticky substance on my leg which turned to water when I touched it; however, it didn't touch my clothes. Had I thought I would have got a chemical analysis on it. It smelled sickly sweet. It put me in mind of what doctors put on you before they inject you - except thicker and sticky. An orange flashing light outside my bedroom window was seen - I thought it was a street cleaner not realising that we didn't have street cleaners, especially at 3:00 in the morning."

2.) Do you have had also normal sightings of UFOs (for example strange lights in the sky) without an abduction experience?

Rachel: "Oh yes, several - I don't assume every strange light is a ufo, as I know planes and their contrails and meteors, stars etc can be misleading. Although, I have seen several which can't be explained away so easily."

3.) Are there any other people in your family who have had also abduction experiences (for example brothers, sisters, parents or grandparents)?

Rachel: "I am not sure - as my dad was in the military at the time of most of my experiences - the subject was sort of taboo; however, there seems there was an experience when I was younger which involved my family."

4.) Do you remember some of the so-called screen memories, that maybe "hide" real memories (for example an "owl" looking trough the window of your bedroom or something similar)?

Rachel: "Yes, the strange cat. I was five and my family and I were eating tea, when this strange cat appearred on the window ledge. I remember being very frightened, as was my mother. It was on a window less than a 1/4 -1/2 inch ledge. The edges of the body were as if they were flourescent. The eyes were really weird. I have a cat, and my whole family have always been animal lovers - that one shook us up."

5.) You have mentioned bluish-grey aliens in your last article. Could you describe this beings more detailled (face, eyes, height etc.)? Was there only one kind of aliens or do you have seen different species (maybe something hybrid or reptilian)?

Rachel: "They had large eyes and were about my height - I under five foot. I am about 4'10" in height. They were very clinical in the way they handled me compared to the more human - type I encountered, when I was 12 [refer to circular rainbow]"

6.) Have you seen other humans (maybe other "abductees") inside the UFO?

Rachel: "I know that I was frightened - so I can't really say, if I saw anybody else. Although, apparently there was an encounter which involved my whole family.when I was five."

7.) Do you remember some kind of communication with the beings?

Rachel: "Most of them seemed to speak via telepathy, as far as, I can recall. I can't recall mouths moving."

8.) Do you remember seeing an implant? If yes, can you describe the object?

Rachel: "Something was placed inside my nose, I think I was four at the time. My mum told me that I use to suffer strange nosebleeds around that time."

9.) What scientists and organisations (sceptics and believer) were involved in the research about your case?

Rachel: "Quest International - Tony Dodd was the investigator who regressed me and informed me that I was an abductee. I only wanted to trace those hours I lost like I said in circular rainbow. Philip Mantle wanted to research me and Jenny Randles; however, with Albert Budden's attempts as well, I began to feel more like a lab specimen. I have passed information to Stanton Friedman, when I was married to my second husband."

10.) Do you think your experiences are real in a physical way or only some kind of psychological phenomena (as most of the sceptics say)?

Rachel: "At first, I wasn't really sure what to think I presumed they were part of my imagination. When I got my hole in the naval, during the grey encounter and having some vivid recollection of them, but thinking I was dreaming - I then questioned the reality. Deep down, I may have believed with the encounter I had at 12 that they were real, but I had gone into denial. I have gone into denial several times trying to make sense of it all. You know 'it could happen to somebody else, but not to me' syndrome. It is easier to believe that something happens to somebody else, before you believe it happens to yourself. Shortfall of being human, I guess. Ignorance."

11.) A last question: what do you think is the reason for your abductions (and maybe for all abductions)? Do you believe in the theory that the aliens want to make some kind of hybrid race or do you think there are other (spiritual?) reasons?

Rachel: "Good Question. It seems that they seem to select us. I am one that I see not just myself, but how I relate to others and I have always seen that we are all part of something bigger. In a sense that would be spritual and seems to be a common factor with other abductees. Most of us seem to have a common interest in the welfare of the planet and it's inhabitants from what I have seen from others. We seem to realise that we can't be solely independant of our place in the universe.

Yes, they appear to be very selective. Yes, it is possible that they are trying to develop a hybrid race, and I wonder, if maybe they already have and nobody has noticed given the length of time that they have been visiting the Earth. Also, there are alot of abductees like myself with some connections to the government. One of my friends, her dad was an ambassador. She was writing a book the last time, I spoke to her, which I keep looking for called 'Transcendance' Maria Ward. I don't know if it went into publication - no doubt it did, and would make good reading for those interested in the subject needing answers. I met her during an interview in Birmingham and she really helped me to cope with my experiences.

There are other reasons behind what they are doing, and that is obvious, but what their agenda is we can only speculate at this point and time.

As a Christian, I have always believed that we were not the only ones created in this vast universe and the other universes and that our lives intertwine with others - so spiritually, I believe it possible that these beings have a reality which we don't yet understand."

Letter of an astronaut

written by Christian Pfeiler

The following letter was written from the US astronaut Gordon Cooper in the year 1978 to the ambassador of Grenada, Mr. Griffith. Mr. Cooper wrote about his own thoughts and his experiences with UFOs in the 1950s and that several astronauts have seen such strange objects on the ground and from an airplane. Here now the original text from the letter of Mr. Cooper from November 9


Dear Ambassador Griffith

I wanted to convey to you my views on our extraterrestrial visitors popularly referred to as "UFO's", and suggest what might be done to deal properly with them.

I believe that these extraterrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets, which obviously are a little bit more technical advanced than we are here on earth. I feel that we need to have a top-level, coordinated program to scientifically collect and analyze data from all over the earth concerning any type of encounter, and to determine how best to interface with this visitors in a friendly fashion. We may first have to show them that we have learned to resolve our problems by peaceful means, rather than warfare, before we are accepted as fully qualified universal team members. This acceptance would have tremendous possibilities of advancing our world in all areas. Certainly then it would seem that the UN has a vested interest in handling this subject properly and expeditiously.

I should point out that I am not an experienced UFO professional researcher. I have not yet had the privilege of flying a UFO, nor of meeting the crew of one. I do feel that I am somewhat qualified to discuss them since I have been into the fringes of the vast areas in which they travel. Also, I did have occasion in 1951 to have two days of observation of many flights of them, of different sizes, flying in fighter formation, generally from east to west over Europe. They were at a higher altitude than we could reach with our jet fighters of that time.

I would also like to point out that most astronauts are very reluctant to even discuss UFO's due to the great numbers of people who have indescriminately sold fake stories and forged documents abusing their names and reputations without hesitation. Those few astronauts who have continued to have a participation in the UFO field have had to do so very cautiously. There are several of us who do believe in UFO's and who have had occasion to see a UFO on the ground or from an airplane. There was only one occasion from space which may have been a UFO.

If the UN agrees to pursue this project, and to lend their credibility to it, perhaps many more well qualified people will agree to step forth and provide help and information.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon


L. Gordon Cooper, Col. USAF (Ret), Astronaut

FBI document of the month

written by Christian Pfeiler

I have again found 5 pages of a very interesting FBI document in my archive. The events mentioned in this document sounds like stuff from an episode of the "X-Files": we have a strange sighting, mysterious UFO fragments, an anonymous phone call, a tapped hotel room and a B-25 which was maybe shot down because it was carrying the UFO fragments. I don't know if all this things are true and reality, but it is very exciting to read. Unfortunately all names in the document are censored. If some of you have further informations about that case (dated 1947) please tell me. Remark: Unfortunately in some sentences the last letters are missing, but I think the document is nevertheless understandable.

FBI document

FBI document

FBI document

FBI document

FBI document

We have misunderstood Einstein's Theory of Relativity

and the consequence of this is we have failed to notice that we have been visited by ETs (Part 1)

written by Roger Anderton

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

The Mantra:

In physics we have been taught mantras like "Einstein says that the speed of light is constant" and "Einstein says that nothing can go faster than light." These type of mantras have much the same consequences when we develop the mathematics from them, and so I only want to look at the first one.

First of all 'what do I mean by a mantra?' In certain religions it means a word or sentence that is continually chanted , without much thought going into what the chant actually means. The word 'mantra' I use to mean much the same purpose in physics. Not much thought goes into where the mantra "Einstein says the speed of light is constant" comes from, but once we accept it we can develop our understanding of Relativity Theory.

Now I have tried to read everything that Einstein ever wrote about Relativity, and no where do I find him saying "the speed of light is constant." So, where did this mantra come from? The mantra is a lie.

If we are charitable the mantra can be described as a myth: a misconception, created by the psychological processes of humans telling stories. People elaborate on a true incident, until it becomes a fictional account with only a small amount of true attached to the story. It is like the 'fisherman's tale' as the fisherman continues to recount how big the fish was that 'got away' the fish in the story gets bigger. People have this unfortunate habit of exaggeration, and although a story might have a central important bit of being true, the 'trimmings' are distortions that bear no connection to reality. Sceptics are able to latch onto this property of people, and applying extreme scepticism dismiss the entire story as myth, ignoring the 'central part' of the story that maybe true. These type of sceptics are then able to ignore all witnesses of unusual phenomenon.

Applying the same technique, if I were an extreme sceptic, I would dismiss the whole of Relativity theory as a myth. But I am not that type of person, I have tried to look for an explanation of what has gone wrong in modern physics. And in the words of Max Bygraves 'I want to tell you a story.' To the best of my ability this 'story' is true, but it is impossible to check all the relevant details, because not every thing is recorded in our history books. The most important issue in law courts is sometimes 'what is the accused person's intentions?', did the accused person intent to commit a crime, etc. The accused might have committed actions that appear to be a crime, but did he really intent to commit a crime? For instance I was in a case, where a person was accused of committing crime A, and his defence was I was not committing crime A, I was committing crime B. He was thus found innocent of crime A, and since he was not being tried for crime B, he was set free. It is the unfortunate part of the world in which we live in : that we do not know what peoples' intentions are.

If we did know then this would make sense of their actions. My study of physics leads me to suspect that there has been a conspiracy to corrupt physics from the 'true' physics, but I do not know the intentions of the people whose actions I have looked at, and thus I do not know if there was a conspiracy. I thus have to dismiss the idea of conspiracy when I tell you this 'story'. There are other gaps in this 'story' for much the same reasons.

I looked desperately for an answer as to why we have this false mantra "Einstein says that the speed of light is constant", when clearly he did not say this. I cannot know why precisely, we have this false mantra, I can only deduce from the little evidence available, a plausible scenario.

My conclusion about the mantra is: this false mantra is extremely useful. It enables us to develop the physics that modern physicists believe in. Upon accepting the premise upon which the mantra is based, we can then develop the mathematics that describe what we believe nature to be like. (The psychological 'make up' of people seems to be that the best way people have of learning is by rote, and mantras (or myths) provide an easy way to do that. Genuine understanding is a much slower process, than the use of rote. And we are now geared up in a society that wants 'speed', so the rote method is preferred . )

This situation has parallels to the story of Galileo taking two weights, one very heavy and the other very light, and dropping them off the tower of Pisa to demonstrate that both weights fell at the same rate under gravity. The story of Galileo doing this, is a myth, he never actually did that experiment. But the myth is useful in teaching about Galileo's thinking and discoveries in physics, because it demonstrates one of the central ideas upon which he theory is based.

The same applies to the false mantra of Einstein, it is very useful in demonstrating one of the central ideas of modern physics.

There is one problem with this mantra, it does not give us Einstein's Theory of Relativity. It does give us a Theory of Relativity, but it does not give us Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Einstein's Theory of Relativity is NOT the Theory of Relativity that modern physics is using. Modern physics says it is using Einstein's Theory of Relativity, but that is NOT case. That is why I say: 'We have misunderstood Einstein's Theory of Relativity.' Many very clever people have become physicists and they think they have mastered Einstein's Theory of Relativity, they are mistaken. They have mastered a Theory of Relativity, but it is not Einstein's Theory.

How does this tie into UFOlogy Well these physicists with their Theory of Relativity, have deduced from it that interstellar travel is near impossible, hence it is extremely unlikley that we have been visited by ETs, thus they feel they can safely ignore all witnesses reports of space ships and the like. From their belief system: aliens being here is impossible, and whatever the few witnesses (of aliens) have to say is wrong, and the UFO phenomenon has some other explanation than 'we have been visited by aliens'. The usual hypothesis by these physicists is that it is some psychological problem with the witnesses, and is therefore not a physics problem for 'them' to investigate.

That is not to say that all physicists believe interstellar travel is impossible. It is just that a hard look at modern physics as it has so far been constructed leads one to the conclusion that interstellar travel is near impossible. And if interstellar travel is possible then modern physics as we know it would be wrong. The physicists that believe interstellar travel is possible are thus generally mavericks looking for a different theory of physics. While official physics as the physics establishment so far understands it, says such ideas are speculations without any evidence to support them.

Thus my conclusion: We have failed to understand Einstein's theory of Relativity, and the physics community believing the wrong theory, have ignored the UFO subject. There is evidence that we have been visited by ETs but that evidence has not been seriously looked at. The scientists would like ET to have made some 'big public announcement of landing', say as happened in the film The Day the Earth Stood Still, where a saucer landed amidst crowds of people and before the news media. Such a public landing has clearly not taken place, so if ETs are here then they have visited us in the past, and are no longer here, or they are here and have in general just watched us from a distance, may be interacting with a few people on occasions, but not with crowds of people.

The science community in demanding that they will only accept the existence of ETs if the ETs make a public announcement etc., means that they have preconceived ideas of what an alien encounter should be like. And they are not prepared to consider the other possible scenarios.

Anyway, as to the question why have we failed to understand Einstein? Well, as I have said I suspect a conspiracy, but I do not know the intentions of the people who were the 'players' of this apparent conspiracy, and thus I cannot prove anything. I can only give you the bare outline of what happened, while the full details are complicated.

(End of Part 1. The second part of this article will be published in the next issue of the magazine.)

Website tip of the month

written by Christian Pfeiler

Maybe some of you have recognized that the third part of Richard Boylans "Grand tour to the Southwest secret sites" article is missing in this issue. I'm sorry but I haven't the book here at the moment, so I will try to publish the third and last part of the article in the next issue. In the meantime you can have a look at the website of Dr. Boylan where you can find various articles about UFOs and paranormal phenomena.

The URL of the website is:


I hope you will like this site.

UFO photo of the month

written by Christian Pfeiler

UFO photo of the month

At 3:00 pm on December 22, 1958, Dr. Stanislaw Kowalczewski, a well known medical doctor in general practice in the area, and his wife, were at his health resort in Muszynia, Poland, near the Poprad River, not far from the large resort of Krynica in the southeastern part of the country, when he snapped a remarkable photograph of a UFO. Dr. Kowalczewski was standing at the window of the clinic that mid-afternoon, camera in hand, preparing to get a picture of the vista before him. The day was rather cloudy and windy, but from time to time the sun would come out between passing clouds. At that moment the sun was about to emerge again as the doctor supposed. The clouds began to shine with a strong orange hue. After the developed film was returned Dr. Kowalczewski was astonished to find on the picture a dark object in the shape of a disc, with a dome on top.

PREVIEW - in the next issue

Here is a little preview about the articles in the December special issue (every contribution to the special topic "religion and UFOs" is welcome.)

1.) God, angels and aliens - a look at the religious UFO aspects

2.) The vision of Ezekiel and other biblical prophets - based on alien contacts?

3.) Modern "miracles" and what they have in common with the UFO phenomena

4.) Cattle mutes - the dark side of the UFOs?

and much more...