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written by Christian Pfeiler

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Hello and welcome to the sixth issue of the magazine. As I have promised, this issue is a special one about the very fascinating topic "UFOs, aliens and the Bible" and about the question "Have aliens created our religion?" so we have 2 great articles about such facts and questions in this magazine. I know that this is a very difficult topic (especially for strong-believing Christians) but I hope that no one of you is offended and that the two articles will start a discussion about that important questions (feel free to send me every comment you want.) Let me say, that all the things I have written about the aliens and UFOs in biblical times are only theories but there is many evidence that "god" was in fact an alien and not an allmighty supernatural being (read my two articles and you will see some of the proofs for this theories.)

Other interesting articles in the magazine are for example the "FBI document of the month" (three pages from my archive), the fifth part of Mik's "man-made UFOs" article, my article about "the origin of the unknown dead body" and much more, so I think this issue is again well done (I hope so, because it was a lot of work <g>)

Have also a special look at the little competition "UFO expert(s) of the year". It is a little quiz - unfortunately without a price - but I'm looking forward to receive some (or many) right answers from you, so that I can show the names of the UFO expert(s) in the next issue. Thanks to Kerry, Scott, Mik, Rachel, Guy, Alexa and Hans for their help with the mag and my research and special thanks to Derek for his great help with the two bible articles.

Some words to the coming year 2000: many people - especially contactees - claimed that something extraordinary will happen in the next year or in the coming years, for example the landing of a UFO fleet which will bring us "peace and freedom" or an attack of aliens or other evil forces which will bring us destruction and a "New World Order". So especially among the "strong UFO believers" there are many claims about either good or bad things connected with the UFO phenomena in the next year(s). Well, I don't think that something like that will really happen (but it is possible that "Part 3" of the alien project will start - read my second bible article) so I'm neither afraid of the coming years nor do I expect the arrival of "cosmic brothers from outer space", but I'm absolutely sure that the UFO sightings and experiences in the whole world will continue and that the UFO mystery will remain unsolved even in the next millenium (but it would be great if something extraordinary would happen, so that the UFO sceptics see, that they were wrong all the time). So let us wait and see what will happen in the future (the only thing I'm afraid about is that some of my old computers will crash on January 1 <g>)

A little enquiry: as I always try to improve my english, I search especially for UFO + PSI related books and magazines in english language, so I would ask you if some of you have such old (or very old) UFO books and magazines from the UK or the US, which you don't need any longer and which you can send to me. I will certainly pay for the books and magazines and for the costs of sending them to Germany (it can be even books and magazines from the 60s/70s) Please tell me, if you can send me such an old stuff.

Last question: I have at the moment a little discussion with a UFO sceptic, who claimed that only 5 per cent of all reported UFO sightings are not explainable, but I don't think so. I have read a study from France concering the french sightings between 1974 and 1978 and the study says that 38 per cent cannot be explained satisfactory and 32 per cent more cannot be explained completely without a doubt. I think this is a very optimistic value, but if we look into the result of the project "Blue Book" we find also values of ca. 20% unexplainable sightings in some years (1952 we have had over 1500 reported sightings in the US and over 300 cases remains unsolved) and this is a very interesting result for the extremly sceptic airforce. So what do you think? Is the sceptic with his 5 per cent right or is the real value much higher (I think between 20 and 30 per cent)? Feel free to send me an email with your opinion, so that I can show it to the sceptic.

To come to an end with my as usual not very interesting foreword: I hope you will enjoy this issue and have a special look at my two bible articles and at the little UFO expert(s) competition. One last sentence:




P.S. Have a look at my new english website at http://members.aol.com/nornpage/albia.htm. It is a page about my favourite computer game "Creatures 1" (I've mentioned the game in my abductions article in issue 3.)

Contents of this issue

1.) UFO related sentence of the month

2.) Our group members

3.) UFO dictionary

4.) Alien influence in biblical times

5.) Religious appearances, UFOs and screen memories

6.) FBI document of the month

7.) The origin of the unknown dead body

8.) UFO expert(s) of the year - a little competition

9.) Historical UFO drawings in Christian art

10.) Man-made UFOs (Part 5)

11.) Website tip of the month

12.) UFO photo of the month

13.) Mail Corner

14.) Preview - in the next issue

UFO related sentence of the month

"The aliens claim to have created Homo sapiens through hybridization...they further claim to have created all our major religions. They showed a Hologram of the crucifixion of Christ which the government filmed. They claim Jesus was created by them."

                                                     Milton W. Cooper in his controversial MJ-12 statement

Our group members

written by Mik Perris

Hi my name is Mik Perris. I am 36 years old and I live in Birmingham England. I work as a Data Commissioning Engineer for a local Cable company. I have a wife and 2 children.

I love Volkswagons. I own a 1977 VW camper. I also own a 1968 Split screen camper. I have owned 2 other VW campers and a Baja Bug ( a VW beetle/beach buggy) too. I go to VW events around England and collect all kinds of VW stuff.

I build PCs in my spare time and really enjoy surfing the Internet. The Internet is a valuable research tool.

I have always been interested in UFOs. My only sighting was last summer over Birmingham. I started to research man made UFOs after contacting the Fort Eustis transportation museum about the Avrocar. Since then I have become more involved with research. I am also very interested in the MKUltra C.I.A experiments. I hope to do some research into this too.

UFO Dictionary

written by Christian Pfeiler


As promised here the second part of the UFO dictionary. In this issue I will try to describe some of the special UFO words and terms starting with the letter »B«.

Blue Book

The project »Blue Book« was the third and last official UFO research project of the US Airforce (the first was project »Sign«, the second was project »Grudge«) »Blue Book« collected over many years thousands of informations about UFO sightings in the US, but there are (in the opinion of the very sceptic airforce) only a few cases still unsolved. The project was closed in 1969 after a scientifical study had declared that there is »...no scientifical need to continue with official UFO research.« Since that time there is no official UFO research project of the US goverment (but maybe some unofficial.)

Blue Room

A room in the Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio. There are rumours that in this special room parts of recovered UFOs (and dead alien bodies?) are stored for research and examination. Some people (military personnel from WPAFB) claimed, that this "above-top-secret" room really exists.

Blue Berets

A special force of the US military. It is claimed that the only task of the Blue Berets is the recovery of crashed UFOs and of alien bodies. The existence of this group is very controversial, but there is some evidence that it really exists.

Bep Kororoti

A being or »god« worshipped from the brazilian Kayapo tribe. Bep Kororoti looks like a modern astronaut (see the photo in issue No. 2) The word Bep Kororoti means translated »from space«.

Bentwaters Base

A RAF (Royal Air Force) base in England, near to the USAF base in Woodbridge. There was a famous and even today totally unsolved UFO sighting (maybe a close encounter of the third kind) in the Rendlesham Forest between these two bases in 1980. There are rumours of a military cover-up of the real events in Rendlesham Forest (see my article about that case in issue No. 2)

Black Budget

The inofficial budget of the US military for advanced weapon research and development. Parts of the Black Budget are maybe used to finance the research projects on recovered UFOs.

Black Mailbox

A famous mailbox in the desert near Area 51 in Nevada. Many people and UFO »tourists« come to this place to see »strange flying objects« over the area. Unfortunately most of the »lights« hovering in the sky there are not UFOs but normal light flares and target objects for military airplane operations.

Black World

Another name for the "Area 51" in Nevada.

Black Helicopters

Mysterious unmarked and black military helicopters, often seen in the Southwest of the USA, sometimes near places where cattle mutilations and UFO sightings took place before. The Black Helicopters seems to have very unusual abilities (flying without noise, accelerate with high speed, disappear) and there are claims that they are not human but alien origin (or maybe part of an advanced project of the US military.)


A kind of scientifical way to analyze unknown technology and to find out how this technology works. According to the claims of Robert Lazar, back-engineering was used in Area 51/Site 4 to discover how the antigravity engine of the UFOs works.

Biefeld-Brown effect

A physical effect discovered by the scientists Paul Alfred Biefeld and Thomas Townsend Brown in 1923. Both discovered that a high electric (magnetic) field can cause some kind of anti-gravity effect and that this effect can move solid objects in different directions. T.T. Brown used disc-shaped objects for his later experiments with »electro-gravity«.


A type of UFO. The boomerang-shaped UFOs are seen very seldom, but are in most cases very large objects (motherships?)

Alien influence in Biblical times - a view at the first two books of Moses

Written by Christian Pfeiler (with some help from Derek Pavely)

The first book of Moses

The first book of Moses - evidence for alien influence in ancient times?

For many years there has been controversy between people who believe that we can find some evidence in the Bible that "God" was an alien and those with a strong religious belief, who think it is sacrilege only to think about such things. I'm neither a religious person nor a Bible scientist, but if you read this book with an open mind you will find much evidence to suggest that the first group is right. The Bible is full of discrepancies about a lot of things and also many parts in today's Bibles are translated in a religious and completely false way. Furthermore, the apocryphal (unofficial) books of the Bible (which were too "dangerous" for the official version because some of them show us ideas that are different from the normal Bible text) give us much more proof for an alien influence. The Bible as we know it today is a result of mythology, symbolism, history, false translations, missing (important) parts and entire books and an interpretation of the events in an absolutely religious way. If we look "behind" this wrong "construction" we will see, that the Christian religion is based on many faults. If I would mention all discrepancies, faults, wrong translations and strange sentences in the Bible, I would probably write hundreds of pages, so I will show you only some of the mistakes in the following text.

First of all, we should have in mind the following facts:

- God was not a single being; he was a group of beings. (As we can see in the original Bible)
- He was not almighty and he didn't know everything? (As we can see in every Bible)
- He was not a spiritual being, he was human-like or humanoid.
- Angels or "Elohim" have had sexual relations with mortal/human women.
- The results of these relations were the "Nephilim", the giants or hybrids.
- The Old Testament and the New Testament are absolutely different writings (in many ways.)
- The "God" of the Old Testament is not the "God" of the New Testament.

I will concentrate my article especially at the first pages of the Bible and the first book of Moses and I will explain these parts in a detailed way. The "core" of the first book is maybe the oldest part of the whole Bible (from the five sources of the books of Moses) and involved in various ancient myths, which were written hundreds of years before Christ. The oldest "core" of the Bible is not based on such strict religious backgrounds (and mistranslations) as newer parts and especially the New Testament. We can read there for example (partly in the official Bible, much more in the apocryphal books) "strange" stories about a humanoid "god" and about angels who came down to earth to have sexual relations with women and to produce "hybrid" giants. (More about that later.)

"In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth..." With these words the first book of Moses (the book of Genesis) started. In the following paragraphs of the first book, we can read how god created light and darkness, land and water, plants and animals and much more in the next 6 days. We know today that this is just symbolic (the Universe and Earth were definitely not created just in 6 days but in at least 15 billion years.). What is interesting in this first sentence of the Bible: the modern translation always uses "God" as a singular word, as one person or being. But if we look at paragraph 26 "God" said, "Let us make man..." Why us? Who were the others? Angels? The Bible have not mentioned any other beings at this early time (we can read in some of the preceding lines that the Earth was empty and only the spirit of god was hovering over the water) but "God" spoke in the plural, he spoke to others of his kind (or species?). I was thinking very long about the mistake, and then I found a solution for this problem. If we look in the original (Hebrew) text of the Bible we can read there the word "Elohim" for God ("The Elohim created the heaven and the earth...") but "Elohim" is no singular word. If it is only one single person the right word would be just "El" but "Elohim" is the plural and shows us that it mean a group of beings ("Elohim" can be translated as something like "the bright". There are other explanations of similar words in different languages that mean "angels".) So "the bright/the angels" created heaven and earth and all things and said then "Let us (the Elohim) make man..." It seems that in fact a group of "bright" beings were responsible for the creation of the world. God as a group? A very unusual belief, but maybe true. Nevertheless, I will continue to use the word "God" as a singular word in the article, but we should have in mind that it can always mean more than one being.

A second logical mistake: We can read (in the second sentence of the Bible) that "...the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters." This means - if we understand it right - that God has no solid body; that he is a supernatural and spiritual being which is able to fly and to be on every place of the empty Earth and Universe. But now, when "God/Elohim" said "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness..." he definitely said that they want to make the man in a way that look very similar to themselves, similar to their own body (here we have again the plural). That is strange. In a way that looks similar to them? Isn't God a spiritual being as it was mentioned before? Or was he/were the "Elohim" solid and humanoid beings with a normal body like man? The Bible is very detailed in this case and we can read that God in fact created man like himself. So our own body is maybe evidence that "God" was not a spiritual but a solid humanoid being.

The creation of man in the Bible should not be interpreted as the creation of a completely new race out of nothing. The human race has developed from ape-like beings over many millions of years and that is definitely proven, through archaeological evidence and the identity of most parts of the genes of chimpanzee and human (but not all parts). The "ape-men" were maybe the genetic base material for the artificial development of a "new human race" with better abilities than the old animal-like species. So if the "Elohim" say, that they will create man like themselves, they don't think about the possibility of making a completely new race, but to "add" their physiology and intelligence to a pre-existing prehistoric man. If we talk about first men and women in the Bible, we should think that they were not really the first human beings, but maybe the first of a new artificial species.

The story of the creation of Adam and Eve was interpreted in many ways and some people believe that the stories of the dust (as a base material for the man), the seed of life and the rib from which God created a woman are evidence of a genetic experiment of the Elohim. Surprisingly, it seems that he couldn't create the woman with just his words, as he had done with all other things before. He must make Adam "sleep" and must use a rib - a genetic part - of him to create a second human. The Garden of Eden as a genetic laboratory or an alien base? A zoo for a new race? In addition, the famous "tree of knowledge" and the "tree of life" were interpreted as symbols for the human DNA code, but this is just a theory. Whatever the "tree" was, God was afraid that the humans would eat from the fruit of the tree (that they would find out the truth about him and their own species?) so he told a lie to Adam. It's strange, but we are just on the second page of the Bible and we can read now that God told the humans a lie, when he advised them not to go to the tree, because they will die immediately if they eat the forbidden fruit. But that was not true, because the fruit wasn't poisoned or anything like that, God was just afraid that the humans would eat it. Well, Adam and Eve were tempted by the serpent and ate from the fruit and then they are given advanced knowledge. (There are some interesting theories what the word "serpent" really means. As "God" didn't give animals the intelligence and ability to speak and as we don't meet - according to my knowledge - any other speaking animals in the whole Bible, the "serpent" must be a symbolism or a mistranslation. Was the serpent another kind of alien species or was it identical with the "fallen Elohim" which wanted to disturb the original project "humans". A more exotic theory is, that the "serpent race" is a race of evil reptilian beings.) When "God" came back to Eden (he was walking in the garden in the evening, when it was not so hot as in the day. As a spiritual and supernatural being it should be no problem for him to walk in the garden whenever he want, but as a humanoid being he prefer to walk at evening in the cool garden.) he couldn't find Adam and Eve and he searched them and shouted, "Where are you?". If he knows everything, there would be no need for him to search and to ask, "Where are you?" but as he did it, it is quite sure that he was not almighty. We know the rest of the story: the humans have discovered the "secret" of the Elohim, he/they were angry about them and about the serpent and the humans have to leave the garden of Eden (God first cursed them angrily, but only one sentence later he takes care for them and gives them clothing.) God used one of his servants, a huge "cherubim" (another Elohim?) with a flaming sword (or with another "mighty weapon") to protect the entrance of the garden (laboratory/alien base?) and not to let in any member of the human species.

Adam and Eve lived outside of the garden and Eve has had two sons, Cain and Abel. If we count the Biblical worldwide population, we have now 4 members of the human race (this is again symbolic and we will find a discrepancy only some paragraphs later.). When Cain has killed his brother, God again asks a question when he meets him "Where is your brother?" but in this case he knew that Abel is dead. Because he had killed his own brother, God ordered Cain to leave his family and to walk around on Earth, but Cain is afraid that other people he will meet on his journey, will kill him. What other people? The Bible had not mentioned any other humans except Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel, yet Cain is afraid of others? Maybe of "un-advanced" prehistoric humans? This is again a discrepancy that shows us that the translation and the understanding of the old writings are wrong. There were in fact many more humans (from other genetic experiments?) besides Adam and Eve, on the world.

In the fifth chapter of the book of Moses we can find a long list of the first people on Earth and these people have something in common: They all lived extremely long and most of them died aged between 800 and 900 years (Adam died after a life of 930 years.) This may be symbolic to show us the great wisdom of those first people, but maybe it has a basis in fact and the lifetime of humans, at the beginning of the experiment, was much longer than today. (After some trouble God decided to give humans a lifetime of 120 years as we can read later.) We should have a special look at the first son of Cain: Enoch. This Enoch is maybe one of the most important (if not the most important) of the early humans, because his role in the "game" between humans and Elohim is very fascinating. Furthermore, with Enoch we can connect the Biblical stories to the Babylonian myths, because we have evidence that Enoch is equal to the Babylonian Utnapishtim. We can read even in the official Bible that Cain has found a wife in the land of Nod east of the Garden of Eden and that his son Enoch was born there. So the land of Nod is the same as the ancient Babylon. (Another problem: according to the Bible text so far God have not created the land of Nod - Babylon - and the people who lived there. From where did they come so suddenly?) The Bible mentioned Enoch only in a few sentences: he lived 365 years on earth, but then god lifted him up to the sky and Enoch vanished without a trace. Enoch did not die; he left earth together with God so he must have been a very special person (all the others of the long-living first humans died normally on earth.) The official Bible doesn't say much about him and his life (why?) but in the apocryphal Ethiopian book of Enoch and in the fragments of the Babylonian story about the life of Utnapishtim (also known as Enoch) we can find many (partly mythological, partly historical) reports about the adventures of Enoch. He visited strange bases of the gods, saw magic and unknown technology, he flew with "divine" devices around the world and from base to base, he made a journey to a secret place of the gods, where he was attacked from a robot-like "monster" and much more (about that fragmented and difficult to translate "robot story" I'm not absolutely sure if it was Enoch or Nimrod - another of the early humans). Enoch/Utnapishtim talked to gods and man and he was maybe some kind of "ambassador" between the human race and the Elohim.

In the sixth chapter of the first book of Moses we find one of the most surprising stories, which is (especially for strong-believing Christians) difficult to understand and maybe shocking. We read there that the "children of God" (interpreted as angels and in truth the first right translation of the word Elohim as more than one being.) were tempted and came down to Earth to have sexual relations with human women. Sexual relations? Aren't angels like God spiritual beings (as we believe today in a false way.) without any such "bad" feelings and thoughts? Maybe not. The human women had sex with the Elohim and the results of these relations were hybrids. These crossbreeds were called "Nephilim" in the original Hebrew text. The English Bible translates this word mistakenly with "giants" but the Hebrew word for giants is not "Nephilim" (it is "Redupaim") so the word "giants" is wrong. It would be certainly a little bit difficult for human women to give birth to "giant babies" so we must understand "giants" in a metaphoric way as a description for (intellectually?) advanced and different beings or hybrids with mixed Elohim-alien/human genetic structure. The word "Nephilim" itself is difficult to translate, but it can mean "the fallen" so it described not only the hybrid giants but also those angels who disobeyed the order of God and came down to Earth to have sexual relations. Today we understand the term "fallen angels" as a phrase for evil and demon like beings, but the Bible doesn't speak about them in that way. According to the apocryphal book of Enoch the "fallen Elohim" or "Nephilim" (200 of them) came from the sky down to Earth on Mount Armon and lived together with the humans and taught them in various abilities like astronomy, medical knowledge and sorcery (this means maybe advanced technology and physics.) The other Elohim (also known as "God") were worried about the things the "Nephilim" were doing and they decided that the hybrids and the behaviour of the "fallen" was dangerous for the whole project "mankind" so the unfriendly consequence was, that parts of the human population (including the hybrids) must be killed in a (artificial?) cataclysm to protect the entire project. Some (in fact thousands) of people with normal human genes should be saved, including a biblical person called Noah.

Stories about a great flood that covered the whole world with water and about single persons or groups of people, who were warned by God and rescued themselves with a ship, are well known in different countries all around the world. In the Bible, the Jewish Thora and in the Koran (Noah and family); in Sumerian and Babylonian writings (Utnapishtim/Enoch and family); in Greek writings (Deukalion and family); in the Indian Satapatha (Manu and 7 wise men); in Persia (Yima and thousand other human couples); in Chinese legends (Yao); in the myths of the South-American tribes like the Inca, Toltecs and Aztecs; in the writings of the Nordic people like the Vikings and many more. All cultures of the world remember a great cataclysm, so the story about the flood must be partly true (but that only Noah and his family were rescued is wrong.) because there is also archaeological and geological evidence for a flood in parts of the world. In the common Christian belief the flood was caused by the wrath of God, who let it rain for "forty days and forty nights" but if we think that the Elohim were responsible for the flood - which would lower the human population and kill the hybrid "giants" to protect the experiment - we can also think that some kind of advanced weapon or technology was responsible for the destruction (some scientists believe that an asteroid impact caused the flood. Could it also be a planetary hit with a mighty weapon?) By the way, there are rumours that the wreck of the Ark of Noah had been found on the Mount Ararat in Turkey, but there is no real evidence for that.

Elohim and humans

The "Elohim" - angels or aliens?

Some chapters later (chapter 18) we can read about Abraham, who was again visited by "God" in form of a normal person. When Abraham was sitting in front of his house, he saw three men and discovered that they were sent from God. One of the men seemed to be "God" personally because he spoke directly to Abraham and gave him orders (maybe he was the leader of this group of Elohim, so that Abraham must believe he is "God" himself). He promised Abraham that his wife Sara would be pregnant soon (that was a big surprise for Abraham, because he and his wife were in his opinion to old to get children, but "God" was absolutely sure that it would be no problem and that Sara will become pregnant - maybe by use of an artificial way.) Furthermore he informed Abraham, that he would destroy the town of Sodom, because the people there are bad and violent (if the destruction of the two towns of Sodom and Gomorrah is a fact - something that we do not exactly know for sure - the Elohim must have certainly had other reasons for the destruction.) In chapter 19 the story continues and we read about Lot who was also visited by "angels" (in this case without "God" personally) who warned him that Sodom will be destroyed. Lot invited the angels to stay in his house over night, to eat and have a good time there. He opened the door and after a short discussion (the angels first refused to stay, because it was against their orders) the two Elohim entered the house through the open door, stayed over night and eat together with Lot and his family (another evidence that they were not spiritual beings but normal humans.) On the next morning the angels advised Lot and his family to leave the town immediately (because the countdown was running?) Sodom was destroyed then by the wrath of God (by a mighty weapon?) The Bible described brimstone and fire from above (missiles? radiation?) and a great cloud like the smoke from a furnace rising up from the land (a mushroom cloud of a nuclear detonation?). Lot's wife looked back at the town (against the order of the angels) and became a pillar of salt (white skin and hair as an effect of nuclear radiation?). Again - like in the great flood before - "God" has used deadly forces to totally destroy parts of the surface of the Earth.

In chapter 28 (to go a little bit faster forward) we can read that Jacob met "God" (in a dream?) some years later. Jacob described a ladder from Heaven to Earth and the angels of God were walking up and down on the ladder. On top of the ladder (on the entrance of something in the sky?) Abraham saw "God" standing. This "vision" is interesting in two ways: First it sounds very similar to some of today's UFO experiences (Close encounters of the third kind) especially the part about the ladder and the beings walking up and down. As a ladder can't lead up directly to the sky, there must have been an object hovering over the earth and "on top" of the ladder means maybe inside the object. Second it is one of the last parts of the official Bible in which God is mentioned as a person or solid being (standing beside a ladder and talking.) In newer books God is always described as more spiritual, almighty and without a body. He appears later often only as loud voice or in the shape of light, fire and smoke (in the case of the prophet Ezekiel in the shape of a disc-like glowing object in the sky). So we see again a discrepancy as the "image" of God has changed in the minds of the people.

The second book of the Bible is the story of the life of Moses (according to the traditional belief, Moses wrote the whole "Pentateuch" - the first five books - of the Old Testament himself, but various discrepancies in the writings show us that the "Pentateuch" was collected from at least five different historical and mythological sources or more.) We can find many proofs for extraterrestrial/Elohim influence in the story of Moses, but one of the most interesting facts concerns a special "divine device" on Earth: The "Ark of the Covenant". The main task of the "Ark" was, that the Ten Commandments were transported inside it, but the second task is more mysterious. "God" gave Moses detailed instructions how to construct the "Ark" using different materials, connecting this materials in a special way, using strange parts (like a candelabra with tubes?) and lastly put two statues of "cherubim" on top of the object. Between the wings of the "cherubim" - God promised - he will appear himself (as a projection?) to talk to Moses and to give him commands and advice. Furthermore, the special people who carried the "Ark of the Covenant" must also wear special clothing to be protected from the "Ark". When one of the Israelites (who was curious) touched the forbidden "Ark" he died immediately. It seems that the "Ark" was not just a chest to carry the commandments; it was also a very dangerous and technological device of heavenly (Elohim) origin with great powers. Maybe it was a transmitter to speak with God and also some kind of weapon (as it was shown in a popular "Indiana Jones" movie.) What happened to the "Ark of the Covenant" is unknown. In the later "Book of the Chronicles" it is again mentioned, when David - King of Jerusalem - brought the "Ark" back to his temple. It was later stored in Jerusalem for many years in the temple of Solomon but disappeared there. When the Romans stole many treasures from the old temple hundreds of years later, the "Ark" had vanished without a trace (maybe because it was technological evidence for the influence of the Elohim/aliens?)

The come to an end with the Old Testament: In the following 3 books of Moses and especially in the books of the prophets we can find many strange descriptions of "contacts" between God, his angels and members of the human race. Often involving various forms of "divine appearances" such as clouds of steam and fire, strange voices, storm wind, lightning and other supernatural events (events that we see today usually in connection with UFO experiences). The time when "God" was walking around in the garden of Eden in the evening, speaking directly face-to-face with humans and when he came to Earth together with others of his species have now definitely finished and God has become some "higher being", something untouchable. If we have a look at earlier things (from the older core of the Bible) that is a discrepancy. Or have the Elohim changed the project? Do humans need a "higher being" to obey correctly and is an appearance of solid humanoid Elohim not necessary or useful any longer. Who knows...?

What we should keep in mind from the Old Testament: The "God"/Elohim described there is sometimes a very angry and maybe an aggressive being (especially in the last books of Moses) who destroyed whole cities; who command people to make war against other people; who punished people who disobeyed his orders and much more. The old "project" seemed to be more important for the Elohim than the life of humans. If we have a look at the "God" from the New Testament, he is now surprisingly a "God of love and forgiveness" and his behaviour is very different from that of the ancient Elohim-God. The traditional belief is, that God has changed his mind and became a "friendly God" while his son Jesus died for the sins of mankind and God forgave the humans. But that is definitely not the "God" we know from the old testament, so maybe the "prime directive" of the Elohim had changed (or another species is now responsible for Earth? Just a thought - another behaviour, a completely different "God")

The New Testament is written very differently from the older writings and interpreted in a very religious way (there is no connection with older myths, with "memories" about the true nature of the religion) so it is much more difficult to find there any evidence for alien influence. As Mary was a virgin when she was pregnant with Jesus, there is the possibility that it was some kind of artificial pregnancy to produce an advanced being (there are rumours - for example in the MJ12-Statement of Milton W. Cooper - that grey aliens have given the US government evidence that the grey species was responsible for the hybrid Jesus.) At the beginning of the New Testament we hear about a UFO sighting (the star of Bethlehem) which led the three wise men to the birthplace of Jesus and about the appearance of a bright angel (a "bright" Elohim?) who invited the shepherds with the words "Don't be afraid" (a sentence that is sometimes used especially from today's contactee-aliens.)

As we have a difference between Old and New Testament, the birth of Jesus can be a "change" in the whole project. But why? What was the old project, what is the new project? Does someone use our belief in the ancient Elohim-God to have influence on the social behaviour of the humans (read my other article about that.)? Who were the "Elohim" really? A lot of questions we should think about, without strict religious intentions because such a strong belief in an "almighty invisible god" can hide the truth. And is this maybe exactly what "they" want?

Religious appearances, UFOs and screen memories
Or the modern way of "Elohim" influence on the human society.

Written by Christian Pfeiler

The Sun Miracle of Fatima

A photo claimed to show the "Sun Miracle of Fatima"

If our religion is really based on Elohim-alien intervention in Biblical times (as I have written in my other article) and that they still exist on our planet, causing the phenomena we call UFOs today, we must think about the various influences these aliens could have on the religious aspects of today's human society.

As I have written before, it seems that the "prime directive" of the alien project (if there is one) has changed since the birth of Christ. The flesh and blood "humanoid" Elohim from the Old Testament have been replaced in the human mind by a single, spiritual and almighty being called "God". This maybe because the humans need to believe in a supernatural creator of their species, and that this creator can have an influence on the behaviour of mankind through "divine" intervention. There is definitely a difference between the behaviour of the Elohim in the Old Testament and their behaviour in the New Testament. Because of this we can maybe say, that the creation of a new human race - after the likeness of the Elohim - and the first direct influences (Elohim gods were walking on earth and had sexual relations to human women) were just "Part 1". The time since the birth of Christ (humans being educated that "God" is an almighty invisible being, indirect influence through divine interaction with believing humans and all normal UFO cases) is now "Part 2" of the alien project.

What kinds of interaction would the aliens use to have influence on the social behaviour of the humans?

During the Middle Ages there were an especially high number of reports about mysterious "Signs of Heaven". In old European chronicles, from the 10th to the 14th centuries, we can find various stories about flying globes, crosses, swords, dragons, "holy" lights, appearances of saints and demons and many more "divine" objects in the sky. Unfortunately, the old reports are not very reliable because the people in that age were extremely superstitious. Education and science were not very advanced and certainly many natural events (like unusual cloud formations, comets, stars or lightning) were definitely very often misinterpreted as divine appearances. Nevertheless, like in the cases of today's UFO sightings, we cannot generally say, that all of the old reports were just "superstition". So, some of them can really describe the sighting of UFOs. The appearance of saints and other Biblical beings can be explained either as meetings with real aliens (contacts, abductions) or as "projections" which were used to test how the uneducated human population of the Middle Ages would behave if they were to meet their Christian "God" a thousand years later (a thousand years after the end of "Part 1" of the project?). As we will see, the use of projections of "holy people" - especially of the Virgin Mary - is still in use and it works even in today's well-educated society.

A famous religious event was certainly the appearance of the Virgin Mary in the village Fatima in Portugal 1917. Three children in the age between 6 and 9 years claimed, that they have met a "beautiful young woman, approximately 18 years old, with white clothing". She told them, that she was sent from heaven and would appear now on every 13th day of the following six months (In this case the beautiful look and the surprisingly young age of the virgin Mary should show us, that such appearances are maybe just religious symbolism used by aliens). The children reported, that there was "lightning" or a (projection?) beam of light from the clear sky before they saw the woman. As promised, the "Virgin Mary" (or whoever it was) appeared every month between May and September, but (and this is the main problem) only the three children were able to see her and to hear her voice. So was it a religious hallucination? But why did all three children see the woman? Was it only a hoax? If we think about the advanced technology of the "Elohim/aliens" it could be possible that the appearance was in fact a projection, but not into the air or on some kind of "projection field", but directly into the mind of the children - and into the mind of other "chosen" people. We have in fact also some UFO cases in which only one or two persons from a group saw a flying object. Is this really evidence that it was not real?

As no one else saw the Virgin Mary, some people were very sceptical and for this reason, the woman promised the children, that there would soon be a "sign" in the sky to show all people that the children were telling the truth. As this "sign" would appear on 13th October 1917 over 70,000 people converged in Fatima on this cloudy and rainy day (this shows us how strong the religious "mechanism" in the human mind is). Witnesses described the famous "Sun miracle of Fatima" as a rotating silver disc, which came down through the rain clouds and emitted colourful rays of light. The rain stopped and many people reported that their wet clothing became dry within seconds, caused by the warm rays of the "dancing Sun". The object then became bright red and it seemed that it would crash down and hit the people on the ground, (maybe to test how the people would react if they are faced with the possible end of the world?) but it disappeared into the clouds...and the people started praying and thanking God (an expected behaviour). What really happened?

It was definitely not the real Sun, which was "dancing" on the sky, and the rain clouds were possibility a good way to hide that fact from the praying people (if there had been a clear sky, the people would have certainly seen that the real Sun was on it's normal place without any unusual movement). So the bright rotating disc and the rays of light are maybe evidence that it wasn't the Sun that "danced" over Fatima, but a UFO that the people were witnessing. But why would "God" send a UFO?

Let us think (just as an example) what a contactee would usually claim. This would be that his "brothers from space" have told him, that a UFO will hover over a special place and show itself to mankind. How many people would come to this place? How many would laugh about the contactee and say, his story is absolutely crazy? If a UFO really did come to the promised place (this has not happened in reality yet) how many people would be there? Fifty, or maybe one hundred people with a strong belief in the UFO phenomenon? Maybe even less? On the other hand, if it was not "space brothers" but the "Virgin Mary" who promised that there would be a real sign from God (not a UFO) appearing in the sky to show the humans his might, how many religious people would then come to the promised place? Maybe 70,000? That is something we should think about, because it could explain why the aliens have maybe created these myths and use (ancient) religious ideas for their own agenda.

Another feature of the Fatima case is the three prophecies, which were given to the children by the "woman" (Only to the children were able to see or hear the woman so no one else heard what was said). The main problem with two of these predictions is that they were completely wrong. None of the things the Virgin Mary promised, were to come in the near future, happened in reality. But why were these prophecies wrong? If the woman was really sent by the almighty and all-knowing God (as she claimed) and if her predictions also came directly from God - why were they wrong? Would God not know what was going to happen in the future? This is again very similar to UFO contactee experiences, where the "space brothers" tell the contactees, very often, wrong stories about coming things (war, total destruction, landing of UFOs next week, soon coming of a new age and more), which never happened in reality. So is it maybe the purpose of "space brothers" and "religious appearances" not to tell the truth to humans?

More mysterious is the third and last prophecy of the "beautiful woman" from Fatima, because almost nobody knows what the text of this prediction is. The children said, that the woman ordered them not to reveal the third prophecy to the public, but to give it to the Vatican as a secret document. There are rumours that a pope opened and read the document in either 1942 or 1960 and that he was very frightened and worried afterwards. He ordered that this document should never be revealed to the public but should be hidden in the Vatican for all time. What can be found in the last prophecy that is so "dangerous" for the church? Some people believe, that this prophecy contains all secrets of the "Elohim/aliens" and the real story how our species and religion was created through alien influence in ancient times. This is just a rumour, but it could explain, why the pope was so worried. If all people in the world knew the truth, the church would be in big trouble. The fact is that the third prophecy of Fatima exists, but if you ask the Vatican for more information the only reply you will get is "We don't know anything. No further comment". (That sounds very similar to FOIA replies from the US government. Could there be an Elohim/UFO cover-up in the Vatican?)

The main problem with all supernatural appearances of "saints" and "demons" is: How can we find out which are only religious hallucinations (generated by the mind) and which are "real" events. As, in most cases, only chosen people (like the 3 children in Fatima) are able to see the appearance, how can we be sure that there is in reality something like an alien influence on human religion? Or is this all "religious fiction"? What we need is some evidence that such "miracles" are real. A "holy" object, something that was without doubt created by "divine" and inexplicable forces. Maybe such objects exist and provide some evidence for "divine/alien" influence.

A very famous holy object is the "Shroud of Turin". On this famous relic from Italy we can see an image (body and face) of a bearded man. It is claimed that this is a real "imprint" showing Jesus Christ, who was buried in this shroud. The authenticity of the relic is very controversial, some sceptics have declared the shroud a fake, made in medieval times only 500 or 600 years ago, so it cannot show us the body of Christ from 2000 years ago. Unfortunately, this claim is not proven and there is some evidence that the sceptics were wrong. The main problem with the shroud is that we cannot completely explain why there is an image of a man on the relic and how the image was made in historical times. There is no paint on it and it seems to be more a photo than a painted image (the image of the bearded man seemed to be "burned in" directly into the microstructure of the shroud). The creation of such an object would need an advanced (divine?) technology - A technology that definitely did not exist on Earth either in the years after Christ's birth or later in the Middle Ages. Even today it would be very difficult to create such an image with our modern technology. The shroud is definitely several hundred (or thousand?) years old and not a fake from our century (this is proven). We cannot completely find out how it was really made in the past. So was it created by "divine" forces, a "photo" made by the power of God? But why? To give us a sign for all times, an object which is impossible to analyse?

The Shroud of Turin

The "Shroud of Turin" - a photo of Christ

The creation of the "photo" on the "Shroud of Turin" was definitely not "magic". It was made with some kind of high technology using physical laws, so it could really be evidence of alien influence. No humans in former times were able to use such technology (only "gods"), so the existence of the relic is maybe evidence that an advanced species was responsible for our religion (and for Jesus Christ?). The main question remains: Why was the "shroud" made? Was it on purpose or just accidental? Who knows? The fact is there are other unexplainable religious objects and relics like the shroud. Unexplainable can either mean of heavenly origin (if looked at with a religious angle) or created with an unknown alien technology (if looked at with a scientific angle). It is worth noting that if the mysterious "Ark of the Covenant" (one of the most holy things on Earth) is still on this planet and could be found, it would provide perhaps the greatest proof for such a technology.

Lastly, we should have a look at another possibility that can explain why people, especially in former times, saw and remember "saints" and "demons" instead of aliens. It may not be a purpose of the aliens, in every case, that the human mind remembers them in the "shape" of famous holy people; it could also be a form of "screen memories". In today's abduction cases, screen memories are a well-known effect and many abductees report about such memories. I know a case mentioned in the book "Kontakt" about a German abductee who drove alone at night with her car on a dark street and remembered seeing in the light a man dressed like a "magician" with a long beard staying beside the street. She remembered seeing the strange "man" and continued then driving without stopping. That's weird. Why should a "magician" appear at night on a lonely street? When the woman returned home, she discovered that a lot of time was inexplicably missing. Later hypnosis sessions revealed that there was in fact no "magician", but a UFO hovering over the street and that the woman had stopped the car and was abducted and examined that night. So what happened with the image of the "bearded magician" in her mind? It was not real; it was just a "screen memory" - created by her own mind - to hide the unbelievable abduction scenario. It is a "mechanism" of the human brain to hide difficult and unpleasant memories (like abductions or child abuse). Others forms of today's screen memories are, for example, strange animals like an owl with large eyes looking into someone's bedroom, a white deer (especially in abduction cases in forests) or a strange cat (as it was mentioned by Rachel in the interview in the last issue and also by an abductee in C.D.B. Bryans book "Close encounters of the fourth kind"). But what has this to do with our "alien religious influence" topic?

Well, if we believe that a man, in superstitious and much more religious former times, met alien beings and was abducted into a strange technological world, what would he remember? What would his religious-educated mind remember? Maybe "images" of saints showing him heaven, or of demons showing him hell? There is a case from the 17th century about a young girl from England who was found in the forest and told, that "elves" had taken her into a flying "castle" in the sky. This sounds like a screen memory hiding a real scenario with a fairy tale. So maybe not all meetings with Biblical beings are produced on purpose by the aliens, sometimes our own mind can cause such religious memories. But that theory cannot explain the more complex appearances like the Fatima case.

To come to an end: if we believe that an alien species has created our religion and maybe the whole human race in ancient times, we must also believe that they are still here and are continuing their project. I have written at the beginning of the article that maybe the ancient times - the age of the Old Testament before the birth of Chris - were just "Part 1" of the whole project and that the next 2000 years of our history were "Part 2". But those 2000 years are over now, so what happened next? What will the year 2000 and the coming centuries bring for mankind? "Part 3" of the project? Let us see what happens in future, but one thing is sure: People will continue to see either "technological" UFOs or "ancient" religious appearances and most of them will not know, that both phenomena are maybe the same and/or have common roots in ancient Biblical times.

FBI document of the month

written by Christian Pfeiler

I have looked again into my FBI archive and found 3 very interesting pages concerning the possibility of a UFO cover-up. On the first document from July 10 1947 (which is maybe one of the most famous FBI documents and shown in many UFO books) we can read a handwritten note from Director J. Edgar Hoover himself. The question of the memorandum was, if the FBI should go into the investigation of UFOs or not and the writer of the memo was the opinion, that the Bureau should not do this, because "...a great bulk of those alleged discs reported found have been pranks."

Surprisingly, Director Hoover is another opinion (maybe because he knows more than anyone else in the FBI about the phenomena?) and wrote the remarkable sentence "I would do it but before agreeing to it we must insist upon full access to discs recovered. For instance in the LA case the Army grabbed it and would not let us have it for cursory examination." He wrote this 8 days after the Roswell incident and LA can mean "Los Angeles" but also "Los Alamos" so he did maybe refer to the Roswell case (Sceptics later declared that Hoover refered to a completely another case in which an obviously faked disc was found, but why should the Army "grab" a faked disc?)

FBI document

The second document (2 pages) from 1947 I've found concerns various questions if UFOs are maybe an experiment of governmental agencies and/or a new weapon project. The most interesting sentence in this document is maybe "He stated that the above has led him to come to the conclusion that there were objects seen which somebody in the government knows all about." (I excuse me for the bad quality of the second page.)

FBI document

FBI document

The origin of the unknown dead body

written by Christian Pfeiler

A strange being

A strange being killed in Puerto Rico

You may remember that I have asked you last month in a mail, if some of you can give me further informations about that strange dead "animal" on the photo above (the photo was sent to me anonymously). Thanks to all who have sent me informations. I have also read the book "Alien base" from Timothy Good in the meantime, in which the origin of this body is explained. So here are some new informations about the "thing".

The being was killed in 1979 or 1980 in Puerto Rico, South America from a local young man, José Luis "Chino" Zayas. He reported, that he was together with a friend in a cave - which was well-known for strange activities - and that he saw in this cave a whole group of this "animals" or "little men". Most of them ran away, but one of the beings tried to attack Chino and he killed it with a hit on the head (you can see on the right photo the wound on the upside of the head.) The dead body was brought then to the local police office and was later conservated in a glass with formaldehyde. Witnesses declared, that this "thing" was neither human nor an animal but an absolutely unknown species and it was definetly no fake. The head of the being was described to be very large in comparison to the body, the skin was of a grey-green color und the eyes were large, colourless and like the eyes of a cat. Instead of a nose there were only two holes, there were no lips and no teeth in the mouth (this is very unusual for an animal). The structure of the bones was very hard, the arms were long and thin with claws at the end of the fingers. There were also male genitals, so it seemed to be a mammal. Surprisingly, there was no blood, but the whole body was covered with a transparent slime like the white of egg.

The body was later examined from a scientist in the university of Puerto Rico and he was the opinion, that it must be "something extraterrestrial." (but he was no real biologist but a chemist.) After the examination, the local police informed the US military and some days later a group of men from the US government came to "Chino" and confiscated the glass with the body (the men claimed to come from the NASA). That was the last thing we heard about the body and it disappeared and - according to my knowledge - nobody knows where it is today (maybe somewhere in a laboratory in the USA).

So what was it for a being? Why was it so interesting for the NASA (or other US governmental agencies)? Where are the other (living) beings "Chino" saw in the cave? And the main question: was it only a unknown species from earth or was it something extraterrestrial? As it behave more like an animal when it was attacking Chino and not like an intelligent species, it could also be that it was no real alien but something like the mysterious "Chupacabras" - the goat sucker from Puerto Rico (a being that killed goats and suck their blood - similar to the cattle mutes in the US). Such beings like the "Chupa" are called ABEs (anomalous biological entities) and were seen very often from witnesses in Puerto Rico and other South American countries (sceptics declared, that the belief in the "Chupas" is only local superstition, but the dead and bloodless goats and other animals are a fact.)

A Chupacabras

The "Chupacabras"

This drawing shows a "Chupacabras" as it was seen from many witnesses and it looks similar to the dead body (except the fur) so killed "Chino" maybe no alien but a "goat sucker"? But why - if it was a real "Chupa" - was it described without teeth? So the mystery about the strange dead body is still unsolved.

UFO expert(s) of the year - a little competition

written by Christian Pfeiler


As you all have certainly a very good knowledge of the UFO topic, I decided to make a little quiz to find out, who is/are the "UFO expert(s) of the year 1999" from all readers. In the following text I will ask you 12 questions concerning the UFO topic. Are you able to answer all or some of them (the questions are not very difficult)? Unfortunately there is nothing to win in this little competition (except the title "UFO expert of the year" <g>) but you can send me your answers via email and I will publish the names of the people who have answered all or nearly all 12 questions right in the next issue (there is also a second and third rank.) I'm looking forward to receive a lot of right answers from you.

Question 1:

This UFO sceptic was the leader of the "scientifical study" which caused the closing of Project "Blue Book" in 1969. The study report was also named after him. What is the name of this scientist?

Question 2:

At October 11 1973 two man (Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker) were abducted from three very strange alien beings into a UFO. This case was examined later from Dr. J. Allen Hynek. What is the name of this famous abduction case (it is also the name of the place in the US where the abduction happened.)?

Question 3:

This author and researcher from switzerland is famous for his many theories concerning alien influence in ancient times and he has written many books about the topic "ancient astronauts". What is the name of this author?

Question 4:

In 1944 and 1945 strange light objects were seen following allied airplanes over Germany (it was claimed that the objects were secret Nazi weapons, but that was not true.) How called the pilots this kind of UFOs?

Question 5:

Who is the man on this photo?

Question 5: Guess who this is

Question 6:

One of the most famous abduction cases is certainly the Hill case. What was the date of the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill (day, month, year)?

Question 7:

Who was Truman Bethurum?

a) a contactee from 1952
b) a UFO sceptic from the 70s
c) a captain of the USAF, involved in the Roswell case

Question 8:

What secret balloon project was (according to the Airforce) responsible for the Roswell incident?

Question 9:

What is the name of this UFO witness and when and where did he saw a landed UFO (name of the man, date of the sighting, name of the town)? A little help: it was a famous case in the US and he was a Highway Patrol Officer.

What is the name of this UFO witness

Question 10:

What former US president have seen a UFO on October 1969 in Leary, Georgia when he was governor of this state? (he promised to reveal all available governmental UFO material when he will be president.)

Question 11:

This famous UFO sceptic, writer and astronom from the US was for many years a consultant to the NSA (this is proven) and also a possible member of MJ 12. What was the name of this sceptic?

Question 12:

This man claimed to have worked at Area 51/Site 4 on a back-engineering project on recovered UFOs. He explained to the public how the antigravity engine works, but his story and background are very controversial. What is the name of this "scientist"?

Historical UFO drawings in Christian art

written by Christian Pfeiler

14th century painting

This painting from the 14th century can be found in a monastery church in former Yugoslawia. It shows a religious scene from the New Testament and one of the man seemed to be flying away in a strange device looking like a rocket (or a shuttle for one person). So what does this mean? Is the "flying man" maybe a prophet who was lifted up from god to heaven? But why in such a solid technological device? We don't know what the artist who have painted it 600 years ago really meant but maybe he have had a own UFO sighting (or a "vision"). In addition, this is not the only example of "unidentified" objects in old paintings and there are many other artworks showing strange UFOs hovering over such religious scenes. Knew the painters in former times maybe more about the true (alien) nature of the Christian religion?

Man Made UFO's Part 5

written by Mik Perris

When I started my research into man made UFOs I never realised the how little I knew about the subject. I believed that because I had not heard anything about Disk shaped aircraft, that there weren't any, with the exception of Flying Flapjack and the Avrocar. As my research progresses I know differently. At present there are over 90 patents concerning Disk shaped aircraft listed in the US Patent Office alone. These date from 18 November 1947 to the present day. The patents listed include Charles Zimmermans Flying Flapjack and John Frosts Avrocar. In 50 years hasn't anyone built any of the aircraft they designed? Some have been built. The Avrocar and the Flying Flapjack are there. So too is Paul Moller's XM4. These are the only 3 that I can prove have been built. Surely there are more.

Canadian born Moller built his first Flying saucer in 1964 and flew a version of it in 1967. The XM4 flew over 150 test flights. Only one was built and is now inoperative. Parts were taken from the stabilisation and control systems to complete the M400 Skycar. An exceptional VTOL aircraft that looks as if it belongs in the film Blade Runner.

The Moller XM4 in test flight

The Moller XM4 in test flight

So of the 90 or more patented disk shaped aircraft there are only 3 that we know about. There are of course references to the Frost disks in the Canadian Patent database. How many other countries have disk aircraft patented? How many of these patents are actually built?

Here are some drawings from the US Patent database

Drawings from the US Patent database

I have covered the disks that have been patented in North America. This doesn't cover the aircraft that the military have. The aircraft that we know of in our Military are old. For example the B2 Stealth Bomber is over 10 years old. It was secretly test flown and was often misreported as a UFO. Both the U2 spy plane and the SR71 Blackbird flew missions well before the general public knew they existed. So what are they building now? Rumours circulate about Aurora, the next generation of secret planes. What does it look like? Is this the Flying triangle we hear so much about?

If we look back through the years of Ufology, do any of the UFOs sighted match up with the drawings held in our patent offices? If I can find good UFO pictures that have defied all attempts to debunk them as fake and then successfully match them with a real patent document, this proves that we have been making disk shaped aircraft, secretly, and disguising them within the UFO mythos. The photograph taken over Brazil shows me that we are building disk shaped aircraft.

Photograph of alleged UFO taken in Brazil

This is the aim of my research.

Website tip of the month

written by Christian Pfeiler

A very interesting site with many UFO reports (some of them sounds very unbelievable, but most are really interesting), links, news and other stuff especially about UFO secrecy is certainly the website of the famous US organisation CAUS (Citizens against UFO secrecy). The site is good designed and you can find there many fascinating stories, facts and links concerning various UFO related topics. The director of CAUS, the lawyer Peter Gersten has written a very remarkable sentence on the main page "Where there is secrecy, there is no truth; were there is no truth, there is no justice; where there is no justice, there is no freedom." This is something we should think about, because he is absolutely right.

The URL of the website is:


I hope you will like the site and find many interesting stuff there

UFO photo of the month

written by Christian Pfeiler

UFO photo of the month

A UFO photo from France, 1952. A silvery disc-shaped object with a dark center underneath was observed and photographed high in the sky above thin scattered clouds. The clearly outlined object was bright on the top and had a bright metallic looking finish. It reflected the sun brilliantly from the silver part as it moved silently from west to east above the lake. Four good black and white photographs were made by M. Andre Fregnale during the one minute observation. The object was flying an estimated 1000 m above the ground. It suddenly sped up and flew rapidly away. As the object is definetly flying high in the sky it seemed to be no fake.


In the following some interesting mails I have received in the last month. The first mail is from Hans who wants to make a UFO related movie. I think this is a very good idea and an interesting project, so if anyone of you is interested to help Hans and to contribute something to his project, feel free to send him an email. His email adress is Spacehans@aol.com.


I am very happy to read your magazine and unfortunately, I am kinda too busy to write an article or help you with some research for it. I am surprised that you didn't give up and I strongly wish that the magazine will continue to exist for a long time. You do a very good job.

Now, I would like to inform you that I am working on a UFO project which is as follows:

I am planning on creating a movie on the UFO phenomena and I would like to inform you and the people who read the magazine that as soon as the script and all the written parts are finished I will send it to you and will let you knows about how the the movie is going. The movie will be made by volonteers only and if anyone wants to join the team, they will be welcome for all their skills. I will need some actors and technicians like cameramen and sound takers too. Fell free to put an add in your mag with my Email address for any contacts.

Thank you very much for your cooperation,


The second mail is from Kerry and a sceptic comment concerning the first part of the article "We have misunderstood Einsteins theory..." from the last issue 5.

Dear Christian,

As a Physics graduate, may I respond to Roger Anderton's article in UFO magazine 5. In short, I fail to understand his reasons for rejecting the principle that the speed of light is constant; it is not simply an assumption, something asserted, slipped into Physics papers when no-one was looking, but something proven (as all principles of Physics must be ) by experiment.

More of that later. First, as I understand it, the objections of the UFO sceptics are based not on the speed of light being constant, but on it being an upper speed limit ( 186,000 miles or 300,000 km per second ) beyond which nothing can travel. Therefore, they argue, it would be impossible for us or any other race to visit distant galaxies, because, even if we travelled at light speed , it would take hundreds, even thousands of years to cover the vast distances.

The speed of light question is truly fascinating, and blew my mind when I was introduced to it at University. Einstein's equations demonstrate, for example, that an object's mass ( weight ) increases as its speed approaches the speed of light, at which point its mass becomes infinite (!). Also, as the speed of light is approached, time slows down and finally stands still ( relative to someone not moving ) - concepts which are truly mind-boggling but which come straight out of the mathematics.

You can see the "infinite mass" principle from Einstein's equation of mass below:

Mv = Mo / SQRT ( 1 - v*v / c*c )

Mv - mass of an object when travelling at the speed v
Mo - mass of the same object at rest
c - speed of light

When v is small ( say 3,000 miles per hour ) Mv is essentially the same as Mo, but as an object's speed gets closer to light speed, you can see how Mv becomes infinitely large. If you set v to be c then we get Mv = Mo / SQRT (zero) and since the square root of zero is itself zero we get Mv = Mo / 0, and as elementary maths shows, anything divided by zero is Infinity. ( This is one cause of computer programs crashing - when bad data results in the CPU being given a division by zero to perform; it completely freaks, and falls over ).

If you think that the "speed of light limit" or "constant" may be the only thing preventing sceptical scientists believing ET visitation is possible, don't kid yourself! The "true disbelievers" will always find a reason why ET/UFOs can't exist, even when our Physics reaches the stage where it can permit intergalactic travel, as it surely will one day. It's seems perfectly plausible to me that the speed of light limitation on space travel will at some future date be superseded in the development of Physics, just as the limitations of Newton's physics were superseded with the 20th century developments of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.

The bizarre effects which occur at near-light speeds are not simply assumptions, either by Einstein, or other scientists misrepresenting him, but phenomena that have been repeatedly verified in scientific experiments, long after Einstein's work was first published.

For example, radioactive ( i .e. very accurate ) clocks have been placed at the centre and edge of a fast spinning disc. Since the speed of the clock at the centre is much less than the clock at the edge, Einstein's work would assert that, when the spinning is stopped ( after several days) and the clocks checked, the one at the centre will have aged more ( shown a greater elaspsed time ) than the fast-moving one at the edge. This has proved to be true.

In other experiments, neutrinos ( sub-atomic particles with virtually no mass, and which deluge the Earth constantly at light speed ) have been intercepted and experimentally proven to be "living" in a slower time frame than the Earth's.

As for the speed of light being CONSTANT, this has been verified in the famous Michelson-Morley experiment earlier this century, and repeated with greater accuracy subsequently, as our instrumentation has improved. It is indeed another strange phenomenon, which, as I recall, is not an assumption / assertion by Einstein, but again comes out of the mathematics.

In classical Newtonian physics, velocities are found by simple addition: If a car is travelling at speed x, and someone throws a stone forward at speed y, then the stone's initial speed forward is x + y. This common sense method serves us well for the majority of cases. However, if a car is travelling at 0.8 of the speed of light, and someone shines a beam of LIGHT forward, a stationary observer would measure the light as travelling not at 1.8c but at simply c. In other words, the speed of light is always c, regardless of how fast the light source is moving relative to the observer.

This hard-to-believe principle was verified as I said by the American physicists Michelson & Morley: what they did was to set up instruments at the Earth's Equator, to measure the speed of the light reaching them from the Sun. They measured twice; once at 6 am and once at 6 pm.

Imagine the two bodies in space - the Sun sending light to the Earth, which is rotating about its axis. This rotation means that at the Equator, the instruments and the scientists are moving at approx 25,000 miles per hour ( 25,000 I think - but the exact value is unimportant )

At 6 am, they are travelling towards the sun at 25,000 mph and at 6 pm travelling away from the sun at 25,000 mph. Just like the stone thrown from the car, classical physics would expect the measured light speed to be c + 25,000 mph when they're moving towards the sun, and c - 25,000 mph when moving away from the sun.

In fact, they found that the measured speed for the light reaching them was exactly c at both occasions, and their results caused a sensation, as they proved again Einstein's genius is predicting this "not common sense" effect.

Not a mantra, Roger, but something proven scientifically.

Kerry Marshall

The last two mails are from Rachel and Guy concerning my question what the readers think about the "Alien-UFO-Bible topic" of this issue.


To say that we are alone and that they couldn't be connected to the Bible, in my opinion would be ignorant.

Science in itself only touches the mysteries that are in our world and the universe. As a Christian, and as an abductee - I am not offended. Who am I to limit the power of the Lord, and with the prophets experiences - who is to say that they aren't connected to my own.

We can only explore the possibilities and there is no sin in that, not as far as I am concerned. Besides, it never hurts to ask My dad always use to say to me that the most stupid question is the one that is never asked, and as a lay minister - he always use to tell me - how we should seek out the Lord. To me , what you are doing is another way of seeking out the Lord and trying to get some answers to some inexpicable questions.

You have my blessing and my best wishes.

Your friend

Hi Chris,

Long time - no see!
Hope you are well.

Hmm, very interesting area to be discussing.

I believe that if certain events in mankind's past were merely the intervention of advanced civilisations from distant planets of extra solar location, and these entities were mistaken for GODS, that this does not in the least conflict with the idea of - or faith in - GOD Himself.

This intervention is something I've read about recently (have you heard of Alan. F. Alford?) and have been enlightened.

If advanced extra solar civilisations have intervened, then what would that make us? Animals? We do have primitive survivors of older times on the Earth still (South American Pygmies, Australian Aborigines) who by their remoteness have remained uninfluenced by the main stream evolution which has taken place in the last hundred million years on Earth. We intervene with their existence but now we are here on the same planet destined to coexist for eternity.

Slowly people in the modern world are becoming aware of the "possibility" of life outside of this Earth. Slow is good. If an alien spaceship dropped a shuttle into Washington DC tonight... Arthur C Clarke wrote about this in one of his books - can't remember which one, was it "Rendezvous with Rama"? Maybe the aliens have read it??

The concept of We Are Not Alone is not everyone's cup of tea. Some people are grasped by the romance and adventure of new worlds, others - for what ever personal reasons - are not. What good does actually knowing of aliens do a civilisation? The popular fantasy is merely a lucrative area for media production companies to exploit. Of course to be forewarned is to be prepared. We dwell on a capitalist planet. Perhaps that is how the universe is. I could go on but it's late.

I look forward to reading the next newsletter!

Best wishes from UK

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