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written by Christian Pfeiler

Christian Pfeiler

Hello and welcome to the seventh issue of the magazine. Fortunately, all my computers (even the very old) are still alive in the new millenium and I have lost no files, so it seemed to me that all the rumours about the "great computer crash 2000" were just a big exaggeration (maybe to sell more update software and expensive Y2K check programms without any real function.) Let me know if someone of you have had real computer problems with the year 2000.

Back to the magazine: we have many great articles in this issue, including an interview with the famous UFO researcher Stanton T. Friedman and a very fascinating article about the (possible) abduction experiences of a friend of mine here in Germany. Furthermore we have again many other interesting stuff and the usual parts of the magazine like the "FBI document of the month" and the "Mail Corner". Have also a special look at the interesting article "The Experiencer and the Sceptic" which was written from David Colman from the Scottish "Cover-up" magazine.

By the way, the two articles about the "Chupacabras" and the Pascagoula abduction case - which I have promised in the last preview - will be published not in this issue but in the February issue, because I have had so much stuff for this magazine that I decided to show you this articles in the next month. Thanks to Alex, Scott, Dave, Derek, Vera and Roger for their help and contribution to this issue and special thanks to Dennis Kirstein from the German ET magazine and to David Colman from the Scottish "Cover-up" magazine for the permission to publish their two articles.

I have read the sceptic book "The UFO enigma - the definitive explanation of the UFO phenomenon" recently (special thanks to Scott for sending me the two english UFO books). This book was written from the famous US sceptic and astronomer Dr. Donald H. Menzel and it shows us definetly that Dr. Menzel neither believed in the existence of UFOs nor that he wanted to show any facts in his book(s) which are against this sceptic belief. He denied the existence of unexplainable forces behind the sightings completely, but unfortunately Dr. Menzel is wrong in many things in his book (he is in addition the opinion that many UFO witnesses are not reliable or just liars or crazies - especially people who claim to have seen UFOs more than one time.)

Just to mention one of the errors: in his opionion, there is a possibility that the famous UFO sighting from Kenneth Arnold 1947 can be explained with just waterdrops on the windows of Arnold's plane. If Dr. Menzel would have read Mr. Arnolds report better, he would certainly know that the pilot have opened the windows to have a better view at the "chain of objects" and that there is absolutely no possibility to explain this sighting with simple "waterdrops". There are many other cases in which Dr. Menzel was definetly wrong, so his book is in my opinion never a "definitive explanation" of the UFO phenomenon as claimed in the title. The book is now over 20 years old but the UFO mystery remains unsolved even today and I hope that the we can maybe solve it in the future - without denial and sceptical misinterpretation of facts.

To come again to an end with my as usual not very interesting foreword: I hope you will enjoy this first issue in the new millenium and find some interesting stuff. It was a lot of work but I think this issue is again well done (except my very bad english <g>)

Best wishes


Contents of this issue

1.) UFO related sentence of the month

2.) Our group members

3.) UFO dictionary

4.) "Geheimsache UFO" - a critical view of Germany's most famous UFO


5.) UFO & The Bible

6.) Missing time and strange dreams

7.) Interview with Stanton T. Friedman

8.) FBI document of the month

9.) The Poltergeist phenomenon

10.) UFO expert(s) of the year - winners and right answers

11.) The Experiencer and the Sceptic

12.) We have misunderstood Einstein's theory... (Part 2)

13.) Website tip of the month

14.) UFO photo of the month

15.) MAIL Corner

16.) Preview - in the next issue

UFO related sentence of the month

"I know the moon and the stars, and I know shooting stars. I am not a young man. I have been born many years. I have been looking at the sky all my life. But I have never seen anything like this before. You are a white man. Can you tell me what it is?"

                                                                   Papuan village counselor after a UFO sighting

Our group members
written by Derek Pavely

Derek Pavely

Hello fellow ufologists.

My name is Derek Pavely, I am 29 years old and live in Southampton on the south coast of England. I have always been interested in the UFO subject but in the last 3 years this has become an important part of my life.

Three years ago I joined an evening class at my local college for a three week UFO course. That course has now evolved into the worlds only A level standard qualification in Ufology. It consists of 6 units each of 10 weeks covering every aspect of Ufology from History & Theories to Research methods and the effect of the media on UFO sightings. I am one of only 5 people (so far) to have completed all the courses and I have now gone on to be a lecturer in the subject assisting my fellow tutors with the course.

In 1997 we started our own UFO group called TRUTH and this now has over 100 members! We also publish our own magazine for which I am on the editorial board. This is more of a scientific journal (in the vain of the American publication 'the Journal for UFO studies') and is called the European Journal of UFO and Abduction Studies or EJUFOAS for short.

My areas of interest within the subject include the ancient astronaut theory and the different theories behind the alien abduction phenomena. Unfortunately, I have never seen a UFO (despite numerous skywatches) but I believe that the phenomena deserves serious scientific study.

Please feel free to email me if you would like to discuss anything ufological (email adress PAVELYD@aol.com)

Best regards

UFO Dictionary
written by Christian Pfeiler


Here is the third part of the UFO dictionary. In this issue I will try to describe some of the special UFO words, abbreviations and terms starting with the letter "C".

Condon Report

The closing report of the UFO study of the University of Colorado was named after the leader of the study Dr. Edward U. Condon. The report was the main reason that the US Airforce closed the official UFO research project Blue Book in 1969. The study declared (in spite of many unsolved cases) that there is no scientifical need to continue with the research about UFOs. The whole study and especially the leader Dr. Condon were very controversial and many people - including Dr. J. Allen Hynek - believed later that the result of the study and the decision of the Airforce were wrong.

Close Encounter (CE)

The CE classification of UFO sightings was developed from Dr. J. Allen Hynek to sort the different kinds of sightings into categories. The three classic CE categories are CE 1 which mean a normal UFO sighting, CE 2 which mean a UFO sighting with a landing or another ground contact of the flying object (with physical evidence) and CE 3 which mean a sighting of a UFO together with extraterrestrial beings and/or contact with these beings. Today we have a fourth classification CE 4 which mean abduction scenarios.


Abbreviation of "Central Intelligence Agency". There are claims that the CIA is (together with the NSA) involved in the cover up of various UFO incidents and also in other illegal activities (like assasinations) which are against the laws and the constitution of the United States. The CIA was also involved in the research about paranormal phenomena like "remote viewing" in order to use it against other countries, especially against the former Soviet Union during the "Cold War".

Cammo Dudes

Informal name of the security guards at "Area 51"/Groomlake Base in Nevada. The guards in camouflage suits work for the Wackenhut Corporation which is responsible for the security of various US military installations in Nevada.


The abbreviation for "Citizens Against UFO Secrecy". The US organisation was founded from the lawyer Peter Gersten and tries to reveal more secret govermental UFO material to the public by use of the laws of the United States against secrecy.


A town in New Mexico, generally mentioned together with the Roswell incident which happened in the desert between Corona and Roswell. People talk sometimes about the "UFO incident near Corona" when they refer to the Roswell case.

Cutler-Twining memorandum

A memorandum which was found 1985 in the US National Archives. It was written at July 14 1954 and mentioned a special secret project of the "National Security Council" NSC named MJ-12 and many people believe now that this original document is evidence that the famous and controversial MJ-12 documents are no fake and that there was (or is) really a group with the name "Majestic 12" which was responsible for the UFO cover up in the US. Sceptics claimed that the CT-Memorandum is also a hoax like the original documents but they cannot explain why it was found in the National Archives and they can also not prove that it is a fake.

"Chariots of the Gods?"

A famous book from the swiss author Erich von Däniken written in 1970. Däniken tries to explain why and how alien beings have had influence on the development of mankind in ancient times in various areas of the world, especially in the old Egypt and in South America. He has written many other books concerning this topic.


A person who claimed to have had contact with friendly extraterrestrial beings. Contactee stories are often very weird and unbelievable and most of the contactee cases were proven hoaxes (some remains unsolved.) Famous contactees are for example George Adamski, Howard Menger and Billy Meier. For further informations read my article in issue 4.

"Geheimsache UFO" - a critical view of Germany's most famous UFO book
Written by Christian Pfeiler

Geheimsache UFO by Michael Hesemann

"Geheimsache UFO" (Secret matter UFO) is maybe one of the best-selling UFO books here in Germany. It was written by the author Michael Hesemann, who claims to be "Germanys best and most famous ufologist" (to use his own words). Unfortunately, Mr. Hesemann has the strong tendency to exaggerate facts and to show UFO cases in a wrong and misleading way to his readers. This book is a very good example for his tendency not to reveal sceptical facts to the readers but to show them only absolute "UFO believing" material without any criticism.

At first sight the book seemed to be a real compendium concerning the UFO topic - as the author claimed - with 27 chapters, over 520 pages and many photos and drawings. We can find nearly every aspect of the phenomena listed and sorted in the contents and described in chapters like:

- "Cosmic Top Secret" (about early sightings after World War 2)
- "The secret of the saucers" (about contactee experiences)
- "Moondust" (about secret US UFO projects)
- "UFO Glasnost" (about sightings in Russia and in the former Soviet Union) and
- "A problem for the Bundeswehr" (about sightings in Germany)

Unfortunately, the style of the author is in my opinion not very good and we can find many wrong stories and unproven theories (which were shown by the author as facts) so it seemed to me that the research for the book wasn't very well done. The photo material is partly interesting, but in most of the cases (as usual when an author tries to show so many UFO photos) the "UFOs" seem to be nothing more than light reflections, problems with the film material and/or with the camera, other terrestrial things like planes, balloons or comets and in single cases just obvious hoaxes. This makes it very difficult for the inexperienced reader to find out what is a real UFO event and what is only fake or pure fiction.

Another problem with the book is that the author favours the "contactee cases" like George Adamski or Billy Meier and he has, in fact, written four chapters just about contactee related stories but only one chapter about the (in my opinion much more important) abduction topic. In addition Mr. Hesemann is very uncritical when he writes about contactees - and about UFO cases in general - and he very often "forgets" to mention important things (for example that the Swiss contactee Billy Meier is a proven hoaxer). He shows absolute belief in the contactee stories, which can sometimes be weird.

In my opinion there are definitely too many chapters and pages about unproven and sometimes unbelievable stories (like the contactees or the stories about alien bases at Moon and Mars with very "weak" photo material). He mentions important events and topics like the Rendlesham case or the abduction topic, in general, only in a few sentences or single chapters. It seems to me, that Mr. Hesemann grossly underestimated the intelligence and the UFO related knowledge of his readers, for example when he translates English documents wrong or in a misleading way. His "research" about the Roswell incident is also full of mistakes and for example, we see him in a photograph standing at a place in the desert, which is - as he claimed - the original 1947 UFO crash site, but other, more critical ufologists have proven that this was never the original site. In a last example demonstrating another of his "true facts". In the middle of the book we can see a photo of an alien body described as a plastic dummy (it obviously is), which was exhibited in Canada. But on page 328 we can see exactly the same dummy in a blurry black-and-white photo. Surprisingly, Mr Hesemann now describes the photo of the dummy as secret material from the former Soviet Union, showing a real alien. Please don't underestimate the intelligence of your readers so much, Mr. Hesemann.

To come to an end: "Geheimsache UFO" is in my opinion neither a good book nor a UFO compendium. It shows us definitely the strong and uncritical belief of the author in the reality of UFOs and especially in the reality of contactee scenarios without any sceptical opinion. The target group of Mr. Hesemann and his books are inexperienced people and newcomers in the field of UFO research who are not able to see what is real and what is fiction. If such people read this book, they will definitely have wrong expectations because Mr. Hesemann shows them only the believers message "Every UFO sighting is absolute evidence that we are visited by extraterrestrial forces." I have personally no doubt that we are visited by such forces and that some of the sightings described in the book are real evidence for this, but the majority of the photos, cases and stories in "Geheimsache UFO" are just unproven tales or pure fiction which are given by the author as facts. My final result: "Geheimsache UFO" is only an interesting book if you have enough background knowledge to see the many mistakes but I would never recommend it to a UFO newcomer.

by Dave F.

I was reading issue 6 of our club magazine an article written by Chris who I might say did a fine job on the research that went into the article. The article that Chris wrote was on UFO & THE BIBLE. While reading it I noticed some errors in the information that was presented. So I e-mailed Chris informing him of the errors, and guess what? He asked me to write a follow up article on his original article.

So bear with me and lets see how this comes out.

In this article I will only present material from the Bible on the Creation of Man. For the reason that if I went through the whole Bible, this article would be so long and so confusing that most would not finish it or even understand it. In Genesis 1-26 it is written "And God said, let us make man in our own image, after our own likeness:" This verse gives the impression that God is speaking to someone about making man. Religious leaders of most denominations would have you believe that God was talking to the "Word" which is Jesus Christ. This could be true until you read further to Genesis 1-27. "Genesis 1-27 So God created man in his own image, in the Image of God created he him, male and female created them." Genesis 1-27 points out that when god created humans he created both male and female at the same time. It also points out that in his image he made them. So logically speaking in Gen 1-26 God must have been talking to a female counter part or a bunch of other beings instead of just one being (The Word) or Jesus Christ.

There is another explaination to this scenerio of other beings. You see Gods name in the ancient txts was "Yahweh". Yahweh meaning is dual or split, or male and female at the same time. This in itself is quite interesting. Was God talking to himself when he said "Let Us create man in our own image?" I personally do not believe that God was a split being.

Zacheria Stitchen proposes another theory to these passages in his Earth Chronicals books. I am not going to get into his views here, but the books are good reading and are loaded with a vast amount of researched information. His sources are ancient Sumarian, Hebrew, Achadian, Hittlte, Egyptian, and Babylonian txts which tell of the creation story and that it comes from one original source. Its good reading even if you dont believe his views on what he has uncovered in researching the past. I believe the truth of the past is important. Knowing who and what we are and who created us is something that I personnally need to know. I feel that the Bible is a very good source for that information, but it is also a source for belief and faith and deep spirituality for those who seek it. As are all religious txts.

The reason that I wrote to Chris and showed him some mistakes that he had made in his article was to let him and others know that nothing that man does is perfect. In Ancient days priests sat down and chiseled on tablets what they thought god wanted to reveal unto his people. And yes they made mistakes! Through time and translations of those tablets more mistakes were made. But the theme of those originals never changed! Thats the one thing that those priests and scibes did get right! You see the Bible and other Religious txts do tell of Extraterrestrial influence in mans history, there is no disputing this. These documents also gives whoever reads them a basic understanding of how to live life respecting all things and your creator and how to make this planet a paradice in which it originally was. So in our research for proof of extraterrestrials with in the pages of the Bible or any other religious txt. We must consider this> What is more important to humanity as a whole; Knowing that our God of creation is an extraterrestrial from another planet, or The faith and belief system that this God gave to us to guide us into better things other than destroying ourselves? And this is the message that I was trying to convey to Chris and others.

Missing time and strange dreams
Or "Are my abduction experiences real or imagination?"
Written by Alex, Translation by Christian Pfeiler

Grey aliens

The "Greys" - responsible for abductions?

(Remark from Chris: The following article was written by a friend of mine. I have known Alex for many years, but we had lost contact for some time. He called me some weeks ago and told me his very fascinating story. I asked him if he wanted to write an article for the magazine, after a while he agreed but he asked to remain anonymous. I don't think this is right, but I respect his decision because I know that people who have had UFO experiences often have trouble with friends and other people who make fun of them.

I don't think that Alex would make up a hoaxed story because he seemed to be very serious and worried when he told me these things. I cannot say if his experiences are real or only his imagination as I saw no real physical evidence, but he seemed to be very sure that something had happened. Alex does not have a very good knowledge of the UFO or abduction phenomena (but he admitted to having read some UFO books after his first experiences). Nevertheless, I see many interesting and "classic" abduction symbolism and maybe screen memories in his dreams. I will not say whether his story is true, a hoax or his imagination. Read it and make your own opinion - and please tell me via email what you think.)


My name is Alex and I'm 23 years old. I will tell you about some of the very strange things that have happened to me in the last few months. I never believed in UFOs and abductions before and I still search today for other explanations, but it is very difficult after my experiences. I now have the strong feeling that something really is here on our planet and we cannot explain what it is or what it wants (or what it wants from me.) I hope you understand why I will write this article anonymously, because I have told some friends about my experiences but all of them laughed at me. As I have started a new job some weeks ago I don't want to get in trouble there and so I don't want my full name available in the Internet in connection with my UFO stories. I really hope you understand this.

My first experience (the first I remember) happened on 5th October 1998. I was driving my car, at night, from the small town Nittenau (where I had visited a friend) to my hometown of Regensburg. It was approximately 5 or 10 minutes after 10 o'clock when I left my friend's house (but definitely not later) and drove in the direction of the village Kuern. The part of the road from Nittenau to Kuern is very lonely, there are many difficult curves and it goes up and down all the time (the hills there are a western part of the Bavarian Forest). Because of this many people prefer to take the road in the valley (especially at night), which is much easier to drive. I'm a good driver (in my opinion) and know the road and its curves, so I decided to use this shorter way home.

I remember very well, that I was driving with a very high speed of about 90 km/h and that I met another car (which was driving in the opposite direction) shortly after leaving my friend's hometown. For the next 10 or 15 minutes I was completely alone on the road, which goes up through a dark forest. I remember that I felt it was unusually dark outside and that I had a strange feeling, which became stronger from second to second. It was a feeling, which is difficult to explain, because I had felt nothing like it before. It was something like nervousness, but not quite the same. Maybe this feeling was the reason that I drove so fast. I listened to my car radio and tried to relax. I had had a short discussion with my friend before this evening (but nothing serious) so I thought this could be the reason for the feeling, but it was strange. Then something happened. After about 15 minutes driving, the pop music on the radio stopped and there was only a silent cracking sound in the speakers. The receiving of radio programs is usually very good at this high point of the road, so I was surprised and tried to find another channel, but none of the stored channels worked and I could only hear the cracking sounds. I was angry, because the radio was new and I thought it was defective after just some weeks using it. After some further tries I turned it angrily off and concentrated on the road, but only seconds later I heard another sound which I thought was again coming from the turned-off radio. It was a very deep humming sound, which became louder and I supposed that it came from the small radio speakers. But as the sound was so extremely deep, loud and everywhere in the car, I doubt today that it was really the radio but I think that it came from outside. The last thing about the sound I can remember was, that the deep vibrations caused a short headache and I thought (I'm not sure about this) that I saw another car with very bright blue-white headlights driving in the opposite direction approximately 100 metres before me. Then the humming sound in my car (and in my head) stopped - and the next thing I can remember is a male human voice saying to me "It is eleven o'clock" directly into my right ear, as if there was another person sitting beside me. But there was nobody. I was confused and braked and looked around in the car (even on the backseats). I looked at the radio, but it was turned off, so the voice couldn't came from the radio. When I looked at the road, the other car with the headlights had disappeared and I couldn't even see it's red backlights in the rear-view-mirror. I also can't remember that I had passed the other car, but it seemed to me that I have a slight memory of looking into a bright flash of light and my eyes were hurting a little bit.

Most surprisingly was the time, when I looked at the clock. It was really 11 o'clock as the mysterious voice had said. But that cannot be. I had left my friends house shortly after ten and I was driving not more than 20 minutes, so it couldn't be 11 o'clock. Over half an hour was missing! I turned the radio on - which worked properly now - and listened to the 11 o'clock news. The next "shock" came only seconds later - I approached the sign of the village Kuern and saw the first houses. But that cannot be, either. There is another village on this road before Kuern and I cannot remember driving through this other village - only through dark forest. The last point I know definitely (when I saw the other car with the bright headlights) was approximately 8 kilometres from here in the opposite direction. I have no memory for nearly 30 minutes and 8 kilometres??? As there are many curves it is not possible that I was sleeping during this time. I must have been awake while driving. What have happened with me? I remember I was feeling very bad now. I was confused and the headache was coming back and my teeth and eyes were hurting, too. I felt sick. I arrived at home nearly 20 minutes later than normal (in fact half an hour was missing, but as I found myself 8 kilometres distant from my last remembered position, there were only 20 minutes really missing time at the end.)

 Marks on skin that are similar to rattlesnake bites

The so-called "rattlesnake bites" - mysterious marks on the skin of abductees - appear often over night
(the photo is not related to this case)

When I entered my car on the next morning (I felt much better after a very long sleep) I discovered a very strange smell inside the car. It was unusually warm and humid and it smelled like...chemicals or something like that. Do you know the smell if you use a Xerox machine? It was something like that, but also a little bit different. I couldn't find out where the smell came from, but I discovered that there was a (for me unexplainable) circular wet point on the other seat, but it didn't smell (maybe it was just water). I decided to drive down the road again to find a solution in the daylight. Maybe there was some kind of detour, which I had not seen correctly at night and which can explain what had happened to me (but I don't know how.) Maybe I was really sleeping for just a second and was confused after that? Maybe the other car had left the road somewhere and drove into the wood, so the lights disappeared? I drove through Kuern and through the other village and there was no detour. When I arrived at the place were I thought I had seen the other car and heard the humming sound, it was only a normal straight part of the road (as it was very dark, I was not absolutely sure about the right place on the next day, but it must have been shortly after a traffic sign I've found). Nothing unusual was to be seen and there was also no possibility that the other car could have left the road. The radio worked without problems, so there should have been no problem with the reception last night. I was not able to find a solution for the strange events. At last I asked my friend when I left him and he said it really was shortly after ten.

I tried to forget the strange events in the next days. I really tried to forget it, because it was so weird and unexplainable. It must have been imagination. The smell in the car disappeared after some days (driving with an open window) and there were no further problems with the radio. I was absolutely sure that nothing real had happened to me that night and I had nearly forgotten it. But then the dreams started.

It was approximately 2 or 3 weeks later (I started writing down the dreams on October 28, but I had strange dreams I couldn't remember completely also days or weeks before) when another strange thing happened. The first thing was the dreams and they were very weird dreams I cannot explain. I can't remember the whole "story" from the dreams but when I woke up I remembered lots of short "episodes" which seemed very real to me and colourful symbols and images (I have never dreamed in that way before and never so often about the same images). I decided to write down the dreams (I don't know why - I have also never done that before) and to find out what it means. Here some of the (very crazy) dream "images" and "episodes" I saw very often over many weeks.

- I saw myself sitting in a hospital and an old ugly nurse told me "You are the next." I had a bandage around my head and my hands in the dream and beside me was another strange man with a big piece of metal in his head between the eyes (that looks very horrible). I remember that there were other people in that hospital, but I can't remember their faces.

- There was also a room with an old doctor, which I entered through a red door. The room looked very white and clean, but I also remember seeing some other red things there. The doctor was using a red pencil and was writing things on a red paper. There was also a big glass with a red liquid (blood???) standing in the middle of the room. The doctor was talking to me and I remember that he was asking me some things, but I refused to answer and he smiled. I cannot remember more.

- There was a young woman with short brown hair. I can remember every detail of her face as if she was real. She was wearing a bright white dress, which looked very unusual (it was not normal clothing, but I cannot describe it). She said something to me I cannot remember. She looked very familiar, as if I would know her not only from former dreams but also from reality (but I didn't know her.) Besides her (left and right) were other people whose number and faces I cannot remember, but I thought they were children (I don't know why - today I doubt that they were really children.)

- I saw a man dressed with something like a uniform, but the head of that man looked like the head of an insect (like in the old horror movie "The Fly" from the 50s). The man was sitting in a small bright room with wooden old-fashioned chairs and tables and he was eating cake and drinking coffee (I know this is weird) and I think he gave me a piece of cake and a red cup of coffee.

- I saw myself standing at night on top of a mountain (in a strange desert-like and unreal landscape) and looking at the stars. Beside me there were other people (again children.) I saw lines and symbols in the sky instead of stars and some words and numbers. I remember the numbers "37", "59", "74" and "86" very clearly but none of the words (I think one the words was something like "Cit" or "Cet" but I don't know that this means.)

- I was walking around in an old building, which looked like an unknown school. There were many doors in different colours on both sides, but all of them were closed and locked. There were numbers on the doors and maybe words and there was one blue door at the end of the floor with a big red sign on it and I remember very clearly what was written there "ROOM 37 EARTH".

- In the same school building during another dream "episode" I met an old ugly man who came out of one of the rooms where the door was normally locked. The man was wearing clothing that looked as if it were from the 18th century and he have had very big glasses. He was very angry and shouted that I have no permission to be in this building and that the police will come and catch me. I remember I was running away from him, but he was faster and caught me. I remember his voice saying "You are in trouble" then I usually woke up.

These are only some of the weird dream episodes, which I saw very often over many weeks (especially the episode with the young girl, the mountain scene and the school-story with the locked doors happened very often and I have written it down 16 times at least - the school story 14 times.) There were many of such complex episodes but sometimes I only remember symbols very clearly after waking up and I tried to draw some of the symbols, but I don't know what it means.

In these cases I'm absolutely sure that they were just dreams (but I don't know the reason for that dreams) but in late November 1998 an event happened I couldn't explain only with dreams. I woke up at night - again after a dream - and I heard and saw something moving in the dark room between my desk and the window. I supposed it was my cat but when I turned on the light, there was no cat and the door of the room was closed. I saw nothing unusual in the room and I thought it was imagination and turned off the light, but then I saw another white light shining from outside through my window. As I live in a flat on the eighth floor it is very unusual that lights from outside shine through my window and I decided to get up and to look what it is. I looked at the clock and it was 3:16 in the morning. When I approached the window and opened it, I discovered a bright blue-white light in the sky approximately 100 metres distant from me. I remember also three red lights around it and it seemed to be shaped like a triangle. I heard no noise but I thought that night it must be a helicopter (today it is for me very strange that I really thought this, because it was never something like that.). When I woke up the next morning I thought at first that it was again a dream - because I couldn't remember what happened to me after seeing the light - but then I found my shoes and my socks lying around very chaotic in the room (one shoe in front of the window, the other shoe on my desk, the two socks on and under the table) and the curtain on my window was completely removed, so the "helicopter" must have been reality (I'm not a sleepwalker). In the left white sock I've found a trace of blood, but I've found no wound on my feet.

Computer drawing of the object seen in November 98

A computer drawing of the object which Alex saw in the sky in November 98 (this is no real photo)

I've made a simple drawing of the "thing" in the sky and I decided to ask some of the other people in my house if they saw something unusual. Three people denied to have seen anything, but an old man (who live alone in the fifth floor) told me that he have seen a "helicopter with a damned bright searchlight" in the sky, when he was at the toilet around three o'clock. He compared it with the searchlights he used as a young soldier during the war to search for enemy planes and he was of the opinion that it was bright like that. A young couple from the second floor I asked some days later laughed and told me that it was maybe a UFO from outer space piloted from Mr. Spock. After that not very serious "advice" I started reading books about the UFO phenomena and I discovered that there is a phenomena called "abductions" and "missing time" which sounds very similar to the things that happened to me, including the very weird dreams. I have heard about people who have seen "flying saucers" before, but I always thought this is not true and only science fiction, but now I'm not certain what is reality and what not. I also remembered that Chris - whom I know from former school times - was researching this "crazy" UFO topic and I decided after some time to contact him and to ask him about his opinion and we talked very long about my experiences and he advised me to write an article for his magazine and he will translate it into English, because my experiences would be very interesting for his readers.

Back to the "helicopter": after that event a new and very weird dream started (I wrote down this episode 11 times till February 1999). I saw myself walking in some kind of supermarket and searching for orange juice, but there were only very large bottles of tomato juice. When I asked an old man who worked in the supermarket why they have no orange juice he made a funny face and told me, that it is strictly forbidden to sell anything else then tomato juice, but if I give him money he will give me a secret bottle of juice. I gave him the money and he gave a large but completely empty bottle to me. I made a complaint, but then a very fat policeman came in and shouted angrily that I would be arrested. I run away from him and then I usually wake up.

To come to an end for now I will tell you a last strange thing that happened to me around March 1999. I was sitting in a restaurant in my hometown Regensburg together with two friends. After approximately 1 hour talking without any problems we talked about various scientific things (my two friends are students and one of them is the brother of the friend I visited in October when I had my "car-experience") and we came also to the topics of physics and astronomy and one of my friends mentioned his own opinion that "...some of the usual theories about time and space were definitely wrong and we must search for a new way to understand physics." When he said this, I had a strange "flashback" and I saw the young woman with the brown hair from my dream directly before me and she was saying nearly (but not exactly) the same in a female voice "Some of the usual theories about time and space were definitely wrong and mankind must search for a new way to understand physical realities." Then a terrible headache started and I had to leave the restaurant. Outside in the fresh air the headache disappeared after some minutes, but I did not feel good and I decided not to drive but to walk home that evening. I was walking by the river Danube and I cannot remember anything extraordinary happening (I met a young man, an older woman, a couple, a black-white cat and a man with two dogs on my way) but when I arrived at home I discovered that it was 9:34 o'clock in the evening. I left the restaurant no later than 8 o'clock (as my two friends confirmed) and it is impossible that I need more than 30 or maybe 40 minutes from the restaurant to my house. So had it happened again to me? Or was I only unconscious (I did not feel very good that evening after the strange "flashback") But why didn't I remember being unconscious and why did no one help me?

I will come to an end. These are not all of my experiences (I have had more in summer 1999) but I will tell you about that another time. I also asked my mother if things like that have happened before and she informed me about some strange events in my youth. But I will tell you about that another time. It is very difficult for me to write about all this things, because I am afraid that people will laugh about me and I hope you understand why I want to remain anonymous. Maybe some of you have experienced similar things and can give me information about what really happened to me. Or do you think it is only imagination? I'm very uncertain what I should believe and what I shouldn't.

(Remark from Chris: If you want to write a mail to Alex please send it to me and I will give it to him. Every comment - either sceptical or believing - concerning this fascinating story is welcome.)

(Remark from Derek (Proof-reader): This is a very strange case, however there is some interesting parallels with other abduction cases. It is clear that Alex believes that these things are definitely happening to him and certain events (the missing time whilst driving home and by the river) seem to back up his claims. The symbolism of the dream episodes is very strange, but again this often happens in abduction cases. The fact that there is a recurring theme throughout the dreams (meeting people feeling threatened and running away) may indicate a fear of something. It is also interesting that the colour red and the number 37 seem to reoccur again and again. I would suggest that Alex visits some form of therapist not connected in any way with the UFO phenomena, not because I think he is mad - far from it, but because I think therapy either hypnotic or otherwise may unlock the cause of the dreams. It is important that the hypnotherapist does not try to uncover an alien abduction, but lets Alex tell of the events himself.)

Interview with Stanton T. Friedman
written by Dennis Kirstein

Stanton T. Friedman

Stanton T. Friedman

(Remark from Chris: Mr. Friedman was interviewed from my colleague Dennis Kirstein from the german ET magazine. Thanks to him for the permission to publish the interview in my magazine. If you are interested in the ET magazine have a look at Dennis new website at "www.alien.de/kirstein" (the site and the magazine are in german language.)

Question: "How have you get the interest for the UFO-phenomenon?"

Answer: "I read Captain Edward Ruppelt's book "The Report on UFOs' in 1958 while a young nuclear physicist working on nuclear aircraft. Then I read 15 more books, some of which were trash. I discovered "Project Blue Book Special Report 14" at the University of California, Berkeley, joined APRO and NICAP, visited The Foreign Technology Division of the Air Force at Wright Patterson AFB several times. I gave my first lecture in 1967 and it was the splendid response of professional organizations to my lecture "Flying Saucers ARE Real!' that encouraged me to go full time on UFOs after the bottom fell out of the advanced nuclear and space systems programs I had been working on. Now it is over 700 lectures in 15 countries, more than 70 papers, 2 books and several videos and a CD-ROM later. This is all described in TOP SECRET/MAJIC."

Question: "Do you believe in the existence of UFOs? If you believe: In your opinion, what are they?"

Answer: "This is an improper question. Everybody will agree that there are UFO reports and that most reports can be converted into Identifiable Flying Objects. The question is "Are ANY UFOs intelligently controlled extraterrestrial spacecraft? My answer is YES. The evidence is overwhelming that SOME UFOs are alien spacecraft. Most are not. Just as most isotopes are not fissionable. SOME are. I am a nuclear physicist.. belief is not the question. Facts, data, evidence are the material to deal with as reviewed in my many papers.Some UFOs are alien spacecraft. The rest are all kinds of other identifiable phenomena...after investigation.

Question: "What makes the Roswell-Case so credible for you?"

Answer: "More then 20 years of detailed, expensive, time consuming research have convinced me. I am particularly impressed with the high quality of the military personnel such as retired General T.J. Dubose, Major Marcel, Lt. Haut and the many others as well as the civilians involved such as Loretta Proctor, Dr. Jesse Marcel jr., Judd Roberts, Bill Brazel jr., etc etc as described in my book "Crash at Corona" and in several papers."

Question: "What is your opinion to the official explanation of the Project Mogul?"

Answer: "As described in my 28 page paper "The Roswell Incident, The USAF, and New York Times," the Mogul explanation is totally Bogus and manufactured by the Air Force. The materials don't match; the wreckage was discovered "last week" from July 8. The Mogul explanation assumes it was June 14 and it is down hill from there."

Question: "Which new perceptions do you expect in the Roswell-Case for the future?"

Answer: "I am not a psychic. I do expect some death bed confessions from dying witnesses and possibly a piece of material to be available and perhaps some interesting documents to be obtained as a result of an ongoing massive declassification effort."

Question: "The MJ12-Documents are very controversial. What speaks for and against these documents?"

Answer: "Each document must be taken on its own merits. The Eisenhower Briefing Document and the Truman Forrestal memo were obtained on a roll of film. The Cutler Twining memo was discovered after a number of hints at the National Archives. My reasons for concluding that these three are genuine are detailed in my 272 page TOP SECRET/MAJIC, my 108 page "Final Report on Operation Majestic 12" and in several papers dealing with the objections. Part of SOM 1.01 is in TSM. It is in my "gray basket" Many of the more recently received documents are, I have concluded, fraudulent emulations of real documents, mostly published in books. There are many details now known to be true but not known before the documents were received."

Question: "Do you think that a group, like MJ12, is existing today?"

Answer: "Certainly, but with a different name."

Question: "At what are you working at the moment? And what can we expect from you in future?"

Answer: "I am working on some death bed confessions, on the new MJ-12 documents, on the question "Star Travel? YES". I would like to do a book putting together in one place a number of my past papers on various aspects of the flying saucer question and a book on "It's Impossible, .. Isn't it??" Also I am working on a documentary "The Cosmic Coverup"

Thank you for this Interview.

FBI document of the month
written by Christian Pfeiler

You may remember that we have had in the third issue of the magazine the UFO related sentence of the month "It is believed continued appearance of such objects (flying saucers) without official explanation may result in hysteria or panic." This sentence shows in my opinion why the USAF concluded, that it is better for the security of the United States to completely deny the existence of UFOs and to explain all sightings without the involvement of "unexplainable" and maybe dangerous forces. In the following I will show you the original FBI document from August 20 1947 in which I have found the remarkable sentence. The document itself is about a very interesting sighting in Twin Falls, Idaho with many witnesses.

FBI document

FBI document

FBI document

The Poltergeist phenomenon
written by Christian Pfeiler

Poltergeist activity in France

Poltergeist activity in France - flying scissors and saucepan

The main problem with the research about ghost appearances is very often the difficulty to prove the real existence of such phenomena. Photos are - like in the UFO topic - very often not reliable evidence because many of the published ghost photos are just problems with the film and with the camera (often shown in form of blurry white lines, points or smudge on the photos.) In most cases the ghost appeared only on the photo but was not seen from the witness in reality. But why should a camera be able to see an object, that the human eye see not? There are some ghost cases which cannot be explained so easily, but the majority of all of the ghost photos can (in my opinion) be explained without the involvement of supernatural forces.

But there is another kind of ghost phenomena which is different from the appearances and much more difficult to explain: the so-called Poltergeist phenomena. If we look into a dictionary, a Poltergeist is described as "a spirit that makes objects move around and causes strange noises." This is exactly the main difference between other kinds of ghosts and the Poltergeist: the Poltergeist is never seen in form of an apperance of a being, the only thing we can see are his activities - moving furniture, flying objects, strange noises or voices, knocking sounds, self-starting fires, unexplainable coldness and more. Another difference between "normal" ghosts and the Poltergeist is, that the "normal" appearances are often related to a special place (like a house, a castle, a monastery, a church or just a single room) but the Poltergeist is always related to a person, in most cases to children or teenagers in which surroundings the activities very often happen.

Scientists and Parapsychologists examined a lot of Poltergeist cases during the last hundred years. Some of the cases were just hoaxes (there was a famous hoax case in Germany in the 1980s when a dentist claimed that a Poltergeist spoke with strange voices in his house. It was later proven that it was just a hoax and that the voices came from a tape recorder) but in other cases the scientists were not able to explain the events normally. One of the most famous cases in England happened from August 1977 to September 1978 when over 1500 unexplainable Poltergeist activities took place in a house in Enfield near London. The researchers were eyewitnesses of nearly every kind of known Poltergeist activities including the movement of heavy pieces of furniture and the materialisation of objects out of nothing. In the centre of the activities was as usual a child - the 12 years old daughter of the family.

But is a Poltergeist a real ghostly being? Are they self-thinking spirits or entities with a own consciousness? The modern theory about the origin of Poltergeist phenomena will answer this question with a definite "No". In spite of the voices (which seemed to be evidence that the ghost is really a self-thinking being with an own personality) the parapsychologists believe today that the activities were caused only from the children in the "epicentre" of the events. Another abbreviation for the phenomena is RSPK which means "Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis" and this is exactly what the phenomena seemed to be: an uncontrolled psychokinetic activity, caused from the children themselves who are neither able to control this "forces" nor aware that they cause it. The "personality" of the Poltergeist is also just a product of the childrens mind and no evidence for a real being. Fact is that the activities usually dissappear when the children grow up and it seemed that adults cannot cause such uncontrolled phenomena (but adults are often able to use controlled psychokinetic forces.) But what is the reason for the uncontrolled psychokinesis? Special emotional conditions during the childhood as some people suppose? Or are there other explanations which involve supernatural forces from outside? Some questions concerning the Poltergeist phenomena remains unsolved.

UFO expert(s) of the year - right answers

written by Christian Pfeiler


You may remember that we have had a competition called "UFO expert(s) of the year" in the last issue and that I have asked you 12 UFO related questions. Unfortunately, there were not many replies and only a few competitors (maybe the questions were to difficult.) Nevetheless, here are the winners:

Rank 1: Derek Pavely, England (12 questions right)
Rank 2: Dennis Kirstein, Germany (11 questions right)

Congratulations to all winners. In the following the right answers to all questions:

Question 1:

This UFO sceptic was the leader of the "scientifical study" which caused the closing of Project "Blue Book" in 1969. The study report was also named after him. What is the name of this scientist?

Answer 1: Dr. Edward Condon (from the Condon Report)

Question 2:

At October 11 1973 two man (Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker) were abducted from three very strange alien beings into a UFO. This case was examined later from Dr. J. Allen Hynek. What is the name of this famous abduction case (it is also the name of the place in the US where the abduction happened.)?

Answer 2: The Pascagoula case (named after Pascagoula Bay.)

Question 3:

This author and researcher from switzerland is famous for his many theories concerning alien influence in ancient times and he has written many books about the topic "ancient astronauts". What is the name of this author?

Answer 3: Erich von Däniken

Question 4:

In 1944 and 1945 strange light objects were seen following allied airplanes over Germany (it was claimed that the objects were secret Nazi weapons, but that was not true.) How called the pilots this kind of UFOs?

Answer 4: Foo Fighters

Question 5:

Who is the man on this photo?

Name this man

Answer 5: Major Jesse A. Marcel (from the Roswell incident)

Question 6:

One of the most famous abduction cases is certainly the Hill case. What was the date of the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill (day, month, year)?

Answer 6: The night from September 19 to September 20 1961

Question 7:

Who was Truman Bethurum?

a) a contactee from 1952
b) a UFO sceptic from the 70s
c) a captain of the USAF, involved in the Roswell case

Answer 7: a.) a contactee from 1952

Question 8:

What secret balloon project was (according to the Airforce) responsible for the Roswell incident?

Answer: 8: Project MOGUL

Question 9:

What is the name of this UFO witness and when and where did he saw a landed UFO (name of the man, date of the sighting, name of the town)? A little help: it was a famous case in the US and he was a Highway Patrol Officer.

What is the name of this UFO witness

Answer 9: Officer Lonnie Zamora, April 24 1964, Socorro, New Mexico

Question 10:

What former US president have seen a UFO on October 1969 in Leary, Georgia when he was governor of this state? (he promised to reveal all available governmental UFO material when he will be president.)

Answer 10: Jimmy Carter

Question 11:

This famous UFO sceptic, writer and astronomer from the US was for many years a consultant to the NSA (this is proven) and also a possible member of MJ 12. What was the name of this sceptic?

Answer 11: Dr. Donald H. Menzel

Question 12:

This man claimed to have worked at Area 51/Site 4 on a back-engineering project on recovered UFOs. He explained to the public how the antigravity engine works, but his story and background are very controversial. What is the name of this "scientist"?

Answer 12: Robert (Bob) Lazar

The Experiencer and the Sceptic
written by D. Colman

'I am too much of a sceptic to deny the possibility of anything'
( T.H.Huxley)

The accepted definition of a sceptic is of one who habitually casts doubts upon the accepted beliefs or experiences of an individual or group. Scepticism appears in many forms however, I intend to examine the methodology and dogma of the opposing camps of the paranormal impasse. The cynical nature of the sceptic is such that they feel driven to opine on any exposition that appears to fly against socially accepted party lines. Many paranormal experiencers display great fortitude in going public with their story. In adopting an individualistic stance the experiencer can often expect to receive a tirade of personal insult and in some cases downright rudeness from representatives of mainstream science. This scenario was enacted against the Falkland Hill close encounter witnesses (Fife Sept 96) who received unprecedented and unwarranted verbal assaults on their integrity and mental competence. Some of the personal abuse they received was not just from sceptics but from self styled "expert" Ufologists.

In challenging the concerns and beliefs of millions of paranormal experiencers, the sceptic maintains the wilful and cynical desire to blindly deny himself or herself the opportunity of entertaining the thought of realities other than our own. Whilst sceptical dogma insists that there no paranormal activity, they fail miserably to prove it. I readily admit that I have little patience for the purblind, however the need for intelligent and objective reasoning within supernatural research is highly desirable. Let me state for the record that I am by nature a sceptic, paradoxically I am also a believer in the powers of the paranormal simply because I have witnessed and experienced such phenomena personally. Memories of my experiences have not been based around dogmatic principles therefore I take personal affront with the arrogant claims that I as an experiencer suffer from delusional or hallucinatory conditions. Furthermore I reject the belief that every experiencer is a prevaricator. I say to the sceptic, I have confidence in my personal perceptions but stand ready to be proved wrong. Unfortunately very few sceptics possess the objective intelligence to be able to analyse past the end of their own projection and because of this attitude the sceptic adopts an illusory high moral ground. Many sceptics adopt a position of superiority and their posturing often leads them to postulate theories on the paranormal that frankly defy the logic that they so diligently espouse. Academia, science and religious institutions all play a part in adopting this disproportionate approach to the acceptance of a reality, which could exist beyond our limited perceptions and the degree of concrete thinking by the sceptical establishment is astonishing.

My interest in the paranormal was born from the simple curiosity of youth. At the age of twelve I read my first paranormal book and unwittingly took my first faltering steps on a lifelong journey of discovery. In 1931, the Russian esoteric, Ouspensky, wrote, ' For the gates of the world of the miraculous may be opened only to him who seeks'. My acceptance that realities other than our own did not happen overnight and despite gaining certain insights into the metaphysical world, I find that after almost thirty years of comparative study I, in many respects, remain a child. Whilst the sceptic may find difficulty in accepting this premise, I had surely accepted Adam's allegorical apple and opened the door to universal knowledge. As I grew older my interest in the arcane and the esoteric nature of the universe refused to diminish and it became obvious to me that with each faltering step my esoteric study intuitively impelled me to follow yet another line of occult enquiry. In hindsight, whilst remaining fascinated by the esoteric universe, I now realise that I was a child who could never have realised that once the esoteric door had been opened it would be nigh impossible to close.

I took an early decision to avoid indoctrination and blind dogma and my desire to avoid initiation into any specific group or practise grew alongside my growing awareness of the paranormal grew. I concluded that to become embroiled with individuals or groups would compromise my individuality, autonomy and objectivity. I vowed to keep my mind open to all possibilities, including the fact that I may be deluding myself. In those days I perceived the existence of extraterrestrial life as nothing more than an intriguing possibility. Immersed as I was in supernatural study I had little interest into what has popularly become known as "Ufology". Without having had any personal UFO experiences at that time I found it difficult to treat the subject with a sense of true objectivity, therefore I concentrated my study on religious and esoteric matters. Little did I realise but my steps upon the path had already been directed towards the UFO question. I had no inkling that one day the subject would come to absorb most of my waking thoughts. After a great deal of self analyses, I began to understand that when an individual encounters the frightening reality of an ethereal situation it is either convenient for that person to abandon himself or herself to self imposed psychological exile or instigate the destructive process of self denial. True experiencers, and I count myself as one of them, are left with two choices. One may accept the shocking new realities of life or begin the struggle to destabilise the memory, relegating it to a dark and unexplored area in the outback of the mind. This "ostrich" type scenario is more often adopted by experiencers simply because they are not subconsciously programmed to accept the 'out of phase' input of an unworldly encounter. However, experiencers usually come to accept their new awareness of reality and the fact that their world will never feel quite so secure as before.

My first close encounter allowed me the luxury of my entire family of five as corroborating witnesses. I have often pondered the consequences on my rationality had I been alone that night. Despite my long held beliefs in the supernatural I immediately began to understand the essence of true scepticism. I became psychologically confounded by my own incredulity. In short my brain realised that what we had encountered could not possibly exist yet my heart and soul told me otherwise. The psychological dichotomy, which followed, led me to suffer a mild form of post traumatic stress disorder. My world had been overturned in a few short seconds and the reality was that I had witnessed at first hand that other reality. Despite the many questions that were raised in our mind the fact remained that my entire family must eventually believe their own eyes. One may ask what a lone witness to such an event would do in such a situation? If he/she decided to speak about the encounter he/she would, in all probability, be considered psychotic, attention seeking or delusional. This leaves the witness in psychological limbo. If he/she speaks out the risk of public ridicule and stigma is high. If the experiencer remains silent and has difficulty coping with the encounter, the possibility of psychological damage is high. As we approach the second millennium it is a sad indictment that this imaginary scene is played out all to often causing untold misery to millions.

Despite having what I considered an objective mind to most paranormal situations, in the post-traumatic period after our family encounters I found myself in the imaginary situation that is described above. I mention this most personal of incidents simply to demonstrate that the human nervous system, even in those who are open to the possibilities of the irrational, can be afflicted by the physicality of its existence. After a lengthy period of self-analyses and forced self-denial, I discovered that I could not in all conscious forget our encounter and for the sake of my own rational mind I began to seek answers. In my search for an answer synchronicity again took a hand. As previously stated I had studiously avoided all group contacts but naively believed I might find some sort of explanation to my growing unease. I desperately sought help in coming to terms with 'my' new reality and rationalised that if they were like-minded people then they might understand my plight and offer me some form of explanation. I immersed myself in the subject of UFOs and became a regular attendee at a monthly UFO group. Whilst the meetings were well attended only a few claimed to have had any UFO sightings or deeper experiences. The majority however had never actually had a supernatural encounter of any kind. My fresh, objective and critical eye exposed the foibles of the 'ufologists' and it wasn't long before I became disillusioned with the meetings and most of the members. I soon grew to abhor the prominent cult of celebrity that was evident and quickly concluded that most of the members of the club, having never experienced a UFO encounter, were simply missing the point. I formed the opinion that despite holding diametrically opposing beliefs, ufologists and sceptic alike employed similar tenets and methods. The Ufologists who had never actually experienced anything remotely untoward, simply expressed a blind faith to believe in UFOs, whereas the paranormal sceptic expresses the dogmatic desire not to. Both camps at this time have singularly failed to win their argument. I then began to examine the possibility that the UFO fraternity had three distinct divisions. The first category can be designated as the blind believer. Without the benefit of factual evidence, the blind believer desperately wants to believe most of all he has read or gleaned from the popular UFO media and self styled UFO gurus. The second category is the blind disbeliever who remains doubtful about the realities of UFO existence whilst continuing to support the UFO cause. The third and most important category is the experiencer. He or she will have had at least one paranormal or UFO encounter and whilst realising the inherent dangers of Alien encroachment on our planet, has accepted the reality of their unreal situation. These people have witnessed at first hand the existence of other realities and in the main adopt a different approach to the subject of UFOs.

Due to the success of television shows such as the X-files a huge interest in the subject of 'Aliens and flying saucers' has arisen. Media saturation has led to the unregulated growth of UFO investigation groups nation-wide. I have received many letters from the new 'ufologists' who appear hell-bent on becoming the next Fox Mulder or Scully. I find it disconcerting that some of these letters come from children as young as ten years of age. Professor Stanton Friedman once stated that 'anyone with a briefcase can call themselves a ufologist'. As Ufology has no acclaimed regulatory body to initiate, register and uphold moral or ethical standards amongst its researchers, the fact remains that anyone, of any age, can call himself or herself a 'ufologist'. The main concern to past, present and future paranormal experiencers is that there are few who claim this distinction who have had any professional training which would be of relevance to the true ufo experiencer. This contributes to frequent unethical and often disgraceful practices perpetrated by ufology towards their witnesses. Most paranormal researchers cannot realistically be expected to posses the professional skills which are required to recognise possible consequences of latent physical or mental aberrations. This constitutes a danger to the experiencer who, as we have previously discussed, can suffer posttraumatic stress as well as a range of psychological or physiological problems. In the majority of cases unregulated practises permit and encourage the researcher to view the experiencer as a personal asset. Some unqualified researchers claim erroneously that they can provide professional posttraumatic stress counselling for witnesses. In most cases these claims are driven simply by a selfish desire on the part of the investigator to claim the incident report as a copyrighted trophy. It is true to say that experiencers receive little or no follow up support after supplying their report to the Ufologists. To its continuing detriment this irresponsible and shameful behaviour continues unchallenged by ufology in general.

The business world quickly realised the extremely lucrative potential of the UFO market. This opportunism has encouraged many international researchers to seek the financial opportunities now available and we now have a plethora of professionally, published UFO magazines, videos, books and merchandise. Can it be a coincidence that the growth of the celebrity Ufologists has risen expedientially with the commercialisation of ufology per se? The subject of ufology is beset with fraudulent claims and misinformation, but the glossy UFO magazines continue to publish unsubstantiated and uncorroborated stories in order to titillate and captivate their audience. Hand in glove with the glossy magazine comes the UFO expert who can make a tidy profit by pontificating to lecture audiences. However the media Ufologists is not alone in attempting to corner the market. They are joined by the 'professional' media sceptic, accepting any and all requests to appear on television and in print. However if one scrutinises the sceptics acquired reasoning it soon becomes apparent that most of their hypotheses are less credible than tall tales of little green men. Sceptics would have us believe that a considerable amount of people suffer from a form of epilepsy, which has the pleasant side effect of engineering beautiful visions of distant planets allied with the unpleasant effects of psychosis, hysteria and latent insanity. In examining this logic for a moment, let us assume that the UFO sceptics are correct. UFOs do not exist!

Let us take this a stage farther and accept the psychological rationale that invariably follows each major UFO sighting. This rationale tells us that yet another deluded UFO experiencer has suffered yet another epileptic or psychotic attack. The ramifications of this 'rationale' will implicate millions of deluded experiencers'. As a professional working in psychiatry I would be extremely concerned at the apparent global psychosis which has long worked it way around the planet. I believe that the weight of experiencers' UFO delusions should be sufficient to constitute a serious international medical alert. I therefore submit that following the l standards and findings of the sceptic community the World Health Organisation should be considered to be grossly negligent and called to account to explain their apparent abandonment of the countless millions who have succumbed to this form of epileptic contagion. Following the sceptics, scientific and medical findings, why, after a half a century of apparent madness, has this insidious psychosis failed to initiate an international medical response? No investigation into these so-called global mental and psychological aberrations has ever been undertaken and none are planned. This situation goes without comment from the sceptic, military or scientific debunkers. The fact remains that people from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe report similar UFO sightings and encounters and the knowledge that they have done so for at least fifty years remains a fact. The silence surrounding this fact is almost supernatural as the sceptics, who live by facts, choose to ignore this glaring fact?

For many years Canadian nuclear Physicist, Stanton F. Friedman, has utilised his undoubted expertise and professionalism to provide countless facts and figures, which show in detail why the American and British government de-bunking campaigns have failed to impress any researcher with an open mind. Professor Friedman coined the phrase 'noisy negativists' to accurately describe the debunker. Like professor Friedman many sceptics come from a scientific and professional background and are invariably surrounded by a vast array of scientific gadgets and paraphernalia.

Science should be able to convince the world that UFOs do not exist, yet despite the security of the lab and much professional expertise, science can offer no rational explanation for the non-existence of UFOs. Stanton Friedman is not the only eminent scientist to react in a positive manner towards the existence of UFOs. The late Dr. J. Allen Hyneck, began his ufo-logical career as a top, White House appointed, government scientist and UFO debunker. On one famous debunking mission the good doctor made a laughing stock of himself by declaring that a UFO sighting was nothing more than marsh gas. This was a lie too many for Dr. Hyneck as he went on to become one of the world's foremost ufologists. It would appear that not only scientists have come forward to embraced the truth of the existence of extraterrestrial visitation. Many of the United States top military commanders are openly writing and lecturing on their personal UFO and paranormal experiences.

Employing sceptical rationale towards a public institution is generally avoided; however, in order to support my claims of sceptical non-objectivity, let us examine some of the most well known supernatural stories available to the public today. Many sceptics are God fearing people and attend church services where sermons preach age-old credo passed down through the generations. Our pious sceptic happily joins a congregation who worships the blind faith of an invisible God. However by sceptical reasoning the Holy Bible must have been conceived by men who suffered from disturbing psychological symptoms similar to that of our modern day UFO experiencer. To the seasoned sceptic it should be patently obvious that the majority of the biblical writers were plagued by grandiose delusions of a religious nature and some may have suffered from schizophrenia. The sceptic may claim those temporal layer inversions or possibly earthlights may have caused visions of flying machines and angelic hosts. However, tormented by the classic symptoms of Schizophrenia, auditory and visual hallucinations, the patriarchs may have suffered blindness and epileptic seizures, which led to glorious mirages of distant worlds and their God like inhabitants. It is impossible to believe that all sceptics are believers in God but some, whilst debunking UFOs, may well be. That being the case they are not only sceptical but hypocritical also.

In the spirit of objectivity and adventure I have attended lectures by celebrity UFO sceptics. One of these lectures was by ex BUFORA investigator and author, Scot, Stuart Campbell. Mr. Campbell's rational explanations of forestry worker Bob Taylor's close encounter of 1979 in the woods at Dechmont law near Livingston West Lothian were memorable. His reasoning was almost insulting to ones senses. During the question and answer session after his lecture I managed to raise a point with Mr. Campbell. My point was simple, I informed him that in the course of my training and subsequent work in psychiatric and in mentally handicapped hospitals I had encountered many sufferers of epilepsy and had assisted or been present during countless fits of varying degrees. I informed him that during all these experiences I had yet to witness a sufferer who claimed to see visions of UFOs or planets of any descriptions. I awaited the response and was eventually informed that someone in a hospital told him that hallucinations of that sort were possible. This was hardly convincing and did nothing to substantiate his lavish claims. Recently he has commented on the witnesses of the Falkland hill encounters, claiming that all four witnesses suffered a ' group illusion'. He also intimated that the witnesses might have ' lost their grip' and that they were seeing ' their own monsters'. This man has never once spoken to the Falkland witnesses, therefore he knows nothing of their psychological history, proving my point that the majority of sceptics opine for scepticism sake alone. Mr. Campbell, never shy of appearing at lectures or in the media has written a book, which also affirms and supports my accusation of sceptical ignorance, arrogance and pomposity. His book is entitled... 'UFO: The mystery solved'

I believe I can speak on behalf of UFO experiencers when I acknowledge the fact that to be human is to err and it would be a foolish person indeed who claimed that all unidentified lights seen in the sky are the result of ET activity. However the UFO sceptic cannot appear so magnanimous. With a mind set in concrete the sceptic would have you believe 100% that UFOs do not exist. I am certain that you will agree with me when I say that no human being cannot be 100% correct in all of their conclusions therefore I ask the question to any UFO sceptic reading this essay, what makes you so different from the rest of humanity? In my opinion to contradict this belief and claim that the sceptic is 100% correct would be an act of arrogance and crass stupidity. In that respect will the UFO sceptic revise his or her opinion? Are they willing to adopt the opinion that UFOs might actually exist and that experiencers are not all illusory?

I am willing to listen to anyone who can convince me, 100%, of the non-existence of these craft and entities. I would be delighted to hear from any sceptic who wishes to attempt to convince me that my personal sightings were nothing more than epilepsy or earthlights. If we are ever to solve this enigma then experiencer and sceptic must learn to work together. Accommodation must be reached by the more objective of sceptics and the true believer. Reasonable human beings will always find common ground and that is my hope for the future. Experiencer and sceptic working in tandem may well prove that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed in our philosophy after all.

We have misunderstood Einstein's Theory of Relativity
and the consequence of this is we have failed to notice that we have been visited by ETs (Part 2)

written by Roger Anderton

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein - have we misunderstood his theories?

(Remark from Chris: here comes the second part of Rogers article. I'm sorry that it was missing in the last issue, it was my fault. Have also a look at the Mail Corner where Roger responds to the critic mail from Kerry Marshall.)

In 1905, Einstein was an unknown clerk who wrote three papers that revolutionized physics. He laid the foundations for Atomic physics, Quantum theory , Relativity theory and much else, which has led to the creation of the atom bomb, the laser, the computer etc. etc. This is at least according to conventional history. I have read a lot about the history of discoveries and inventions that suggests that the people that get credited with a discovery in what becomes the establishment's record of history, are not always 'really' the first person. There are often pioneers that the conventional history chooses to forget, before the officially recognised discoverer. My reading suggests to me that what has got credited to Einstein, might have been discovered earlier by others. But the past is 'murky' and one can never be too sure. What seems certain is that Einstein discovered his theories independently of anyone else, and if people had discovered them before him, then he re-discovered them independently.

Often the first person to say something radical is ignored, and it takes a 'cooling off period' by humans to ponder what that person said. And then the second person who says much the same thing then gets credited with the discovery. It strikes me as 'odd' that there were certain people who were so ready to accept the ideas of Einstein, as if they had already been thinking along those lines, because someone else said so previously. But these are only appearances, and I wish to stick to official history in this article.

Einstein revolutionized physics, and developed his complete Theory of Relativity in 1915. His first attempt at Relativity in 1905 was his restricted theory, that did not explain all of physics. His 1915 theory was the complete theory. People joked that there were only three people in the world at that time who could understand the complete theory. Which makes it seem mysterious: why would so much of the physics community accept a theory that so few people could understand? The answer given was the claim that predictions from Einstein's complete theory were proven by astronomical observations. But if only three people could understand it, how were the rest of the physics community to know that those three people could be trusted? Yet never mind upon that point. A more relevant point is that only three people supposedly understood the complete theory, and that gives a hint as to how the physics community could misunderstand that theory and go in the wrong direction. And ties into what I have said at the start of this article 'we have misunderstood Einstein's theory of Relativity.'

If we fail to properly understand something then we can quite easily take the wrong route, and end up with something else. And that is indeed what has happened, we have the wrong theory of Relativity. In the 1920s and 1930s the top physicists had the Solvay meetings to decide in what direction, physics was going in, now that Einstein had revolutionized physics from the Newtonian description.

The most important part of those meetings were discussions about experiments that had been done in atomic physics, e.g. with radioactivity etc.. Einstein's contribution to this subject was the idea that became called Quantum Theory. Quantum Theory seemed to be very complicated, it had ideas like : subatomic objects were both particles and waves. If you emit a beam of electrons, then these electrons can behave like particles: they come in 'lumps' called quanta, but these electrons can also interfere with each other as if they were waves. All subatomic objects seemed to have this property of acting both like particles and waves, and the physicists thought that this was contradictory. They felt that subatomic objects should either be particles or waves, but not both things. Attempts to solve this problem became radical, eventually some of the physicists led mainly by Niels Bohr proposed an answer. Einstein said that these physicists were wrong, eventually making famous quotes like 'God does not play dice with the  universe.' Bohr replied' Einstein don't tell God what to do.' There were many exchanges like this, which if you look at them carefully were making Einstein the 'butt' of a joke, and belittling him. Once you start doing that to a person it becomes easier to ignore what that person is saying, and that is what happened to Einstein. Eventually the majority of the physics community ignored what else Einstein had to say.

The physics community then abandoned Einstein, from the late 1930s, and if you care to look at the history books this is clearly documented. I wonder if it strikes you as 'odd' that the founder of modern physics, was essentially ridiculed after a couple of decades after revolutionizing physics? This is another clear indication that we did not understand what he was 'really saying'. And the physics community was deciding to take a different interpretation to what Einstein was saying.

The new physics still called 'Quantum Theory' deviated from Einstein's initial ideas on it, under the main leadership of Niels Bohr. This theory was united with the restricted theory of Einstein (obtained in 1905) and became called Quantum Field Theory, which is now the central theory of modern physics. Modern physics then became based on two main theories. The other main theory of physics is called General Relativity (which is supposedly the complete theory of Einstein developed in 1915). These two theories do not combine together, they contradict each other. Many attempts have been made to join the two theories together, but there has been no success. The reason is because : Quantum Theory comes from Bohr and General Relativity comes from Einstein. Einstein saw that Bohr's Quantum theory did not match with his theory of physics (his complete theory of relativity), and that is why he said the physicists were wrong in the 1920s/ 1930s.

Modern physics is based on Bohr from the 1930s and not Einstein's physics. The physics establishment are engaged in a very slow process of trying to combine Bohr's theory with Einstein's theory, and since these theories contradict each other, one of the theories has to be modified. From the 1930s, the physics community elected to ridicule Einstein, and believe Bohr, so when it comes to modifying one of the theories to fit the other, they keep Bohr's theory unchanged and they modify Einstein's theory.

So, we are in the ridiculous situation of calling modern physics' relativity theory : 'Einstein's Theory of Relativity.' It is NOT Einstein's theory of Relativity, we call it Einstein's Relativity Theory but it is no longer Einstein's original theory, it has been modified. Presumably it is called Einstein's theory, when it is not, because we are seeking to honour Einstein by doing this. But it adds to the confusion, it makes us think when we say 'Einstein's theory of Relativity' that we are in fact dealing with Einstein's theory of relativity, when we are not. And that is why I say we have misunderstood Einstein's theory of relativity, and why we have false mantras like 'Einstein says the speed of light is constant.'

Of course it is a lot more complicated than this, but one of the main complications is the misuse of words, calling something 'Einstein's' when it is not. Modern physics' theory of Relativity tells us that interstellar travel is near impossible, so forget about 'ETs being here' they can't get here. Einstein's theory of relativity, says it is possible for ETs to be here, so the physicists should be really checking to see if there is any evidence.

After 'jumping through all the hoops' : the complications that have been set before me, so that I am able to say to you that 'modern physics has misunderstood Einstein's theory', a sceptic can quite easily throw up some more objections to make me stumble. A sceptic might say that he accepts that what I have said above is a correct, but he believes modern physics as is has so far been developed is correct, and that Einstein was wrong.

It is very easy to be a sceptic, all one has to do is throw one 'hurdles' in front of other people. If a person is able to get over one hurdle, then a sceptic just places another hurdle up. It has been a hard job for me jumping over these hurdles that have been put before me, to finally see that what modern physics claims is Einstein's theory of Relativity is not really Einstein's theory of relativity, and is in fact something else. And what reward does the sceptic give me? Answer: another hurdle.

Can I not present some questions to such sceptics? Such questions as : Does it not strike you as very 'odd' that Einstein's true theory of physics has been hidden in this complicated fashion? How do such sceptics account for that?

It seems to me that there is a conspiracy, which I cannot prove, and the main tool of that conspiracy is to use scepticism. There is only a limited number of 'things' that can be known, for instance as I have pointed out we generally cannot know what the true intentions of a person are. Scepticism seems to be being used to throw up barriers to understanding, basing its objections to what some people are trying to find out, by exploiting the information that we have no access. And this is being used to hide a 'multitude of sins'. I am not saying that 'scepticism' is bad, but someone seems to me to be using it to keep us 'in the dark.' The general use of scepticism has been by people that believe in mainstream physics, and have attacked anything in conflict with that belief. I am a sceptic myself, and have now turned that scepticism on mainstream physics; so there is nothing wrong with scepticism as far as I am concerned so long as it is not misused.

As to the objection that Einstein's theory of physics might be wrong, and modern physics might be right. Well I can prove Einstein's theory is right, but this article is too short, for me to go into that.

Extra information:

In Einstein's restricted theory (Special Relativity) the speed of light is a constant, but this is a special circumstance, in the complete theory it is not constant according to Einstein. But then the complete theory has been modified away from what Einstein said.

Recently I have been looking at some anti-relativity books (authors who do not believe that modern physics is correct), something that I have never done too much of before. I have mainly stuck to reading just contemporary physics books. But after discovering modern physics is wrong, I have looked at the books that were opposed to the beliefs of modern physics: the anti-relativity books. With my insight that modern physics has not properly understood Einstein's theory, I can look at these books afresh, and I find that the authors are confused over what precisely is the theory of Relativity as advocated by the physics community. The confusion of the physics community calling their Relativity Theory: 'Einstein's Theory of Relativity', has spilled over to these authors and they have become confused as to what they are actually opposed to in modern physics. Presumably by intuition and the like they feel that there is something wrong with contemporary physics, but they get caught in the quagmire of the confusion of who said what. From my enlightened perspective, they end up not knowing what they are precisely opposed to.

The Complications:

From deducing that the Theory of Relativity has been misunderstood, I then looked at what further consequences could be deduced. This led me to investigate the forgotten genius Nikola Tesla (see article Tesla Mystery......). It is possible that Tesla contacted aliens in the 19th century, based on a belief in the perspective of this article. But unfortunately there are other scenarios possible. It may be that a certain group of people know about 'alien contact' and have kept that secret from the general public. Or it may be this unknown group believe that 'aliens are not here', and they have used the UFO phenomenon as a 'false front' - where they have may have faked 'aliens' for some secret purpose. Only these unknown people know what they do or not believe. Presumably 'they' are working for the best interests of the public. But now the situation I am exposing is that: we have failed to understand Einstein's Theory. The consequences of this are : we should have in all likelihood have been visited by aliens. The unknown group may or may not know this, they may know more or less. If they do not know this, then it means that the most likely scenario is that: we are being watched by aliens from a far, and these aliens have never actually interacted with us, or have done so extremely rarely. This is called "The Zoo Hypothesis." In Star Trek it is known as "The Prime Directive": of not interfering with aliens incapable of interstellar travel. May be the 'real' aliens have left us alone, and we have instead some sort of hoax? From my perspective I am not much bothered, I more interested in the physics, and the UFO Mystery has seemed a hindrance to my attempts to understand physics (a physics that has to explain all phenomenon, and not take a 'blinkered' knowledge filter approach).

Since writing the above, I have looked at many biographies of Einstein, and have now convinced myself that there was a conspiracy against him, that has corrupted science. I now have this to add, basing itself again on the false statement attributed to Einstein.


We live in a commercial world, where adverts are very important for the selling of products. Ideas can be compared to products, and they too need advertising.

If a second hand car salesman says 'this is the best car in the world', we have learnt not to trust him. But the salesman is aware of this, and being clever might say: 'this may not be the best car, but it is value for money.' We may then think that the first part of this statement is true, but we might miss the second part as being a lie. Thus along with being fed the truth we can accept the lie. We then may end up with a useless car. There exist much more sophisticated methods that are used on us, so that we believe what sales men want us to believe.

The ideas of science have been fed to us in a similar manner. We are taught the truth, mixed in with some lies. Some of these lies have become wide - spread common knowledge, and accepted by the majority of people as being true. The lies have become part of many peoples beliefs that do not need to be questioned, because they now appear to be obviously true and self evident. It can sound ridiculous if a lone person then challenges them as being untrue, and is dismissed as not needing to be thought about by the average person. The lie has then become too strongly rooted in what people think, for it to be questioned.

The common practice of misquoting Einstein

One person that has been greatly misquoted has been Einstein. These misquotes have become the advertisements for modern physics. If Einstein says something then the average person takes it to be true, and not needing to be thought about. To challenge what Einstein says seems ridiculous by the average person. But Einstein never said, what these people believe.

One misquote is: 'Einstein says that the speed of light is a constant.' Now I have tried to read everything that Einstein ever wrote about Relativity, and no where do I find him saying this, but many people (physicists included) believe that this is what Einstein actually said.

When I looked for where this misquote came from, I found that it had its origins in a conspiracy against Einstein. Einstein's real words have been usurped, and the physics establishment has replaced his words by what they want us to believe. How, this has been done is a piece of very complicated advertising. Basically the physics establishment wants us to believe in a different physics than which Einstein was advocating, but they had the problem that people wanted to believe the 'words' of Einstein. So, the establishment gave adverts to make us believe that Einstein said something else, than what he really said. These misquotes when turned into mathematics gives us the establishment's version of physics, but does not give us Einstein's version. Some physics students become aware that there is a difference between what Einstein really said and what is common knowledge for what he said. But they are then convinced by their tutors that Einstein was wrong, and the establishment's version of physics is correct. If these students look deeply, then they find that this itself may not be quite true, but then they can discover another set of beliefs to adopt.

(The third part of the article will be published in the next issue of the magazine.)

Website tip of the month
written by Christian Pfeiler

I have again found a very interesting website: UFOINFO.COM. You will find there many links to various UFO organisations in the whole world, furthermore links to magazines (including free magazines) and various other information concerning the UFO topic like current events, meetings and much more. Have also a special look at "UFO courses" where you can read more information about the ufologist course at Totton College, Southampton (which Derek mentioned above.) You will find no images or UFO photos on this page, but if you look for valuable information and links to various other UFO related websites I can recommend you this great site.

The URL of the website is:


I hope you will like the site and find many interesting stuff and links there.

UFO photo of the month
written by Christian Pfeiler

UFO photo of the month

On June 27, 1967, during a period of high UFO activity in and around the local area and vicinity, Mr. Jefferson Villar of Union City succeeded in photographing the bright silver-colored, capsule-shaped object that passed over his head. It was brilliantly reflecting the sun's rays like metal and was making a strange noise as it flew along. Villar managed to get his camera into action and snapped six good color photographs of the clearly defined cylindrical structure with rounded ends. It looked to be solid and real as it passed at low altitude above a house and telephone wires. Villar estimated the object to be flying at between 1,500 and 2,000 feet above the surface at that point.


In the following as usual some interesting mails I have received in the last month. The first mail is from Roger Anderton who replies to Kerry Marshall's critic mail concering his "Einstein" article.

Dear Chris

That's okay. I have been having computer problems myself. I have been reading many biographies on Einstein. And I am now convinced that there was a conspiracy against him, that has corrupted modern physics.

In reply to Kerry Marshall's letter:

Perhaps the use of 'mantra' was mis-used, but I do not know of any other word that could be used, other than may be 'advertising slogan'. The mis-quote attributed to Einstein, advertises the belief of modern physics (on the initial level). But it does not advertise Einstein's theory. In other words the mis-quote advertises the version of physics that the establishment wants us to believe, and wants us to interpret experiments within that belief system.

I am now convinced that there has been a conspiracy against Einstein, having now read many biographies on Einstein. Einstein lived in a climate between World War 1 and World War 2 where there arose alot of anti-Jewish feeling, much of it was directed at Einstein. His theory was seen as a 'Jewish theory of physics'. It was then hijacked and turned into something else. The word of Einstein was taken as gospel by many ordinary people, and the way to overcome this was taken by the establishment to mis-quote him. Thus the misuse of Einstein's words was used to advocate a theory that did not belong to Einstein.

I have looked at several decades of physics text books, and have found that each generation of physicists have been taught a different theory of relativity. (None of them have been Einstein's theory.) The physics establishment have tried to adapt their theory of physics, so that it agrees with experiments (as much as possible), yet still disagrees with Einstein's original theory.

I have been very disappointed to find that the University physics I have been taught, is a false belief system. Hence my comparison of the advertising slogan to a mantra.

Cheers Roger

The second mail is from Dave who informed me about some errors in my two "Bible" articles. Furthermore he searched for more information concerning a strange statue (see text and photo). Maybe someone can help him.

Hello Chris

Thank you for responding to my letter. I will send you an article of some of the mistakes but like yourself I am under the impression that we have had alien influence in mans history even to the point of biblical history. If you ever get a chance read UFO and the Bible by Barry Downing it is a very good book and it pertains to the subject in your magazine.

Oh I have one more thing to add and that is in the last 4 months I have acquired a statue and it is quite fascinating. Why because no museum or auction house knows the origin of this statue and guess what the statue has carved into it.? (1 figure of a monk or woman wearing a lapel garment & 1 figure of an alien gray that is sitting right on top of the monk sort of like portraying dominance over the monk). Its made out of a stalactite or some cave and is very old. If you want a picture to put in your next issue ill send you a couple and maybe someone in the club could tell me what it is and where it came from.

Thank you
Dave F

Mysterious statue

The mysterious statue

The last mail is from Vera about her UFO sighting in the USA 7 years ago.

Dear Chris,

My UFO experience may not be of much interest to your readers, but here it is! About 7 yrs. ago I was driving from my home in Las Vegas, NV to Anaheim, CA to take my children to Disneyland. About 3:00 a.m. half way there one of my boys said "Mom, what`s that?: Up ahead of us was a huge oval shaped white object low to the ground, but flying. It was very dark, but we could tell it was light in color because we could see it clearly in the dark. I had no idea what it could be yet, I was very, very scared. I just wanted to stop my car because I was so scared. Of course I didn`t because I was in the middle of nowhere, And even so what purpose would it serve for me to stop! Anyway, we all saw it and my youngest boy said for me to hurry up and catch up with it. I was going about 75 mph yet it was going way to fast for me to even get close. Not that I wanted to though! It was traveling so fast that it was gone from sight pretty quickly. At the time I had no idea what it could be I only know it scared me bad!! Has anyone ever had a similar sighting? That was my only UFO sighting! Even living my entire life close to area 51 that`s it! Go figure!


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- Analysis of the "Alex" case - real abduction or not?

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