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written by Christian Pfeiler

Christian Pfeiler

Hello and welcome to the eighth issue of the magazine.

First of all, the most interesting news: during the last months I was very often asked (especially from new readers) if we have an own website and what the URL of this website is, but my not very satisfying answer was usually, that there is unfortunately no website of our group/magazine. But this will change now, because we will soon have an own UFO + PSI related website in english language with news, articles, image galleries, downloads, links, a guestbook and much more. I have now theoretically nearly 30 Megabyte webspace available for the site, so I'm absolutely sure we will be able to show as much UFO + PSI related material as possible online (and I hope we will have many visitors). I think I will publish some good articles from the magazine also online on the site, but the official archive will remain on UFOINFO.COM (special greetings to John Hayes.) The website will be online within the next 4 or 5 weeks, so if you have suggestions or ideas for the website or the website design feel free to send me a mail.

Back to the magazine: we have again many great articles in this issue, including the second part of the "Alex" abduction story and a possible psychological explanation for some aspects of this case. Furthermore we have an interesting article about the famous "Alien Autopsy" film, an article about the mysterious "Chupacabras" and much more. Thanks to Alex, Derek, Jim, Bill and Ray for their contribution and help with the magazine.

Some of you may be familiar with the various conspirancy theories of "strong" UFO believers, like the idea that the US government work together with an extraterrestrial species and that there are huge alien underground bases (like the Dulce Base) beneath the United States. These theories and claims sounds often rather weird and unbelievable and are ususally published in the Internet in documents called for example "The Serpent Files" or "The Dulce Papers". The events described in these documents seemed to be at first sight very fictional and unproven, but the main problem is, that we cannot be absolutely sure, whether there is a true core or not in this claims.

An example: some people believe that there are underground cities and UFO bases in large caves beneath the surface of our planet. This sounds in fact like pure science-fiction and it is easy to laugh about such stories, but if you have a closer look at world-wide UFO sightings and other unexplained phenomena, you would be surprised how many sightings and events are connected with caves or mines or other underground facilities (remember the mysterious being from issue 6 which was killed in a cave in Puerto Rico - a cave which was well-known for strange activities.) This includes not only UFO sightings but also strange noises (like the Talos humming) from the depth or "ghostly lights" observed in caves and mines and much more.

Most of the claims of "strong" believers are definetly exaggerated and partly fictional, but maybe not all. If there is really a true core behind all these "weird" stories we must try to examine it and we cannot generally laugh about all events which sounds too unbelievable to be true (see the UFO related sentence of the month in this issue.) This is the reason why I have decided to show one of these "true" documents in the magazine - the so-called "Krill" papers. This means neither that I really believe nor that you should believe all of the claims and events mentioned in this papers (far from it) but I think it is not wrong to read it sceptical but with an open mind and to make an own opinion about the "conspirancy" and the "alien invasion". Feel free to send me any comment concerning this topic.

To come again to an end with my not very interesting foreword: I hope you will enjoy this eighth issue. I think it is again well done (as usual except my very bad english <g>).

Best wishes


Contents of this issue

1.) UFO related sentence of the month

2.) UFO dictionary

3.) Missing time and strange dreams - Part 2

4.) A short analysis...

5.) FBI document of the month

6.) Book review "Modern mysteries of the World"

7.) Alien Autopsy - truth or fake?

8.) The "Chupacabras" - reality or fiction?

9.) The "Krill" papers - Part 1

10.) Website tip of the month

11.) UFO photo of the month

12.) MAIL Corner

13.) Preview - in the next issue

UFO related sentence of the month

"You can readily see why almost none of these kinds of stories ever appear in print, except in occult-oriented literature. Nevertheless, if we hope to assess the true UFO situation, we must examine all these stories. We can learn nothing by considering only those incidents which are emotionally and intellectually acceptable to us."

                                                              Sentence from the "Krill papers" (read my foreword)

UFO Dictionary
written by Christian Pfeiler


Here is the fourth part of the UFO dictionary. In this issue I will try to explain some of the special UFO words, abbreviations and terms starting with the letter "D".


Abbreviaton for "Defense Advance Research Projects Agency", a US military research organisation tasked with the responsibility to develop new weapon systems.


Another name for "Area 51" in Nevada.

Drake Equation

A mathematical equation which shows the probability of extraterrestrial life. The equation use many variables like the "life time of an advanced species before self-destruction" and the time of the "communication phase" of such a civilization to find a correct result, but is very controversial.


A US Space Shuttle, famous for the so-called STS-48 UFO film. The film was made in the earth orbit in a height of 600 kilometres and shows strange flying objects moving in different directions in space and an unexplainable "beam of light" which seemed to be shot from the earth (Australia) in order to hit one of the objects. Sceptics claimed, that the "UFOs" are just ice crystals and the "beam" is only a light reflection in the camera, but a photo analysis have shown that this explanation cannot be right (objects are far away from the camera, move in different directions, accelerate.) The case remains unsolved.


A town in New Mexico. It is claimed that there is a huge alien underground base beneath the Archuleta Mesa (a mountain range) near Dulce, but there is no real evidence that this is true (only some not very reliable reports.) Nevertheless, many UFOs sightings and cattle mutilations were reported from local people.


This word describes a strange kind of airplane propulsion, which was seen from many witnesses in the sky, often in connection with triangle-shaped planes (many people believe that the mysterious "doughnuts-on-a-rope" propulsion is part of the secret US "Aurora" project.)

Delphos ring

A famous UFO landing site from 1971 near the town Delphos in Kansas, USA. When the UFO had flown away, three witnesses discovered a ring of glowing matter on the ground. When the people touched the matter, they felt partly paralysed. Scientists were not able to analyze the mysterious substance completely, but it was definetly some kind of crystallization of the ground.

Missing time and strange dreams - Part 2
written by Alex, Translation by Christian Pfeiler

A black whirl in the nightsky (computer drawing)
Another strange dream - a black whirl in the nightsky (computer drawing)


Chris has convinced me to write the second part of my strange story and to tell you more about my experiences, especially about those which happened after March and in Summer 1999 and about the unusual things in my youth (I can't remember most of these things from the past, but my mother has told me about some strange events that happened when I was around 4 or 5 years old.)

You may remember that last time I told you about the "flashback" I had in March when I was sitting together with two friends in a restaurant and about the "missing time" of nearly 1 hour when I walked home that evening. Some weeks later (in the middle of April) I hurt my leg while playing soccer. It was not broken, but it hurt. I decided to go to a doctor so that he could have a look at my leg and maybe give me something to take for the pain. Whilst I spoke with the doctor for some time (he is a friend of my father) I told him that I had not felt very good in the time since he last saw me. I told him that I sometimes have a headache, that I felt dizzy and that my general health and condition wasn't as good as last year (I didn't mentioned the strange dreams and the flashback, because I didn't want him to think I was crazy). The doctor said - as a joke - that such things happen, as people get older, but he added more seriously that he would examine my blood to see if there was any problem. After he had checked my blood pressure and done an EKG (without any unusual results) he ordered me to come to the laboratory the next morning without eating and drinking before. On the next day I entered the laboratory in the morning and a young nurse (not an old and ugly as the nurse in my dreams) tried to take a sample of my blood, but then something strange happened. When she showed me the syringe and I saw the needle before my eyes, a memory came back in my mind. I jumped up from the seat and shouted very loudly "Go away...not in the head...this hurts..." I suppose the nurse must have thought I was crazy, but she made a friendly face and explained to me, that blood is always taken from the arm and not from the head. I don't know why I said this, but it seemed to me that I had a slight memory that someone had, at sometime in the past, injected me with a very thick needle into my head, between my eyes and that this caused terrible pain. (I touched the skin between my eyes as if I thought that there would be a wound. But there was certainly nothing - except a small scar over my left eye I've had from a bicycle accident some years ago). I apologised for my strange behaviour and explained it as "stress". The nurse took the blood sample, but I was very afraid and nervous the whole time and I don't know why (there were no unusual results when the blood was examined in the laboratory.)

In June 99 I had a new and extremely real dream. It was very complex and seemed to be more real than all other dreams before, but it happened only one time (I wrote it down shortly after the dream but that was not necessary because I can remember it very detailed even today). The dream started very strangely: It was a bright sunny day and I was sitting in a city bus together with many other people and the bus was driving through Regensburg. Then someone wanted to see my ticket, but as I had no ticket the driver stopped the bus and said to me, that I must get off. When I left the bus, I discovered that it was now dark outside and that the bus had disappeared behind me. I was completely alone on the street which I recognised as one of the main streets in my hometown, but there were no cars or people and although it was night there were no streetlights or lights in the houses. It was absolutely silent and the whole city seemed to be abandoned. The only reason why it was not completely dark was, that the sky was not black but of a dark blue colour like late in the evening (but I was not able to see where the light came from, so it didn't look like a normal sunset or dusk). The street was in twilight but there was enough light to see the silhouettes of the houses. I walked down the street to find someone and I approached a wide place, where I saw a person standing. It was the young woman with the brown hair I had seen in many dream episodes before and also in the "flashback" in the restaurant in March. I was able to see her very clearly standing in the middle of the empty place, so it seemed to me that there was more light there than elsewhere. When I looked at her I realised that she was naked and to my great shock I discovered that I was naked too. But this was no sexual dream or anything like that (definitely not) because I was neither sexually excited to see her naked nor did I want to touch her, but I was very afraid and confused to be alone in the whole city except for her. This situation was very embarrassing and strange. I did not want to see or meet her and I tried to go into another direction, but the next thing I remember is, that I was standing exactly in front of her at a distance of maybe 2 metres and that I asked her "Who are you?". She didn't answer but pointed to the sky above with a smile.

When I looked, I discovered the shape of something like a black whirl in the sky - an absolutely black rotating whirl in front of the dark blue night sky. It was an object like a black hole and it became larger and larger, so that it filled half the sky within seconds. The woman said "It is here for you, Alex" when I asked her "What?" and she repeated "It is here for you, Alex". The black whirl started to emit balls of fire or asteroids or something like that and the whole unreal scene looked like doomsday. At exactly this point, I've realised that this was a dream and not reality, I said it to her "This is a dream, isn't it?" and she said, still smiling "Sure it is" and then she repeated "It is here for you, Alex" and pointed at the whirl. "Why do you know my name?" I tried again to ask her a question and she made a face as if this was a silly question and said "We know you. We have always known you". The next thing I remember is, that am no longer standing in front of the woman, but that there was now a small old man who showed me a little shiny "ball of white light" (with a diameter of approximately 10 centimetres) and repeated "We know you. We have always known you". I said to him that I didn't understand what this all meant and he said to me "It is not necessary that you understand" and the ball of light became very bright...then I woke up. The light in the dream had been so bright, that my eyes were really hurting and to my great surprise I discovered that I was lying upside-down in my bed (that has never happened to me before). It was nearly 9 o'clock in the morning and I must have slept for over 8 hours, but I was very tired during the whole of the next day. I've had this dream (as far as I can remember) only one time.

A motionless black globe in the sky - a balloon? (computer drawing)
A motionless black globe in the sky - a balloon? (computer drawing)

The next thing happened in September 99 and this was my second and last sighting of an unexplainable object in the sky (in reality, not in a dream) and my first sighting of an object in the daylight. I can tell you the exact date - it was September 10 - and I was driving home from a 3-days-trip to Austria. It was near Salzburg and I was driving on a small road between fields and forest. Because there was a lot of traffic on the main road, I had decided to use this small but faster road which I knew from former trips. After I had been driving for some minutes I discovered a small shiny object in the sky in front of me. It was visible but very small at this moment and I saw no details, but it seemed to me that it was a silvery ball which reflected the sunlight on its surface. At first I thought it was a balloon (there are many balloon tours for tourists in Austria and I had seen such a "sightseeing" balloon standing on ground just the day before). I was not very interested in the object, because I was absolutely sure that it is a balloon, but when I looked back at the object 2 or 3 minutes later it was surprisingly much nearer to my car than before (it must have flown faster than a normal balloon) and I was now able to see details. It was definitely not a normal balloon, because it was only a ball and there was no basket or anything like that under it. Furthermore it seemed to me now too small (it was difficult to estimate the exact distance and height, but I suppose that it was not larger than 1 or 2 metres in diameter). Most surprising was the fact, that it was now an absolutely black and non-reflecting ball, but when I saw it first in a greater distance it was obviously a silvery and reflecting object. I stopped at the side of the road to get out and to have a better look at the object. The ball was hovering motionless in the sky in a distance of approximately 100 or 120 metres in a height of maybe 50 or 60 metres. I saw wind in the trees but the "balloon" was not moving. Another car (a white Mercedes) came on the road and I looked for some seconds if the driver would also see the object and stop, but the car passed me and drove away without stopping. When I looked back at the place in the sky where the object had been, it was no longer there. I thought at first that it was gone, but then I saw it again motionless in the sky in a completely other direction and in a greater distance of maybe 200 metres. I had not seen it move, but it must have moved at a very high speed while I was looking for a few seconds at the other car. It must have moved faster than a balloon can move and I thought now that it must be a real UFO. Unfortunately, I had no camera to take a photo.

The strangest thing in this event is, that I cannot tell you how long I had been looking at the object and when and how it went. I don't know if this is some sort of "missing time" again, and I cannot tell you exactly if I was looking at it for 2 or 5 or maybe 10 minutes. I remember everything of the event very clearly and I can describe the object and the surrounding without problems, but I cannot say exactly when and how the sighting ended. I suppose the object flew away and I entered my car again, but my memory about that part of the sighting seemed to be not very good (I don't know why). Nevertheless, I reached my destination in time and without remarkable delay, so I doubt that this was again a "missing time" episode, but I cannot say what this small object was (it was definitely not a balloon.) An interesting fact is maybe, that I had seen the object moving and it seemed to move only when I was not looking at it, so I cannot say how it moved, but I think it was very fast and rapid.

This was my last experience in recent times, but I have asked my mother if there were any unusual things in my youth (I have read in a book that abductions often start in very early childhood). I told her about the strange dreams I have (not about the missing time) and that I cannot explain what they mean. She was, to my surprise, not very worried and she informed me that I have always had dreams about unusual things. She told me that I was very afraid of the dark when I was a child of between 4 and 6 years, but that the dreams and the fear disappeared when I was older. I asked her about the dreams but she said she cannot remember much, only that I was often crying at night and telling her then "dream stories" about monsters walking in the room and sitting under the bed and behind the desk and that she always thought that these are the usual "imagination monsters" children see at night. I have no memory about such "monster dreams" so I asked her if I had described the monsters and what they looked like, she said after thinking a while that I was always afraid of "old ugly dwarfs" and that I never liked fairy tales like "Snow White and the seven dwarfs" because I was really afraid of the "nice little guys". (She told me laughing that I often hid the book, with the fairy tales, somewhere because I was afraid that the dwarfs would come out of the book when it was opened).

While I was talking with my mother about these things, my father entered the room and when he heard what we were speaking about, he said "Do you remember your little imaginary girlfriend?". I didn't know what he meant and he informed me that I had a little imaginary girl as a friend when I was approximately 4 or 5 years old and that I called her "Fu Fu" or "Fu Mu" or something unusuallike that. My parents informed me, that "Fu Fu" was an imaginary and invisible being and only I was able to see "her". They said that at that age I was very often talking to walls or corners or just empty places in the rooms and that I had sometimes tried to walk through solid walls, because "Fu Fu" could do this and I could do this sometimes too, but not always. "You were often very angry when you were not able to walk through walls and you shouted angrily at empty places something like: Why....why...why not now?". My father showed me a photo on which I was maybe 5 years old and I seemed to be speaking with an invisible person in an empty corner, but I don't remember having an "imaginary friend" at that age.

Some days later I met my mother again and she told me some additional things about "Fu Fu" which she remembered now. She said that I was often playing with "invisible toys" and that I said to her, that "Fu Fu" have given me this things. I was sometimes more interested in invisible toys than in real toys, but there was also a mysterious real object I used to play with. My mother didn't know where this object had come from, but she said I told her that "Fu Fu" had given it to me and she described it as a very light glass rod, approximately 20 centimetres long and 5 centimetres thick and of a bluish-transparent colour. I played with this object for some months, then it disappeared. She remembered also that I informed her, that "Fu Fu" protects me at night from the "ugly dwarfs" and that the dwarfs must obey her. When I asked her what "Fu Fu" looked like she told me that I have said she is just a "friendly little girl". My mother supposed that I had made simple drawings of "Fu Fu" but she can't remember what the being looked like and she was not able to find any of the drawings.

This is the end of my story and I can't remember any other strange experiences since my sighting in September. I have read some books now and I contacted Chris in December (after I had talked to another friend who told me that Chris is still researching about UFOs) and asked him, if he can maybe give me more information. I have read in a sceptic book recently that the author thought that all abductees are either liars who want to become famous or just crazies who live in a dreamworld and that there is no physical evidence for the reality of abductions. I have talked to some friends about that things and most of them laughed about me or thought I was just kidding. But it is no joke, it is not funny or exciting. It is just strange and I hope it will never happen again (but I doubt this.) I will come to an end for now. If new things do happen to me, I will tell Chris.

(Remark from Chris: read my analysis about the whole case in this issue. I'm not a trained abduction researcher but I have tried to explain the events and symbolisms and I have also tried to find out if there are maybe other explanations than an extraterrestrial influence.)

A short analysis of the psychological aspects of Alex's story
or Beyond dwarfs and little girls - the true nature of the dream symbolism?

written by Christian Pfeiler

In the following article I will try to make an analysis of Alex's abduction case and to maybe find a solution to explain the events, without the involvement of extraterrestrial forces. I'm neither a psychologist nor a trained abduction researcher, but I think I have an interesting theory to explain the psychological aspects of his story. First of all, we must divide the whole story into two parts:

- the real part (physical events)
- the dream-related part (psychological events.)

I will not try to explain the real part but only the dreams and psychological/dreamlike aspects. I will explain these events not in the same order as Alex has experienced it, but in an order which will better show the relations between the events and symbolism. (About the real part - the sightings and the missing time - I can't say what really have happened or not, because I was not there. Parts of the real events sounds very similar to other abduction experiences in the whole world).

To understand the psychological aspects we must go back into the early childhood, when Alex saw "monsters walking around in the room and sitting under the bed and behind the desk". It is not unusual that children see '"monsters" at night. The reason for this image can be found in prehistoric times, when the children of the human tribe slept outside there were dangerous animals and predators walking around, so then the children must always be aware of the (maybe deadly) threat of darkness. In the modern world, this threat doesn't exist in reality any longer but the instinct is still there in the children's mind and they create the old predators, the "monsters" in their imagination. Such reports are absolutely no evidence that real "aliens" walk around in the room when a child reported about monsters at night. The usual appearance of "night monsters" is described as beings with claws and teeth (another old memory from prehistoric times) but we have also had some remarkable reports about beings with big black eyes who hurt the children at night. There are some interesting cases which could not be explained so easily by only being imagination and in which maybe real "beings" were involved, but in Alex's case we have neither evidence that the "dwarfs" were real nor has he drawn images of "grey monsters with big black eyes" (as some other children have done in various cases.)

What we have is a child's deep fear of the night and from the unknown (the fear was in fact so deep, that Alex tried to hide the book with the fairy tales) and we have a symbolism for that fear, namely the old ugly dwarfs (why he saw dwarfs and not other more scary beings - dwarfs are normally friendly in the tales - is another question for which I have no concrete answer). Well, let us suppose that Alex's mind has created the image of the dwarfs to visualise his fear of the darkness. Let us furthermore suppose that he has created a second "image" or a second being in his mind: a friendly little girl called "Fu Fu" (whatever this means) which protected him from the dwarfs/darkness/unknown because the dwarfs must obey her. It would be an interesting question why he created just a little girl and not a superhero or a brave knight or something like that, but this is maybe a riddle of a child's mind. Whatever the reason was, "Fu Fu" needed no strength or weapons, because the dwarfs "must obey her" and that is the mightiest weapon against fear: If you know someone whom the threat must obey and who can protect you at night.

Let us see what we have now (what remains in the subconsciousness from the childhood.)

- we have a symbolism for a deep fear from the unknown or from the darkness: the old dwarfs
- and we have a symbolism for a protection being: a non-threatening friendly little girl

We should keep both imaginary "sides" of the fear in mind, because it can lead us to an interesting conclusion if we have a closer look at the dream experiences in the adult age. Let us look again at the various dream episodes, which occurred after the missing time in October 1998 and which seemed to be very strange at first sight.

1.) The "sitting in hospital" dream

This is an interesting episode: the clinical surrounding seemed to be very clean and white and sterile, so it is maybe a symbolism for purity or safety. Alex mentioned that his head and arms were in a bandage and this could mean that he felt unable to use his hands or his head in this situation. The scary man with the big piece of metal in his head between the eyes (we should keep this "between the eyes" in mind) can be a symbolism for something unusual, for a threat or just for a disturbance of the protection. The old ugly nurse is another form of threat which reminds us that the old ugly dwarfs are in fact the real fear symbols.

2.) The "doctor" dream

The doctor scene continued the hospital dream and showed us the same symbolism. There is another sterile white room, but we have again a disturbance in the purity: some red things (is it coincidence that this is the colour of blood or is it a symbolism for the fear to be hurt?) and again an old person, namely the doctor. Alex refused to answer the questions of the doctor, because he refused to co-operate with the fear, he did not want to be confronted by this symbolic person.

3.) The "young woman" dream

This is a very interesting scene, especially the comment that the woman looked "very familiar". If I'm right with my theory this is not surprising, because Alex met no real woman but his own protection being in it's nearly original shape: the friendly little girl from his childhood now in form of an adult woman (the "age" is not relevant, the symbol appears now only in a more suitable shape for the grown-up Alex.) This is, in my opinion, a nearly non-threatening dream and Alex was able to remember every detail of the face of the woman but he was not able to remember the faces of the small people (dwarfs) beside the woman, because they were fear symbols and his subconsciousness refused to look more detailed at them.

4.) The "fly man" dream

This is a very weird dream and to be honest it doesn't fit into my theory (neither does the next dream). Alex met an unusual being with a uniform (authority?) and with the head of a fly (monster) in an old-fashioned wooden room. The room itself with his non-sterile and warm atmosphere could be a symbolism for a protecting situation and maybe also for a situation from the past (old- fashioned?) but the fly-monster should be the threatening being, but it seemed to be friendly in the dream and it behaved in a very unusual manner when eating the cake and drinking coffee. This is a difficult one to explain and I'm uncertain what it means.

5.) The "mountain" dream

In the classical abduction research we would call this a "presentation scene". The mysterious small beings beside Alex show him strange symbols, words and numbers on the sky. I was very sceptical when Alex mentioned the number "37", because this is exactly the distance Earth - Zeta 2 Reticuli in light years as it is shown in the Fish interpretation of the Betty Hill starmap and I supposed that Alex have maybe seen this map somewhere, but he denied to know it and he was very surprised that the "37" had a real meaning. I asked him furthermore if this "Cit" or "Cet" word was maybe "Zeta" but he was sure that it started with a "C" and not with a "Z".

6.) The "school building" dream

The situation in the building with the many locked doors seemed to indicate another threatening situation of no escape. The doors were in different colours, but there was a blue door (symbolism for the planet earth?) with the words "ROOM 37 EARTH." The sign on the door was red, which is again the colour of disturbance we have had above in the clinical scene. We see also the number "37" again, this shows us that even the unexplainable "mountain" dream is somehow connected with the threatening situations.

7.) The "angry teacher" dream

This scene continues the "school building" dream in the same way as the "doctor" dream continued the "sitting in hospital" dream. In the hospital the old doctor was the authority, in the school building an angry old teacher with big glasses appeared (it was not black sunglasses, but large transparent glasses, as Alex have told me) as another authority and fear symbol and it has the "force" to open a locked door in the school, something which was not possible for Alex. The teacher threatened Alex and he tried to run away.

8.) The "supermarket" dream

This dream occurred first after Alex sighting of the UFO hovering over his house (I have confirmation from the other witness in Alex house that there was really a bright object in the sky)and Alex brought this dream in connection with the sighting. This is a very interesting scene, because Alex searched for orange juice in the dream, but he is surrounded from tomato juice, he is surrounded by the dangerous, disturbing colour red. He tried to escape from the "red" and to buy a bottle of orange juice from an old man, but he received only an empty bottle and a very fat policeman came in and caught him like the teacher in the dream before (this is a dream full of threat.)

In April 1999 Alex thought in a doctor's office (now in reality) that a nurse would inject him in the head to take a sample of blood. This is a very weird idea and Alex supposed, that he may have had a slight memory that someone had done this to him before. However, there is no evidence for this and the small scar over his left eye is from a bicycle accident and it doesn't look like a injection wound, so I'm sceptical that the "needle" story has a basis in fact. We should remember that Alex had dreamed about a man with a piece of metal between the eyes, so maybe the wrong memory came from this dream?

To come to an end let us have a closer look at the complex dream from June 99 which happened only one time. Alex had reported about the experience in his youth before and when I heard this current dream story it seemed to confirm some of my suppositions. The first part - the scene in the bus in the daylight - have in fact nothing to do with the "coming things" but when Alex left the bus in the dream the scenery changed and it is suddenly night and he is alone in a city in twilight, so we have a very clear manifestation of the fear from the darkness and the dark and abandoned city (without others who could help him) itself is a symbol of that fear. When he is walking around in the dark city he meets no other beings, except his own protection image: the young woman. That he doesn't want to see her is not surprising, because his mind (the mind of the adult) is not aware what this symbol really means, but in his subconsciousness he knew, that he wanted to "meet" her and that is maybe the reason why he can't escape and why his subconsciousness placed him directly in front of the "woman". It is also interesting that he mentioned that it is not a sexual dream (despite the fact that he and the woman were naked) because he is not sexually excited. I would expect something like this, because it is not a real woman, it is just the "friendly little girl" from his childhood, so it is not a desirable being but more a protective and mother-like entity (but Alex is not aware of this). The being showed him another threat: the black whirl in the sky which looked like doomsday. The scene became in fact more dangerous, but Alex recognised now that it is a dream and the "woman" played her role as a protection-being and confirmed that it is a dream with the words "Sure it is". The woman spoke in the plural when Alex asked her a question, she said "We know you. We have always known you". This can either mean that she spoke about a group of alien beings or it could also mean that she spoke about the two "faces" of the fear, about herself and about the "dwarfs" which Alex knew since his early youth. The woman disappeared and became replaced by an small old man who repeated the sentence (this is maybe evidence that "we" refers in fact to both sides of the fear symbols.) When the man showed Alex a ball of light (light as the usual end of night and end of the threat?) he suddenly woke up.

This short analysis is definitely no real explanation for all the events which happened to Alex and I'm not absolutely not sure that I'm right with my suppositions. It can neither explain the real events (sightings) nor what has really happened to Alex in the "missing time". There is however a possibility that there are no extraterrestrial beings involved in the case and that his dreams are only based on the childhood symbolism which came back to the "surface" of the mind for some unknown reason (and this reason needn't be extraterrestrial.) The dwarfs and the woman needn't be symbols for real existing beings (for alien beings), they could be just "symbols" that help Alex to cope with some unknown and difficult situation. On the other hand, we must also think about the possibility that the "imagination" theory is too simple and that the dwarfs and the woman are real "screen memories" hiding extraterrestrial abduction experiences which have happened to Alex throughout his whole life.

I can't find any proof which shows me definitely that Alex's stories are just based on "dreams" and pure "imagination", but I can't find anything in his story to convince me that there are definitely alien beings responsible for the events. I have talked with Alex about my theory, but he seemed not to agree completely with it. What do you think? Have you maybe other ideas which can explain the things better then my theory. Feel free to email me. Every comment to Alex's articles and to this analysis is welcome.

FBI document of the month
written by Christian Pfeiler

I have again found 2 interesting documents in my FBI archive. The first document concerns the UFO incident at Maury Island (read the whole case in issue 5.) I was informed in the meantime that this sighting of a UFO crash was an obvious hoax and that both witnesses have admitted this. This may be true and there is in fact some evidence, that the sighting was really a hoax, but I have found another teletype concerning this case with an interesting sentence "Please be advised that <censored> did not admit to <censored> that his story was a hoax but only stated that if questioned by authorities he was going to say it was a hoax because he did not want any further trouble over this matter." So was it a lie or not? As we see, the case is maybe not so simple to explain (but in sceptic books we can generally read that both witnesses have admitted the hoax.)

FBI document

The second document is a list of the reported UFO sightings in the USA from 1947 - 1969. The sightings were examined from the official Airforce projects "Sign", "Grudge" and "Blue Book" and it is interesting to see how many cases remains unsolved (have a special look at the high number of 303 unidentified sightings in 1952.) At the end of the list we have a result of 12,618 reported sightings (but these are only the reported sightings in the USA and there are definetly much more un-reported) and 701 unidentified cases. We can suppose that not all of the 12,618 cases can be explained and identified completely without a doubt, so the number of "real" UFOs may be higher then the official 701 cases (and even this is a very high number, because it concerns only the reported US sightings.)

FBI document

Book review - "Modern Mysteries of the World"
written by Christian Pfeiler

Modern Mysteries of the World book cover
German cover

The book "Modern Mysteries of the World" (German title "Geheimnisse des 20. Jahrhunderts") was written from the british authors Janet and Colin Bord in 1989. The book - which is divided into two parts - have over 500 pages and is illustrated with partly very fascinating black white photos. Interested people will find much information in the 17 chapters (of the first part of the book) about a wide range of paranormal topics like

- UFOs and USOs (in the air and beneath the sea)
- Ghosts (including Poltergeist)
- Bigfoot and other unknown animals (including sea monsters)
- Spontaneous self-combustion
- religious miracles (like Stigmata)
- and other fortean phenomena (like objects falling from the sky)

The writers show many cases and unexplainable events from the whole world, sometimes with a possible scientific explanation (but the majority of the events are totally unsolved.) In the second part of the book we can find a long list (over 110 pages) with dates and short descriptions of hundreds of unexplainable events, sorted after countries (it is interesting to see there, what kind of phenomena is more common in some parts of the world. In the technically-oriented USA for example, we have much more reported UFO sightings then elsewhere, but in the religious Italy we have much more "religious miracles" like Stigmata or bleeding pictures and statues of saints. This shows us that the mentality of the people have great influence on the appearance form of paranormal phenomena. You can also see in this list, that there were UFO sightings in the whole world even before the 1940s.) The second part of the book is a very valuable source if you search for particular cases but the short information there is sometimes not very useful (only a few lines) and you cannot find all of the events further explained in the first part (but some).

Nevertheless, the book is very well written and researched, although some of the mentioned cases are completely unproven and sounds in my opinion quite unbelievable (like the existence of a 25 metres long crocodile). I would recommend the book to everyone who is interested in paranormal phenomena because the various chapters and especially the long list of such phenomena in the second part shows us definetly one fact: UFOs and paranormal phenomena are real and unexplainable events happen all the time and everywhere in the world.

Alien Autopsy - truth or fake?
written by Jim Boswin

Image from Alien Autopsy
The alien body from to famous autopsy movie

While much has been written on the topic of the Alien Autopsy footage, most of it concentrated on the people and events involved in the footage being made public. Though these things are important to the over all picture, the footage itself deserves an evaluation as well.

The consensus in ufological circles seems to be that the footage is a hoax, and the expectation that if it is not, should be proven real. There are two favored opinions for the hoax hypothesis. One, that what we are seeing in the footage is a human body, the other, that movie special effect artists created the footage. As any researcher knows the facts in any case being investigated, must fit the theory. Both of these theories leave some unanswered questions. Many of the comments made about the footage, are simply incorrect. Some of this is because many people have commented on only the footage shown on various television programs, rather than the entire footage itself. Others have watched the full footage but not examined it thoroughly. Contrary to what is being said, not all the frames in the footage are out of focus. Close and thorough examinations of the images reveals details missed during cursory examination.


First we have to ask, "Who was she?". Judging by her muscular build, she appears well cared for and healthy, regardless of her deformities. If this was a human, a girl, suffering from some genetic disorder or rare disease, someone would have known her, family, doctors, or neighbors. Seen by millions of people, all over the world, it is a wonder that no one recognized her. At this time, I won't go over all the defects and deformities of the body, as they are numerous and obvious. However, no one has yet explained the extreme deformities satisfactorily with any known diseases or disorders.  Do we have an explanation for the eye coverings? If they were a protective covering to keep the eyes moist, as speculated, why would the doctors remove them during the procedure? Also, why would they preserve these coverings? Can we explain the obscure, transparent article removed from the chest area? We find more questions in the opened body. The internal organs are not human. The brain is not human. The reflected skin reveals no subcutaneous fat layer. While some diseases will diminish body fat considerably, the reflected skin shows no fat whatsoever. Also missing from this body are veins, arteries, mamilla, and a navel.

How do we explain the injuries? The right leg shows extensive damage. The right hand is partially severed, though not disconnected from the arm as has been claimed, and appears badly burned. How would a girl suffering from a rare disease get hurt this badly and no one know about it?  It is important to note here, that there is more footage showing another autopsy. While not released to the public, several people have seen and described this other autopsy footage. The body in that one has the same deformities and defects but without the injuries. The same body could not be in both films, since dissection occurs on both bodies. Do we have twins with the same disease or defects? That would be even more of a wonder, that they never made it into medical textbooks, or that someone didn't know them.

The possibility of an altered human corpse has also mentioned, however, it would take so much altering to make a human corpse look like what we see here, that it would no longer be human. Again two corpses with the same alterations would be needed to do this. Among the alterations, the internal organs would have to be replaced, and the skin replaced. During the reflection of the scalp, we clearly see the "peeling" of the skin from the skull. The film is rolling during this, so there isn't time to rig it as they go along. This sequence, not shown in most TV broadcasts, is missed by most people. Apart from the basic form being humanoid, there is nothing about this body that appears to be human when closely examined.

Image from Alien Autopsy
Is this a human body, a special effect or a real alien?


This theory would answer most of the questions and problems brought up by the human body theory, though it raises a few questions of its own as well. These days, special effect artists can create practically anything, but this footage being created by some amateur as a practical joke, is not particularly likely. It required considerable time, work and money to produce the autopsy film. We must ask, "Who did this?" and look at what it would take to create what we see in the footage. As a special effect's production, it's carefully scripted and planned. There are too many details for it to have been accidental or thrown together in a hurry. The props in the footage are correct for the period the footage supposedly depicts. The creators researched and obtained these. It was first thought that the telephone was the wrong year, but later it was proven to be correct for the time. Even the electrical outlets are consistent. It is not unusual for anachronisms or props to be wrong even in high budget Hollywood films, so we expected to find some in this footage. After exhaustive examination, there are none.

The clock is a very important prop. The entire autopsy footage, scripted so that the timing was perfect. That means, if they had to stop the clock for any reason, such as touch ups or adding body parts, they had carefully set it back to the correct time for the procedures depicted. Interestingly, the electrical cord on the clock has a kink. That kink remains consistent in the footage, from beginning to end. This means that if they moved the clock, they carefully put that cord back exactly the same way it was every time. Other options may be, a wall switch controlling the outlet, or a remote control device of some kind to stop and start the clock at precisely the right times. Perhaps this kind of detail is second nature to people that work in special effects. In any case, the accurate timing is evident, and shows careful attention to details. Due to statements made that the autopsy procedures performed in this footage were not standard, I attended several autopsies, as part of my research. No two were exactly the same. However, the general, overall procedures in the footage are those used in autopsies. Therefore, the producers of this footage did research this area. The high cut on the neck, noted as non-standard, however, is used if removal of the skin on the face anticipated. We don't see this procedure in the footage, as it ends while the doctor is still working on the head, but since it is an 'alien autopsy', presumably they would want to skin the face and examine the underlying structures. Good thinking by the special effect creators!

One puzzling detail is one of the props. The human brain is a gel-like substance and after removal during an autopsy, it's suspended in a jar of liquid to "fix" it. The brain in this body is a solid organ, and so doesn't need such suspension. Yet, sometime during the reflection of the scalp the type of jar used for this, is placed on the table, with the liquid in it. This shows remarkable insight on the part of the effects people, since they would have known the brain was a solid organ and they would not need that jar. However, they must have known that some of us were going to look for it. Had it been part of a 'standard autopsy props' kit one would expect it to be there from the beginning of the procedure, like the flask, the Bunsen burner and other items on that table are.

While there are many details missed about the body itself, the one fact that must be the most important is that many people believe it is a real body. This, seems to me, would be the highest compliment paid to someone in special effect field, implying that the creators were highly talented. However, as a special effect production it's intentionally made to depict an alien autopsy. So why didn't the creators make it look like the common aliens, the small, thin, frail, grey-skinned creatures that have become so popular in the past decade? A detail, probably not noticed by many, is the jointed fingers on at least one hand. The hand gets caught on the doctor's suit and the fingers curl up. The hand catching may have been an accident but the finger bending was not. Also the hands show creases and lines in the palms, much as our hands have. A wasted detail as most people miss it due to the intentional out of focus camerawork. This camera work is planned and scripted and has to be considered very well done.

Moreover, the autopsy room is not an open set as has been claimed. The four walls do appear in the footage. However, one has to look for them as they are not obvious. Of course, this doesn't mean that it isn't a set, only that it is a more complex set than what most people think. The producers hired the actors or played the various roles we see in the footage themselves and provided the costumes they wear. Another, puzzling detail, in a short sequence there is an extra person in the room wearing the same costume. At least five people were involved in the making of this film and so far, none are talking.

We don't really know that the autopsy only took two hours, because the clock is a twelve hour clock, and it may have taken fourteen hours or twenty-six hours. Actually, what we are looking at is most likely about two hours worth of procedures. However, human autopsies, are done in about half an hour, and sometimes less. The viscera and necessary tissue are removed, the body is closed up and released. The in-depth examination takes place later. The person that wrote the script for this footage realized this and added extra time, since it supposedly is an 'alien autopsy'. The doctor is still working on the body when the film ends, so it could have taken longer. Also, if they had done a very lengthy examination, it would surely be evidence that this was a hoax. Consider that if the military was responsible for this autopsy, the scientific study of this thing would not be a priority. They were in the business of defence and the first thing they would want to know is how to defend against them. There would be more interest in how to kill it than what made it tick. The scientific analysis could come later. Again, the scriptwriter was paying attention to detail. Not as much can be said about the debris footage included in this production, mainly because there isn't much of it. Still, the debris would have had to be designed and created, especially for this footage, as these aren't scraps that one can find lying around in any junkyard. Comparing the approximate size and shape of the hand prints on the panels to the hands on the body, they appear to be consistent.

In the debris part of the footage, there was an actual tent set up outdoors or a set that included wind. The sides of the tent billow, as though there was a breeze outside it. Another wasted effect, as very few people notice it. The special effects theory is certainly a possible explanation for what we see in this footage. But it's put together with considerable care and attention and is not a simple prank. The producers went to great lengths to try to convince someone that this was a real event. They went above and beyond what is needed for a simple money making scheme.

CONCLUSIONS? With some missing details pointed out, can we now decide which of these best fits what we are looking at in this footage? Is it a human body, a special effect's creation, or something else?

The "Chupacabras" - reality or fiction?
written by Christian Pfeiler

A mutilated goat
A mutilated goat - victim of a "Chupacabras"?

While the unexplainable "cattle mutilations" in the Southwest of the USA are attributed either to the US government and military or to UFOs and extraterrestrial forces, the people from Puerto Rico and other South American countries have their own explanation for the mutilations of cattle and goats in this countries: They maintain that unknown predators, called "Chupacabras" (Goatsucker), are responsible for the events.

The "Chupacabra" is - according to reports from eyewitnesses - a strange animal-like creature which looks like a "crossbreed" between an extraterrestrial "Grey" (as often described in the USA) and an earthly predator (possibly a reptile). Such creatures are called ABEs (anomalous biological entities) and the research into such beings (Cryptozoology) is, in itself, a branch in the area of the unexplained. The rural population in Puerto Rico have found their own explanation for the origins of the "goatsucker" which is very different to the more technically oriented belief from the USA. The superstitious South American farmers believe that supernatural powers are responsible for the mutilations and the "Chupacabra", that is according to old legends a "creature from hell", was brought into this world by the use of satanic rituals.

What about real proof for the existence of the "Chupacabra"?

In fact the Chupacabra was seen by numerous witnesses. Many details in witnesses report's sound surprisingly similar (for example details about what the Chupacabras look like) so we can suppose that the witnesses have really observed unusual creatures. The following details were often described:

- Red eyes
- Small holes instead of a nose
- Narrow mouth with long fangs
- Crude fur
- The colour is often described as black

Other evidence for the existence of the "Chupacabra" is certainly the bloodless corpses of goats and other animals which were found with deathly injuries of partially unknown (inhuman?) kind. The total loss of blood and absence of tissue and organs is reminisent of the North American "cattle mutes" this is may not be only a coincidence. Small round holes (with a diameter of approximately 6 - 12 millimetres) were found in the victims, often in throats or lower jaws and sometimes there were also clean "slices" in the lower body of the animal through which organs and fluid were taken. Furthermore, there were often also genitals and eyes removed (similar to the US mutes.)

"Chupacabras" are rarely associated with unknown objects in the sky (this is more frequent in US cattle mutes) but in some cases there were indeed "strange lights" observed before a "goatsucker" was seen. Is this evidence that the "Chupacabra" has something to do with the UFO phenomenon (it has been reported by some individual witnesses that the Chupacabras have the ability to fly)?

But can we prove that beings like the "Chupacabras" really exist? Besides numerous reports and drawings from the (often superstitious) local people and besides mutilated and bloodless corpses of goats and other animals, there is unfortunately no real evidence (possible Chupacabra photos show only very blurry and fuzzy objects). More interesting is the similarity between "Chupacabra" attacks and the North American "cattle mutes". Are there maybe two sides to the phenomenon and are the "Chupacabras" another (adjusted to the South American mentality) kind of cattle mutes? Do they pursue the same plan (tissue removal)? Or is it only humans that are responsible for the mutilations and there are no "Chupacabras"? There are many questions, but unfortunately no concrete answers.

If the "goatsuckers" are not "creatures from hell", what are they? Genetic experiments of the US government, as some people claim (this sounds very unbelievable)? Or real extraterrestrial creatures? The existence of the beings cannot be proven, but we have some evidence, that there is more behind it then just local superstition (as sceptics claim). The research in the field of ABEs goes on and the people in Puerto Rico will continue to observe strange "predators" and to find bloodless corpses of animals. The riddle about the "Chupacabras" remains unsolved: imagination, superstition, unknown animals, real extraterrestrials or genetic experiment? Who knows the truth...?

The "KRILL" Papers (Part 1)
written by O.H. Krill (pseudonym)
Mutilated animal
Animal mutilations - evidence for alien activity on Earth?

(Remark from Chris: In the following text now the claims, which were "established to having a basis in fact" and which seem to indicate that there is a co-operation between the US government and hostile aliens. How many of these theories are really true and how many are pure fiction is another question. Read it and make your own opinion.)

Throughout the forty year period when UFO have been actively observed in our civilization, a lot of data has been gathered - data which has often pointed to aspects of the phenomena that have been supressed. As a result of the suppression and compartmentalization of the information, our culture has been fragmented into several levels of "reality" which both co-exist and oppose each other. Part of our culture does not or will not believe in the existence of other species; part of our culture acknowledges their existence or the probability of their existence; part of our culture is actually interacting with the other species. These simultaneous realities contribute to the condition of extreme confusion in which we find ourselves.

Research into UFO's follows a similar pattern. Some view the matter in a completely empirical perspective; others search for patterns and functional relationships in events; still others go out and ask the right questions at the right time and get answers. Some of those answers that have appeared are, to some people, quite disturbing and fantastic. All in all, we are dealing with new concepts in physics, new concepts in psychology, and the gradually growing awareness that we are not only not alone here, but we have never been alone here.As if that were not enough, it turns out that factions of our society have known this, and apparently have been interacting with some of these alien species for quite a while. The bottom line is that all along, humanity has been led down a false path, a path that has been plagued by layer upon layer of conspiracies and disinformation. Technological knowledge and absolute power have been the motives on the human side. Survival has been the motive on the alien side, or at least as far as the predominant alien visitors are concerned. The intent of this paper is to bring much of the details regarding this into the open. You are not being asked to believe it, but to consider it in the light of what has happened, what is happening, and what may be developing right under our very noses. If you find that you cannot stomach such thoughts, or that you cannot deal with it, read no further. It is quite evident, or it should be, that the UFO situation is both complex and dangerous. The UFO problem is a multi-situational and multi-dimensional phenomena. We have established the following as having a basis in fact:

  • Craft from other worlds have crashed on Earth.
  • Alien craft are from both ultra-dimensional sources and sources within this dimension.
  • Early U.S. government efforts at acquiring alien technology were successful.
  • The U.S. government had had live alien hostages at some point in time.
  • The government had conducted autopsies an alien cadavers.
  • U.S. intelligence agencies, security agencies, and public agencies are involved in the coverup of facts pertaining to the situation.
  • People have been and are currently abducted, mutilated, murdered and kidnapped as a result of the UFO situation.
  • There is a current active alien presence on this planet among us that controls different elements of our society.
  • Alien forces maintain bases on Earth and on the Moon.
  • The U.S. government has had a working relationship with alien forces for some time, with the express purpose of gaining technology in gravitational propulsion, beam weaponry and mind control.
  • Both aliens and the U.S. government are responsible for mutilations, but for different reasons.
  • We live in a multi-dimensional world that is overlapped and visited by entities from other dimensions. Many of these entities are hostile. Many are not hostile.
  • The basis of our genetic development and religions lies in intervention by non-terrestrial and terrestrial forces.
  • Actual technology far exceeds that perceived by the public.
  • The United States space program is a cover operation that exists for public relations purposes.
  • People are being actively killed in order to suppress the facts about the situation. The CIA and the NSA are involved so deeply that exposure would cause collapse of their over structure.
  • Facts indicate alien overt presence within five to ten years.
  • Our civilisation is one of many that have existed in the last billion years.

(Part 2 will be published in the next issue.)

Website tip of the month
written by Christian Pfeiler

This month I have a little problem. I wanted to show you the "alienhunter.org" website as website tip of the month, but unfortunetaly I have discovered that the page is offline since some days. It was a very interesting site concerning abductions and implant research.

To be honest, I have now no real website tip of the month, because it was an unexpected surprise for me that alienhunter.org isn't online. Well, I have a website tip for a page which - as I suppose - most of you already know, because it is the largest and maybe one of the most famous and most visited linksites concerning paranormal topics with 13451 links and 48321 archived documents on 1894 index pages (the site is extremly large.)

The URL of this very famous site is (if there is really someone who don't know it.)


I hope you will find many interesting stuff and links there.

UFO photo of the month
written by Christian Pfeiler

UFO photo of the month

A UFO photo from Ontario, Canada 1973. The photographer and a friend, standing in the back yard of a country home in Ontario Province, saw what they at first thought was an airplane approaching. Its silence and the very low level of the object caused one man to run for a camera. He snapped seven good color pictures of the object before it flew away. It was seen to disappear in the haze in the distance. The amount of haze in the photos increases in the last pictures as it moves away.


In the following as usual some interesting mails I have received in the last month. The first mail is from Bill Eatock about his many UFO sightings and experiences.

Hi Chris

I have been involved in the research of UFOs for most of my life. My interest in the subject started in 1964. I was very interested in a young girl who lived in our street and was stood at our front gate waiting for her to pass by. Hoping, to get to date her. whilst waiting for Lynne, I suddenly became fearful for no reason. I had the distinct impression that I was being watched from above me! I looked up and saw a Very small disc shaped object just above my head, it was no more than 4ft above me! It was about 2ft in diameter and silver in appearance. I was terrified, even though I was scared I raised my hand to try and touch the object, as I did it "shot off" and hovered over a house about 100 ft away from my position. I tried to move to rush in the house to tell someone what was there, but found that, for whatever reason, I was rooted to the spot!

The object just hovered there and I had the distinct impression that not only was it "watching" me it could tell what I was feeling and thinking! A few moments later, a man was walking into our street and I shouted to him "look at that can you see it!" at this, he saw the object let out a scream and ran off! there were no other persons about. It was unbelievable! as I gathered my wits, I found I could move again, and started to approach the house where the object was hovering, it flew toward me, just missing me, then turned and disappeared In a northerly direction from my position!

I was very shocked and needed to tell someone what I had seen, I ran into the house and blurted out what had happened to my mother, but she just laughed.

After the experience, I tried to take stock of what had happened and made enquiries with the police and strange phenomenon research groups. They explained that what I had seen was probably a "scanner" unit sent from a UFO to "analyse" or make contact with me. Well! as you can imagine, after that my interest in the UFO phenomenon took off!

I got very involved and found that I had, experiences in my early childhood, but didn't understand them. My interest in the subject later caused me to finish working and dedicate my life to finding out the TRUTH about UFOs and their pilots, ALIENS! I have seen many unusual objects since that day in 1964 and more importantly, discovered that I was not alone in my experience/s and that many thousands of people have had similar contact/s.

At present, through my later abduction experience in 1981, I have dedicated my whole life to interviewing people who have been abducted by aliens. In this area, Wigan, Lancashire, its hard to believe but I am kept VERY busy! Let's face it, ET has been visiting this planet for countless centuries now, what is different is the fact that Man can now understand what is and has happened due to his recent rapid technological and psychological advancement.

UFOs are real, people are being abducted and very soon, the truth will out!

Bill Eatock

The second mail is from Ray Cecot from IRAAP (visit their website on www.iraap.org) concerning my Bible articles in the sixth issue.

Chris Pfeiler,

I am sorry it took me so long to reply to your message about your newsletter. My name is Ray Cecot and I am the Organizational Director of the Independent Researchers' Association for Anomalous Phenomena (IRAAP). You can finfd out more about IRAAP by visiting our web site at www.iraap.org.

Anyway, I am writing to you to thank you for e-mailing me your magazine (issue 6). Chris, I found this extremely fascinating, especially since I have read material about this theory of the Bible and the alien relationship. You and I are thinking alike. Your theory is not impossible, in fact, it is very plausible.

I would like to keep in communication with you regarding, not only this topic, but other areas of research as well. You are a "thinking" individual. By this I mean you are able to take what you read and postulate other alternative answers to subjects most people take for granted. Your perspective on the bible in your newsletter is a prime example. Most people religiously believe that the bible is sacred text from God and not to be refuted. However, which religious denomination has the correct interpretation of the bible ? Your incite is just as valid as anyone else's... in fact, makes more sense than the typicla interpretation. You pose some interesting question... like, why does God refer to himself as "we" in the statement "Let US make man in OUR image and likeness" ?

The Catholic tradition is that this refers to the Blessed Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. A very spiritual explanation, but it doesn't fit with the rest of the text. God in the biblical books you refer to DOES seem more physical than spiritual. The entire idea of an alien race with a human oriented project in mind seems reasonable.

Your theory in no way negates the concept of God, but it would shake up many people who believe in the bible as God's word. I, similar to you, feel the bible reflects much more than a spiritual message. You are not off the mark. Keep up the good work.

I would like to use some of your material in one of my newsletters, if I may. I will give you credit and mention your email address. Let me know if this is OK and what credit you would like me to refer to at the end of your article.

Please keep me on your mailing list for future newsletters. IRAAP publishes some hardcopy newsletters besides what you see on our web site. If you would like me to mail you some back issues, please supply me a postal mailing address where I can send them.


Ray Cecot
Organizational Director

PREVIEW - in the next issue

Here is a little preview about the articles in the March issue

- UFOs and the Bible - some additional thoughts

- CD-ROM Review "The Unexplained"

- Book Review Timothy Good's "Alien Base"

- Alien Implants - do they exist?

- maybe some first news about our website

and much more...