UFO + PSI Magazine Issue 9

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written by Christian Pfeiler

Christian Pfeiler

Hello and welcome to the ninth issue of the magazine (and special greetings to all new readers.) I was a little bit worried that I won't have enough time for the magazine this month, because I was very busy with UFO research and some other (private) things. Nevertheless, the ninth issue is finished and I think it is as good as ever. I have found a very good co-editor, David Fritz from the US and he has written two excellent articles for this issue (Dave will introduce himself in the next issue.)

We have again many interesting articles in this magazine, including a (maybe controversial) new Bible related article from me about the famous "Book of Revelation" and a photo report about my England trip last month. My co-editor Dave has written one article about the Pascagoula abduction case and one about the so-called Alien implants. Furthermore, we have again the usual parts like the FBI document of the month and the website tip. Thanks to Derek, Ray and Roger and special thanks to Dave (for his great help as co-editor and for his critical comment about my Bible article in the Mail Corner.) By the way, the article "CD-ROM Review - The Unexplained" which I've promised in the last Preview will be published in the next issue.

It was in March 1999 (exactly one year ago) that AOL Germany closed the UFO Forum and the PSI Forum with the official explanation "not enough visitors" but with the unofficial reason, that they thought that such "crazy" UFO topics are not good for the public opinion about the online service (because everyone in Germany knows that people who believe in UFOs and paranormal phenomena are absolutely crazy and definetly not the right AOL customers. AOL Germany have an advertising slogan which is "AOL - online for all" but it seemed to me that this means "Online for all - except UFO + PSI believers.") As you know, I have worked as a Scout in the UFO Forum and I left the job voluntarily, because there was an order from the AOL Center in Hamburg not to tell anyone about the closing and to lie, if people ask questions about the future of the Forum. Well, I started the group and the magazine after leaving the Scout job, so the closing was maybe a good thing from a certain point of view, but I'm still very angry when I think about it and when I try to search for UFO files in AOL Germany, only to see that nearly everything has been deleted. I doubt that many people know that this month is the first anniversary of the end of the forum, but I do. And I'm still angry.

You may remember that I have promised you an own homepage of our group, but the page isn't online till now. The delay is not the fault of my website designer René, it is my fault. He has asked me many times for material (texts, images, articles) for the page, but I was too busy to write and collect it for him. Nevertheless, the "base construction" of the website exists and I we will finish it in the next 2 weeks. Just to prove that we really work on the site, here a first and world-exclusiv screenshot of the webpage (some buttons and frames are missing in this image.)

Prototype UFO&PSI website screenshot

To come again to and end with my as usual not very interesting foreword: I hope you will enjoy this ninth issue. If you know other UFO + PSI interested people, please tell them to contact me. I hope this issue is again well done (despite my bad English <g>).

Best wishes


Contents of this issue

1.) UFO related sentence of the month

2.) Our group members

3.) UFO dictionary

4.) Some additional thoughts about the Bible

5.) My England trip - a photo report

6.) The Pascagoula Abduction Case 1973

7.) FBI document of the month

8.) Book Review "Alien Base" from Timothy Good

9.) Alien implants - do they exist?

10.) The KRILL papers (Part 2)

11.) How science has devolve instead of evolve (Part 1)

12.) Website tip of the month

13.) UFO photo of the month

14.) Mail Corner

15.) Preview - in the next issue

UFO related sentence of the month

"The experience that I had on that June 8, 1966, morning will never be forgotten by me. Nothing since that sighting has convinced me that I was only thinking that I was seeing what I did see. I was upset for weeks after that experience; it scared the hell out of me. I was one of the combat crew members that sighted first German jet fighter flights in World War II. The Air Force tried to convince us that we were seeing things then also."

                                                                      From a personal letter to Dr. J. Allen Hynek

UFO Dictionary
written by Christian Pfeiler


Here is the fifth part of the UFO dictionary. In this issue I will try to explain some of the special UFO words, abbreviations and terms starting with the letter "E".


Abbreviation for "Extraterrestrial Biological Entity", a word describing a being from outer space. There are rumours that the US government used this term to describe the aliens from the Roswell Incident and other UFO recoveries.


Abbreviaton for "Extraterrestrial Hypothesis". The ETH is the theory, that some of the unidentified flying objects came from outer space and are piloted from beings from other planets. This is the most common theory about UFOs and some cases seem to confirm it, but there are also other theories like the idea that UFOs came from other dimensions, other times, from beneath the sea or (more weird) from inside a hollow earth.


Abbreviaton for "Edgerton, Germeshausen & Grier", a civilian company involved in secret research projects of the US military (maybe including research on recovered UFOs.) EG&G is also responsible (together with the Wackenhut Corporation) for the security of the famous Area 51 in Nevada.

Ezekiel (aka Hesekiel in German)

A biblical prophet who was "abducted" into a strange flying object (like a cloud of fire) and who has met "God" inside the object (or an alien commander). The Book of Ezekiel in the Old Testament is in my opinion full of religious interpretations of technological "divine" equipment.


A town in Belgium, famous for a triangle UFO sighting in 1989. The huge object was seen from various policemen and other witnesses in a large area. Sceptics tried later to explain it as a small plane with unusual lights (or as a hoax) but this explanation was not really satisfying.

Elements 115/116

According to the (not very reliable) claims of Bob Lazar the name of two stable elements which were used from the Aliens and now also from the US government for the propulsion of UFOs and which can produce an antigravity field that enables the UFOs to hover and to fly. Scientists doubt that these elements really exists (generally are all elements with such a high number extremly unstable.)


A kind of geological phenomenon. Earthlights are electrical discharges, produced by tectonic movements inside the earth and often seen before earthquakes or in geologic unstable areas. There is an interesting theory that such eartlights can explain some UFO sightings.

Some additional thoughts about the Bible
Written by Christian Pfeiler

The Book of Revelation
The "Book of Revelation"

I have received many comments concerning my last two Bible related articles in issue 6 of the magazine and it seemed to me that many of you agree with my suppositions, so I think it is maybe possible (or even very likely) that I'm right with some of my ideas. I've started writing a book in German about this very difficult topic "Can we prove that there was really an alien or technological influence in biblical times?" and I will try to show, and even to prove, in the book (only by use of the normal religious Bible texts) that there really was an intentional influence of not divine, but extraterrestrial forces in biblical times on our planet. Also that the whole "creation" of humans was not an act of God but a genetic "study" by extraterrestrials - the so-called Elohim species.

But back to this article: I will concentrate this text especially on the famous "Book of Revelation" in which both - God the Father and his resurrected son Jesus - revealed the truth about the coming apocalypse to the prophet John. The "Revelation" itself is a very difficult construction of (obvious) mistranslations, religious interpretations and more or less mysterious symbols and numbers (but this confusion was certainly a purpose of the alien "gods"). Furthermore, the book doesn't fit at first sight into that part of the Bible (at the End of the New Testament) where we can find it, because the previous books about the life of Jesus Christ and about the things and miracles he has done on earth to help the humans showed definitely a "God of Love and Forgiveness" together with his son Jesus who died for the sins of mankind and who said during the crucifixion:

"Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do." (Luke 23:34)

(This sentence is remarkable and we should keep it in mind for later thoughts, because it can lead us to an interesting conclusion concerning my Alien/Elohim theory). The "Book of Revelation" on the other hand, shows us God and Jesus behaving in a very different manner and talks about the wrath of God, about war, death, destruction, fire, pestilence and other evil things which will come over mankind soon. Just a short example: we can read in Rev. 2:23 that "Jesus" said that he "will kill her children with death." (Concerning the children of the false prophetess Jezebel.)

Does this sound like the forgiving "Son of God" from the previous books? No, it really doesn't. So what has happened to him? What has happened to the "forgiving" God? Fact is, that the whole "Revelation" sounds definitely more like the ancient and solid/humanoid plural Elohim gods from the Old Testament and not like the loving/spiritual singular God from the New Testament. So is the "Revelation" an anachronism and in truth a late part of the Old Testament - a late part of the old first Project? This is maybe true from a certain point of view, as we will see later. Before we can try to understand what the "Revelation" really wants to say and what the deeper meaning behind the weird and symbolic story is, we must first try to understand why we can find it exactly where it is (at the end of the NT) and how does it fit into my Elohim/Alien theory (and it does indeed fit.)

You may remember from my last article that I had divided the alien project "Human Creation" into two parts and that the major books of the Bible (OT and NT) are in fact just a religious manifestation of these two parts. The birth of Jesus Christ is a remarkable turning point in the entire project and the Elohim have tried (for unknown reasons) to establish a new agenda or a new "prime directive" (to use a science fiction term) in their behaviour against their genetic creation called mankind. The old agenda was superiority, power, wrath and the "divine" direct control of many aspects of the human life, but the new should be "Love and Forgiveness" and a more independent human race with the belief in an invisible god and for this reason the Elohim sent a single ambassador of their new message to earth to test how the humans would react. A possible explanation for the establishing of the new project was maybe, that the Elohim (or a large group of them) wanted to leave the planet Earth soon and that they wanted to teach the humans that there will be no solid "God(s)" any longer who would interact with them and punish them with mighty weapons as it had happened in former times, as it was described in the old writings. The creation of the belief in a spiritual and invisible (but all-knowing and all-and-everywhere-existing) "God" who leads a more independent mankind and who needs no "mighty forces" to show his existence because everyone believes in him without proof of his reality would be an excellent way of the Elohim to hide their plans to leave earth and to leave the human creation alone. This is in my opinion a good explanation for the "agenda" change from the Old Testament to the New Testament.

In the following a short overview about both Elohim projects:

The "OT/Adam Project"

This involved the creation of an advanced species in the likeness of the Elohim by use of genetic manipulation of pre-historic humans. The direct interaction with this new species by solid appearances of humanoid gods on earth (including forbidden sexual relations between "Children of God" and human women with the result of "Nephilim" or giants and including artificial fertilization to intentionally create more advanced beings like prophets.) The behaviour of the early gods against humans was often angry, superior and based on the strict obedience of man to divine orders. When the creation refused to obey, the gods were able to use powerful weapons to punish them and even to destroy parts of the surface of the earth (like the "cloud from a furnace"-destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah). If you have a closer look at the OT you will see that this is exactly what has really happened there.

The "NT/Jesus Project"

This was the creation of a single "ambassador" between Elohim and humans (again by use of artificial fertilization) called Jesus Christ who was sent to earth to establish the new agenda of "love and forgiveness". This advanced being (a Elohim/human hybrid - maybe some kind of "Nephilim"?) had special knowledge and abilities, which should have helped him to convince the humans that he was really one of the ancient "Children of God" or even the real "Son of God". His new message was very different from the ideas of the old project, so his teachings were very controversial and most of the humans refused to accept them - and for this reason his assignment failed.

To understand the sense behind the "Book of Revelation" we must first try to understand in what unfortunate situation the Elohim found themselves after the unexpected and violent end of the "NT/Jesus Project". The plan was certainly that the being Jesus Christ would establish the new agenda without problems, but unfortunately he was not successful - he failed. The humans believed more in the old "prime directive" than in the new message, so they called Jesus a heretic and killed him (or tried to kill him - that is not relevant for these thoughts. In my opinion there is some evidence that the resurrection is a constructed myth - constructed by the Elohim themselves - but this is another and very complex story which I will maybe explain in another article.) Back to the situation after the crucifixion of Christ: the Elohim were certainly worried about the development of their creation and about their own mistakes in the past. The "NT/Jesus Project" had failed and had showed them these mistakes in the teaching of the human species. This had led possibly to tremendous problems for the future of the human creation and for the entire project.

It is not very difficult to imagine, that the Elohim were very angry about what the humans had done when they crucified Jesus Christ - these little genetic creations have killed one of the superior "Elohim" species (or a hybrid being related to this species). We can read in the "Book of Luke" that a great darkness like a solar eclipse came over the town of Jerusalem on the day when Jesus died. Was this maybe a giant spaceship, which was sent by the angry Elohim in order to destroy the surface of the earth again in numerous smokes from a furnace as revenge for the killing of Christ? When Jesus said in Luke 23:34 (in the religious interpretation) "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do" what did he really mean? Let us just suppose that he was in fact talking to an advanced/technological and solid alien species and not to his spiritual father "God" and that he tried - not as a "Messiah" but as a believer in the new project - to rescue the future of the human race and the future of the entire new project with the words:

"Don't destroy this creation, fellow Elohim. The humans don't know about the new project. They don't know that it failed because of their strict belief in our own old agenda. They don't know who we are and what has really happened on their world in the last centuries? It's not their fault that we have failed. It's our own fault."

It seemed that he (or something else) had convinced the Elohim not to destroy the creation but to continue with the new project with some modifications to the agenda. Just fiction? Well, let's go on with some more "fictional" suppositions. Let us furthermore suppose that the Elohim were discussing about the future of the project after the crucifixion of Christ. There was maybe a group among them who demanded that they should terminate the whole human species while others said that they simply should go back to the old project of superiority and wrath and destroy just some cities or parts of the world (as it was done in the centuries before) to show the humans that their "God" is again very very angry about what they have done to his "son". And there was maybe a third group who said that they should continue with the new project and that they should use the death of Jesus Christ for their own purpose, because the belief in a resurrected messiah and real "Son of God" could give them new possibilities in the interaction with the human species (and it led in fact to an enormous wide-spread of the Christian religion.)

Let us suppose that they came to an agreement: They continued with the new project, but with an important modification. They decided to show the prophet John a "vision" about all the bad things, which would happen to mankind if "God" became again angry. This "vision" - also known as "Revelation" - needn't be the true future (the Elohim were definitely not all-knowing as we have seen in the OT many times and at this reason they were not really able to know what would happen in the future) but more of a "horrible constructed future" which the people should fear. They should fear the wrath of the old solid OT-God but they should also believe in the loving spiritual NT-God. The visionary images and the constructed prophecy the Elohim revealed to John were the best tool they could find to do this because it reminded the humans that the old God was still there and watched over them (so I think I'm right when I say that the "Book of Revelation" is more part of the OT then of the NT from a certain point of view, because it used the old "superior threat mechanism" from earlier times to adjust the New Project and to show the people the possible might of God.)

In the first chapter of the Revelation we can read that it described "things which must shortly come to pass" and that "the time (of the apocalypse) is at hand". But nearly 2000 years have passed now and none of the described events have happened. Why? This is remarkable, because the time scale in the Bible is generally not very large in comparison to (for example) South American or Indian myths, which work with time scales of thousands or even tens of thousands of years. The events described in the Bible happened in a much smaller time scale of hundreds of years or just between generations, so if a Bible text said that "the time is at hand" it seemed to me that it speaks not about things which will happen maybe in 2000 or 3000 years but in the next 50 or 100 years. But it is a fact that nothing that "God" revealed to John has ever happened in reality (how could it, the events described are too weird and impossible.) This is in my opinion evidence, that it is not a real prophecy about the future but more of a constructed vision, which should adjust the Project.

But it is wrong to think now that the "Revelation" is only nonsense and pure fiction. If the Elohim had just wanted to make the people anxious and treat them with the vision, they would have certainly made it more easy to understand for the normal people and not so strange and symbolic. So, could the real purpose of the alien race be maybe another one. The "prophecy" contains messages and maybe recorded images from earlier divine destructions (which were shown to John to purposely mislead him into believing they were images from the future) and it contains obvious messages and images from the old struggle between members of the Elohim species themselves, including a warning before the "evil" Elohim. Remember that there was a big problem in the Old Testament with the strange behaviour of some of the "Children of God" who came down to earth (according to apocryphal sources Hundreds of them on Mount Armon) and were tempted there by human women and who had forbidden sexual relations with humans to create hybrids or "Nephilim". This had happened in the first book of Moses years before the Flood (which was maybe "sent" to destroy the dangerous genetic crossbreeds) and long before the New Testament and the "Revelation". But when we read there:

"And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him." (Rev. 12:7-9)

What does this really mean? Does it maybe refer to the old struggle between the Elohim when a group of them - the tempted angels (the Fallen) - came down to earth with a spaceship to create hybrids hundreds of years before? Does it refer to the old war between the god(s), which is mentioned in the first book of Moses? Is the Flood maybe part of that "war in heaven" and was this story from the past shown to John as a prophecy about the future to intentionally deceive him? It again contains a warning about the "great dragon" and the "old serpent" (we know this animal symbolism from the Genesis) so this is maybe again a warning not to believe in the words of other "evil" beings (other alien species?) The sentence "...neither was their place found any more in heaven" is also interesting, because it described in my opinion that there was some real (and not ethereal) place destroyed which belonged to the "Fallen Angels." This does not mean a place in a spiritual heaven, it seems to mean a real location - maybe a base - in the sky or in space. Whatever it was, the mysterious "place" was destroyed and the evil angels and their leader were forced to go down to earth and land there (maybe on Mount Armon?) Can we turn here full circle to the story about tempted "Children of God" on earth in ancient times? Maybe we can.

'War in heaven' painting
"War in heaven" - a painting from the Dutch painter Piether Brueghel

In Rev 9:2 we can read:

"And he (the Angel) opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit."

This sounds surprisingly similar to the story about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah in the OT? Described in the "future vision" of John is maybe the same weapon that was used in earlier times (a nuclear weapon) to punish the people. Is it possible that the Elohim showed John just a recorded image or a video film of their former destructions on earth to explain him what they can also do in future if they want to do it (or that they want the humans to believe and fear they can do - as a modification of the New Project.)

I was also not completely right in my last article when I stated that there are no other speaking animals in the Bible than the speaking "serpent" in the Genesis. It's right that there are no other speaking animals during the whole Bible between Genesis and New Testament, but now, in the "Revelation" the speaking and human-like "beasts" are suddenly back. Why? What does it mean? The serpent in the Genesis is, in the common belief, a symbol for the evil. Despite the fact that the serpent there was not really evil but told the humans Adam and Eve the truth about the "tree", while God himself had told them the lie that they will die immediately if they eat the forbidden fruit. So the serpent seemed to be more a symbol for a "forbidden truth and knowledge" than for the forces of evil. Nevertheless, in the "Revelation" the serpent and the dragon are always shown as other names for the devil and Satan - the old enemy of God. But isn't the truth about the human history the real enemy of God - the real enemy of the Elohim? Does the "Revelation" try to convince the humans not to believe again in the "lies" and the blasphemy of the serpent or of the other alien species? Are these "lies" maybe the truth about the creation?

In the following one of the most famous sentences in the "Revelation":

"Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six." (Rev. 13:18)

A speaking beast who's number is 666? Again a very weird symbolism and again the manifestation of the forces of evil as an animal (according to the Bible the bizarre and mighty beast came out of the ocean and was sent by the dragon - the devil - himself to deceive the humans.) I think the true message of the "Revelation" is maybe hidden behind the symbols and weird visions. Maybe not the "story" but the very often-mentioned numbers are the key to the real understanding of the message. Did the Elohim think that the humans should be able to understand the real meaning of their message not now but in the future? Was there a "code" in the original "Revelation" and have we lost most of the real "code" of the message during the various translations and religious interpretations over the centuries? Why did the 18. paragraph of the 13. chapter start with the words "Here is wisdom"? Why is especially this paragraph "wisdom" and who is "him that hath understanding"? The more advanced human of the future? What is the number "666" on the forehead of people? A marking? A genetic signature? A proof for the real truth about the artificial creation of man. Is this - and not the constructed message about the apocalypse - the true wisdom of the "Revelation"?

I will come to an end for now. The following is a short overview about my theory:

- The Elohim had plans to leave earth soon and to leave their creation alone.
- For this reason, they needed a New Project, which did not involve the appearance of solid god(s)
- The Elohim had "produced" a hybrid called Jesus Christ by use of artificial fertilization.
- This hybrid should have established the New Project on earth, but he failed.
- After the humans had crucified Jesus Christ, the Elohim wanted to destroy (parts of the) earth.
- But Jesus himself convinced them not to do this and to give the Project a new chance.
- They decided to do this, but with a modification.
- They showed the humans a constructed "vision" about the coming apocalypse.
- The vision contained warnings before the "evil" (another species?) and the false prophets.
- It maybe contains a hidden message about the true origin of mankind.

I can't go deeper into the numerous symbolisms in the "Revelation" now (otherwise the article would be too long) but I would suggest that you read it in your Bible completely by yourself again with my theory in mind and you will maybe find more evidence that I'm (partly) right. If you find something interesting, please let me know what it is. The "Book of Revelation" is at first sight the strangest part of the whole Bible, but if you think about what it could really mean and what it's real sense is, it fits surprisingly well into the theory of alien influence in biblical times.

In my opinion the book and the vision of John are really a "Revelation" of the Elohim. But the unasked question is, if it reveals just a (intentionally wrong and misleading) prophecy about the future or if it reveals the greatest secret of all: the secret of the artificial human creation by extraterrestrials in ancient times. That is something we should think about.

"For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book. He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen." (Rev. 22:19-21, end of the Bible)

My England trip - a photo report
written by Christian Pfeiler

In the following a short photo report about my trip to England in February. I've seen no UFOs (unfortunately) but I visited together with two friends from the UFO Research group TRUTH some very interesting places, including the mysterious Stonehenge. The whole area in the Southwest of England around the old town of Salisbury (the so-called Salisbury Plains) is famous for many UFO sightings and other paranormal events (like ghost appearances) and it is even today a good place if you want to see strange lights in the sky or other unusual things like haunted houses or cropcircles. Many people see a direct connection between the ancient places there, the stone circles, the energy lines in the earth (Ley lines) and the UFO phenomenon. Special thanks to Derek Pavely for the permission to use some of his photos (his camera is better then mine <g>)

Silbury Hill

(Pic 1.) This is the famous artificial Silbury Hill, named after the celtic sungod Sil. There is an ancient construction (which is some thousand years old) beneath the hill, but nobody knows exactly what it is and what its purpose was. Was it a tomb, a temple or something else (maybe a hidden UFO <g>). It looks in my opinion very similar to some kind of pyramid.

Christian at Westkennet Longbarrow

(Pic 2.) That's me in front of the entrace of the tomb at Westkennet Longbarrow (the tomb is approximately 5000 or 6000 years old and a very fascinating place.) The person in the background is Craig Roberts from the TRUTH group.

Inside the tomb

(Pic 3.) This is an image from inside the tomb (there is a very strange atmosphere at this place.)

An offering for the earth gods in the main chamber of the tomb

(Pic 4.) An offering for the earth gods in the main chamber of the tomb. It seems that some people bring gifts (including a bus ticket  <g>) even today to worship the ancient gods.

 The stone circle at Avebury

(Pic 5.) The famous stone circle around the whole village of Avebury (these are the smaller stones). The exact purpose of the circle is unknown, but you can see the construction of Silbury Hill from there, so there is definetly a connection between both places.

Christian and Craig Roberts in front of one of the bigger stones at Avebury

(Pic 6.) That's me and Craig Roberts in front of one of the bigger stones at Avebury. It was undoubtedly a giant work for the ancient people to built this huge circle, so it must have been very important for them (but why?).

The Sphinx stone at Avebury

(Pic 7.) That's the so-called Sphinx stone at Avebury. If you use a mirror with the photo, you can see that it looks like the face of an egyptian Sphinx or statue (but that is just imagination.)


(Pic 8.) The famous ancient Stonehenge on the (really) windy Salisbury Plains. It is a fascinating construction, but much smaller then Avebury. Unfortunately, you cannot go directly to the stones but only on a path in a distance of some metres around them (and even this path was partly closed the day I visited Stonehenge.)

A view at the town of Salisbury from the ruins of Old Sarum castle

(Pic. 9) A view at the town of Salisbury from the ruins of Old Sarum castle (you can see the tower of the large Salisbury Cathedral in the middle of the photo). This area is the best place in the whole UK to see UFOs and other paranormal events. Are there connections between the UFOs and the ancient places and stone circles? Are there special earth energies in this area? The Salisbury Plains are still a mysterious area and I'm sure that unusual things will happen there also in future.

The Pascagoula Abduction Case 1973
written by David Fritz

One of the strange beings observed from the witnesses
The strange beings observed from the witnesses

LOCATION: South Eastern tip of Mississippi, (Pascagoula River)
DATE: October 11, 1973
TIME: 9:00pm
WITNESSES: Charles Hickson/Age 42 and Calvin Parker/Age 19

Description of Encounter:

Around 9:00pm Hickson and Parker were fishing from a dock of an abandoned shipyard along the Pascagoula River when Hickson heard a "zipping sound" then he saw a domed football shaped object approach them.

Description of the object:

30 feet long
8-10 feet high
2 windows
2 blue lights

The object descended in a clearing behind them about 30-40 yrds from them and 2 feet off the ground. A door opened on the object and a brilliant light poured out. Moments later 3 figures floated out of the opening heading in the direction of Hickson and Parker.


Their heads came directly to the shoulders, they had no neck, and their noses came out to a point about 2 inches long. For ears they had something similar to the nose. The mouth was just a slit. The arms looked like human arms but long compared to body proportions. The hands were like mittens, and there was a thumb (Hickson would later compare the hands to claws). The legs remained together and the feet looked like elephants feet. The entire body was wrinkled, and Hickson stated that they could have had eyes but he could not tell because of the wrinkly skin. The beings were a little over 5 feet tall.

Two beings grabbed Hickson from both sides. Hickson then felt a stinging sensation in his left arm. Then he felt paralyzed and numb. The third being held Parker who had fainted. The beings brought Hickson and Parker into the object. A football shaped device floated from the wall to 6 inches in front of Hicksons face. Hickson lay suspended in air while this Eye type of device scanned his body. At this point Hickson could not see the beings who he thought was behind him, Hickson could not get his mouth to function. The beings entered Hicksons line of vision again. Two of them took him back outside the object. The three of them glided along the peer, with Hicksons feet dragging on the ground. They took him to the spot were they abducted him and let him go. His legs gave out and he fell. Looking up Hickson saw Parker, who was standing motionless with his arms outstretched, as if in shock. Hickson crawled towards Parker, but then he realized that he could stand. Hickson heard the "zipping sound" again and turned to see the blue flashing lights that first caught his attention. As the object disappeared Hickson heard a voice in his head that said "We are peaceful, We ment you no harm".

Parker who had lapsed in and out of consciences, remembered being taken toward the ship, hearing a whistling noise and a click, then seeing the interior lights just before he was floated outside. He was left standing not being able to move, and looking out onto the river. He saw the object shoot upwards and vanish at about 50 feet.


At 9:00pm after watching TV, (Larry Booth) of Pascagoula got up to check the front door prior to going to bed. He noticed a huge object with red revolving lights hovering 8-10 feet over the street lamp. He thought it was an experimental craft run out of the local military base.


Hickson and Parker sat in a car for the next 45 minutes calming their shattered nerves, trying to decide what to do next. Hickson drank whiskey during this conversation in the car. Parker suggested they contact the military. So Hickson located a pay phone and called Keesler Airforce Base in Boluxi 30 miles west of Pascaguola. The sergeant there told him that the Airforce did not handle UFO reports, and that he should tell his story to the police. Instead they drove to the office of the Mississippi Press Register. Parker who was driving got out and explained to Hickson that there was a clock in the building and he wanted to know what time it was. The building was locked. So they called the Jackson County Sheriffs Office, where the deputy who took the call urged them to come in to the station and talk in person.

At 10:30pm the two witnesses showed up. They brought with them two catfish, apparently to prove as much of the story as they could, which was that they had been fishing earlier in the evening. Hearing that one of the men was drinking, Sheriff Fred Diamond ordered his deputies to administer breath analysis tests. Two hours of grilling followed, but Hickson and Parker stuck to their story, saying they both wanted to take a polygraph test. They also insisted that they wanted no publicity. Parker who was barely coherent seemed shaken by the interrogation. At one point Hickson and Parker were left in a room together and taped without their knowledge. I'm not going into the transcripts of the conversation, but the tape showed both Hickson and Parker were distressed and that they were telling what they believed to be the truth.


Hickson and Parker went to work the next day. While at work they got a phone call from the Sheriffs Office, telling them to come down to the station because the place was crawling with reporters. Hickson asked the sheriff about his promise not to leak the story. The sheriff replied he didn't leak the story but someone in his dept. must have. While on the phone with the sheriff Hicksons foreman over heard the phone conversation (Johnny Walker) and told Hickson to get a lawyer because he may get some money for the story. Walker took the liberty of contacting the company lawyer who also was his brother in law an attorney by the name of Joe Colingo. Colingo arrived to accompany his new clients to the sheriffs office. Sheriff Diamond told Colingo that his dept. did not have a polygraph machine. Meanwhile Hickson was concerned that himself and Parker might have gotten radiation poisoning from the object. They were taken by Colingo and Detective Tom Huntley to the hospital, where they were informed that the hospital did not have the equipment to test for radiation exposure.

Detective Huntley then contacted Keesler, and the group headed off to the Air Base where a group of doctors under security conditions examined Hickson and Parker. Then the two were interrogated by the entire Base Command about the encounter. Later on that same afternoon Hickson, Parker, and Parkers father met Colingo in his office and drew up a contract. Debunkers later claimed this fact to prove the story was a hoax, but to the contrary Hickson soon after fired Colingo for the reason the lawyer was only in on this to make a buck, which Hickson and Parker never saw any money from this story.

The next day Pascagoula was swarming with reporters, and two scientists had flown in separately.  One was James A Harder, a professor of engineering at the University of California Berkeley. Harder was also a consultant for Aerial Phenomena Research Organization ( APRO). The other was J. Allen Hynek, Northwestern University astronomer for 20 yrs (until 1969) the principle scientific consultant to the Airforces Project Blue Book. Harder would try without success to hypnotize the two, who were to shaken and distracted for the procedure to work. All who dealt with Hickson and Parker in the aftermath of the encounter believed that the two men were in fact telling what they believed to be the truth.

References - The UFO BOOK Encyclopedia of the Extraterrestrial by Jerome Clark.

(Remark from Chris: The Pascagoula case is very controversial (also because of the very strange aliens) and I have read in sceptic books that it was definetly a hoax. This explanation is mainly based on the fact that there were other people in that area near to the Pascagoula River at the abduction time but no one else saw or heard anything unusual and sceptics said, if there was really such an object with a bright light, more people then only Hickson and Parker would have seen it. However, the hoax-theory cannot explain why both witnesses were so scared and continued talking about the incident even when they thought they were alone and no one else can hear them.)

FBI document of the month
written by Christian Pfeiler

I have found this month a document concerning a UFO sighting from September 17, 1947 in my FBI archive. The sighting was made and reported to the FBI from a well-educated "Superintendent of Schools" who should be certainly able to identify normal objects in the sky without problems. He described not only the "saucer-type" of UFOs (which was very common in that year) but also a ball-shaped object, which moved very rapidly (so it can't be a weather balloon) in front of the disc.

FBI document

Book Review "Alien Base" from Timothy Good
written by Christian Pfeiler

Alien Base book cover
The misleading German book title

The book "Alien Base" was written from the famous British author Timothy Good in 1998. The German title of this book is misleadingly "Top Secret - Die UFO-Akten" (as you can see above) which is normally the original title of another and more famous of Mr. Good's books which German title is "Streng geheim". This is in my opinion very confusing for the buyer and I suppose the more famous name was chosen for marketing reasons, so despite the name "Top Secret" on the cover it is "Alien Base" we are talking about.

The book has over 500 pages and is illustrated with some black&white photos (including the famous contactee photos from George Adamski and Howard Menger) and drawings. It is divided into 13 chapters with names like:

- Stairway to the Stars
- Cosmic Shock
- Warning for Mankind
- Absolutely unbelievable
- The Earth as Alien Base

I think the main problem of the book is the absolute and nearly uncritical belief of the author in the reality of the contactee cases of people like Daniel Fry, Howard Menger or George Adamski (to mention just the most famous) and also other not so famous contact people from the whole world, even despite the fact that most of their stories are either very weird (like Adamskis stories about green landscapes and cities on the moon) or proven hoaxes (Mr. Menger admitted later that most - but not all - of his reported experiences were not true). Mr. Good mentioned this fact in the Menger chapter but only with a few sentences at the end and he seemed to believe nevertheless in the reality of Mr. Mengers experiences and also in every other case in the book. The only exception is maybe the notorious Swiss contactee (and proven hoaxer) Billy Meier whose stories are so weird that even the uncritical Mr. Good cannot believe them and at this reason there is no Meier chapter (but Mr. Good mentioned that he thinks that Meier is a fraud.)

The text on the backside of the German cover said that the author can "...prove the impossible" namely that various extraterristrial forces are using earth as alien base. Unfortunately, this is a big exaggeration, because Mr. Good can't prove anything with this book but show only more or less unbelievable contactee stories which were collected from different sources and in interviews with the contactees and he can show the well-known photo material. But are these proofs? No. Most of the stories are in my opinion too fictional to take them serious and most of the photos are obvious fakes and UFO models near to the camera (object blur, background sharp.) Mr. Good comes sometimes to very strange conclusions, which I had not expected from an experienced writer like him (an example from page 497: concerning the question if there are UFO bases in Puerto Rico, Mr. Good wrote that he has never seen a UFO by himself there but that he likes the beautiful landscape and that he think that this is maybe the reason why there are real UFO bases, because "the little gray men like the green landscape" Is this a serious opinion or a proof? I don't think so.

I cannot really recommend you this book, is is interesting maybe only for people who want to read more about contactees and their stories (including some new and never before published stories). If you search for a book which goes deeper into the matter (for example psychological) and which can show you new ideas and theories concerning the contactee phenomena, "Alien Base" is definetly the wrong book for you. If your knowledge about the topic is good enough not to believe everything, it can be an amusing fictional literature. To be honest, I had expected a little bit more from Mr. Good.

Alien Implants - do they exist?
written by David Fritz

Alleged alien implant
Is this a real alien implant?

What are alien implants? They are small devices placed in a persons body during an alleged abduction by aliens. The purpose of these implants remain unclear till this point in time, because know one has yet to prove that these implants exist. There is a team of so called experts in the field of implants, which includes one Foot Doctor (Dr. Roger K Leir of Thousand, Oaks, California),and one Alien hunter (Derrel Sims, of Houston Texas). Dr. Leir became interested in UFO's when his father told his mother of the Roswell Crash in 1947. Dr. Leir also joined MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) and became a consultant to this organization. Dr. Leir met Sims at UFO expo West in 1995, Sims was giving a talk on some of his abduction cases in which he had investigated. Sims mentioned one case of a woman who had an x-ray done of her foot in which the x-ray showed some foreign body imbedded into her foot.

Being a foot doctor Dr. Leir was interested in what Sims was relating about the woman. Dr. Leir looked at the x-ray and saw what looked like medical sutures used in orthopedic surgery. Sims informed the doctor that the woman had not had foot surgery. Both men were intrigued that this object might have been part of her abduction ordeal. Dr. Leir said that he would remove the object for free if the woman could be brought to his clinic in California. Money was donated to get the woman from Texas to California. In the mean time Sims showed Leir some more x-rays of a man who had some foreign objects in his hand that could be the result of an abduction. Leirs radiologist stated that the objects in the hand of this man were metallic in nature, and not a cyst or growth. Both abductees were to be sent to Dr. Leirs clinic to have these items removed. They met in Houston August of 1995 and proceeded from there to Dr. Leirs clinic.


Patricia Damly, abducted in 1969 while camping.
Pat Perrinnelo, Has had several UFO sightings over the past 42 yrs and could have been abducted in 1954. He found out about the object in his hand when he was in a car accident in Venezuela in 1971 and he had his arm x-rayed.


Patricia Damly was the first one to have her object removed. Dr. Leir was well educated in the procedures of past implant removals. So before he took the object out of the foot he had blood drawn from both abductees, to make a serum to put the objects into when they were removed. Dr. Leir knew that most of all the other implant removals resulted in the object vanishing when taken out of the body. He made the serum to stop this sort of thing from happening. The removals were video taped. Derrel Sims used hypnosis as a primary anethstetic, there also was a local anethstetic given to the patients.

Once Ms Damly was prepped Dr. Leir made an incision in her left toe. It took him over an hour to find the alleged object. When he did locate the object, he used his probe to touch it. This caused Ms Damly to jerk and almost pull her leg off the table. Dr. Leir thought this spasm was kind of odd, but if you look at the time frame the local anethstetic would have been wearing off at this time. Dr. Leir removed a small triangular object from Ms Damlys toe, it did not evaporate after removal. After the object was removed Dr. Leir tried to bisect it but to no avail. It was small and had a lot of sticky blood to it, the surrounding tissue was tough. ( Let me make a point here, the object in question had been in Ms. Damlys body for the past 30 yrs. Don't you think that the tissue that grew around the object would be very tough almost like a stone?).

Mr.Parrinello was prepped next and the same procedures were performed on him, but in this case a pseudonymous "Dr. A" did the procedure. A similar Grayish object was removed, but this time know one tried to bisect it. The objects were packed and taken back to Houston for study. Some facts came to light after the examination of the objects. The fact that the object glowed under a luminescent light. Yes they probably did glow, but other objects like Vaseline, teeth, purple shirts, some rocks and minerals also glow under luminescent lights. Analysis of the tissue surrounding the implant was of coagulated proteins, blood and Keratin. This is natural for any foreign body that is imbedded into the body for the last 30 yrs. At the core of the implant were slivers of metal which was sent out for analysis and the results of that analysis have not been conclusive since 1995. Which in no certain terms tells us nothing about the objects in question.

It is my opinion that when a person feels that he or she has been implanted with some foreign body that is not of their own body, they should seek professional help in this type of matter. Go to their regular Dr. and tell them that they think that they have a foreign body in them and take some x-rays. If it turns out that there is, have it removed by a real qualified surgeon and get it tested by them to see what it is. It is also of my opinion that these so called professionals in this field should stop playing games with peoples minds. There are a lot of people out there that think that they have been abducted by something. And they probably have been. But untrained physicians and UFO investigators that set up shop and claim they are experts in this type of work should be AVOIDED if at all possible. No one knows what is happening in the UFO field, if they did we would know what UFOs are, and we don't. Plus the abduction phenomenon is so vast and there are so many variations of this phenomenon that it is almost impossible to sift through all the information that is out there. So if you think that you have been abducted, go to a support group with a qualified Psychologist over seeing it.

Reference Material

Mufon Journal June 1998 Number 362, pg 4 ( Article Alien Implants by Dr. Roger K Leir)
Alien Implants and Foreign Bodys by Nebula Editor Paul B Thompson ( Web Article)

The KRILL papers (Part 2)
written by O.H. Krill (pseudonym)

Cattle mutilation
Cattle Mutes - evidence for a horrible truth?

(Remark from Chris: here is the second part of the so-called KRILL papers, concerning Cattle mutilations and mysterious unmarked black helicopters and their connection with the UFO mystery. As I have said in the last issue, there is no need to believe everything in this text, but I think there is maybe a true core behind the more or less weird story. Please make your own opinion about the claims.)

Animal Mutilations and UFOs - General Chronology

In the middle of 1963, a series of livestock attacks occurred in Haskell County, Texas. In a typical case, an Angus bull was found with its throat slashed and a saucer-sized wound in its stomach. The citizenry attributed the attacks to a wild beast of some sort, a "vanishing varmint." As it continued its furtive forays through the Haskell County outback, the bloodluster assumed somewhat more mythic proportions and a new name was destined to endure: The Haskell Rascal.

Throughout the following decade, there would be sporadic reports of similar attacks on livestock. These attacks were occasionally described as "mutilations." The most prominent of these infrequent reports was the mutilation death of "Snippy" the horse in southern Colorado in 1967, accompanied by area UFO sightings, a Condon Committee investigation and worldwide press coverage. It was in 1973 that the modern animal mutilation wave can be said to have begun in earnest. That year is generally thought of as the year of the last concerted UFO flap, although there may be reason to question that contention, given the events of two years later. In 1973 and 1974 the majority of the classic mutilation reports originated in the central United States.  In 1975, an unprecedented onslaught spread across the western two-thirds of the United States. Mutilation reports peaked in that year, accompanied by accounts of UFOs and unidentified helicopters. In 1978, the attacks increased. By 1979, numerous livestock mutilations were occurring in Canada, primarily in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Attacks in the United States leveled off. In 1980, there was an increase in activity in the United States. Mutilations have been reported less frequently since that year, though this may be due in part to an increased reluctance to report mutilations on the part of ranchers and farmers.

The mutilations still continue. Over ten thousand animals have died in the United States; although the mutilations have been occurring worldwide, the same circumstances are always present.

General Observations

Any investigation which intends to probe the systematic occurrence of the mutilation attacks upon livestock and other animals must include within its purview certain factors which may or may not be directly related to the acts of mutilation themselves. These mutilations - the killing and furtive removal of external or internal parts - have been directed at literally thousands of animals (primarily livestock) since the 1960s. The surgery on these animals is primarily conducted with uncanny precision, suggesting the use of highly sophisticated implements and techniques. The numbing and persistent regularity of the mutilations and the seemingly casual disposal of the useless carcasses all hint at extreme confidence - even arrogance - of the mutilators. It is an arrogance which appears to be justified by the freedom and impunity with which these acts have been carried out. The pertinence of a specific element of the problem is shortly revealed in the course of any thorough investigation into the mutilations. I refer to the appearance of unmarked and otherwise unidentified helicopters within a spatial and temporal proximity of animal mutilation sites. The occurrence of the two has been persistent enough to supercede coincidence. These mystery helicopters are almost always without identifying markings, or markings may appear to have been painted over or covered with something. The helicopters are frequently reported flying at abnormal, unsafe or illegal altitudes.

They may shy away if witnesses of law officers try to approach.  There are several accounts of aggressive behavior on the part of the helicopter occupants, with witnesses chased, "buzzed", hovered over or even fired upon. At times these choppers appear very near mutilation sites, even hovering over a pasture where a mutilated carcass is later found. They may be observed shortly before or after mutilations occur - or within days of a mutilation. The intention here is merely to stress that the "mystery helicopter" element is a part of the issue which deserves scrutiny. The idea of "mystery helicopters" did not develop concurrently with the animal mutilations themselves.

Such helicopters - unmarked, flying at low levels, soundless (or sounding like helicopters) - have been reported for years, and have been linked to an even more widespread phenomenon - the "phantom" (fixed wing) aircraft. The helicopters themselves have been seen in area where UFOs were reported, in many countries. In some of the more interesting accounts, the mystery helicopters were seen with UFOs, or shortly after the UFOs were sighted. The most apt case I can think of, but certainly not the most isolated, is a case described by Virgil Armstrong in his lecture on "What NASA Didn't Tell Us About the Moon." He discusses helicopters and UFOs in general. Armstrong describes a friend of his that had invented a special camera arrangement with the idea that it would increase the chances of getting good pictures of UFOs. The camera was mounted on a gunstock along with a laser. The idea was to fire the laser at the UFO, if one appeared, and hopefully the UFO would come to a halt, enabling him to take some quality pictures. Not too long after they were set up in the desert, a UFO did in fact appear, and they fired the laser and the disk stopped in a hovering mode. They took quite a few good pictures of it. Shortly thereafter, the disk flew away. Within minutes, they heard the unmistakable sound of helicopters coming their way.

The helicopters landed strategically around their group, and out of the choppers came a croup of Black Berets, which are strategic Air Force security forces. The commander of the Berets walked up to the group and said, "What are you doing here?" "Obviously, we are photographing flying objects, and we just saw a flying saucer and we got some very very good pictures of it." The commander then asked the leader of the group if he knew where he was. The groupleader replied "No." The commander then said, "We suggest you get out of here right now!" The group leader then asked, "What right do you have to tell us to get out of here? Is this government land?" The commander of the Black Berets replied, "Indeed it is. It is Andrews Air Force Base, and if you are not out of here in ten minutes, you are under arrest."

With that, the Berets removed the film from the camera, and the group left. Not only does this illustrate one kind of instance where UFOs are seen in relationship to helicopters, but it also illustrates the fact that either some of the disks are ours, or we have a military/government relationship with those who fly them. The helicopters mentioned above are not the mystery ones, but were United States military ones. Another case of military helicopters and United States-owned disks comes from the book "UFO Crash at Aztec," by Wendell Stevens. In the book he relates the incident where an Indian was backpacking in the mountains in the vicinity of Area 51, Groom Lake, on the Nellis AFB range north of Las Vegas. He heard approaching helicopters and hid out of sight. The helicopters were broadcasting a warning over public address systems for anyone in the area to show themselves because they were going to conduct a "dangerous military test." The Indian maintained his hidden posture, and the helicopters flew overhead and back down toward the Groom Lake facility. Minutes later, two helicopters were seen flying up the canyon with a black disk flying between them and slightly above them. They flew overhead and then the helicopters turned around and flew back towards the base, followed shortly afterward by the disk. The individual's name and how to contact him for further details is given in the book.

The Mystery Choppers

Situations involving the mystery helicopters appear to be a little more insidious. A good example is an event which occurred in Madison County, Montana, between June and October of 1976. Twenty-two confirmed cattle mutilations had occurred during that period, and they were accompanied by reports throughout the county of silent, unmarked, jet-black helicopters, flashing or steady anomalous lights in the air and near the ground, unmarked fixed-wing aircraft and white vans in remote and previously inaccessible areas. Toward the latter part of this period, in early autumn of 1976, a hunter from Bozeman, Montana, was out alone around 3:00pm one day in the Red Mountain area near Norris. He watched as a black helicopter without markings flew overhead and disappeared below a small hill. The curious hunter climbed to the top of the hill. There was the black chopper (a Bell Jet Ranger, he thought) on the ground, the engine still running. Seven men had apparently exited from the craft and were walking up the hill toward the observer. As the hunter advanced toward the seven, he waved and shouted congenial greetings.

It was then that he realized there was something about the men - they were all Oriental. They had slanted eyes and olive skin and were jabbering among themselves in some indecipherable language. They wore "everyday" clothes, not uniforms. Suddenly they began to return to the helicopter. The hunter, still waving and shouting friendly greetings, started after them. The Orientals quickened their pace. When the hunter approached within five or six feet, they broke into a dead run, crowded into the chopper and took off. In a documented "mystery helicopter" wave in England, accounts place Oriental-appearing occupants in an unidentified chopper. Slant-eyed, olive skinned, Oriental-seeming occupants have been a staple at the heart and at the periphery of UFO accounts for years. Significant numbers of the infamous "men-in-black" (MIB) have a similar appearance, but very often they are seen as very pale and gaunt men who are sensitive to light.

(Part 3 will be published in the next issue.)

How Science has devolve instead of evolve (Part 1)
written by Roger Anderton

Abstract: Science can take two different paths - either add to knowledge or delete knowledge. In the 20th century we were engaged in the latter process. Hence we find it difficult to solve problems like UFOs.

Aristotle rebelled against Pythagorean ideas, and placed the earth as being stationary and at the centre of the universe. (Pythagoreans had the idea that the earth moved, but from a modern perspective there is dispute as to what it moved about.) Eventually after more than a thousand years there was a rebellion against Aristotle, mainly led by Galileo and Kepler (Copernicus was too scared to go too public.)

Kepler after a lot of effort to explain planetary motion within the heliocentric theory, from Brahe's data, discovered it to be elliptical. Galileo thought that planetary motion was circular and rejected Kepler's discovery. Circular motion was a Pythagorean idea (see Changing Views of the Universe by Colin A Ronan, Eyre and Spottiswoode, London 1961 p 51). Thus Galileo might have been trying Pythagorean ideas. Pythagoras started the scientific method as we now know it, for whatever reason he initiated trying to understand nature from looking at mathematics. (ibid. p 48 -52) It may be that Galileo was trying to use Pythagoras as a guide, but as we now know from our modern look-back: all Pythagorean ideas are not completely correct.

Science has been a struggle to get all the ideas of science absolutely correct. We do not know where Pythagoras got his information from, and cannot trace back any further, so science's apparent initiator was - Pythagoras. We can take Pythagoras as a guide, but we cannot trust him completely, because it has been demonstrated he was not completely correct, sometimes his ideas were partly right, and sometimes completely wrong. But he is the start from which we build our ideas. And he apparently discovered the Principle of Relativity, from which is the major first starting point in principles. Pythagoras or his followers said that the earth moved. When we look at the night sky, we see the stars move, but we do not feel the earth moving so we could deduce that the earth was stationary and the stars were moving. But by the Principle of Relativity - it could be the earth that moves and the stars (to an approximation) that were stationary.

This seems the first application of the Principle of Relativity. There have been other applications, as the principle has been forgotten and rediscovered by other people throughout history who sometimes applied it in a new way to something else. Anyway, ever since Pythagoras - people have struggled with theories that have been mixtures of correct ideas and bad ideas.

What is interesting about Aristotelian physics is that when a few ideas were taken to be true (but were in fact false), it was then possible to add to these bad ideas further false ideas to that theory to make it consistent. This explains how Western science was able to go so completely wrong before Galileo.

We have two main idealised theories:

Theory 1: based on a collection of ideas that are all true.
Theory 2 : based on ideas that are all false.

Both theories can be made logically consistent. If you have a collection of true ideas (that describe nature) then since we accept reality (as perceived) having to be consistent, this theory 1 would also have to be consistent.

Theory 2 can be developed like a crystal growing from a seed. We adopt one wrong idea and then we join other wrong ideas to it that are consistent with the first wrong idea, until it grows to be a collection of wrong ideas. (An example of a theory that was developing along these lines was Aristotelian physics. It had the contributions of many clever people over a thousand years adding to Aristotle's wrong idea of the earth as the center of the universe, making such an erroneous idea consistent with observations.)

However, generally theories as we know them are collections of good and bad ideas, and are neither idealised theory 1 or idealised theory 2. Having adopted a theory we try to root out its bad ideas. But sometimes, what can happen is that a bad idea can take so much a hold upon our perceptions of the universe that we believe it no matter what. We then start adding more wrong ideas to that bad idea.

The evolution of science happens along lines of:

a. adding to a central good idea
b. adding to a central bad idea

If we pursue path (a) then there is scientific progress. If we pursue path (b) then we go wrong. Science can devolve as well as evolve. Through the use of either path (a) or (b) we are jettisoning ideas and adopting new ideas, but keeping the central idea.

The scandal today is that we have two theories of physics - General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics that cannot be joined together. One theory must have a central seed idea at its root that is correct, and the other theory must have a central seed idea that is wrong.

What we are doing at the present time is believing Quantum Mechanics and adding to its central core belief further ideas. This means revising physics in that direction. From that belief we have been revising General Relativity. And this I will explain is pursuing path (b) causing the devolotion of science: The main dispute between Quantum Mechanics and classical theory is over measurement: the measurement problem. How does a Quantum Mechanics measurement turn into a classical measurement, or at least approximates to a classical measurement. There have been many proposals.

The initial start of Quantum Mechanics was to assume nature on its most fundamental level as being random and for reality not to exist, so as to overcome the wave/ particle duality problem. This gave us the measurement problem. The many ideas to solve it have included: The Many world/ universe theory of Everett-Wheeler: the universe splits into numerous copies, yet only one is observed by us. All these Quantum Mechanics ideas have as their basis that physics must depend on observables i.e. if it is not observed then it is not physics - reality does not exist when not observed.

That idea is nonsense. Who would argue that the idea is true, and base their belief system upon it? The founders of Quantum Mechanics would argue it. A conference of physicists , without Einstein was held and agreement made to follow Quantum Mechanics with its ideas like - reality not existing when not observed.

(Part 2 of this article will be published in the next issue)

Website tip of the month
written by Christian Pfeiler

The website tip of this month is Derek Pavely's homepage. It is just a small page with some photos and articles (and unfortunately not many visitors) but you can read there more information about the ufologist course at Totton College, Southampton and about the TRUTH group in general. Furthermore, you can find some articles and photos about the stone circles in that area (like Avebury) and about other ufological topics on the website (I've heard that there will be a new and larger website of the TRUTH group soon.)

The URL of the site is:


I hope you will find some interesting stuff there.

UFO photo of the month
written by Christian Pfeiler

UFO photo of the month

A UFO photo from Argentina. At 2:00pm on April 9, 1974, Emilio Gonzalez, a fruit grower, was supervising an apple picking crew in his orchard, when someone noticed a dark disc-shaped object flying along slowly in the sky at low altitude. As it came closer, they could hear the object making a strange buzzing sound in its flight. Sr. Gonzalez, realizing that something strange indeed was taking place, jumped on his tractor and drove as fast as he could to the farmhouse to get his camera. He obtained it and got back in time to rejoin the others in the orchard. He readied the camera and managed to snap three good pictures of the object.

Mail Corner

In the following two interesting mails I have received concerning my Bible article in this issue. The first mail is from my co-editor David Fritz. He has a more religious opinion about my theory.

Hello Chris

I have read your new article about the Bible and It is a very good theory. I think that you may be on the right track on some of the things that you are stating in the article. I think you may get some flack about the resurrection of Jesus not being true and that it was made up to carry out a plan of the Elohim. And I also think that a lot of people may be just a little upset when you state that Jesus' mission on earth was a failure.

I personally believe that their was alien intervention in our creation process, but I also believe that there was and is still a divine power that made all this happen and is still making things happen. Jesus may have been a hybrid, I don't think he was. I think a divine power put him on this planet to show us what we are capable of doing on our own, without the need for the so called Gods of man which were the extraterrestrial.

If you study his teachings which by the way are widely misinterpreted by the church authorities, you will come to realize that God is in Man and all around Man, and Man can perform the same miracles that Jesus performed for the masses, if you have the knowledge that was presented to you by Jesus Christ. His resurrection which I am stating happened, opened the Gate as one might say, so our life giving energy, which is the spark of life from God which I cant name because it is so magnificent that it cant be named; could return to the source from which it was given. You see before this when Adam sinned or disobeyed the almighty God, he became human, which put him and Eve on another plain of existence from where they were in Eden. And their off spring which was us all the way up until the time of Noah, and then Noah's off spring after the flood were condemned to be a spirit being in a clay body. Jesus Christ's death on the cross released us of this burden. By having one perfect man rectify the sins of another perfect man, which allowed the gates of the cosmos to be opened up to our spiritual natures once again. Jesus resurrected in spirit not in body, then he showed himself in body form as a spirit to the apostles after his death.. . You see when Adam was sent out of Eden his spark of life that was given by the almighty God of creation of everything, which includes the extraterrestrial, shut the Gates of the cosmos to his spirit which resides in the body. Christ's death opened up the Gates.

Also if you read the Book of Revelations and read it before Genesis, You will see that there was a war in heaven and that extraterrestrial did have a dealing in altering mans development of the evolution process. And that through our own mistakes in believing the wrong things we may come to the same fate once again.

And one more note the years of God is a thousand yrs for one day of man. God told Adam he would die if he ate from the tree of knowledge, Adam did die on that day according to Gods time.

Hope this was some help to you

Dave F

The second mail is from Ray Cecot from IRAAP (www.iraap.org)


I had a chance to review your article from a "content" perspective. I find nothing offensive in it, as long as the readers can be open minded. Some people might find it offensive because you are coming at this from a totally new perspective. You are saying that we (humanity) were created (genetically engineered ?) by a race(s) from other than earth. That's fine. It's your opinion and people look at it as such. You are certainly NOT trying to force it on them, but stating a viewpoint which is sound, if not controversial. New ideas ARE controversial by their very nature, so I see no problem with you putting it in your newsletter.

I particularly find your idea of an old and new agenda fascinating. The way you approach the book of Revelation in light of this is something I had not thought of before. I will be re-reading the article a few times to absorb all of its details.

You do state that the idea of a creator (God) was planted in the human mind somehow. That is something I don't think can be refuted. But whether it was planted there by our genetically engineering space-travelers or the Creator, is something that we can discuss for a long time.

I feel you should use the article. Thank you for letting me preview it.


Preview - in the next issue

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- CD-ROM Review "The Unexplained"

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