UFO + PSI Magazine - Bad News

Editor: Christian Pfeiler

UFO + PSI Research Magazine

This is again not my usual monthly mail but a mail with very bad news because I have to inform you about the end of the magazine. I'm very sorry but the "UFO + PSI Research Magazine" has to cease publication and there will be no Issue No 16.

I know that I promised such an issue for February 10 but - to be honest - I haven't even started to write articles yet. It's not that I have lost my interest in the UFO topic (far from it) but it's simply so that I still haven't enough time and that I don't want to make the magazine in a hurry and thus in low quality. It was so much easier last year but now I have many other things to do and many new responsibilities in my life and some of these things seem more important to me than the magazine.

When I apologized for delays or mistakes in former issues, people often asked me "Why do you apologize? Why are you always worried? It hasn't to be perfect because it's for free" but I always wanted the magazine to be perfect, to be very good and to keep the right balance between belief and scepticism. I feel that I have no longer enough time to concentrate deeply enough on my UFO research work to guarantee such a good quality and that's the main reason why I decided to cease publication and - believe me - it wasn't an easy decision. There is a saying that you should stop with something when it is at its best and to stop with it before the quaility starts to decrease and that's exactly what I'm doing now and I hope it's the right decision.

We had 15 great issues in the last months and when I look back at the humble beginning with Issue No 1 in July 1999 I realize that I had never expected such a success with the magazine, that I had never expected so many issues, so many readers and so many very good and insightful articles about very important topics like UFOs in our Biblical past and much more. I wanted to reach as many people as possible and show them some of my thoughts concerning the UFO topic plus lots of other information and stuff and I think I really have accomplished this in the last 15 issues. The magazine was certainly not important but I'm glad if it has brought some new thoughts and ideas to you.

Thank you very much to all readers, especially to all people who read the magazine from the very beginning on and special thanks to all contributers and to all people who did the very difficult task of proof-reading my articles. You helped me in the past to keep the magazine alive for such a long time. Nearly all past issues will remain in the online archive on www.ufoinfo.com/ufopsi (thanks to John Hayes for keeping the archive even without additions) so you can read them there whenever you want. Feel also free to use all of my articles if you need them, there is no copyright on them.

(Note: This refers to articles written by Chris, other articles might have copyright restrictions)

A very important request: If there is someone who wants to continue the online magazine as its new editor he or she should contact me. I would be able to assist you a little bit but I think I'm no longer able to be the only editor and to do nearly everything alone. Maybe I will continue with the magazine someday but certainly not in the next months because I will be too busy with many other things.

A final recommendation: if you like to read a very good UFO newsletter with interesting articles I can recommend you the excellent IRAAP newsletter [Sadly no longer produced - John @ UFOINFO]. Please visit the website www.iraap.org for more information. Some of my former articles were published there and - who knows - if I have a good idea and enough time to write an article I will maybe contribute it to this newsletter so you can continue to read material by me there (well, at least if the editor thinks my material is good enough.)

I hope to keep in touch with most of you. I had a great time as editor of the "UFO + PSI Research Magazine" and I will really miss it but on the other hand I feel that I have accomplished far more than I had expected. Whatever, the final truth is still out there (to use a phrase from TV.)

Best wishes