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 August 28

1945 - On this day Leonard H. Stringfield was flying to Iwo Jima island onboard a U.S. Army Air Force C-46 shortly after the end of the war with Japan. Three luminous lights began to follow his C-46 transport plane as they approached the island in the Pacific. The plane's engines faltered, its magnetic compass failed, and its engines temporarily stopped. There were thirteen military witnesses on board. Len Stringfield became a life long UFO investigator as a result of this encounter. (Sources: Leonard H. Stringfield, Inside Saucer Post...3-0 Blue, p. 7; NICAP UFO Investigator, December 1965, p. 3; Leonard H. Stringfield, Situation Red: The UFO Siege, p. 9; J. Allen Hynek, The UFO Experience, p. 14).

1945 - At five o'clock in the morning two women in Langelmayesi, Finland noticed a dark cylindrical object. Inside the prow of object stood a slender man in green coveralls, and another man who was apparently steering the craft inside a glass dome. Their Black Labrador dog reacted in terror. (Source: Larry Hatch, U computer database, citing Lumieres dans la Nuit, issue 138).

1947 - In Fukuoka, Japan at the U.S. Air Force Mew Radar Station there was a target picked up (radar only) in orbit at a range of 26-30 nautical miles and a bearing of 20-30 degrees. The target changed to a heading of 23 degrees and was tracked to a range of 54 nautical miles where it faded. The UFO was climbing on an outbound course. (Source: Jan Aldrich, Project 1947 Research Notes from Bordentown NJ talk April 16, 2005).

1952 - At 9:30 p.m. USAF control tower operators at Chickasaw and Brookley AFB, Alabama, an officer from the USAF Office of Special Investigations, and others watched six UFOs hover and fly erratically for 75 minutes. They varied in color and intensity from fiery red to sparkling diamond white in appearance. They flew erratically up and down, and were tracked on radar. (Sources: Project Blue Book files counted in official statistics, case # 2006; Don Berliner, Project Bluebook UFO Unknowns; UNICAT, case # 442).

1953 - Fourteen oval flying objects were sighted by a Ground Observer Corps watcher in San Rafael, California at 2:25 a.m. They flew silently and were in view for three minutes. A report on the encounter was sent to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the CIA, and the NSA. (Sources: Project Blue Book files counted in official statistics, August 1953, case 32; Project Blue Book Report #12, November 30, 1953; Timothy Good, Above Top Secret, p. 278).

1954 -Two boys in Quebec saw an unidentified craft land and two or three men were seen exiting the object. (Source: Arthur Constance, The Inexplicable Sky, p. 277).

1956Mr. Corbett, age 57, was driving two miles south of Innerkip, Ontario, Canada on this night when he encountered a disc-shaped object overhead that shone a strong beam of light on his truck, then chased it for ten kilometers. Some EM effects were noted during the pursuit. (Sources: Fate Magazine, December 1956, p. 11; APRO Bulletin, January 1957; Ray Palmer, Flying Saucers, September 1962, p. 36; George Eberhart, A Geo-Bibliography of Anomalies, p. 893).

1957 - A teenage couple on the beach in Nazare, Portugal saw an ellipsoidal UFO low over the shore, just five meters from the ground, and 100 meters away. Its circular main body had a curved window and was surmounted by a small tower. The craft shot a greenish-yellow beam at the ground. Plants and stones vanished from a four-meter square area. (Source: Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos, Catalogue of 200 Type-I UFO Events in Spain and Portugal, case 23).

1957 - A silent crescent-shaped object followed three people driving in a car in Glenelg, South Australia at 8:15 p.m. When the car stopped, the object hovered for 20 seconds, then shot away. (Source:UFO Research South Australia, Australian Centre for UFO Studies (ACUFOS) case files, case SA57001).

1962 - On this night several people watched a luminous blue disc-shaped object hover over Upper Whiston, South Yorkshire, England. It had flat edges and small orbs around the rim. (Source: APRO Bulletin, July-August 1963).

1962 - Three people, including a man named Bellantoni in Dolores, Buenos Aires province, Argentina encountered a bright object on the ground at night, 300 meters from National Highway 2. The object was 30 feet long, 15 feet high, and had "human-like figures moving about inside the machine." Three witnesses in a car and two in a truck encountered a disc-shaped UFO between Metan and Salta, Argentina. The disc was 150 meters in diameter, and flew just 50 meters above the truck. The truck engine caught on fire. (Sources: (1) John Keel, Strange Creatures From Time and Space, p. 153; Paris Flammonde, UFO Exist! p. 160; (2) Larry Hatch, U computer database, case 6239; Jim & Coral Lorenzen, UFOs over the Americas, p. 12).

1963 - Two KC-135s mysteriously vanished 800 miles northeast of Miami in the Atlantic Ocean. (Source: Ivan Sanderson, Invisible Residents, p. 126, citing Vicent Gaddis, Invisible Horizons, p. 173).

1963 - A transparent illuminated sphere ten feet in diameter descended into a garden of the Gualberto family in Familia Sagrada, Minas Gerais State, Brazil at 7:15 p.m. There were four seated figures inside, who wore divers suits with transparent fishbowl helmets. One entity, a Cyclops being over eight-feet tall with a single eye, floated down to the ground on two vertical beams of light. He walked with a strange, swinging motion, then sat down. He wore high boots that left a triangular imprint, and carried a box emitting flashes. It spoke in an unintelligible language, and made a threatening gesture at the two boys, aged 9 and 11, and then flew up to the sphere, which left. The chlldren somehow became convinced that the being was "good" and would return. The encounter lasted ten minutes, with ground traces from the footprints left behind. (Sources: Gordon Creighton, The Humanoids: FSR Special Edition No. 1, p. 37; Gordon Creighton, UFO Percipients: FSR Special Edition No. 3, p. 28; Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia: A Century of Landings, case # 580; John Wallace Spencer, UFO Encyclopedia, p. 106).

1964 - At 10:05 p.m. a ten-foot in diameter yellow ball of light crossed highway in front of a car being driven by Mr. P. Ellis in Littleton, Massachusetts. (Source: Raymond E. Fowler, UFOs: Interplanetary Visitors, p. 330; Raymond Fowler case investigation dated September 11, 1964).

Littleton, Massachusetts - 1964

Sketch of Littleton, Massachusetts 1964 sighting

1965 - At 6:40 p.m. three women in rural East Derry, New Hampshire sighted nine UFOs flying at treetop level over a field. The objects flew in three groups of three, and passed about 400 feet away from them. They appeared to be black domes with straight silver fuselages and an upright fin. They made a buzzing sound. (Source: Raymond E. Fowler, UFOs: Interplanetary Visitors, p. 333; Raymond Fowler case investigation dated September 9, 1965).

East Derry, New Hampshire - 1965

Sketch of East Derry, New Hampshire 1965 sighting

1967 - Joseph Purcell, age 19, sighted a cigar-shaped object over Dublin, Ireland. It was very bright at one end, and gave off an orange hue at the other. (Source: Butler Dermot, Conspiracy of Silence: UFOs in Ireland, p. 18).

1967 - An important close encounter with physiological effects happened at Rivers Canadian RAF Base in Manitoba on this date. There were two 20 year old military witnesses involved. (Sources: Gene Duplantier, Saucers, Space & Science, Summer 1968; Gene Duplantier, Flying Saucers, June 1968, p. 22). 

1968 - At 7:30 p.m. Pedro Aylagas Galvez saw a lighted object in his field in Ucero, Soria, Spain that descended 500 meters away and emitted a beam of light directed upward. It then made a strange, abrupt maneuver, and then shone its light at him, hitting him in the face and blinding him and also making his hair stand on end. The object descended in a spinning motion, stabilized, and displayed four large windows on top with four smaller ones underneath. As he watched, he saw four “small dark objects” ejected from its central part, which landed on the ground. After about a minute these arose and re-entered the hovering UFO, which then ascended and disappeared in seconds. The entire incident lasted about seven minutes. Others independently reported seeing the object depart. (Source: Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos, Catalogue of 200 Type-I UFO Events in Spain and Portugal, case 66; David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1968-61 (A0966), citing Felix Ares De Blas, Bernani Labro Begule & David S. Lopez; Richard H. Hall, The UFO Evidence, Volume II:  A Thirty-Year Report, pp. 360 & 380).

1969 - In a rural area of Burscough, Lancashire, England a motocycle's engine suddenly stopped at 8:30 p.m. The driver then saw an yellowish-orange, fuzzy, strawberry-shaped thing hovering over a nearby field for 15 minutes.His motorcycle functioned normally after the UFO left. (Source: Mark Rodeghier, UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference, p. 48).

1969 - At 6:20 a.m. a photograph of a disc-shaped object was taken near Fort Morgan, Colorado 70 miles east of Denver on Interstate 76 by a man named Vedaa. The photographic negative was submitted to quantitative, photometric analysis and judged to be genuine. (Source: William H. Spaulding, FSR, May 1976, p. 12).

1972 - On this night, at least two witnesses, including a woman named Benger, had a close encounter with a solid rectangular object with a dome and landing gear while driving 40 miles north of Pimba, South Australia. The UFO seen at ground level and made no noise. Another close encounter with a metallic disc-shaped object occurred at 9:00 p.m. in Point Elliot, South Australia. (Source: UFO Research South Australia, Australian Centre for UFO Studies case files, cases # SA72009 and SA72034).

1972 - At around 3:00 a.m. Eduardo Dedeu was driving home between Medanos and Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina when he stopped to pick up a very tall hitchhiker wearing a coat with the collar turned up. His chin was much longer than normal. To Dedeu's remarks the stranger made unintelligible replies. After several miles, his car's lights went out and Dedeu was obliged to stop. Ahead of him on the road was what he first took to be an overturned bus, with a large blue light in the middle and smaller white lights on the sides. When he got out of the car he was dazzled by a brilliant flash of white light, accompanied by intense heat; when he could look again he saw the object, with white lights in its windows, moving leftward. The hitchhiker was gone, and the passenger door handle was detached, laying on the floor of the car. (Sources: Jane Thomas, FSR, November-December 1972, p. 23; Alfredo Serra, FSR Case Histories, April 1973, p. 17; David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1972-23 (A1166), citing Abel Guibe, FSR, Vol. 23, No. 6).

1974 - At 8:55 p.m. a domed disc with portholes, about three times the apparent size of the Moon, moved over Mont-sur-Marchienne, Belgium and flew on toward the north-northwest. (Source: Michel Abrassart, Inforespace, December 1975, p. 29).

1974 - At 7:30 p.m. three witnesses observed an inverted dish-shaped object that flew over the river in Delta, British Columbia, Canada and landed 150 feet away in a clearing. It made a buzzing sound on descent. It had a square dome on top, with red, green, and white lights, and an exhaust hole that burned two circles in the ground, 4'6" and 5'6" in diameter. (Sources: Ted R. Phillips, MUFON UFO Conference Proceedings 1975, p. 105; Ted R. Phillips, Physical Traces Associated with UFO Sightings, case 750).

1974 - Another physical traces case occurred on this night at 20:30 p.m. in Niergnies, Nord, France when a saucer-shaped object with "arms" came in low over a beet field. Burnt beet plants were found at the site. (Sources: Lumieres dans la Nuit, issue 141; Ted R. Phillips, Physical Traces Associated with UFO Sightings, case 797).

1975 - In a scrub pine forest near Truro, Massachusetts on Cape Cod, Lloyd Costa saw two people near a round dome like "tent" in the early evening. The dome was 20 feet in diameter and only 35 feet away. A fluorescent blue light came from inside it. He walked away, but then heard a humming noise and looked back to see that the "tent" was encircled by multicolored rings. It began to rise and fall, and luminous portholes were now visible on the craft. A car stopped and Mr. Elfe, a friend, came through the woods calling for him. He also saw the UFO. The people near the object were described as resembling small "puppets," and were surrounded by something gauzy. There was an almond smell in the air that made Mr. Costa sick. His friend helped him back to his car. The next day he returned to the spot and found a circle of approximately 20 6-inch holes. There were also some pieces of a white woven material, "like spider web, but very strong." The witness recovered some and took it home. He also took home some of the trampled pine needles, which still had the almond-like scent. When he put these in a cardboard box next to some potted plants, the plants died three days later. (Source: David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1975-29, citing Budd Hopkins & Gerard Stoehrer).

1977 - A major UFO incident involving 17 police occurred in the Windermere area of the Cumbria Lake District, England at 12:10 a.m. A diamond or "kite"-shaped UFO was seen for 20 minutes; it had two extremely bright lights, and made a faint "purring" sound. There were multiple independent witnesses. The UFO eventually flew out to sea. (Source: Gary Heseltine, UFO Magazine (UK), July 2003, p. 8; Nick Redfern, A Covert Agenda, p. 131).

1977 - At 2:00 a.m. a close encounter occurred in Cogolludo, Guadalajara, Spain when the main witness, Jaine de Frias Redondo, age 17, and several of his friends saw a "flattened walnut" UFO. The inital sighting lasted just a short time, but then the UFO moved away and hovered over Mount Otero for the next two hours, turning its lights on and off, with a pulsating white halo. Traces were found: a two-meter wide circle, and several holes in the ground 8 cm diameter, and 5 cm deep. (Source: UNICAT, case 444, citing Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos, Investigacion OVNI, p. 76).

1977 - Francis Lloyd, age 24, was driving a large truck from Haverfordwest, Wales; with him was John Dwyer, age 16. Two miles outside of Carmarthern, on the A48 Highway, they had descended the Nanticaws Hill grade at 2:30 a.m. and were about to begin to climb the next hill when, at the bottom of the dip, they saw two tall humanoid figures standing on the right hand verge near the highway. The figures were at least seven feet tall, and were reddish orange in color, as if wearing celluloid suits; they had huge heads that reminded the witnesses of Guardsmen's Busbies. The figures stood motionless, facing each other slightly, and appeared to be holding some sort of object between them. They had chrome or silver-colored antennae that appeared to come out of their chests and stood as high as the tops of their heads. The two men drove right on past without stopping, and although the figures were in view for no more than six of seven seconds, they were fully lit by the eight headlights of their large rig. No craft was seen by either man. Three months later, there was a fatal car accident at the same site, killing four men. (Source: David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case #1977-61 (A1812), citing F. W. Holiday, FSR, Vol. 24, # 1).

1977 - A large, silent delta-shaped object with rounded points was seen at 12:38 a.m. hovering over a street in Hayward, California. It abruptly turned and followed the witness's car. The two women witnesses were able to evade the object by accelerating to 65 mph. (Source: Allan Hendry, International UFO Reporter, October 1977, p. 3; UNICAT, case # 196).

1977 - At 10:00 p.m. a  family of three was driving home to Portoferraio from an outing in Marciano, Livorno, Italy in rainy weather when their headlights illuminated a strange figure walking by the side of the road. It looked robot like, had broad shoulders, and was wearing a golden, glittering, close-fitting coverall outfit and had a broad brimmed hat, with two antennas on its head. The face looked like paper mache. They notified the carabinieri, but the figure had gone before they arrived at the scene. (Source: David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case #1977-47 (A1755), citing Francisco Izzo).

1978 - Two witnesses on the 5th floor of an apartment building in Livorno, Italy were awakened by a buzzing noise. They looked out, and saw a domed disc at only 30 meters altitude. It had a transparent dome. After a couple minutes it flew away, gaining altitude. (Source: Larry Hatch, U computer database, case # 12789, citing ITACAT).

1978 - aT 12:43 P.M. Two small metallic spheres and an oval-shaped object followed a Boeing 727 airliner over Mattenheim, Germany. They ascended and flew off to the east in sequence. (Sources: Dominique Weinstein, Aircraft UFO Encounters, p. 41; Richard F. Haines, Project Delta, p. 160).

1978 - At 11:00 p.m. a small, sombrero-shaped domed disc stopped near the town of Fontenet, Charente-Maritime, France for a brief while. It flew off to the northeast, changing colors with its acceleration. (Source: Lumieres dans la Nuit, January 1981).

1980 - At 1:15 p.m. a three foot long, football-shaped UFO was seen by two men, John F. Clark and Lloyd List, from a Cessna 172 over Red Bluff, California. It was solid, smooth, and metallic. It maintained its distance ahead of their plane for 5-6 seconds, then was overtaken. Its axis was parallel to the horizon, and it did not bobble in the plane's turbulence as would a balloon. (Source: UNICAT, case # 614).

1981 - At 9:10 p.m. a 12 meter long, lemon-shaped UFO was seen near the ground on a farm in Trevelin, Chabut Province, Argentina, hovering at 2 meters altitude. It had extended thin legs for landing gear, portholes, and a blindingly bright 1 meter wide searchlight. The close encounter lasted five minutes. (Source: Larry Hatch, U computer database, case # 14264, citing FSR, volume 28, number 3).

1991 - At 4:42 a.m. a huge, dirigible-shaped object first attracted the attention of the military when it appeared on their radar screens over the Mangishlak Peninsula, Shaitan Mazar, Kyrgizstan. It was flying from west to east at 960 km per hour, and at an altitude of 6600 meters. Thinking that the object might have been launched from Kapustin Yar, Mangishlak military personnel contacted the Cosmodrome. Kapustin denied any knowledge of the object, although they confirmed its appearance on radar. The object failed to respond to attempts at communication on any frequency, and since it was flying near a restricted area, two MIG-29 fighter jets already on patrol were directed to intercept it. In addition, a third jet was scrambled from Air Station 7. 

The MIG pilots were directed to intercept the object, to identify it if possible, to try to make contact with it, and to force it to land at the nearest Air station. If the object failed to cooperate, they were directed to shoot it down. The MIGs intercepted the object over the western shore of the Aral Sea at 5:12 a.m. The pilots observed the object both visually and on their radar screens, and they described it as dirigible-shaped, 600 meters long by 110 meters wide, with very little surface detail except for two round "portholes" near the front, and some sort of strange green markings near the rear. The object did not make any hostile moves or react in any way to the presence of the jets. When all attempts at contacting the object failed, the squadron leader proposed positioning the jets on either side of the object at a distance of about 800 meters, and gently but firmly directing it to the Air Station. If necessary the jets would fire warning shots to encourage the object to cooperate. 

When the jets were in position around the object and within 800 meters of it the weapons systems of the MIGs shut down for no apparent reason. Worse yet, their engines began to malfunction. The object also began to make evasive zigzag maneuvers, and increased its speed from 960 km/hour to 6800 km/hour. These maneuvers were verified by radar at Baikonur, Alma-Alta, and Bishkek. The jets had no alternative but to back off, and the object proceeded east through Alma-Alta airspace at the slightly lower altitude of 4500 meters. Radar dispatchers in Alma-Alta, fearing a collision with conventional aircraft, issued a general alert for air traffic to avoid the area. At 5:27 a.m. the object disappeared from radar in the area of Lake Issyk-Kul near the border of Kazakhstan

A month later reports began to trickle back to Bishkek that a huge UFO had been seen to crash into the Tien Shan Mountains, 100 kilometers east of Przhevalsk near a peak known as Pik Pobeda (Peak of Victory). The actual site lay in a gorge known as "Shaitan Mazar" or "Grave of the Devil", near the Saris Dzas River. A search party led by Michael Eltchin was dispatched, but were unable to reach the site due to heavy snowfall. In June 1992 a second expedition was mounted, consisting of three groups of volunteers with both scientific backgrounds and mountain climbing experience. The expedition arrived at the actual crash site on June 12, 1992, and set up a base camp 2.5 km away to the northwest. It was evident that the object had slid 1700 meters after hitting the ground. It then exploded from within its center, blasting it into almost two equal parts and bending its internal structure outwards from the center of the explosion. Decks and interior features were visible inside the object through a gap made by the blast. The expedition then noticed several unusual effects when they began to examine the object. They were unable to photograph the object because some sort of radiation exposed all their film and ruined all videotape. Whenever a member of the party got closer than 800 meters to the object, he began to feel unusual anxiety, depression, and exhaustion. Within 800 meters, the men's hair stood on end. Instruments showed an unusually high level of static electricity in the air, and compasses and magnetometers failed to function properly in the vicinity of the object. Measurement devices registered no magnetic fields at all within an elliptically shaped area centered on the object, and measuring 2230 meters long and 1700 meters wide. Even naturally occurring magnetic rocks displayed no magnetic field within this ellipse. All clocks and wristwatches stopped working at a distance of 600 meters from the object. Furthermore, anyone who approached within 500 meters of the object began to suffer from some sort of radiation burns. The expedition soon had to abandon the site, but planned to return at some indefinite time in the future. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, 1991 Humanoid Sighting Reports database, citing Nikolay Subbotin, RUFORS).

1991 - A close encounter of the second kind occurred at the Yeisk Military Aviation School in Russia at 5:31 p.m. (Source: Paul Stonehill, The Soviet UFO Files, p. 48).

1992 - At 1:00 a.m. a very large, fast gray box with a blinking light on top, flew to the north-northeast from Goize, Deux-Sevres, France on a sinuous flight trajectory. There were three witnesses. (Source: Lumieres dans la Nuit, issue 332).

1993 - At 10:30 p.m. in Biarritz, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France an ovoid phosphorescent shape was seen coming out of the sea from the shore, remaining stationary a few moments,and  then disappearing at once. (Source: GEIPAN, case # 1993-149).

1993 - In the evening police and other witnesses in Yuma, Arizona saw a triangular object zig-zagging thru the sky, and making no sound. (Source: Paul Ferrughelli, Computer Catalog of UFO Reports, 1986-94, case 1734, citing MUFON Arizona).

1994 - From Del Norte, Rio Grande County, Colorado at  11:00 p.m. a triangular shaped object with a honeycomb-like structure was seen hovering for an hour. (Sources: UFO Newsclipping Service, October 1994; Christopher O'Brien, The Mysterious Valley, p. 253).

1994 - At 10:00 p.m. a black rectangle, approximately 30 feet long with a bright head light and tail light, and red and green side lights, hovered (levitated) silently in Helsinki, Finland for 10 minutes. There was the occurrence of anomalous radar echoes in the Central European surveillance area. (Sources: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, August 1994 archived webpage, report uploaded January 11, 2002; Illobrand von Ludwiger, Best UFO Cases -- Europe, p. 109).

1995 - At 1:00 p.m. three motorists driving on US Highway 285 on Poncha Pass, Chaffee County, Colorado witnessed a huge cylinder that hovered for two minutes, and then shot away at fantastic speed. A police report was filed over the incident. (Source: UFO Newsclipping Service, January 1996).

2003 - Shortly after midnight, at 12:05 a.m. Mrs. Gutierrez Lomas saw a strange light from downtown Caracas, Venezuela that split in two.The liight then moved toward the Ruperto Lugo sector of the city, where it made a sudden, inexplicable turn and finally made a line for Cerro El Avila mountain. (Source: Scott Corales, UFO Updates, ufoinfo.com).

2003 - At 10:10 p.m. a UFO was sighted in Nastola, Hame, Finland. The object changed shape rapidly, and was surrounded by a bluish haze. It moved very fast, before it stopped for a few minutes, and finally took off.(Source: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, August 2003 webpage).

2003 - Cigar-shaped object appeared in Milton, Florida at 10:30 p.m., hovered, pulsated, and blinked while it rotated for 30 to 40 seconds, and then disappeared. (Source: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, August 2003 webpage).

2008 - In Allentown, Pennsylvania a slow moving, sometimes hovering disc-shaped object with a 4-pronged star-like shape on the bottom, was seen flying only 60 feet above tree top level at 9:30 p.m. (Source:Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, August 2008 webpage, report uploaded October 31, 2008).

2009 - In Apolda, Thuringen, Germany 12-year-old Natali was woke up by her little brother at around 3:00 a.m. because he wanted help going to the bathroom. After returning to her bedroom, she heard a cat meowing outdoors, so she went out onto her patio. She next heard a deep humming, vibrating sound, and looking up she saw through the transparent sky-roof window a large shiny circular flying object, which flew off towards some nearby woods and then came back to hover over her house. Scared, she ran to her bedroom and hid under some blankets. However, the craft then shone a bright beam of light into her room through her window. She saw a short Grey humanoid, with a huge hairless head and large almond-shaped eyes, peering in the window at her. The creature had no lips and only a small slit for a mouth, it also had a very thin neck. She estimated it to be the same height as her four-year-old brother. When the figure became aware that the girl had seen it, it quickly disappeared from view, and in the next few moments the circular craft disappeared over some nearby trees. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, 2009 Humanoid Sighting Reports database, citing www.ufo-datenbank.de/europa/Deutschland/index.htm)

Written by Donald A. Johnson, Ph.D. (Revised 22 August 2012).

Compiled from the UFOCAT computer database.

Themes: aircraft UFO encounters; "angel hair" residue; almond odor; beings with antennae; buzzing; purring, or humming sounds; car pursuits; cigar-shaped UFOs; Cyclops being; crash and attempted retrieval of crashed UFO; dome-shaped UFOs and domed discs; EM effects: aircraft engines, compass failures; erratic maneuvers; fishbowl helmets; Grey humanoid; landings; humanoids, multi-year reports from Colorado, Finland, France, Germany, Italy and Spain; nautical UFO: UFO emerging from sea; oval UFOs, physical traces: burned circles, radar and radar visual cases, up-and-down motion; whistling sound; yellow balls of light; zigzag maneuvers.

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