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 November 24

1896 - Many witnesses in Red Bluff, California witnessed a light maneuvering in the sky for several minutes at 7:00 p.m. In Visalia, California several observers saw a "vessel" in the sky moving at the speed of a train; it moved up-and-down and left-and-right, and departed quickly to the northwest. At 11:30 p.m. two witnesses in Tacoma, Washington watched a flying object beam vari-colored rays of light in all directions. It then flew to the southeast and examined the Mount Rainier mountain peak. (Sources: Oakland Tribune, November 25, 1896; Gordon I. R. Lore, Jr. & Harold H. Dennault, Jr., Mysteries of the Skies: UFOs in Perspective, pp. 8-9; Loren E. Gross, The UFO Wave of 1896, p. 21, 26).

1951 - At 3:53 p.m. a milky white object looking like a small Northrop flying wing (V-shaped with no fuselage or tail) hovered in the skies over Mankato, Minnesota. It flew over two Air National Guard F-51 fighter aircraft being flown by pilots W. H. Fairbrother and D. E. Stewart . A Project Blue Book "unidentified" case. (Sources: Project Blue Book files counted in official statistics, case # 1013; Dominique Weinstein, Aircraft UFO Encounters, p. 14; Jay Rath, The M Files: True Reports of Minnesota's Unexplained Phenomena, p. 43).

1952 - Annandale, Virginia. 6:30 p.m. Witness L. L. Brettner reported seeing a round, glowing object that flew very fast, made right angle turns, and reversed course during a 1 hour sighting. There was also a second witness but the information about his or her sighting is missing from the file. (Source: Don Berliner, Project Blue Book Unknowns; Loren E. Gross, UFOs: A History. 1952: November-December, p. 42)

1954 - A woman astronomer named Marley, with a telescope in Southampton, England saw a small white disc-shaped object fly to the south at 12:15 a.m., and then suddenly turn 180 degrees to fly off rapidly to the north. (Source: Loren E. Gross, The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse: UFOs: A History. 1954: November-December, p. 29).

1957 - Army Captain Kohrtz in Kortedala, Goteborg, Sweden at 3:30 p.m. watched with binoculars as an ovoid flying object spiraled upwards towards the Moon, glowing on one side. (Source:  NICAP UFO Investigator, Volume 1, Number 3; Karl Gosta Rehn).

1959 - At 1:00 p.m. Mrs. Sperring in New Ferry, Cheshire, England watched a silver domed disc with a yellow illuminated dome. It was spinning, and had flashing lights. It flew off to the north-northeast. (Sources: Larry Hatch, U computer database, case # 5866; FSR, March 1960).

1960 - At 10:00 a.m. in Defiance, Ohio a physics professor driving in a car, and his passenger, watched a silent 30-meter in diameter black disc-shaped object that flew off to the northwest. It had clearly defined edges. (Source: Richard Hall, The UFO Evidence, p. 54).

1965 - James Allen Aldridge and his family heard a loud blast outside their mobile home trailer in Cooper City, Florida and saw a flash in the western sky at 18:45 p.m. Aldridge went to his barn to check on his stock and there he saw a man about five feet tall, with wide shoulders and a narrow waist. He shouted at the man but got no response. His dog was shaking with fright at the sight of the strange figure. Aldridge then drove off to get the police, but when they returned they could find no one. (Source: David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1965-67, citing local police and a newspaper source dated November 25, 1965).

1966 - At 7:15 a.m. Mr. Thomas Ury was driving home when the "Mothman", a bird-like creature six feet tall and with a ten foot wingspan, circled over his car. He sped up to 70-75 miles per hour but the creature kept up with his car. He had been close to the area of the TNT dumpsite in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. That same night Mary Myer, a newspaper reporter, saw the red eyes of "Mothman" when she visited the abandoned power plant in Point Pleasant, West Virginia where it had been seen before. (Sources: UPI, November 25, 1966; David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, cases 1966-63 and 1966-62 (A0756); John A. Keel, FSR, July-August 1968, p. 13; John A. Keel, The Mothman Prophesies, p. 68).

1967 - At 2:30 p.m. Sr. Ugo Battaglia, a radio technician, and his 14-year-old assistant Carlos Alberto do Nascimento, were in an eighth floor apartment building repairing a phonograph in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil when they heard a high-pitched sound. They looked out a window facing the coastal hills and saw a brilliant metallic disc-shaped object. It landed on a hill opposite the apartment building. The UFO struck and shattered a tree as it came down. Underneath at either end was a red light, and on top was a spinning cupola with slat windows. Three men clad in white coveralls came out of the UFO, which hovered just above the ground. They walked around it side by side with their arms hanging by their sides. After about five minutes they returned to the disc and disappeared underneath it. The two witnesses continued their work and left the building at 2:55 p.m., noticing that the disc was still in the same spot, but by the time they reached a nearby corner the UFO was no longer in view. They had not seen it depart. (Sources: Irene Granchi, APRO Bulletin, November-December 1967, p. 3; David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1967-117, citing Irene Granchi, APRO; John A. Keel, Operation Trojan Horse, p. 139; Richard H. Hall, The UFO Evidence, Volume II: A Thirty-Year Report, p. 474).

1967 - At 9:30 a.m. EST a witness named King in Tuscumbia, Missouri observed a silver banded, cone-shaped UFO that flew silently toward the east, then circled 360 degrees three times before heading back to the west. (Source: Ted R. Phillips, FSR Case Histories, December 1971, p. 10).

1968 - On this evening five teenagers in Southall Ridge, near Ripley, West Virginia saw a 150 foot in diameter domed disc over a house. It landed in a nearby field, and was shot at. It dodged bullets from a .22 caliber rifle. The first bullet made a "whomp" sound, like it had hit a solid object, but the later bullets had no reported effect. (Sources: Bob Teets, West Virginia UFOs: Close Encounters in the Mountain State, p. 87; Richard F. Haines, CE-5: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, p. 123).

1970 - At seven o'clock in the evening a compact "cloud" UFO emitting rays from the top was seen by hundreds in Belo Horizonte, Brazil during a time when part of the city experienced a power outage. At the same time Moyses Santos, a resident of the city, found himself surrounded by half a dozen three-foot tall beings in his room "who went around touching and upsetting everything." They floated about in the air, and had a translucent quality. They "looked like ice." When they got near a table lamp, they "lit up in many lights." One of them handed Santos a piece of paper on which he drew a flying saucer, without knowing why. The being then took the paper back. Finally they disappeared by passing through the walls. He went outside in time to see the UFO above the city, flooding the area with brilliant light. Other sightings occurred about the same time in several Brazilian cities. (Sources: Irene Granchi, APRO Bulletin, November-December 1970, p. 3; David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1970-19, citing Irene Granchi, APRO). 

1970 -  That same evening two men in Centralia, Illinois had nearly identical experiences with a UFO while driving home. At 5:45 p.m. Sam Alli saw a glowing white-and-yellow globe hovering in the sky. It was fuzzy at first but then became perfectly clear. It began to move in circles, then rapid spurts. It slowed to a complete stop when he turned into his driveway. The second witness, Larry Peterson, next reported a similar experience. (Sources: Skylook, January 1971, p. 1; Mrs. K. Smith, BUFORA Journal, August 1971, p. 21; Jay Rath, The I-Files: True Reports of Unexplained Phenomena in Illinois, p. 56).

1973 - A photograph of a domed ovoid UFO was taken at 5:00 p.m. in the Piedmont region of Italy. A 23-year-old man named Contin took the photo of the object in Susa, Italy as it was making seemingly impossible maneuvers. Jets were later seen chasing the object. (Source: Gordon Creighton, FSR, October 1974, p. 27).

1974 -  According to the Spanish Air Force, at 7:50 p.m. a light descended from 8,000 to 6,000 feet and paced a Fokker F-27 IB aircraft for one minute while flying between Tenerife and Las Palmas in the Canary Islands. The UFO disappeared when the airplane turned toward the light. The visual sighting lasted for three minutes, while radar returns were recorded at 8:20 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Independent witnesses included a Spanish Air Force Lt. Colonel and his daughter driving in a car. (Source: Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos, UNICAT database, case 821).

1974 - On the same night a circular object paced a private aircraft flying over Shabbona, Illiniois. It suddenly tipped and shot away. The EM effect included a magnetic compass deflection.  (Source: Dominique Weinstein, Aircraft UFO Encounters, p. 50, citing MUFON UFO Journal, November 1989).

1976 - A cone-shaped object with a light followed a truck on a highway in New Albany, Indiana at 10:30 p.m. It went away when other vehicles approached, but reappeared when they were gone and was seen for more than an hour. It left by departing toward the east. There were 13 witnesses to the close encounter. (Source: International UFO Reporter, January 1977, p. 5).

1977 -  At 10:10 p.m. a UFO came out of the southwest, flying over a ranch following some high tension power lines in the town of La Aurora, Uruguay.  It changed colors and caused radio interference. There was a 10 minute power failure in the city of Salto. (Source: Bob Van Der Velde, APRO Bulletin, May 1982, p. 4).

1978 -  Sr. Gordillo and three friends were out hunting in the pre-dawn hours around 3:30 a.m. in a wooded hilly region near the River Guadiamar in Gerena Guadiamar, Sevilla province, Spain when they all saw a red light on the ground in a nearby eucalyptus grove. They all carried bright lanterns and continued looking for game. They  crossed the river, and temporarily forgot about the red light for a few minutes. They then noticed that the light was now in a nearby clearing in the woods. Two of the witnesses approached the area, while the others remained behind. The two men saw, partially hidden by some trees, a large bowl-shaped or jug-shaped craft with a red light on top and numerous multicolored lights on the front; it rested on two shiny silvery legs. Next to the object stood a tall, heavy set human-like figure, who appeared to be wearing a large round black helmet with a glass visor over the face. His clothing was silvery and he wore large boots. The being walked slowly back and forth in front of the object, at one point approaching the witnesses briefly. It made low humming noises. The men became frightened and left the area. Large footprints were found at the site. (Sources: APRO Bulletin, September 1979, p. 1; Lumieres dans la Nuit, September 1979; Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos, Enciclopedia De Los Encuentros Cercanos Con Ovnis & UNICAT database case # 485, citing Stendek, volume 37, number 1).

1978 - Sr. D'Ambros, age 61, had gone into a nearby woods at 11:45 a.m. near Gastagh, Italy to gather some firewood and had sat down on a log to rest. He was horrified to suddenly see two strange looking beings looking at him. The beings were hovering very close to the ground. They were described as a meter tall and thin with large pointed ears. One was shorter than the other. They had yellowish skin, large smooth and bald elongated heads, long pointed noses and large mouths with two long pointed fangs. They were clad in dark, tight fitting coveralls that started below the knee and extended up to their necks. They also had huge hands and feet with extremely long fingers and nails. The shorter of the beings approached the witness and began making sudden "sliding" moves around him, never touching the ground. The witness screamed for help and asked who they were but they only answered him with mumbling sounds. The taller creature now approached and attempted to take the witness's pruning axe from him. After a brief struggle the creatures fled into the woods. The witness chased after them but lost sight of them. He then came upon a clearing where a solid, metallic disc-shaped craft with a dome on top rested on four legs. He saw a pair of long hands close a small trap door on the dome, then the disc took off silently and at high speed emitting a burst of red flame from its bottom. During the same time other independent witnesses had watched a similar object maneuvering over the area. Ground traces found in the area included a 12-foot wide burnt circle, with vegetation whirled counterclockwise, U-shaped imprints 20 cm long and 3 cm deep, and uprooted bushes. (Sources: Antonio Chiumiento, International UFO Reporter, May 1983, p. 8; David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case A2176, citing IUR; Richard H. Hall, The UFO Evidence, Volume II: A Thirty-Year Report, p. 492).

1981 - Dale Spurlock saw a red pulsating domed disc at treetop level while driving 10 miles south-southwest of Marshall near Darco, Texas at 9:30 p.m. It was seen near a small lake and some power lines, and had four colored lights--a row of red, blue, green, and amber lights--at the base of the dome. It made no sound as it passed left to right just above the tress, and then hovered. The object tilted, and two strong headlights from the front of the UFO shown directly down on his pickup truck. The object was revolving counterclockwise, and left towards the east. The truck's electrical system (alternator and battery) was damaged. (Sources: John Combest, International UFO Reporter, May 1982, p. 5; Richard H. Hall, MUFON UFO Journal, February 1984, p. 14; UNICAT database case # 027, citing John Combest; Richard H. Hall, The UFO Evidence, Volume II: A Thirty-Year Report, pp. 205, 374 & 383. Sketch courtesy of Richard H. Hall).

Dale Spurlock's Close Encounter of the Second Kind, Marshall, Texas - 1981

Sketch of Marshall, Texas Close Encounter of the Second Kind - 1981

1987 - At 7:30 p.m. a woman and two teenagers driving in Gulf Breeze, Florida saw a multicolored disc-shaped object pacing them at a distance. The 30 foot in diameter object then stopped and hovered over some woods. The witnesses stopped to watch it. It was spinning and had a row of windows. A small red ball of light was emitted from the underside of the UFO. Next, the disc moved laterally, and finally ascended out of sight. The sighting lasted five minutes. (Sources: Boots Eckerd, MUFON field investigation case files, case # 890406; Dan Wright, MUFON UFO Journal, November 1989, p. 17).

1988 - A witness saw a six-foot tall humanoid figure near Hunge, Sweden at 9:00 p.m. It wore a tight-fitting diver's suit and a helmet. It suddenly vanished into thin air as the witness approached it. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1988, case #  2374, citing Andre Liljegren, AFU Newsletter, issue # 34).

1989 - Weathermen in Papa, Hungary observed four 50 meter wide orange balls of light at 10:00 p.m. One shot off at 2,600 mph. Military jets were scrambled to chase the UFOs, and there was radar confirmation of the sighting. (Source: Timothy Good, The UFO Report 1991, p. 234).

1990 - At 2:45 a.m. a police inspector in Hendale, England saw a bright light split into a number of blue and white objects, which flew south. At the same time two police officers saw a UFO over the Bristol Channel. The UFO appeared on radar. (Source: Gary Heseltine, Police Reports of UFOs, case # 143, citing The Sun Independent, November 25, 1990).

1990 - At 6:15 p.m. a driver together with children in the car in Comeray, France sighted a red football-shaped object surrounded by an orange glowing waves.It flashed once every second. (Source: Larry Hatch, U computer database, case # 15417; Lumieres dans la Nuit, issue # 307).

1990 - At 11:37 p.m. a silent red UFO was photographed in Gulf Breeze, Florida by three observers with 35 mm cameras and two more witnesses with video cameras. (Source: Paul Ferrughelli, Computer Catalog of UFO Reports, 1988-94, case # 978).

1991 - On this evening in North Port, Florida a former WW II fighter pilot and his neighbor saw a cylindrical UFO pass over a house. It was not well lit, it flew faster than a jet, and made no sound. (Source: Timothy Good, Alien Update, p. 242, citing Sun Times, November 27, 1991).

1993 - In Harlowton, Montana near Malmstrom Air Force Base witnesses reported a 6-7 hour long event that began at around 7 p.m., during which a triangle-shaped UFO, flying discs, and an immense cylindrical object were observed clearly at close range and through binoculars. (Source: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle, November 1993 webpage, report uploaded September 12, 1999).

1995 - A local resident of Toa Baja, Puerto Rico reported encountering a short, four-foot tall creature on this evening, shortly after nearby residents also reported seeing a saucer-shaped object crossing the skies. Around the same time several heifers were found dead, lying in a perfect row in the middle of a lonely road. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, 1995 Humanoid Sighting Reports database, case # 3287, citing Scott Corrales, Chupacabras and Other Mysteries).

1996 - During a very stormy night in Houston, Texas a woman was having trouble falling sleep and was very restless. At around 2:00 a.m. she started feeling very strange, as if in some sort of a trance. There was a window right above her bed, and it felt as if something was pulling her from inside. At the same time some kind of appartition appeared on the upper part of the closet door directly across from the window. It appeared to be a reddish figure with wings, or something on either side of its body, that was moving up and down. She also saw a shadow pass by the window to the left of the bed. The creature then vanished. Her husband did not see or experience anything. A week after the incident, the witness suffered a nervous breakdown. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, 1996 Humanoid Sighting Reports database, case # 2649, citing UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World).

2004 - At two o'clock in the morning a V-shaped orange glowing object was sighted in Yuma, Arizona that moved straight up until it became impossible to see. (Source: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle, November 2004 webpage).

2004 - At 7:40 p.m. a bright orange light was seen in Houston, British Columbia descending slowly, following the contour of the mountain. (Source: Geoff Dittman, 2004 Canadian UFO Survey, case # 813, citing HBCCUFO).

2009 - A witness in Tracy, California reported seeing a red and blue "V" shaped object flying through the sky and emitting a bright LED-like light. At 6:10 p.m. EST another witness in Raleigh, North Carolina observed a V-shaped object with white and red flashing lights moving slowly over Falls Lake.(Source: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle, November 2009 webpage, reports uploaded December 12, 2009).

Written by Donald A. Johnson, Ph.D. (Revised 24 November 2012).

Compiled from the UFOCAT computer database.

Themes: aircraft UFO encounters; cone-shaped UFO; cylindrical UFOs; disc-shaped UFOs; domed discs; EM effects: electric power outages and vehicle electrical system damage; goblin-like humanoid entities; ground traces; helmets; landings, light beams; Mothman reports; multicolored UFOs; multi-year reports from Brazil, England, Florida, Illinois, Italy and Sweden; silvery uniforms; transparent humanoids; white uniforms.

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