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 October 20

1950 - Four people flying over Camaguey province, Cuba in a Beech Bonanza aircraft sighted a circular object with a diameter of 70-80 feet flying at terrific speed at 7:40 p.m. (Sources: Dominique Weinstein, Aircraft UFO Encounters, p. 13; Loren E. Gross, UFOs: A History. 1950: August-December, p. 45).

1954 - Lucien Fisch saw an object land near Route N83 in Issenheim, Haut-Rhin, France. It was luminous. (Source: Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia: A Century of Landings, p. 234, case 290).

1954 - At 2:30 a.m. Lazlo Ujvari, age 40, saw a dark domed disc in Raon-l'Etape, Vosges, France that made a whining noise. He was suddenly confronted by a man wearing a jacket, boots, and some type of cloth headgear, like a pilot's leather helmet. The man pointed a gun at him and said something he could not understand. When Ujvari spoke to him in Russian, the man answered in the same language. He asked whether he was in Spain or Italy, and how far he was from Germany. When he asked the time, Ujvari said "2:30." The man took out a watch and said "You lie, it's 4:00." Then he wanted to know how far away and in what direction was Marseilles. He forced Ujvari to walk with him on the road, and they soon came to a gray craft with an antenna on top. The man left him there and went aboard. When Ujvari had walked about 200 meters from the craft he heard a soft whistling sound and saw it fly straight up, then take an oblique trajectory. (Sources: Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia: A Century of Landings, p. 235, case 291; Michel Carrouges, Les Apparitions de Martiens, p. 99).

1954 - On or about this date, in Binghamton, New York a Mr. White reported that he met two humanoids dressed in metallic snowsuits on the golf course. They spoke English with a peculiar accent, and said they would intervene in the event of a nuclear war. The UFO they arrived in was round, disc-shaped with a glass ring on the rim. Ground traces included burnt soil in a circle 14 feet in diameter. (Source: NICAP case files).

1954 - During a rainstorm on this late afternoon in the Lusigny Forest in Aube department, France Roger Reveille saw an oval flying object close to the ground. It was six meters long and hovered at treetop level. He felt intense heat coming from it. It shot up vertically at great speed. Inside the woods the heat had become intolerable and a cloud of dense smoke had formed under the rain. After 15 minutes the witness was able to approach the site, and he found the trees, grass, and ground perfectly dry. (Sources: Aime Michel, Flying Saucers and the Straight Line Mystery, p. 204; Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia: A Century of Landings, p. 235, case 292).

1954 - Several unknown objects maneuvered for two hours near the village of St-Valery, Somme, France. One of them was very brilliant and landed in a pasture. Two others were seen near a cliff in Mers, France. They appeared to be in communication with UFOs in another group by means of light signals. (Source: Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia: A Century of Landings, p. 235, case 293; Paris Presse, October 22, 1954).

1954 - In Turquenstein, Meurthe-et-Moselle, France at 6:30 p.m. Mr. Schoubrenner, a 25-year-old truck driver, saw a bright light in the distance and soon found his road blocked by a strange object. The engine died, and he felt paralyzed: "My hands were as though glued to the wheel." He also felt a sensation of heat inside his vehicle. The craft looked like an inverted cone, the lower part phosphorescent, the middle dull, and the top luminous with a yellow or orange point. (Sources: Aime Michel, Flying Saucers and the Straight Line Mystery, pp. 203-204; Flying Saucers, September 1962, p. 34; Richard Hall, The UFO Evidence, p. 74; Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia: A Century of Landings, p. 235, case 294).

1954 - On this evening Mr. Renzo Pugina, age 37, had just parked his car in the garage at his residence in Parravicino d'Erba, Italy when he saw a strange being wearing a "scaly" luminous suit. It stood near a tree and was about 1.3 meters (4.3 feet) tall. The entity had what looked like a flashlight, and aimed a beam of light from it at him. He felt paralyzed and was unable to move until he made a clenching motion with his fist on the garage keys that he held in his hand. Freed from the temporary paralysis he ran to attack the intruder, who fled with a soft whirring sound. An oily spot was found at the site. (Source: Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia: A Century of Landings, pp. 235-236, case 295).

1955 - Manuel Gonzalez Vazquez and his neighbor Erminda where in a field tending some cattle in Portela de Pau, Orense, Spain in the late afternoon when they felt a slight tremor that lasted a few minutes. Moments later they saw an undetermined figure inside a “screen-like” image in the sky. The figure had a definite human shape. Seconds later they spotted a second flying figure approaching under the clouds. As the figure approached they could tell that it was a female figure, flying at three meters above the ground. It resembled an 18-year-old girl, and was a little over a meter in height. Her hair was gathered up in a bun and she was wearing a light turquoise colored cloak. The woman flew by the two witnesses and turned to look at them but did not say anything. It eventually glided away and disappeared from sight. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1955, citing Gaceta OVNI).

1973 - In the evening Mr. Mars Walker, a student at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia observed a vague, purple shape about 50 yards from the house. A humanoid being with tentacle-like protrusions about the head came from it . He had hands with three or four fingers. It wore a belt that had several odd objects hanging from it, and appeared to be taking readings with them. The being completely ignored the witness for the 30 minute period that the encounter lasted. It was bathed in a green light from the UFO. Eventually it was "taken back into the vessel." (Sources: David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1973-51; David F. Webb, 1973: The Year of The Humanoids).

1973 - The witness, a young women college student, had left college for home and was then reported missing, her car having been found abandoned in Indiana with the hood up by the side of the road. She turned up four days later at a police station, and reported that she had been driving along a deserted highway when her vehicle's engine sputtered and died at around ten p.m. She stepped out to check on it and was suddenly grabbed from behind by three creatures. She described them as wearing white face masks, or having white faces like molded plastic masks. Their eyes were large and set close to the sides of the head, and they had three-fingered, claw-like hands. They all wore metallic blue coveralls with a white stripe down the side. She was floated onboard a domed, disc- shaped object that was sitting on a nearby field. She was forced into a room, stripped, and then strapped to a table. Then she was given an extensive medical exam in which several needles were inserted into her body. She was left briefly alone in the brightly lit room, and then strapped to a chair. There several electrode-like devices were attached to her body and the creatures interrogated her at length. She was later given water and some food, which she did not eat, and released on a lonely stretch of road. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1973, case #1414, citing Kevin D. Randle, The October Scenario).

1973 - A 48-year-old homemaker in Gerena, Sevilla province, Spain was in her kitchen washing dishes at 11:15 p.m. when she saw her patio suddenly light up. She next saw an oval-shaped object descend and emit a loud grinding noise. On each end of the object there was a bright red square, while the object's central section appeared transparent. She saw two dark figures inside the UFO. The object descended very close to the ground, emitting a loud sound, and then then shot upwards while increasing in luminescence. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1973, case #81, citing Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos & Fernandez Peri, Enciclopedia De Los Encuentros Cercanos con OVNIS).

1973 - Late at night nine campers, a group of students led by three adults, had gone to El Yunque Mountain Park in Puerto Rico hoping to "contact" UFOs and their occupants. They made camp high up on a mountain trail. Mr. Heriberto Ramos, the group's leader, said that at one point during their ascent they met three persons heading down the trail. There was nothing "alien" about the trio aside from the fact that they all dressed exactly alike and had similar features. One of the group members, who had stayed behind, took a photo of the three mysterious walkers, but only a patch of mist appeared on the developed film.

Later that night the campers found themselves surrounded by five or six vaguely humanoid figures who darted about the thick vegetation. They had claw-like hands and elongated ears. Some of these "monsters" blocked the precipice flanked trail that constituted the only way down from the mountain. Mr. Ramos tried walking cautiously toward pne being, hoping to show that his intentions were amicable. He got to within ten feet from the creature, and was able to describe it as having a triangular head and "extraordinary" eyes. He even he managed to touch the strange being, which did not stir. Its skin felt neither cold nor rubbery. Almost simultaneously, one of his students lit a large, powerful flashlight flooding the area with light. The clawed creature reacted by racing away from the scene, literally tearing a path right through the dense vegetation.

The path led to a 100 foot drop, giving Ramos the impression that they had frightened the being into jumping. But to his amazement it reappeared instantly at the side of its companions, who were still blocking the downhill path. From then until the sky began to lighten the besieged campers were watched by the beings, who remained in constant motion around them. Terror had led one of the students to bang himself repeatedly on the head with a flashlight, hoping to escape the situation by passing out. Seized by an inexplicable urge, another camper expressed a desire to take a walk in the woods. Fearing for his mental state, one of his companions offered to walk with him. Before they'd taken more than a dozen steps, they found what could only be described as a glimmering, polychromatic "egg" lying on the ground. While entranced by the curious flashing object, neither one felt brave enough to touch it.

Later that night they saw it in the claws of one of the alien creatures. At sunrise the campers made a mad dash for their cars that were parked at the bottom of the mountain. No trace of the aliens remained aside from their footprints, which were much larger than a human's and appeared to have been made by heavy creatures. The campers made plaster casts of the prints and photographed them. These materials were stolen by unknown parties some months after the incident. (Sources: David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1973-52; David F. Webb, 1973: The Year of The Humanoids; also Scott Corrales, Sebastian Robiou Lamarche, & Jorge Martin).

Written by Donald A. Johnson, Ph.D. (Revised 31 August 2009).

Compiled from the UFOCAT computer database.

Themes: abduction, blue metallic uniforms, claw-like hands, cone-shaped UFOs, domed discs, footprints, grinding noise, levitation, medical exam, oily residue, ovoid or oval-shaped UFOs, physiological effects: paralysis, sensation of heat, short humanoids, unintelligible language, vertical ascent, whirring or whining noise.

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