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 September 16

1952 - The crew of a U.S. Navy P2V Neptune patrol plane, Boak, Prentis and Hara, flying near Portland, Maine at 6:22 p.m. sighted a dark elongated cigar and a group of five unidentified lights and picked up a long thin blip on radar. Investigators considered whether the crew had sighted a USAF KC-97 aircraft involved in a refueling operation, but decided that this was unlikely. The sighting lasted 20 minutes. (Sources: Project Blue Book files counted in official statistics, case # 2099; Richard F. Haines, Project Delta, p. 146; Don Berliner, Project Bluebook UFO Unknowns; Cominique Weinstein, Aircraft UFO Encounters, p. 19; UNICAT, case # 746).

1952 - At 7:30 p.m. three Air Force officers and two civilians at Warner-Robbins AFB, Georgia observed two unidentified white lights flying abreast, at a speed of 100 mph, for 15 minutes. (Source: Don Berliner, Project Bluebook UFO Unknowns).

1954 - At 5:45 p.m. a metallic round flat object, was seen gliding along rapidly in calm air over Le Pin, Isere, France by four witnesses. (Source: Aime Michel, Flying Saucers and the Straight Line Mystery, p. 50).

1954 - In Marion, Virginia a radio station transmitter failed as a round shiny UFO passed by the tower. (Source: Richard Hall, The UFO Evidence, p. 74).

1955 - Boisseuges, France. A young shepherd heard a whistling sound at 6:00 p.m. as a dark mass appeared to fall from the sky and a rush of air swept him from his feet. The object looked like a machine with an opening where a stairway became visible. Two occupants were seen. One was observed to have a reddish face, a baldhead, and very fine teeth. The craft was round, about 3.5 meters in diameter, and two meters high; it was lighted with a neon-like light. The occupants gathered some plants and flew away to the northwest. (Sources: Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia: A Century of Landings, p. 252 (case 375); Gamard Alain, UFO Register 1978 (volume 7), p. 44).

1957 - At 7:30 p.m. in Smithfield, Queensland, Australia Les McDonald, age 17, and Gladys Smith, age 14, saw a red light changing to green, spreading around them like a mist and covering an area about 100 meters in diameter. They became nearly paralyzed and "felt a warm glow." They had no fear, but were "merely cognizant of things as they were without [the ability] to react." This sensation lasted two minutes. (Source: Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia: A Century of Landings, p. 258 (case 402), citing UFO Bulletin, December 1957).

1962 - On this night a rubber plantation worker in Vila Conceicao, near Barcelos, Amazonas, Brazil saw a round glowing object emitting sparks come down into a clearing in the plantation. Three humanoid beings jumped out, attacked another man, who happened to be a soccer referee, abducted him and took him away. They also stole 17 hens, six pigs, and two cows from the plantation. The UFO shot straight up into the sky when it took off. Neither the man nor the animals were ever returned. (Sources: APRO Bulletin, January 1963, p. 3; FSR, September 1970, p. 28; Brad Sparks, Computer Catalog of Abduction Cases (N=150), case 74; Thomas E. Bullard, UFO Abductions:  The Measure of a Mystery.  Volume 2: Catalogue of Cases, case # 262).

1965 - Pretoria, South Africa. Two police officer witnesses in an approaching car, Lockem and De Klerk, watched in astonishment as a copper-colored, domed disc-shaped UFO, 30 feet in diameter, lifted off from the road in front of them at 12:10 a.m., emitting flames from two tubes on the underside. The physical traces included a burned five foot diameter depression on the macadam road. (Sources: NICAP UFO Investigator, September 1965, p. 5; Richard H. Hall, The UFO Evidence, Volume II. A Thirty Year Report, pp. 171, 262).

Pretoria, South Africa CE-II UFO Report - 1965

Sketch of Pretoria, South Africa CE-II UFO Report - 1965

1971 - Radar/visual confirmation. At 8:45 p.m. astronomers and many other witnesses in St. Michel, east of Manosque, Alpes-Haut-Provence, France saw a 12 meter diameter disc-shaped object make maneuvers and turns; it shot off to the northeast. (Source: Aime Michel, FSR Case Histories, February 1972, p. 2; GEPA Phenomenes Spatiaux, September 1971, p. 28, citing LDLN).

1973 -  At 7:30 p.m. a brightly glowing ellipse hovered near a house in Greilickville near Elmwood Township, Michigan. There were four witnesses, including Mr. Peacock. (Sources: Richard H. Hall, The UFO Evidence, Volume II:  A Thirty-Year Report, p. 341; J. Bernard Delair, UFO Register, volume 5 (1974), case 570).

1974 - At around 9:15 p.m. Mrs. Richards was driving north of St Helens, Tasmania, Australia with her two young children when she noticed the sky light up ahead of her. Crossing a bridge, the car then lost power and rolled to a stop. The entire electric system was out, even the heater, radio, headlights and dashboard lights, and an attempt to restart the car failed. Then "a deafening vibrating noise enveloped the car." As she and the children covered their ears, "painful electrical shocks began penetrating their bodies." This went on for about a minute. Next, the car filled with a "choking smell," and they evacuated the car and ran down the road to a house some distance away. The local resident noted their alarmed condition and took them in, and after a short while they all went back to check on their vehicle. The light had gone, and all that was unusual with the car was that its hood was hot. The car started normally, and they drove home. Coincidentally, Mrs. Richards husband was out waiting for them and saw lights in the sky and heard a distant roar. Although the children suffered no subsequent physiological effects, Mrs. Richards had swollen arms, fingers, and became numb on the right side of her face. (Sources: Saturday Evening Mercury, September 21, 1974; W. K. Roberts, FSR, February 1976, p. 22; Mark Rodeghier, UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference, p. 63; Keith Basterfield, UFO Research Australia, March 1982, p. 26).

1974 - On this afternoon west of Dargnies, Somme, France two domed discs were seen on the ground. "Men" were seen working outside the crafts. The objects took off rapidly to the west, and "lava rock" was found at the landing site. (Source: Lumieres dans la Nuit, issue 339).

1978 - At 2:30 a.m. in Delano, Tennessee a witness saw two humanoid beings with what looked like flashlights in the yard. Then a pink-colored UFO descended, and the figures vanished. (Source: Larry Hatch, U computer database, case # 12827, citing International UFO Reporter, July 1979).

1981 - Mr. Burke, age 48, was driving between Nowra and Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales, Australia when his car was enveloped in a blazing light which allegedly melted his tape recorder. It also caused soreness in witness's leg and fingers. (Source: ACOS Bulletin, March 1982, p. 11).

1981 - At Charleston Lake, Ontario three members of a family watched three red spheres at 9 p.m. The first object came in over the lake at tree level, banked left over the water, and disappeared in the east. The other two stayed over water, then vanished "into thin air". (Source: Joe Graziano, APRO Bulletin, March 1982, p. 7).

1989 - Radioactive release occurred on this day at 8:20 a.m. at Chernobyl' Unit 4, Ukraine. A few hours later a doctor, Dr. I. Gospina, sighted an amber, elliptical UFO. She was able to discern its top and bottom. (Source: Paul Stonehill, The Soviet UFO Files, p. 68).

1989 - On this night a young female employee of a local meat packing plant in Nikolayev, Russia had stepped outside for a quick break at a tramway when a beam of light struck her from above. Looking up, she saw a hovering disc-shaped craft which the beam had emanated from. The object was about 40-60 meters in diameter. She reported that she felt no fear and indeed had a euphoric feeling as she began rising up into the air towards the object. She was levitated up to 160 feet and near to the UFO. She also heard a voice extolling her to "fly with them". Other workers came to the scene and began yelling and ran towards the woman.The witnesses screaming apparently had an effect, for the beam disappeared, she was returned to ground, and the UFO flew away. (Sources: Jacques Vallee, UFO Chronicles of the Soviet Union: A Cosmic Samizdat, p. 10; Larry Hatch, U computer database, case # 14941; Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1989, citing Mikhail Gershtein, Immense Invasion).

1989 - On this night witnesses north of Zaostravka, Perm, Russia watched several disc-shaped objects engaged in what looked like an aerial battle or "dogfight" with another gold-colored disc. After several explosions the electrical power in Zaostravka went off. The gold-colored disc was seen crashing into a swamp. Several military personnel tried to get near the crash site, but the isolated location seemed impossible to access. The zone was declared off limits by the local military, several families living nearby were displaced, and a barbwire fence was installed in the area. Aircraft flying over the area afterwards reported equipment malfunctions and were diverted to other flight paths. The downed object was described as mushroom-shaped with a greenish-gold dome and a matt black rim with a narrow base. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1989, citing F. Bachurin, N. A. Subbotin and Anton Anfalov).

1992 - At 12:30 a.m. on County Road 70 northeast of Elk River, Minnesota, Mr. Townsend, age 49, witnessed a huge gray, silent domed disc over a clearing in the midst of a rainstorm. He viewed it clearly when the lightning flashed. The main body of the craft was disc-shaped, like a plate upside down, with a smaller bowl on top. There were four round white lights spaced evenly around the bottom, and it had smaller green and red lights in between. An interesting feature was that the rain stopped one foot from top the top of the craft, as if the energy field surrounding the object was causing the rain to dissipate. (Sources: Gary Trash, MUFON field investigation case files, case # 120592C; Donald Ware, MUFON UFO Journal, February 1993, p. 16; Joni Astrup, UFO Newsclipping Service, December 1992, p. 1, citing Star News, September 30, 1992).

1994 - At 10:15 a.m. several children in school in Ruwa, Mashona East, Zimbabwe watched three silver discs or spheres disappear with a flash of light, then reappear three times. One of the objects landed and a small man emerged. He was one meter tall and pale with a scrawny neck, big eyes and long black hair. He wore a shiny tight black suit. There were a total of 62 witnesses, and the incident lasted eight minutes. In another account of the same or a parallel incident, at 10:18 in nearby Harare, Mashona East, Zimbabwe school children at a school in a rural area spotted an unknown craft that landed in the valley below, with black humanoids patroling outside. (Sources: (1) Cynthia Hind, UFO Afri News, January 1995; Cynthia Hind, MUFON UFO Journal, January 1995; (2) Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle, September 1994 webpage, report uploaded December 5, 2001). 

1994 - At 8:00 p.m. numerous witnesses observed a strange craft hovering over Metepec, Mexico. At about the same time Sara Cuevas filmed a disc-shaped craft hovering over the area. A few hours later she noticed a strange luminous being standing about 90 feet away from her in the middle of a nearby sugar cane field. She filmed the four-foot-tall humanoid as it slowly moved away. The next day, footprints and strange formations of flattened crop-formation depressions were found in the sugar cane field. Another witness came forward who had seen a luminous dome-shaped craft land in the field that same night. (Sources: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1994, case # 2283, citing Michael Hesemann, The Cosmic Connection; Carlos Alberto Guzman Rojas, Los OVNIs y la Aviacion Mexicana: 50 anos de encuentros con OVNIs en el espacio aereo mexicano, p. 175).

1995 - At around midnight, during the heavy rain and buffeting of Tropical Storm Marilyn, a local resident of Pozo, Campo Rico, Puerto Rico saw a strange five-foot creature with red glowing eyes. He fired at the being several times with his gun, but it sprouted small wings and flew away from the area. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, 1995 Humanoid Sighting Reports Database, case # 2303, citing Jorge Martin, Evidencia OVNI, issue # 8).

1996 - At around 5:00 a.m. a witness in a car noticed a shiny luminous point of unusual size in Corme Royal, Charente-Maritime, France, then saw an ovoid craft with three portholes emitting a strong orange light. It was stationary at an altitude from 30-40 meters and 300-400 meters from the road. (Source: GEIPAN, case 237).

1996 - The 6-year-old witness was sleeping on the floor of his brother's room in Windsor, North Carolina when at 4:15 a.m. he awoke, looked to his right, and saw a white face with a grayish tint that was apparently lying on the ground staring at him. It had large black eyes and an almond-shaped head, no ears, a slit for a mouth, and two holes for a nose. It seemed to be about 5 feet 8 inches tall. The witness could not move his neck much, so he could not see its entire figure. Both the alien and young boy stared at each other for at least five minutes. It didn't flinch or move. When the witness attempted to scream he couldn't. He could move his arms, but not his legs. He then heard a voice in his head that said, "Don't move it is already done" or something similar to that. Upon hearing that, the witness decided to defend himself and punched it directly at the face. As soon as his hand made contact with the creature, it disappeared. There appears to have been about an hour time lapse, and in the morning the witness found marks on his arm and later on his back. He remembers that while he was staring at the alien there appeared to be a white light aura surrounding him. He does not believe he was in his brother's room at that point. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, 1996 Humanoid Sighting Reports Database, citing direct communication with the witness).

1996 - On this evening 62-year-old Uri Sakhov was walking to the local post office in Nazareth, Israel when he suddenly heard a loud whizzing sound and felt hands grab his hair and shoulders. In an instant he found himself being pulled into an egg-shaped object. Inside he found himself in a strange crystal chamber surrounded by several small humanoids. These were described as 2 to 3 feet tall, with heads shaped like light bulbs and skinny limbs that made unintelligible noises. The leader was described as taller and green colored, wearing flowing robes. He was very slender and had a narrow vertical head, with eyes located on either side of it. One of the small humanoids stepped up to the witness and sprayed his face with a yellowish powder. Soon they were conducting numerous medical tests on Sakhov, which made him feel "horrible" and very uncomfortable. Midway through the tests he lost consciousness. When he recovered consciousness he found himself lying flat on his back in the middle of a soccer stadium, half a kilometer from his house. Feeling dizzy, he went home and noticed that he still had some of the yellow powder on his face. The powder was analyzed at a local hospital and it was found to be about 60 percent aluminum and different from any soil found in the area. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, 1996 Humanoid Sighting Reports Database, case # 2461, citing Barry Chamish).

1998 - In Serpent River, Ontario two witnesses observed a silver oval object hovering overhead (below the clouds) for a few seconds at 1:00 p.m. Then it moved further away and hovered again. It left at a high rate of speed. (Source: Geoff Dittman, 1998 Canadian UFO Survey, case # 111).

1999 - A rural Menomonie, Wisconsin couple and a Dunn Sheriff's Deputy watched an ovoid object in the sky early Thursday morning at 4:04 a.m. (Source: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, September 1999 webpage, citing the Leader Telegram).

2001 - At 4:45 a.m. a mushroom/lampshade shaped object, about six-eight feet across, was seen in Market Drayton, Shropshire, England. It was white with a very bright base. It moved very fast. (Source: British Ministry of Defense, case 2001-163).

2006 - A glowing cone-shaped UFO gave off heat and sound, and caused an electrical disturbance in Liberty, Kentucky at 1:00 a.m. (Source: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, September 2006 webpage, report uploaded December 2006, p. 7).

2007 - At 4:00 a.m. a small, fast maneuvering ball of white light slowly descended from the sky to within 30 feet of a campsite in Bayfield Inlet, Ontario. It approached the witnesses, and when a flashlight was pointed at the light it reacted by moving away. (Sources: Chris Rutkowski, 2007 Canadian UFO Survey, case # 608; Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, September 2007 webpage, report uploaded October 8, 2007).

2007 - Anza Borrego State Park, California. Carl Mandeville (pseudonym) and his girlfriend had decided to go on an overnight backpacking adventure. Their destination was Mount Laguna, in the unincorporated area of San Diego, California. However, a forest fire in Julian closed off Route 78, so they took an alternative route and stumbled upon the Anza Borrego Desert State Park. They arrived at the park at 5:00 p.m. He had never hiked or backpacked at the park before, so Carl went to the visitor center and got the information he needed, and set off on his journey to Culp Valley Campground. Culp Valley campground is at approximately 3,500 feet in elevation. He and his girlfriend pulled into the campground, loaded their backpacks, and set off. They only backpacked about one mile out due to it being the evening. They set up a tent about 20 feet north of the trail. The tent was set up on a small slope looking down on the trail.

At around 3:00 a.m. the moon had sunk behind the mountains surrounding the desert, and it was pitch black, and his girlfriend was sleeping. Unable to sleep Carl just lay there staring at the starry sky. Suddenly, he heard a man’s voice, he when he looked in the direction it was coming from he saw a green light being waved back and forth. He immediately thought it was the park ranger. The light was about 50 yards east from his tent, and he could tell that whoever it was was using the green light to guide somebody on the trail. The green light was coming closer and closer to their tent, probably not directly to the tent but down the trail. Abruptly, the green light disappeared and Carl panicked, because out of nowhere a massive amount of light lit up the trail 20 feet from where he was. He was terrified; nobody was talking at this point, and he didn’t hear footsteps--just saw a massive amount of white light. The light was getting closer. He immediately ducked down and lay low in his tent, very scared. He then peeked out of the tent and saw 12 to 15 humanoid figures that looked like people, but some were extremely tall, and the rest were really very short with large bald heads. The tall figures appeared to be wearing white, cloak-like outfits, and the short figures appeared to be naked. Terrified and with his heart pounding, Jeremy watched the beings walk very gracefully and slowly, turning their heads from left to right with each footstep. They were all holding metal rod-like implements which emitted a powerful white light. They seemed to ignore the tent and walked “peacefully” by. The witness remained lying still and as quiet as he could, as the beings walked by his tent. The light eventually faded as the beings continued down the trail and disappeared. Still terrified, he woke his girlfriend 10 minutes later. He waited because he didn’t want the beings to hear them talking. The next day, he told the ranger about what had happened, and the ranger wrote it down in a report, suspecting it was some type of religious cult. (Sources: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle, September 2007 webpage, report uploaded October 8, 2007; Albert S. Rosales, 2007 Humanoid Sighting Reports Database, confidential report from the witness).

2007 - At 7:33 p.m. three white circular objects in a triangular formation hovered above the hills between Glendale and Los Angeles, California for 15 minutes. (Source: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, September 2007 webpage, report uploaded October 8, 2007).

2009 - Many lights, changing color and blinking randomly, merging and dividing, flying randomly and also in formation, were seen in Ajo, Arizona at 5:00 p.m. for 25 seconds. (Source: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, September 2009 webpage, report uploaded December 12, 2009).

Written by Donald A. Johnson, Ph.D. (Revised 13 September 2012).

Compiled from the UFOCAT computer database.

Themes: abductions; aerial battle between UFOs; air displacement and rushing sound; close encounters with UFOs at campsites; disc-shaped UFOs; failed abduction attempt; Grey humanoids; humanoids collecting plant samples; levitation; light beam; luminous humanoid; mist; multi-year reports from France, Ontario and southern California; ovoid UFOs; physiological effects: electric shock, paralysis, swelling of limbs, soreness in fingers, and numbness of face;radar/visual confirmation; reddish faced humanoids; short pallid humanoid; vehicle EM electrical system interference; whistling sound.

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