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Triangular Craft - U.S. Sighting Reports for 1995

The following sighting reports of triangular objects for 1995 were extracted from data
available at the National UFO Reporting Centre web site by James Easton.

    DATE    TIME  LOCATION             DETAILS

    1/01/95 22:00 Shelton, WA          CA woman visiting daughter witness 
                                       discs and triangular ships over 
                                       Squaxin Island in Puget Sound.

    1/03/95  5:00 Gladstone, OR        Woman witnessed triangular ship 
                                       with white & blue lights. She & 
                                       neighbors witnessed 5 ships.
                                       Reported military jets in area.

    1/03/95 18:00 Marysville, WA       Young man sees large triangular ship 
                                       with blue & white lights moving slowly 
                                       in night sky. Streaks off to north.

    1/04/95  0:54 Rodney, MI           Mother & daughter witness approx. 10
                                       triangular object hovering in sky, 
                                       beaming lights to ground. Calls 911

    1/07/95  5:00 Makapiu Point, HI    Man and wife observe bizarre hump-
                                       backed, triangular object hover over 
                                       sea. Had opaque windows. Humming.

    1/21/95 21:50 Seymour, TN          A man and his fiancee witnessed 
                                       gigantic triangle hovering in the 
                                       night sky. Red & blue belly lights. 
                                       Good report.

    1/22/95 20:00 Seattle, WA          Man witnesses triangular object 
                                       with dull, or "subdued" lights streak 

    1/30/95 20:29 Harrisburg, PA       County Emergency Agency supervisor 
                                       receives call regarding triangular 
                                       ship, seen to emit three beams of 

    2/21/95 19:00 Council Bluffs, IA   Young man sees 3 solid lights; pulls 
                                       off highway. Sees gigantic, gray 
                                       triangle with "archways." Good report, 
                                       excellent drawing.

    2/26/95 20:00 Tallassee, TN        FAA empl. & pilot reports seeing 
                                       triangular ships with bizarre lights. 
                                       Over mountainous country.

    3/11/95  3:00 Chesapeake, VA       Man witnessed orange triangular object 
                                       with light in center pass overhead. 
                                       Surrounded by 20 red objects. 
                                       Very high.

    3/25/95 23:10 Salinas, CA          Man & wife hear approaching "thumping"
                                       sound. See two bright red, pulsing 
                                       triangles in sky fly from NW.

    4/13/95 23:07 Brooklyn, AR         Witness reports huge, brilliantly 
                                       bright triangle passes overhead. 
                                       Lit up area, hovered, turned, 
                                       streaked off.
    4/23/95  3:45 99 mile Exit/I-5, WA Truck driver reports witnessing 
                                       "elongated triangle, almost 
                                       transparent" in morning sky. 
                                       Traversed 60 deg. of sky quickly.

    5/12/95 22:50 Duarte, CA           Young woman reports triangular ship 
                                       suspended in SE sky, three smaller 
                                       lights below larger object. 
                                       Objects fly off.

    5/13/95 21:40 Framingham, MA       Woman reports triangular ship flies 
                                       overhead, stops, hovers. Simply 
                                       "winked out." Object very bright. 
                                       First sighting for her.

    6/11/95 17:15 Tacoma, WA           3 adults witness "white balloon" to 
                                       south. Then witness 3 triangular-shaped
                                       objects nearby. They slowly drift into 

    7/09/95 23:00 Versailles, MO       Multiple witnesses observe huge 
                                       triangular ship, surrounded by four 
                                       disc-shaped ships, with up to 50 
                                       bizarre creatures underneath!

    7/27/95 23:20 Rochester, NY        Two men driving on major highway 
                                       witness a strange triangle overhead 
                                       with red, green, & yellow lights 
                                       directly overhead. Flew slowly.

    7/29/95 22:30 Culver City, CA      Woman sits outside to witness aircraft.
                                       Sees a large "triangular-shaped object 
                                       with pastel lights on edge" pass 
                                       slowly overhead.

    8/15/95  4:30 Tacoma, WA           Woman & friend witness "yellowish, 
                                       whitish triangular object" suddenly 
                                       appear in morning sky. "Popped out of 
                                       nowhere." Just disappears.

    8/20/95 21:35 Culver City, CA      Woman hears peculiar roaring sound, 
                                       goes outside and witnesses "triangular 
                                       craft" fly overhead.

    8/29/95 21:45 La Habra, CA         Man sees 2 triangles hovering in night 
                                       sky. They dim, get brighter. (All facts
                                       not available.)

    9/10/95 22:00 Auburn, WA           Young woman sees "black boomerang with 
                                       dim lights" descend in sky. Then, she 
                                       with 5 friends, see triangular ship 
                                       with 5 lights hovering.

    9/24/95 20:25 Boise, ID            Woman calls to report seeing large,
                                       triangular-shaped, black mass hovering,
                                       moving slowly. Son sees same thing 
                                       from different location.

    9/24/95 20:45 Scappoose, OR        Three young people witness a
                                       triangular-shaped craft hovering
                                       nearby. Craft had 2 white lights, 
                                       1 red. Maneuvered slowly.

   10/22/95 19:35 Auburn, CA           Young girl with friends witness 
                                       bizarre "triangle with 3 red, dim 
                                       lights," streak across sky. Strobed 
                                       bright light. Scared.
   11/03/95       Albany, NY           Man reports witnessing triangular 
                                       shaped craft pass overhead on NO 03, 
                                       04, & 05. Illuminated clouds; changed 

   11/17/95 22:25 Lower Nazareth, PA   Woman witnesses huge, triangular-
                                       shaped ship, covered with bizarre 
                                       lights, "like traffic lights." 
                                       Very dramatic sighting.

   11/18/95  1:15 Muskegon, MI         Woman reports daughter encountered 
                                       intensely bright red, triangular 
                                       object sitting on side of road. Object 
                                       rose, disappeared suddenly.

   11/19/95 20:45 Holton, KS           Youth with friend pursue on Highway 16 
                                       "triangular thing in sky, with yellow, 
                                       blue, and green" lights. Object 
                                       turned abruptly, flew north.

   12/06/95 17:00 Bothell, WA          Father & daughter driving in car 
                                       witness "beautiful electric blue" 
                                       triangular shaped object in evening 
                                       sky. Flipped on side, maneuvered.

   12/20/95 23:50 Schnecksville, PA    Man & daughter witness triangular 
                                       object with very bright white lights 
                                       on the corners, 1 red light in the 
                                       center. Object circled their home!

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