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Volume 5

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DINNER WITH GEORGE ADAMSKI—Detroit, April, 1965: Most of us have read or heard lectures by George Adamski—probably the most successful of the pack of early "contactees" who wrote and lectured on their repeated contact with extraterrestrials throughout the 50’s. But here is Adamski recorded in a more casual setting—a dinner party discussion of all-things "contactee"--and in the latter days of the "era of the contactees.

AL BEILEK LIVE IN ROSWELL: Beilek’s incredible story of he and his brother surviving the so-called Philadelphia Experiment and having his soul "transplanted" into an unborn infant’s body in order to continue top-secret research into the PE at an underground facility is the subject of the "Montauk" series of books on the "second generation" of the Philadelphia Experiment. In July of 1997, Beilek told his incredible story to a small, astonished audience in Roswell, NM. This is truly the stuff of science fiction—or is it? Here’s your chance to hear the whole story firsthand and decide for yourself.

UFO’S—THE DEBATE CONTINUES: In 1978 The Voice of America’s "Studio One" addressed the UFO enigma via this excellent production featuring the voices of APRO’s Jim Lorenzen, original abductee Betty Hill, NICAP’s Roy Acuff and other UFO luminaries from the 70’s era of research. The program addresses contactees, Project Blue Book, abduction and other topics but, as might be expected in a presentation by a US-government-sponsored program, Phillip Klass (the granddaddy of the debunkers) steals the show as only Klass can do.

WAR OF THE WORLDS: Although this entry certainly falls in the "Science Fiction" category, it’s included here because of the public panic it caused when broadcast, live, by Orson Welles and The Mercury Theater on Halloween Eve in 1938. Thousands of Americans believed the news bulletins with in this broadcast to be REAL and the nearly nationwide panic that resulted from its broadcast may well have become the benchmark for the government’s 70-year history of handling the UFO phenomenon in such a "Top Secret" manner. Although it was originally broadcast LIVE, this recording (created from several acetate recordings made by stations on the west coast for use in delayed broadcast in time zones) is presumed to be the most complete version of the broadcast among several that have become available over the years, and is followed by some interesting comments from Welles himself made decades after its broadcast in an interview conducted by movie director Peter Bogdonovich. If you’ve never heard the COMPLETE broadcast you’ll see, in an age before television when the public considered network radio the authority for on-the-spot news reports, what all the fuss was about.

ORSON WELLES MEETS H.G. WELLS: These two great creative minds met only once in their lives. Fortunately, it was at Texas radio station KTSA in October of 1940 and the subsequent dialogue and interchage between the two was captured on this sound recording. You'll hear the actual voices of these two geniuses as they discuss "The War of the Worlds" and their treatments of it in both book and broadcast form. Fascinating stuff!

BOB LAZAR INTERVIEW: Comprehensive, lengthy interview with Bob Lazar on his involvement with Area 51 and Groom Lake. Bob says he was hired to help back-engineer the propulsion systems of captured alien UFO crafts. This is the most complete first hand account ever recorded.

DANIEL FRY IN DETROIT: Perhaps the most famous (and enduring) Canadian UFO contactee speaks to a gathering of UFO enthusiasts on June 15, 1995. Hear his complete story first hand.

FLYING SAUCERS UNLIMITED by FRANK STRANGES: This is a digital recording made directly from a 45RPM record produced by the famed UFO contactee and author Frank Stranges. It's a highly-produced rendering of his story and predictions.

ROB'T O. DEAN IN ROSWELL: Speaking to a huge crowd in Roswell at the 50th Anniversary of the infamous Roswell UFO Crash, this former military officer with S.H.A.P.E. NATO Headquarters in France presents his first-hand story of "The Assessment," NATO's document evidence of at least 4 alien races present on Earth. He calls for Congessional hearings and his presentation of historical sightings stretching back to ancient times. Dean is a polished public speaker and one of the most respected men in UFO research. This is his story from his lips. (Recorded sigitally in Roswell.) Introduction by Michael Lindemann and Michael Hessemann.

THE VOICE OF AMERICA ON UFOs: In 1978, The Voice of America produced and aired a surprisingly fair and balanced assessment of the history and status of the UFO enigma in documentary form. Interviews include Jim Lorenzen of APRO, famed debunkier Phillip Klass, abductee Betty Hill, Air Force Capt Gary Hocksworth, and more.

CENTERVILLE, OHIO POLICE 911 RECORDING: Hear actual first-hand witness reports to the Centerville, Ohio, Police during a mass citing on this actual police log tape.

APRO RADIO ANNOUNCEMENTS: Digitally transferred from a rare vynil pressing, these are radio public service spot announcements prepared by The Aerial Phenomena Research Organization advising the public how to properly report sightings of UFO's. They actually aired on hundeds of stations in the 60's and 70's.

PAUL KIMBALL ON THE AZTEC CRASH: One of the most disputed of all UFO Crash Retrieval stories is the one surrounding the wreck of a manned alien craft that took place near Aztech, New Mexico, in 1948 and brought to public attention by author Frank Scully's 1950 book "Behind The Flying Saucers." Was it a well-orchestrated hoax or the real thing. This is an extensive radio interview with Dr. Paul Kimball who produced a TV documentary on the crash and it's legacy.

BOB LAZAR ON AREA 51 AND ALIEN UFO'S: Lengthy recorded interview with the legendary scientist about his life, work, and most importantly his claim that he was employed by the government as a scientist working at the highly secret Area 51 Groom Lake secret test base back-engineering alien UFOs!

KENNETH ARHOLD "HOW IT ALL BEGAN - 30 YEARS OF UFOs: Complete unedited lecture by Kenneth Arnold as given to the International UFO Congress on June 24th, 1977. Not only does Arnold give a detailed, first hand account of the 1947 sighting of seven, mysterious, undulating flying craft that "skipped" as they flew ("like a saucer would if you skimmed across the water"), he conducts a spirited Q&A session with audience members and goes into considerable detail of "strange humanoid encounters" he personally investigated in the years following his landmark sighting. Professionally recorded and very interesting.

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Most of the recordings have been conveniently divided into 5-10 minutes segments to allow easy review and selective listening. Digital enhancement has been used to help make older recordings more listenable.

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